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Evil Powers


This story is fiction. For the real story please read Sinful Son.

* * * * *

The alarm went off; triggering it's annoying sound. I woke up with a strange headache of some sort. It felt tingling yet painful. I went to the bathroom and washed my face several times. It still felt painful, but it was easing. I got dressed for school and combed my middle-length brown straight hair. It was the last day of school before spring break.

I walked to the kitchen for some breakfast and saw my mom at the stove. She was very gorgeous, at a mature age of 38. She was five months pregnant and wore a moist 36 C cup. She had dirty blondish-type hair dye.

"Morning mom," I said.

"Good morning son, she said, did you sleep well?"

"Yea, okay I guess."

She handed me my plate of sausage, French toast, and a biscuit with gravy. I gobbled it all down my throat in about a minute. Then suddenly my mom said," Let's see... I have to buy some new pregnant clothes, bigger bras, and grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, then going to the doctor for a checkup."

"Did you say something, mom?"

"Huh...no why?"

"Nothing," I replied.

I sipped my Tropicana Orange Juice and poured an another glass. Again I heard or maybe thought her say," Dang, my breasts are wet again." I almost choked on the orange juice, but I only coughed. I couldn't believe that I could hear my mom's thoughts! It was like the Mel Gibson's movie "What Women Want." I was having goose bumps on my arm.

When she turned around to collect my plates, I had to look to see if her breasts were leaking. She walked up to the table a foot away from my face with her chest thrusting in my face. I looked and saw two small round wet spots on her white shirt. I could also see her nipple sticking out and was wearing a white-laced bra. My cock was getting an instant hard-on.

"Thanks mom, I said, I'll see you at 2 P.M." (Early Dismissal)

My first boring class was U.S. History. Her name was Mrs. Garcia. She was about 5'5", skinny, medium breasts, and from Mexico. I tried to hear her thoughts when I said in my head," come on, think about sex." Then suddenly she thought," God, I haven't got laid in months!" I almost laughed out loud when she said," is there something funny you can tell the class, Justin?"

"Ahhh...no...Mrs. Garcia."

When the bell rang for dismissal and every student was out, I thought to her to touch her breasts. She slowly placed her small hands on her nicely shaped breasts. Pushing them up and down. Then I told her to squeeze it and did she ever! I instantly went to her desk and placed her left nipple in my mouth like I was breastfeeding. It was very tasty and satisfying that my cock was getting wet. So I quietly exited the room and thought to her to get back to work.

I drove home going 65 mph on a 35-mph speed limit zone with my Porsche Boxster. My cock was getting so excited that I was moist in my underwear. It took about six minutes to reach our driveway and into our automatic-sensor garage door opener. I quickly got out and entered the main hallway leading to the living room. I noticed that my mom was nowhere in sight, so I checked to see if her silver Mercedes Benz parked in front our walkway and it wasn't.

Then I thought of something to occupy my self, so I went to her bedroom and went through her lingerie drawers. There I found all sort of wispy under- things--high cut panties, teddies, pink bras and even a wonder bra. As I handled the wonder bra, my cock grew and filled my pants, swelling out their entire front. The wonder bra was so sexually stimulating I couldn't resist dropping my pants and wrapping my cock in its soft, plush fabric. I stroked it slowly and came in each of her cups. My whole body felt satisfied. As I cleaned some cum on the wood panels, the front door opened.

"Oh, shit," I said quickly placing the bra in the drawer.

I dashed out her room and acted like I was going to sleep. As I walked toward the living room I saw my mom with some grocery sacks in her hands. As she dropped one of the bags I quickly went over to help. She was already bending over; thus giving me her gorgeous outlined breasts nestled in her white bra. Once again my cock grew. I picked up the bag and went to the kitchen.

" Thanks Justin," she said.

"No problem," I replied.

As she was organizing her groceries she thought," damn, my breasts are leaking again!"

I grew hard instantly. I told her that I would be taking a nap and she said that she would take a bath. I immediately came up to with an idea to see her naked. So, I thought to her that to leave her door open and that I was not here with you in this house.

Then all of a sudden she went to her bedroom and got her towel, pink bra, and panties. I followed her through her bedroom and into her master bathroom. I stopped outside the door and just watched her undress.

Her white t-shirt was first, then her blue jeans. Now I could see her in her white bra and panties. She reached into the bra and removed one of the pads and brought it to the sink. She then squeezed the wet pad and suddenly some fluid dripped out of it. I thought to myself saying that it was a waste to just dispose her milk like that. So I thought to her to take her other pad and squeeze it in her mouth, swallowing every drop.

She then took out her other soaking pad and squeezed it in her mouth. The white fluid dripping into her mouth made me cum in my pants. I then thought to her to take off her bra. She slowly took off her white bra and there were two magnificent tits. Both were perky and in good shape. I then thought to her to play with them and did she ever! Holding both of her breasts and massaging them until her nipples were rock hard. The next thing I heard was the front door open.

"Shit, my dad's home!"

So I quickly thought to my mom to go take a bath while I closed the door. I dashed to my room and went straight to my waterbed. I couldn't believe what I just done and saw! My cock was stiff again, so I jacked off slow and steady. My dad leaves to work at 8 A.M. and doesn't come home until 7 P.M. well, time to relax and enjoy my gift for tomorrow.

I looked at my clock, 9:23 A.M. it read. I slowly got up and brushed my teeth before coming down to the kitchen. I saw my mom wearing a white robe and her hair fixed in a bun. I then remembered that I could read and tell her what to do. So I thought to her to remove her robe because it didn't feel comfortable. She dropped her robe and displaying her pink panties and bra. I then told her that her panties were wet and that she needed to remove them and hand it to me. She gracefully took off her panties; giving me a view of her shaved pussy and handed it in my hand. I took it and sniffed the fresh scent of her sweet aroma. My tongue licked it like a dog, soaking the panties.

My next thought to her was that her pussy was itching. So she slowly placed her left hand down to her mound and carefully scratched it. She kept scratching it until she moan out loud. I quickly took out my cock and masturbated. Her fingers were wet and hot. I immediately took action, telling her in her mind to lick her wet fingers. She slowly seduced her fingers and taking her time doing so. I walked up closer to her and got down to my knees, right above her pussy, collecting her excess juice dripping down. My tongue tasted the sweet juice and slowly licked her pussy lips for the first time. She moan out louder as I inserted my fingers in her and finger fucked her until she orgasm. Her pussy was so wet that it squirted on my face.

My next command was for her to unhook her bra. She slowly unhooked it from the front and displaying her gorgeous tits. I touched them softly with both of my hands and pushed up, just to see if her breasts were real. They were very soft and warm. My mouth slowly went upon her left nipple and sucked it like I did when I was breastfed. Her milk was sweet enough for me to suck her right nipple until both of her breasts were empty.

My whole body felt the warm milk tingling down.

Now that she was completely naked, I had to fuck her. So, I inserted my six-inch cock into her moist pussy and fired away! She was holding on to the sides of the table as I came in her. Her whole body was sweaty and hot. So I fucked her again and again until my cock was out of cum.

My next was doing her anal. This I've heard from my friends rumors that it was the best. So I thought I'd give it a try. I command her to turn around and bend down. When she was in her position, I slowly inserted my cock into her ass. It was very tight, so I had to wiggle it around to make it free from squashing my thing. The first time I did it was very dry and hard to make it moist. But, the more I did it the wetter it got. She was moaning, half-screaming and crying.

I felt sorry for what I had done, but I had to try it. Her body was soaking wet and fire hot, especially in her ass. As I was cleaning up the mess I made, I told her to clean herself. It was a dream come to. My life was like a God. The bad news was that when I woke up the next morning my powers were gone...

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