tagBDSMExpress Lunch

Express Lunch

byCamille Savage©

It was one of those days: One of those days where the in-box was bottomless and you just knew your job was secure because no one else was stupid enough to take on this much work. It was also one of those days that started with the best of intentions. You know what I mean. You get up early, pack your brown bag lunch, and vow to work straight through the day and into the night until you're all caught up. This was one of those days for me

I sat at my desk and stared at my in-box. My nose wrinkled. How would I ever get all of this done? I gave myself a brief pep talk about one piece of paper at a time and picked up the first folder while taking a swig of diet Dr. Pepper, my caffeine of choice. I will survive. I will get done. You can do it! And I did, for several hours, at least. I got my groove thing going and made a good dent in the stack. I was feeling triumphant. The "Rocky" theme was bouncing around in my head. I was flying high now! Then crash, right during the second stanza of "Rocky," I was brought back to earth by the loud ring of the phone. Rocky never had to deal with phones.

"Hello. This is Faye."

"Hi, Faye."

"Fred," I gushed. I couldn't help but gush. I had a terrible crush on Fred, and what's worse, he knew it. To be honest, though, crush wasn't exactly the correct word for it. "Crush" was the polite term that I liked to use because it didn't make me sound quite as slutty. Actually, what I felt for Fred was pure lust, an overwhelming sexual desire that oozed out from every pore in my body whenever I was around him. Still, despite my being in heat, Fred and I had managed to keep our distance, at least physically. We had shared a lot of intimate dreams and fantasies, though, and that had created a bond between us and caused plenty of sexual tension, in a good way. Fred just had an affect on me that I didn't get around most men. For the most part, I was a take-charge kinda gal, the go-to/get-it-done girl. I had a tendency to be aggressive and some folks even thought I was cold. If they only knew.

Like I said, Fred was different. He brought out feelings in me that I often tried to hide, mostly from myself. He brought out my submissive side, that side of me that wanted to give myself over to someone and let go of control. And while in my weaker moments I would admit this side of myself existed, those persons I felt I could share it with were few and far between. Sure, I'd run into plenty of guys that wanted to dominate me. Most of these men though, were rebuffed with a sarcastic "yeah, right." Loss of control was mine to give, and I wasn't about to give that to just anyone.

"How are you?" I spoke into the receiver. "You still in St. Louis?"

"No. I got done early and came on back. Besides, I didn't have any luck finding any women as sexy as you, so I figured I just as well come back home."

"Well, they do say 'there's no place like home.' 'Home is where the heart is.' Home is where this really sexy woman lives that wants to do you. Repeatedly." I was grinning from ear to ear as I teased him and the giddiness was apparent in my voice. I was glad he was back, and my excitement bubbled out my mouth.

"Sounds as if I called at a good time. You sound really hungry." The world "hungry" slowly simmered on his tongue as he said it. Both he and I knew what hunger he was talking about. My oral fixation was no secret. "I think we should get some lunch."

"I am hungry, but not today," my disappointment apparent. "I packed my lunch and plan on eating it in front of the computer."

"Nah, c'mon," Fred prodded. "We'll get something quick. Chilli's has that 'express lunch' thing. Endless tortilla chips. Mmmm, mmm, good."

In addition to endless flirtation, Fred and I also shared a passion for total junk food, and while endless mounds of fried, stone ground corn were tempting, I really wanted to get my work done.

"Next week," I promised. "I'll be all caught up by then, and we'll go pig out on tortilla chips and salsa. Do it after work and I'll buy a pitcher of margaritas."

I heard an indecipherable grumble on the other end and then, "Well, bring your lunch over here. We'll eat in my office. I have a lock on my office door." I could hear the teasing "wink, wink" in his voice.

"You are a bad, bad man, Fred. Next week, I promise."

"OK. I know when I'm defeated," Fred said. "Call me soon."

I slowly hung up the receiver and stared out into space with a secret smile on my lips. It was then I realized I was actually hungry and my stomach made an empty gurgle. I locked my computer screen and headed toward the kitchen to get my lunch from the frig. While I'm not sure how it happened, somewhere between my desk and the refrigerator I took a wrong turn and found myself sitting in my car, putting it in reverse, and backing out of the parking space.

Fred's office was not too far from mine. I pulled into the parking lot and was glad to see his car there. Hopefully, he didn't go out with someone else and was still around. Being lunch time, most folks were out, so I slipped into the building, mostly unnoticed, and headed down the hall toward Fred's office. I peeked around the open door and saw Fred sitting at his desk flipping through email.

"Hey, babe," I smiled at him. "I changed my mind. All this talk about lunch and locks on doors and tortilla chips was more than I could take."

Fred rotated his chair 90 degrees to face the door and stood up. "I knew you'd cave," he grinned. "C'mon in," and his head motioned me into the office.

I stepped inside his office and Fred walked toward the door to meet me. He closed the door behind me and turned the lock. "See. Told you I had a lock."

I demurely looked down at the locked door and then cut my eyes back up to Fred and smiled. "So, you have me locked in. Now what?"

Fred took another step forward closer to me, close enough that his clothes grazed mine. I took a small step back and leaned against the door and just smiled, calling what I thought was his bluff, and stared intently into his eyes. Fred leaned over me, putting his hands over my head, and propped himself against the door.

"You know you want it," he whispered in my ear. His hot breath and deep voice sent shivers tingling down my spine. He ran his hands down from my shoulders to my wrists, wrapping his large hands around my small wrists.

Quietly and breathlessly, though a bit exaggerated, I whispered, "Yes. I do. You know how I love tortilla chips."

Fred just shook his head "no" at me and smiled. While still holding my wrists, he lifted my arms above my head, pinning my wrists against the door. "I know you're hungry, and it ain't for Chilli's."

He leaned his head down to mine and slowly, tenderly pressed his moist lips against mine. I felt his tongue and opened my lips, welcoming him deeper. I was glad he was holding my wrists above my head because my knees were beginning to wobble, and I just knew that without his stationary presence I would have become a molten blob in front of the door, just an organic stain seared into the carpet for folks to walk over. I felt like the witch in the "Wizard of Oz." I'm melting; I'm melting.

Fred shifted his grip around my wrists so that he could free one hand. I stood there motionless as his other hand continued to hold my wrists above my head against the door. Slowly with his left hand he began to unbutton my blouse, button by button by button.

Standing there with my bra exposed, I realized this was going beyond flirtation and felt somewhat self-conscious. After all, it was a work day. I wasn't sure if standing around dangling by my wrists with my shirt unbuttoned was a good idea. I tried to pull my arms down, but Fred tightened his grip.

"You know you want it," he whispered in my ear again and ran his hand over my breasts.

I stopped my struggle to free my hands and let Fred freely explore the curves of my cleavage that bubbled over the bra. My chest rose and fell with each caress of his hand.

"Yes," I quietly mouthed. "I want it."

Fred traced down the center of my body with his finger, from between my breasts, to my belly button, to my crotch, and beyond to the hem of my skirt. He reached under my skirt and looped his finger around my panties, sliding them down my thighs. He spread my legs and reached under my skirt, running his hand over my mound and then spreading my labia to find my already tingling clit. He slid his finger deeply into my pussy and then out, so he could use the wetness of my own juices to slowly massage my clit.

I involuntarily gasped, "Oh god. Yes. Right there."

A hot wave of blood rushed to my womb as Fred continued to stroke me. I couldn't hide my desire, my unleashed lust. I began instinctively working my body in rhythm to the movements of his fingers, bucking against his hand, my body begging for more, for release.

Fred pulled his hand back from between my legs and smiled at his handiwork: my still writhing body. He ran his hands up my stretched arms and guided my arms down behind my back. He removed his belt and with wide eyes, I watched as he wrapped the belt around my wrists, binding my hands behind my back. Fred jerked my unbuttoned blouse down off my shoulders until it bunched up around my elbows. Then with a tug, he unhooked the front clasp of my bra, leaving my breasts exposed. He grabbed my protruding nipples and squeezed tightly, directing me down to my knees. I stared up as Fred begin to unbutton his pants, letting them fall around his ankles. I smiled. His cock was beautiful, and erect, and delicious.

My mouth watered as Fred stepped toward me. My eyes closed and my mouth parted as if anticipating a bite of something juicy and delicious. Instead, I felt a hand grab my hair, pulling my head back.

"Do you want it?" Fred smiled and began to tease me, rubbing the head of his cock over my lips, tracing the outline. My face followed the path of his cock as it caressed my lips.

"I want it, " I said, opening my mouth again, hoping to run my tongue over and around the rim of his head.

"I'm not convinced you do," and he held me back with a continued tight grip of my hair.

"I know you want me to suck your cock," I said somewhat defiantly, looking up into his eyes. "C'mere."

He grabbed my hair tighter and pulled my head back. I looked into his eyes that were staring down at me.

"Yes, I want you to suck my cock," he said calmly, "But I'm still not sure that you want to suck my cock."

"Pleeeeze. Let me have your cock. You know it will feel good."

Fred slightly loosened his grip, and I leaned forward, rubbing my hair and cheek against the smoothness of his erection, and pushed my breasts out to rub against his thighs. I could smell sex. It smelled good. My pussy tingled. I felt wet, so very wet.

"Please. Don't make me beg. I want you. I need you. I need your cock in my mouth. C'mon. Lemme taste you."

Fred remained silent, keeping me just out of reach.

"Fred. Please, Fred. Let me have your cock," my pleading eyes turned upward to look at his handsome face. My body wanted him. My pent-up desire was set free and I lost all inhibition.

"Ram it in my mouth and fuck me hard," I pleaded. "Fuck my mouth; make me take every inch of you. Use me. Make me your whore, your cumslut. Use my mouth. Fuck it, please. Please. Fuck it until you're ready to explode. Make me your whore. I want to be your whore. Shoot your hot load all over my face and tits. I want your cum. Whores love cum. Like a good whore, I want your hot cum all over me. Please," I continued, my voice trailing down to almost a whisper. "Please, Fred. Anything. Anything for you. Anything to feel you."

"No," Fred taunted. "You've been bad. I'm not going to let you suck my cock, yet."

Fred pulled me to my feet and bent me over his desk face down. My skirt was bunched up around my hips and my panties clung around my knees. I felt his hot tongue on my naked ass and my body quivered. He continued to lick and bite my ass as he worked my panties down over my calves and feet until I was able to step out of them.

He once again reached between my legs and began to strum my clit, playing me with a master's touch. I could feel his fingers slide into my pussy, and I rotated my hips, grinding down on his hand, wanting to take him deeper inside me.

Smack! A sharp swat of Fred's hand hit my ass cheek. I deeply gasped, shocked by the sting.

"You shouldn't have worn panties," Fred whispered in my ear. "You know I don't like panties."

He began massaging my clit again while fingering my pussy. My back arched with pleasure and my hips rolled with each stroke, totally forgetting about the heat of the sting.

Smack! Another sharp sting hit my backside.

"Are you going to wear panties again when you come to see me?" Smack!

"No," I pleaded. "No. I won't wear them again. Ever. Please. Please."

Fred spread my legs wide and my chest and cheek rested on his desk. He reached between my legs and patted my swollen clit. I began moaning loudly and wildly as he continued to bring me closer to orgasm with each tap. I was lost in the heat of the moment, the heat of my pending orgasm, the heat of my stinging ass. I could feel the ring of muscles around my vagina tighten, about ready to spasm uncontrollably. My breathing was wild and erratic.

"I'm going to cum. Oh, god, I'm going to cum," I grunted between each breath.

Without warning, Fred slammed his hard cock into my trembling pussy, and then pulled out and slammed back into me again. My breasts and cheek skidded along the top of the paperwork on his desk from the force of his thrust. Each time he pulled out, I begged to feel him again, and each time he plunged himself into me again I yelped with pleasure, feeling like it was the first time over and over again.

Fred finally stopped teasing me with the repeated in and out and began to work in a rhythm of deep thrusts. I lifted my head and neck and my back arched. I wanted to push back to meet his thrusts, taking him deeper, but my bound hands made it hard for me to push back. Instead, my body moved at his command. I could only lay there, bent over his desk, and feel his body penetrate mine. With each bounce, my hard nipples rubbed against the desk, making them grow even harder.

I wiggled my ass, and Fred grabbed my hips and savagely pulled me into him. Our bodies slapped together with a brisk snap, and he fucked me hard, really hard, pulling me into him with each thrust. I felt my body give in to his each whim, bending at his will.

The fucking, the bouncing, the breathing, the sounds of wild abandon, it was more than I could take. My body began to explode around his cock, convulsing in waves of spasms, involuntarily squeezing and releasing around him. I moaned loudly, lost in my own orgasmic world.

All of this was having an effect on Fred, too. I heard him yell, "Oh fuck!" and make a loud grunt, a grunt that made it sound as if what he was feeling felt just as good as what I was feeling. I thought he was about to explode inside me.

"Come for me, baby," I begged. "Oh, god. Come in me."

Fred rammed himself deeply inside me and then inched even deeper than I thought possible. Then abruptly, he stopped, full-hilt inside me, every muscle in his body flexed. He grabbed the back of my hair, and there we were, both paused in mid-coital thrust, both trying to catch our breath. Between his hand in my hair and his cock lodged in my pussy, I was pinned. Motionless and stationary, everything seemed to stop for that brief moment, suspended in time.

Fred released his grip, leaned over me, and whispered in my ear, "I'm not done with you, yet."

He pulled out from between my thighs and straightened my bent body. He whirled me around to face him and looked deeply into my eyes. He mischievously smiled as he slowly lowered me down to my knees. "Show me how much of a cumslut you really are."

Bound and kneeling, I looked up at him with anxious and adoring eyes. I wanted him. I wanted to feel his hot come.

He stood in front of me, his cock just millimeters from my face. My pussy juice was still glistening on him and the smell of sex stoked my desire. I was eager to taste his cock, mingled with my sex. I gingerly licked the length of his wet, taut cock, and I could feel him twitch. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and circled the rim with my tongue, paying extra attention to the v-spot underneath. My tongue continued to teasingly explore him until finally I slowly worked his entire length into my hot, wet, and receptive mouth. I began to move my upper body up and down, taking him in and out of my mouth. I heard him groan, enjoying the sensations of my mouth encasing his dick.

"That's it, baby," Fred whispered to me. "Take it all. Take it deep." And he ran his hands through my hair.

Feeling his hands in my hair excited me, and I hummed a low "mmmmm." He felt so good.

Fred's hands stroked my hair and then suddenly he tightened his gripe, grabbing a handful of hair in each hand. As a knee-jerk reaction, I paused from nursing his cock and tried to pull back. Fred held on.

"C'mon, slut," Fred said as he began to work his cock in and out of my mouth. "Show me what ya got."

I relaxed my mouth and let Fred begin to slide in and out, deeper with each thrust.

"Oh. Yeah. Babe. Let me fuck your mouth."

Fred began to ram himself deeper and deeper. I didn't want to gag, but I wasn't sure if I could take it. Part of me wanted to get off my knees and get away, and part of me wanted to stay and have him force his way down my throat until I felt his hot semen ooze in my mouth.

"You are such a good little whore. Take my cock. Take it all."

Fred continued to talk dirty to me as he fucked my mouth, and I grew more excited. "Yes," I thought. "I want to be your whore! I want to be your slut!"

He viciously rammed himself deeper than I thought possible. I wanted to yell, "Oh, god! Yes! Fuck my mouth! Fuck my mouth!" but all that could escape from my mouth was muffled, frantic moans. I took his cock. The saliva flowed.

Fred began to grunt and I felt the underside of his cock begin to throb against my tongue. I knew he was close and my excitement piqued as I looked forward to my reward. Fred forced himself in my mouth a few more quick jerks before I began to feel hot semen erupt and flow down the back of my mouth, mixed with my own spit. Fred pulled out and grabbed his cock in his hand. I heard him yell, "Oh fuck!" and with a quick jerk, he finished off, sending a final spurt that hit my lips and slid down my chin.

I collapsed and leaned back against the desk, enjoying the hot stickiness of it all. Fred bent over his desk for a moment and caught his breath before he knelt down beside me and kissed the top of my head. He sat on the floor beside me and wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face in his neck and briefly, we quietly sat on the floor, both of us trying to catch our breath.

Fred reached behind me and unwound the belt that bound my hands behind my back. He helped me to my feet and propped me on the edge of his desk as he slowly massaged the aching joints of my now-freed shoulders and arms. I stretched my arms and rotated my neck and just grinned, not sure of what to say.

"Here," Fred said as he pulled a tissue out of the box that was on the edge of his desk. "I think you need this."

I laughed and wiped my chin. "You did always say that I had a face that begged to be jizzed on."

"And I was right," Fred came back as he nodded in the affirmative.

"You are a bad, bad man, Fred." And I smiled at him. He knew I liked bad, bad men.

We both began to dress ourselves and straighten our garments in an effort to not look so disheveled. I tried to smooth my hair down, but it was hopeless for my now frizzed curls. I took another tissue and wiped stray mascara from underneath my eye.

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