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Explores a Little


This is my first attempt at writing since I barely skated through English classes in school, I fully expect a lot of criticism and welcome it to hopefully help improve my skills. So here goes.


My wife Anne and I have been married for three years now and dated for two years before that. Anne is an exotic 25 year old beauty of Latin, French and a little Chinese. She has a wonderful curvy figure with well shaped 36c breasts and a lovely Aztec ass. She also has the one of the tightest little pussy's I have ever had the pleasure of having. What I love most about her is her happy adventurous personality and she can be quite the flirt too.

Our life together has been wonderful. I was only Anne's second lover when we met and ironically I had only been with one other woman also. Of course both of us had done some heavy make out sessions with other people that involved touching and maybe a little sucking but we both only went all the way with the one person.

When we met it was literally love at first sight and we ended up making love that first night three times throughout the night. After that night we were pretty much inseparable exploring each other sexually and emotionally up to this day. Our lovemaking was simple at first but we taught each other what made us feel good and were open minded to try anything that felt good with each other. I am really lucky to have such a wonderful wife that loves to please me and I do everything I can to make sure she is taken care of.

We are lucky in the fact that we can communicate with each other easily. Everything can be discussed and we are intelligent enough not to fuss or make fun of each other.

On one of these talks she admitted to me that she always wanted to have sex with a young man of 18 or so. She has a thing about being with a young man who is just exploring his sexuality and learning how to love. She says that she loves the thought of teaching the young man how to be a good and patient lover to women.

I admitted to her that one of my favorite fantasies was for her to have a fling with another man and then come home and tell me about it. She told me she could never do that, she loved me too much to ever need or want anyone else. Her fantasy was just that to her a fantasy and she really didn't think it would ever come true.

Life moved on for us and I changed jobs to a new one that I had a four to midnight shift while Anne was working at a car dealership eight to five. Needless to say, we did not get much of a chance to see each other during the week as she was at work while I was at home and she was fast asleep when I got home after 1am. This kind of caused a little wrinkle in our relationship because we were so used to being together all the time. I know some will say that they get tired of each other after a while but we are not like that. I am proud to say that she is my best friend along with being my lover and she feels the same way towards me. We really enjoy each other's company and have a great time together when we are together but poor Anne was starting to get a little lonely.

I came home one night to find my lovely Anne still up and making a batch of cookies of all things. I asked her what the heck are you doing up this time of night and baking of all things. She seemed a bit nervous and told me she had to make the cookies to take into work the next day. I asked her why she didn't make them earlier in the day as it was Sunday and she had all evening after I left for work. Anne kind of fumbled around then told me that Cindy, the daughter of the owner of the dealership she works at, had called not long after I had left and asked her to go with her out to a nightclub. Thinking this kind of strange since I knew they were friendly at work but not so close as to go clubbing together. Besides Cindy was quite the wild single party girl while my wife was married and happy.

Anne then admitted that Cindy just wanted someone to drive her so she could get wild and crazy without having to worry about driving and no one else was around to take her. I was still kind of suspicious because of her nervousness. I pressed the issue some and asked for details of the night. Anne then kind of went quiet and got real nervous again.

Anne then looked at me and asked me if I really loved her no matter what. I sat down and my stomach really started to flip on me with both anxiety and anticipation of what I was about to hear. I told her I loved her very much and she could tell me anything. After all it was my fantasy for her to tell me of any flings she might have. After she cleaned up some of her baking mess she led me to our bedroom and we got comfortable in bed so she could tell me her story.

She started out by telling me that her and Cindy had went to a popular nightclub that we frequented once in awhile in a nearby town. Cindy immediately went off on her own with a group of guys she knew and my wife not really in the mood to party sat at a table by herself. Anne said after a short while a couple of guys came and asked if they could sit at her table. She told me she was kind of bored and let them sit. Their names were Rob and Mark she went on to say they had a good time talking. Nothing real serious just the usual small talk getting to know each other. Rob then asked her if she would like to step outside for some fresh air and get out of the noise so they could talk a little easier.

According to Anne they strolled around the parking lot chatting and she admitted she was flirting a bit as she always does. Somehow she said they ended up next to Cindy's car so she unlocked it and they sat inside to relax a bit.

Before she knew it they were kissing and he was getting a little close to her breast with his hand for her comfort level. She kept slyly pushing his hand away but Rob persisted got a hand on her breast before she realized and sent it a shiver though her like she hadn't felt in awhile. She told me she pulled away before she lost all control and told Rob she was sorry but she was married and just couldn't go any further. Poor Rob had a sad and dejected look on his face but understood completely.

Joy said she felt bad for him because she had teased him with her flirting earlier and decided against her better judgment to unbutton his shirt telling him how sorry she was and wanted to make it up to him. Figuring as long as he didn't touch her she was only helping out a poor lonely guy and she was not doing anything wrong. Anne opened his shirt and admired his hairless chest. I have a very hairy chest so this intrigued her. She then placed little kisses all over his soft skin eventually making it to one of his nipples. Poor Rob almost came unglued when she flicked his nipple with her tongue.

This inspired Anne to start kissing down his stomach to his belt. She looked up at him with her little mischievous little smile that I know drives me crazy and started to undo his belt. Anne said she had a little trouble with his pants but he quickly helped her open them up. She told me that there was a nice bulge in his underwear and she went down running her lips over his cloth enshrouded cock. Anne said his cock was throbbing trying to free itself but she left it be and kissed back up his stomach to his now very hard and wanting nipples. She would flick one with her tongue while teasing the other with her finger.

Rob was going crazy telling her that he had never felt this good ever. Of course Anne said that only egged her on so she kissed back down his stomach to his hard and weeping cock. She told me that his underwear all around his cock head were soaked with his pre cum. When she got to the elastic of his underwear she pulled it up with her teeth and started dragging them down. She said it was not easy with him sitting so he quickly reached down and pulled his pants and underwear to free his engorged cock.

His rushing movement to free his cock caused Anne to sit up out of the way and after he was done Anne said she went after his nipples again. Only this time as she was flicking the one nipple with her tongue she reached down and put some of his pre cum pooled on his stomach on her finger and proceeded to rub his other nipple with her gooey finger. She said he almost went through the roof of the car.

Anne said she really had not seen Robs cock in all his glory so she kissed down his chest and stomach to get a good look. She said his was about the same size as me, maybe a little longer. She then teased him by starting at the base of his cock and licking up the shaft stopping just short of the head. She said she moved his cock around and licked it up on all the sides staying away from the head admiring it all the while.

She then started to kiss her way back up to his nipples while she had her soft little hand around his cock. She flicked his nipples some more with her tongue while she slowly moved her hand up and down his rock hard shaft. The pre cum was streaming out of his cock like a faucet so she let go of his cock and put another blob on her finger to rub on his other nipple while licking the one. She said the poor guy was was moaning and moaning then he eventually when he could mouth a word he just said "Please". So she looked at him then went back down and licked his balls and back up his shaft then back down to his balls a few times. Rob then moaned "Please" again and Anne licked up his shaft and flicked her tongue on the underside of his head while she held his balls in her hand. That was all it took she said and to her surprise he moaned and erupted shooting his load up his chest and all over his stomach while she caressed his balls in her hand. She watched in awe as it just kept pumping and pumping. When he finally came down from his orgasm she had him clean up his mess then he got dressed thanking her over and over.

Rob was relaxed and in a chatty mood but Anne started to see some people leaving the club and knowing it was getting late she did not want Cindy wandering up to the car and seeing them together. Anne told Rob that she had better go check on Cindy and as it was getting late it was time to head for home. Rob gave her one last kiss and they headed back into the club.

When she finally finished her story she looked seeing that my cock was rock hard. Anne smiled at me feeling a bit relieved that I was not upset then dove down and engulfed my cock. I pulled her back up and rolled over on top of her sliding my cock into her slippery tight pussy. I told her as I buried my cock into her that poor Rob missed out on one of the tightest pussies ever. She told me to hush and just fuck her and I did just that until we erupted together then slid off into a blissful sleep.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/02/18

Congratulations on Starting Writing

The hardest step is the first one, I've often heard.

If you skated through English classes, look on-line for suggestions. For example, you had the husband refer to his wife with the term "that". Inmore...

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by DebbieX06/04/18

Who's Joy

I thought her name was Anne?

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Great first attempt!

I enjoyed your story very much. The small issues I had with it have already been addressed in other comments. It's a great start to what could be a great series. Keep it up. I can't wait to read more ofmore...

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by Anonymous04/01/18

Decent, but...

"She also has the one of the tightest little pussy's I have ever had the pleasure of having" and "I was only Anne's second lover when we met and ironically I had only been with one other woman also" don'tmore...

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by Anonymous03/29/18

It really is not easier

to ask for forgiveness than permission as she will soon find out. Maybe her next husband will be asked if he minds a cheating wife before she screws the neighborhood.

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