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Fab Thighs


I grew up in a small western town right at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It was a neat place to grow up. The major problem for me as a teenager was that most of the eligible girls were related to me. Six of them were my Sisters, three older than me and three younger, including two sets of twins plus my two brothers. My parent’s brothers and sisters also believe in large families as I had 39 cousins who were teenagers and 28 of them were girls. This didn’t even count the younger kids that brought the total to51.

It seemed everywhere I looked there was a cousin. And, of course, I was competing with both of my brothers and my11 male cousins for the girls who weren’t related to us. The pool of eligible girls was limited so none of us worried about what a girl looked liker what side of the tracks she came from. As I was in the younger half of the guys I had a particularly hard time scoring with the girls.

But, as hard as it was for me and the guys it was even worse for the girls as they were literally about half of each class in our small school. Many of them waited until they went off to college to date. I always flirted with the girl cousins but it wasn’t until I was 19 working in my father’s store that I found out what can happen when flirting goes too far.

The store itself was a old fashioned corner drug store called Foss’s. There was the pharmacy counter, magazine rack, gift and candy aisles, and a soda fountain. I was the soda jerk and was pretty good at it flipping burgers and making malts. Some of the teenagers would come there to meet up and especially to flirt. On a slow day I could do my job and find the time to participate in the flirting.

Everyone in town knew that the cousins flirted with each other but felt there was no harm in it as no one had crossed the taboo line. Each cousin had managed to find someone either in town or elsewhere to settle down with avoiding the family connection, assuring that the next generation would not have quite the same problem as we were having. It was on one of those slow days that Ellie came in and she gave me a wink and a sexy smile, the game was on.

Now, Ellie was one of the sexiest cousins and was my age. She had been spending the summer working at her family’s filling station. I don’t know if it was her idea but her uniform seemed to be a halter top and hot pants. As this was the early 70’s that outfit wasn’t very unusual. She stood at least 5’6” and weighed maybe 160 and boy did she carry it well. Her ass was very large and boobs were at least DD cups. She had auburn red hair and bright green eyes, but her best feature was her tanned thighs; they were meaty without being fat or flabby.

I fantasize about having my face between them while eating her pussy and as she got more excited she would clamp them around my head. So winking back at her I asked her what she wanted. In her sexiest whisper she answered, “A coke and a long firm HOT dog.”

A tent instantly formed in my pants. I innocently asked her, “What size of Hot Dog do you want, Ellie.”

Running her finger across the bulge in my pants she cooed, “Oh, one about this big.”

She smiled real big as I turned to get her order. This was new ground as all of our flirting had been body language and verbal before this. My cock was now so hard it was uncomfortable so while I was behind the counter I quickly adjusted it. As I walked back to her table I noticed she was sitting beside the table caressing her sexy thighs. Noticing my wide open mouth and the fact that I was nearly panting she licked her lips. I don’t know how I ever made it back to her table with her food but I did. Since there was no one else in the place she asked if I wanted to sit with her.

She made the eating of her Hot Dog and French Fries an erotic experience. I had to test how far the flirting could go before we backed off. I let my sandals fall to the floor. At first, I just let my foot graze her ankle. She made no move to pull away. She was still smiling and looking into my eyes.

Before I knew it we were playing full fledged footsie. Our feet were entangled with one another as we continued our dangerous game. Gradually our feet found their way up each other’s calves. Her skin felt so smooth and soft to my touch. Suddenly, I looked down and her foot was resting on my lower thigh. I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous a foot could be. Before the moment was gone forever I had to, at least, reach out and grab her thigh. I did just that gently laying my palm in the middle of her thigh and began rubbing it. She said nothing but just licked her lips again and continued to smile sweetly at me. Just then, we both heard the worst noise in the world.

The little bell on the door rang indicating someone was coming in as we heard it tinkling. Ellie quickly pulled her foot away and I took my hand from her thigh and stood up to greet the customer. I got the guy what he wanted and returned to Ellie. It was as if nothing had happened between us as she handed me the cash for her meal and walked to the door. But, just as she got there she turned and said, “I’ll be hungry when we close up how about bringing me a hot dog then.”

“Sure, Ellie, no problem,” was all I could muster. I wasn’t sure that she meant it the way I wanted her to mean it, but was dying to find out. To be safe, and not be accused of making the wrong assumption just before I left I made her a Hot dog which I took over with me. Besides, if her dad was home I had a cover story. It turned out no one else was home as she escorted me to the living room and had me sit on the couch.

She went to the kitchen and came back with cokes. As she handed me the coke she took the hot dog and sat beside me on the couch. She had a devilish gleam in her eyes. The next thing I know she is plopping her leg in my lap so that her thigh is laying right across me. Trying to sound like an innocent school girl she asks, “Your hand felt so nice on my thigh at the drug store. I was wondering if you could massage my legs for me.

I didn’t say a word but dove into the task at hand. Her thigh was soft but was still firm and smooth as silk. I was in heaven caressing her beautiful legs. I looked at her face and her eyes were closed and she appeared to be purring. In an instant she lifted up the leg nearest my stomach and put her other foot under it before resting her near leg back on my lap. As I continued to caress her I could feel her foot getting closer and closer until finally she pressed it against my groin.

She started to move her foot back and forth across my cock as I sat there dumb founded not knowing just what to do. If it had been someone other than a relative I know just what I would have done. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wonder for long as Ellie sprang up and planted a whopper of a kiss on me. I didn’t resist for a moment as I threw my arms around her. Ellie blurted out, “Cuz I have wanted you since we were thirteen and I saw you peeing behind the tree at the family camping trip.”

It was funny that she had mentioned that very trip as that was the first time I noticed she had boobs especially when she wore her bikini. Here we were six years later touching each other for the first time. I ran my fingers down her long back to the top of her rump and whispered, “Ellie, you are so sexy.”

She knew now that I was alright with her advances so she moved on to my lap facing me. She reached deftly behind her neck and undid the knot holding the halter in place. It fell between us revealing her enormous melons that came to a perfect point with pencil eraser nipples. What amazed me even more was that her tits were as tanned as the rest of her. She pulled my head into her deep valley and commanded, “Oh god, I want you to kiss my tits. Make love to me. Oh shit, FUCK me. Oh yes, take me.”
I untied the bottom tie on the halter and threw it aside as she scooted back a couple of inches on my lap. She ground her boobs into my face as I licked and sucked each of them as she offered them up to me. My fingers working on both of them pulling pushing and squeezing. Ellie was putting her hands to good work as she had unzipped my pants and pulled out my manhood. “Oh, Ellie, you make me feel so good. Yes, I want to fuck you and kiss every inch of your damn body.”

All at once her boobs were gone from my face but quickly replaced by her shorts. Ellie pulled my nose into her crotch, and savagely said, “Smell that, that is because of you. Now, come over here and take your fucking clothes off.”

She turned around and quickly shoved her ass in my face before walking to an open spot on the floor before laying on her side. Nervously I ripped off my clothes. As I pulled down my underwear my cock sprang out bouncing against my belly. I went over to her and laid beside her. Before I had laid all of the way down her hand was stroking my cock. My hands quickly traveled all over her body as we passionately kissed.

I reached for her crotch and found the hot pants still in the way. I unfastened the button and unzipped them. It took less than a second to discover how wet her pussy was as I felt her through her hot, wet, silky panties. I decided enough of this foolishness it was time for the underwear and hot pants to come off. The only way I could figure to do this was to sit up momentarily on my knees so that I could pull them all of the way down.

As soon as I sat up Ellie’s head was in my lap and she had taken my cock in her mouth. I let out a loud gasp not expecting this already. More determined than ever I grasped the top of her shorts and underwear and pulled them down together. She was very helpful as she kicked them off once I got them to her ankles. I had to lean to the side so much that as I gave the last yank I fell to the side and found myself staring at her beautiful bush.
Meanwhile, she had now managed to take the full length of my cock into her hot little mouth. As I started to dive for her cunt she unceremoniously pushed me onto my back. Suddenly I could see nothing but her dripping bushy twat. It was the most fantastic thing I had ever seen. I was like a cat drinking his milk as I lapped at that twat. Her thighs had caught me in a vice just as I had always dreamed of as my tongues swirled around her lips.

I could feel her shudder as she came for the first time and the vice got even tighter. I tried to warn her that I was about to cum but my mouth was so full of pussy I couldn’t say a thing. I nibbled on her hot button as load after load of my jism flooded her mouth.

“I need you in my pussy, now.” Before she even finished saying it she had turned around and had her pussy hovering over my prick. She lowered herself down slowly until she was completely impaled on me. She leaned forward and kissed my mouth as she began moving up and down up and down the length of my rod. She would raise herself up so that just my head was still inside and would stay there until I came up on her and began to push back in. Because of how she teased me this way and others we must have lasted a half an hour before I was ready to cum again. And this was with me doing everything I could to turn her on further. I figured between playing with her ass and kissing and fondling her boobs she would let me cum quicker but she would have none of it. She wanted our fuck to last.

It was the best fuck of my life as we came together in a terrific orgasm that could probably be felt in the next county. Finally, she let my cock fall out of her as we lay together on the living room floor. We laid in each other’s arms for several hours. As it got late I finally asked her where her mom and dad were. It turned out they were at a small business convention and would be gone all week.

Well, you can guess where I was the rest of the week. We both met our responsibilities to the businesses but as soon as work was done we were exploring every nook and cranny of each other’s bodies. It was the third day before we tried anal, the fourth day before I could get her to try kissing my asshole, and the fifth day before she took me up the ass with a dildo.

That third evening was sure something special. I ran across the street with hamburgers and shakes for us to eat quickly so that we could get on with making out. As we sat on her floor, she finished her food first and as I took a bite of my burger her hand slipped down and unzipped my fly. I nearly choked as she gave my cock a tug. As she stroked me she gave me a devilish smile. I took another bite and with my free hand undid both ties on her halter. Just as I took my last bite she dove for my lap and sucked my cock into her mouth. With the food gone I laid back on the floor and looked to my side and what I saw was her big ass.

Getting about halfway back up I reached around her and unfastened her shorts and yanked them down. I was delighted as there was that beautiful naked ass right in front of my face. My groans were getting louder as she sucked my cock harder. In no time, I was caressing her butt and straining over to kiss it. After I came in her mouth I had her sit on my face and kissed her from cheek to cheek eventually working my way to her crack, I had never had my mouth in a girl’s crack so was a little uncertain of what to do. I must have done something right as before long her ass was wiggling all over my mouth and nose. She shuddered when I got to her asshole.

I heard her gulp loudly when my tongue penetrated her rectum for the first time. It was after a few minutes of this that she literally begged me to butt fuck her. She climbed off of my face and got on all fours and pushed her ass up in the air. Not wanting to disappoint her I was behind her in a flash. I used my spit and her pussy juice to lube both her asshole and my prick the best I could. Lining up carefully I pushed my cock head against her virginal asshole gently and after a moment of pain the head popped into her.

We rested for at least a minute before I pushed in more. It took five minutes until I was fully inside of Ellie. I pulled back very slowly until most of my prick was out and hen slowly back in. After a half a dozen slow strokes Ellie urged me to go for it and fuck her ass harder and faster. By now, I was very happy to oblige her. My balls wildly slapped against her cunt as I popped in and out of her tight bowel tunnel. The fit was so tight that when I came we could both feel my cum surround my cock.

She didn’t let me go until I dumped a second load into her and she was fully satisfied. I collapsed to the floor and she crawled over and licked my cock and balls totally clean. Our adventures continued the whole week and before her parents got back we knew we were in love. The next Valentine’s Day we went to Las Vegas and got married and told no one we were kissing cousins. We have to tell our parents. We hoped they would understand and help us figure out some way of living together in small town USA. They were angry at first.

But, after a couple of weeks they warmed up to the idea. Since, Ellie and I were the ones taking care of the drug store and filling station anyway they figured that they could merge the two businesses giving everyone a simple explanation as to why we were always together. And, we could put them into one building to save costs and no one would know that there was really only one living quarters upstairs from the businesses.

It has been thirty years now and Ellie and I are living very happily together. The town folks suspect what is up but have left us alone even after Ellie gave us seven children. We are cousins and partners for life all because I couldn’t get over her fabulous thighs.

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