tagIncest/TabooFamily Fun Times Ch. 02

Family Fun Times Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Celeste Plans a Party

"You're absolutely sure I can't do anything to help?"

"For the 100th time Angela, no, thank you. Now why don't you go get dressed?"

Celeste sighed. She and her younger sister had healed the long rift between them, but her younger, pretty brunette sibling could still push her buttons like no one else could. She knew Angela meant well, but tonight was Celeste's first time planning a party and she wanted it all done her way, she was going to triumph on her own or go down in flames.

She'd gotten the idea for tonight's party from a party she had attended with her family for Halloween a few weeks earlier. It had been a costume party -- well, not really, it was more of a costume orgy. She intended to go that one better -- tonight's event was a Family Costume Orgy.

Celeste had, with financial aid from her parents, picked out all the costumes herself. She was already wearing hers. Celeste was dressed like a Librarian, with glasses, a low cut blouse, too-short skirt that could let anyone see she wore stockings, and stiletto heels. The stockings were sheer and black and she felt very naughty, which was the desired effect. She'd done her long, brunette hair up, when she did the intended "reveal" as part of the play, she'd let her hair down and the glasses come off to reveal the Slutty Librarian with naughty garments underneath.

Looking at the clock, she ran into the kitchen to check on the food, everything was fine. She'd told everyone to be there at 8 PM and one thing about her family, they all valued punctuality.

Her mother, Laurel, was the first to descent the stairs. Dressed in a tight, red latex "Devil Girl" costume that could be opened in strategic spots, the mature beauty looked delicious and Celeste knew she'd be having some lesbian fun with Mommy tonight. She walked over to her Mom, her long blonde hair hidden under the red cap and horns and tongue-kissed her.

"Fuck Mom, do you have any idea how sexy that is on you?" Celeste purred.

"Your father said the same thing, I almost had to fight him off," Laurel giggled. "I love your costume too kitten, I must say, you've made some interesting choices."

"I'll say," her 25-year old sister Kaylie smiled as she entered the room. She was in a "Superheroine" costume; it was shiny and spandex, with holes all down each side and high stiletto boots. It was too tight for underwear, so Kaylie's gorgeous tits and prominent mound were on full display. "I might just buy this costume from the store; I've got a few playmates who'd get off on it!" Kaylie smiled.

Angela was the next to enter the room, she was dressed in a French Maid's costume, her hair all piled high and under a cap, her slender legs in expensive fishnet stockings -- no cheap crap in this family, Celeste knew -- and black stilettos which actually belonged to sexy little Angela, in her meticulous way, she'd polished them to a gleaming shine.

"I hope we can start soon, I'm so fucking horny," The younger girl whined.

"You're always fucking horny," Niles said as he came into the room where his daughters and wife were gathered. He was dressed as a Cowboy, which made sense, as Niles had been quite an accomplished equestrian in his day -- and he had a horse cock, Celeste giggled to herself.

The doorbell rang and Celeste practically galloped to answer it. She knew it was her Aunt Claire and her cousin Kitty; she couldn't wait to see them.

The effect of Claire's costume was dazzling. Her long black hair loose, clad in a black peignoir with stockings and heels, fangs gleaming, red contacts making her eyes blaze, she was a sexy vampire.

Flame-haired Kitty was the sexiest witch anyone had ever seen, with a tiny flared skirt, decadent fucky black stiletto-tipped boots, a laced bodice that left precious little to the imagination and her "Magic Wand" which was naughtily, a very silver, large vibrator. Celeste kissed her Aunt and Cousin and invited them in.

Shortly, everyone was having some Hors D'oeuvres and enjoying themselves, when Celeste made her proclamation.

"The rules tonight, family, is anything goes. I implore you to take it easy on Daddy -- he's the only cock here, so let's not wear the poor fucker out." All the women laughed. "In one of the bedrooms upstairs, there are some sex toys and strap-ons if anyone feels like they can't wait to be fucked. Okay everyone, let's get it on!"

Kitty made a bee-line for her cousin and the two kissed passionately. The girls had always been best of friends, but since discovering her family's secret a few months back, Celeste had not yet had a chance to girl-fuck her cute-as-a-bug cousin. The two girls moved over to the plush leather sofa and Celeste began unlacing her cousin's bodice, squeezing her pert boobies and kissing the little dots of freckles that adorned her cousin's chest. Kitty was occupied with letting her cousin's lush, gorgeous hair down and removing the glasses, everyone clapped when they saw Celeste's little surprise. As her top was yanked free, she was wearing new PVC underwear underneath; they all clapped and began joining up.

"God Kit, you're a little firecracker!" Celeste grinned as she felt the sassy redhead's fingers slip into her cunt. "Wish I'd found out about all this a lot sooner."

"We'll make up for lost time," Kitty whispered naughtily in her cousin's ear, nibbling it gently. "Mom and I make sure we get lot of practice, so I'll make sure to keep your pussy nicely fucked, okay?"

"Fucking count on it," Celeste grinned as she and her cousin shifted around so they could eat each other's pussies. Everyone's costumes had been picked out or designed so a good part of them could still be worn while fucking. There was a tiny zipper at Celeste's PVC thong, Kitty unzipped in and dove into her cousin's muff while Celeste had already pulled her red thong aside and began eating her fiery thatch.

Across the room, Kitty saw her Mom and Uncle Niles fucking. The two had been in love for years, no matter when she saw her Mom fucking her handsome Uncle, the love she had for him was evident. Kitty knew from conversations that it was one of the reasons her marriage to Kitty's dad had failed -- her older brother was the true love of her life and no one else could match up. Claire also tended to prefer girls over men nowadays, so the arrangement she shared with Uncle Niles and Aunt Laurel, plus Kitty herself, kept her fairly happy most times.

"Fuck me big brother, God, it's always so good with you," the "vampire" Claire groaned as her brother speared her with his "stake". He still had the best cock and she thanked her lucky stars that she'd been adopted by his family all those years ago and that he had been unable to resist her advances all those years earlier. Looking at Kitty and her cousin lezzie-fucking across the room, she wondered if she should tell Niles about her recent suspicions that Kitty might actually be his daughter, not Jack's? Looking at Kitty with her cousin, Claire was so proud of her daughter; she was a natural slut, just like the rest of their crazy family.

"We'd sell our souls for some good pussy-licking, Mom," Kaylie grinned as she and her naughty brunette sister approached Laurel, who was sexy as hell in the tight, red outfit.

"Aren't you supposed to be one of the good guys?" Laurel teased, playing the game.

"I get to be naughty on my days off," Kaylie grinned back.

"I must attend to whatever the mistress wants, that's my job," French Maid-Angela smiled.

"I want you to suck my pussy while I eat your sister's horny cunt, all right Angela?" Laurel grinned, enjoying the noise and frolics going on around her. Since Celeste had become the newest participant in their group, it had only gotten better, they'd been to a few wild parties over the past several months and Celeste hadn't even blinked, just shucked her clothes and joined right in.

Celeste and Kitty had already got things off to a good start, Celeste had truly relished her cousin's yummy pussy and vowed to come back for more, but right now, she wanted to do the only other relative she didn't get to fuck very often, her Aunt Claire. She gave her Daddy a kiss and he nodded, moving behind his tiny pixie of a niece and lifted Kitty's skirt. Kitty groaned as she felt her Uncle's familiar cock enter her cunt and she looked over to see her Mom and Cousin happily eating each other for the first time in months.

Celeste couldn't believe how sensual it felt to be making love with her Aunt at last. Since discovering her family's secret, she had made it with her Aunt a few times, but was always delighted with new opportunities. Claire was almost like a sexy beast, she'd wrap herself around you, devour you, assess your body, she'd make love to your entire being and leave a person weak and trembling. Those same feelings were already coursing throughout Celeste's body now, but in the last number of months, she'd gained some skills of her own and the tall, leggy brunette was going to give her gorgeous aunt one hell of a ride.

Kitty was impaled on her Uncle's big dick while she asked him to work her "Magic Wand" in her ass. She loved anal stimulation and being DPd tonight was something she truly desired. She'd also finally gotten to do it with her cousin Celeste, the few previous times they'd all gotten together, they'd missed the opportunities. It was a truly unique experience, making love to someone who was one of her best friends, a relative and now, a lover -- she was going to do Celeste with a strap-on or sex-toy tonight, if she could, Kitty determined.

In front of Kitty now was her Aunt Laurel, while Angela and Kaylie were engaged a pussy-to-pussy flat fuck in the corner. Kitty loved eating her Aunt, so she went for broke as she parted the red latex suit and began eating her Aunt's shaved cunt. Laurel loved oral sex, perhaps more than anyone in the room and Kitty knew how to use that long, snaky tongue of hers to full advantage.

"We're stealing Kitty for a while, come on Celeste, I think you need some cock!" Angela squealed as they pulled their redheaded cousin into a threesome. Celeste grinned at her Daddy and switched places with Kitty, now she had her father at one end and mother on the other. There was a lesbian foursome going on beside them, as Claire had joined her daughter in a Daisy Chain. Claire was eating Angela who was fingering Kitty who was sucking Kaylie who was doing her best to please her Aunt. The smell of sex permeated the room and the volume was getting very loud, but no one seemed to give a damn.

Then there was a loud knock at the door and the bell rang a few times. Composing herself and putting her clothing back into a semblance of normalcy, Celeste went to answer the door.


"This is the police, please open the door."

The others kept still as Celeste opened to the door to a uniformed officer.

"Yes officer, what seems to be the problem?"

"We've received several noise complaints about a rather loud party going on here," The officer said.

"Yes -- well, what do you want us to do about it?"

"Let me come in and joined the damned party, it's fucking freezing out there!" The officer grinned, stepping into the house. Everyone laughed when they saw the "officer" was actually Scott, Kitty's boyfriend and one of the few outsiders who knew the entire story.

"That was sneaky, Celeste," Kitty pouted, hugging her boyfriend anyway.

"Who cares, more cock!" Angela whooped, grabbing her cousin and her boyfriend. "Let's go upstairs you two; I haven't fucked this handsome stud in ages. I'll see you all in an hour, if I can still walk!"

Everyone else took a breather for some dessert & coffee, Celeste sitting on her father's lap, teasing and feeding him, Kaylie with her Mother and Claire busily serving them all. Celeste looked at her family with love and desire and was very happy that it was a Saturday and no one had to work tomorrow. She'd rented herself a few extra costumes to add some extra spice to the festivities.

Hmm ... let's see ... should I go with the Dom costume or perhaps the Naughty Bride next? Celeste thought with a wicked grin.

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