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If you want a realistic story, this is not the one for you. This is a fun story I have wanted to write for a while now. It takes a while to get to the sex, so if you want a quick story, then this is not the one for you.

As always, let me know about any new story ideas for me. All characters are 18+. Enjoy!


"So what do you three want to do tonight?" Asks my older sister, Allie. Because she was the oldest, Mom and Dad put her in charge of the other three of us while they went away for the weekend. Why they thought that two 18-year-olds and a 20-year-old needed their oldest sister to watch them is beyond me. To make matters worse, we had gotten a lot of snow today, snowing the four of us inside the house together.

I have two sisters and a brother. Allie is the oldest at 22. Allie is about 5' 6". She has straight blonde hair and a very pretty face. She has curves most women would kill for. Her breasts are probably a d-cup and her ass is large. Adding to her figure is her toned stomach and legs, making her bust appear larger. Devon is a petite 18-year-old and my twin sister. She has curly blonde hair, c-cup breasts, a small ass and a toned body from her time as a gymnast. Then there is John and I. John is 20 with a stocky build. He has short blonde hair and is fairly muscular. Then there is me, I'm kind of the odd one out in my family, with light brown hair. I'm also fairly tall and scrawny.

Devon shrugs, "I'm just going to hang out in my room and hope it stops snowing."

"You mean our room?" I ask. Since Devon and I were the two youngest we had to share a room together.

Devon rolls her eyes, "If that's really what you want to call it."

I open my mouth to respond, but am cut off by John, "Will and Devon, cut the shit! I'm already tired of listening to you two. Now, what I want to do tonight is to watch football and relax."

Allie nods as John wanders off to his room. "So that leaves the three of us. Any ideas guys?"

Devon shakes her head and goes back to looking at her phone. I just kind of shrug, "I don't know. Maybe just make something quick for dinner then relax like John said."

Allie nods, looking a bit disappointed, "If that's what you guys really want to do."

"Why? You have any other ideas?" I ask.

Allie nods, "We could do a game night."

"How old do you think we are?" Devon scoffs.

Allie sighs, "I just wanted to spend time with you guys. Since I started going away to school, I don't see either of you as much as I would like to and I'm sure John feels the same way. Besides, I graduate this spring and who knows where I'll end up working. And when you two go away to school it'll be harder to see you."

"Well when you put it that way... I feel kinda bad about saying no." Devon says.

Allie smiles, "So you two in? I'll make it fun, don't worry!" Devon and I both agree to her game night, and Allie marches off to John's room, probably to tell him what the rest of us are doing.


About 20 minutes later, all four of us are sitting around the kitchen table with a small stack of board games piled on the side. "Monopoly?" Allie asks, looking around at all of us.

John shakes his, "Nah, that takes way too long."

"What about a card game? There's a lot of those so we can play a few different games." I say.

Allie looks at all of us, "That sounds good. I actually know a really fun card game that I learned from my roommate. And it is a drinking game."

"And where are we going to get alcohol?" Devon asks.

Allie smiles, "Well I have enough for us. Don't worry. So want to play this game?"

John, Devon and I look around at each other, "Sure." John says, as Devon and I both nod, slightly intrigued.

Allie nods, "Sounds good. I'll go get the stuff and be right back!" Allie leaves and a minute later returns with a large bottle of vodka and a normal looking deck of cards. I get everyone a cup and Allie pours out a bit of vodka for everyone. "Cheers everyone!" Allie says, raising her cup. We all raise ours as well before knocking back the drink. I shudder at the taste and put my cup back down on the table.

We drink a little more and make small talk. Once we are all a little tipsy, Allie says, "Let's go up to my room to play!" Allie leads the way up the stairs and we all sit in a circle in her room.

"So what kind of game is this?" Devon asks from my right. Allie is to my left and John sits across the circle from me.

"All you have to do is draw a card and do what it says! Then once we reach the halfway point, we have to use the other deck! Once you do your task, you set your card off to the side. If you don't do what the card says, you lose. It's a very simple game." Allie answers as she begins to shuffle the cards.

"Sounds really easy. What's the catch?" John says from across the circle.

Allie places the deck face down on the floor. "The higher the card, so something like a king, the harder the thing you need to do is. So who wants to go first?" She asks, looking around at us all. No one answers so she shrugs, "I'll go first then." Allie reaches to the top of a pile and draws a card. She looks at it for a second and reads, "Ladies, take a shot." Allie puts the card to the side and takes a swig from the vodka bottle, then hands it to Devon who does the same. Allie then looks at me, "Your turn."

I reach for the deck and draw a card, "Kiss the person to your left?" I look up at Allie, my older sister. "What kind of game is this?"

Allie just shrugs, "So you out already?"

Well it's not like this game can really be that bad. It's just a quick kiss on the lips... I think before saying, "No, just a bit surprised at the card." I begin to lean in towards Allie. She closes her eyes as I get close and I do the same. Allie's lips are soft and warm, and after a second, the two of us part. I feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment. Both Devon and John are looking between Allie and I. "Devon, your turn." I say quickly, trying to distract from what just happened.

Devon reaches for the deck and draws a card, "Guys take a shot!" She says happily, handing the bottle of vodka to me. If the rest of the game is like this, I'm going to need to be pretty drunk! I think, drinking from the bottle before handing it off to John who does the same.

John reaches for the deck, "Take off your shirt? Allie, what kind of game is this?"

"What's wrong John? Afraid to be shirtless around your sisters?" Allie taunts him, knowing that John won't like it.

John sighs, "Sometimes I really hate you Allie." He says, pulling his shirt over his head and putting it to the side next to him.

Allie says nothing and draws her card. "Take off your bra." The three of us look at her in surprise. "I'm going to do that outside the room if you don't mind." Allie says, standing. She walks out of sight and a moment later comes back into the room holding a lacy pink bra in her left hand. Under her shirt, her large, d-cup breasts jiggle freely. Despite Allie being my sister, I feel my cock twitch. This is so wrong... I think. Allie sits back down, takes a drink then looks at me, waiting for me to make my move.

Reaching for the deck a second time, I look at my card, then at Allie confused, "This has a picture of a butt and an arrow pointing right." I say, confused.

Allie smiles, "Isn't it obvious? Feel the persons to your right's ass!" I nod, feeling my normal limits being pushed by the alcohol. I look right, at Devon.

"Ready?" I ask her. To my surprise, Devon hesitates for a second before giving a quick nod. Devon and I both stand and I move close to her and reach around her back. I begin to grope her ass, trying to not think that she is my twin sister. Don't get hard. Don't get hard. I think over and over again. Devon's ass is toned from all of her workouts. Despite my best efforts, I feel my cock begin to grow hard. With Devon pressed against me like this, there is no way she doesn't feel it.

After a moment, Devon and I part and sit back down. I try to hide my hard cock, hoping in vain that Devon didn't notice and that Allie and John don't see my erection. Devon picks up a card, clears her throat and reads, "Take off your shirt." Devon grabs the bottom of her tee-shirt, hesitates for a second then tugs it over her head, revealing her black bra. Devon places the shirt off to her side and looks at John.

John tears his eyes away from her and reaches for the pile. "Kiss the person to your left." He looks at Devon for a second. Devon mumbles something to herself, shakes her head a bit and leans forward closing her eyes. I watch as my older brother kisses my twin sister, and somehow I find the whole situation to be turning me on. I look over at Allie who is watching Devon and John with a smile. I bet she's really enjoying this... I think.

After a second, John and Devon part and Allie draws a card. She smiles. "Devon, looks like we have to kiss now!" Devon shakes her head again and leans forward. Allie leans in as well and soon my sisters are kissing each other on the lips. I'm starting to enjoy this... I think, my cock hardening. I shift my leg slightly to try to hide it. Devon and Allie part.

Feeling a little nervous, I draw a card. Fuck! I read, "Take off everything but your underwear." I pull my shirt over my head and feel everyone's eyes on me. I undo my fly and quickly drop my pants, letting them fall to the floor. Then I tug off my socks and sit back down on the floor in only my boxers. No one says anything, but I just know they saw I was hard.

Devon draws the next card. "Lose your socks. That's easy!" She tugs off both her socks and looks at the rest of us.

John draws his card, "Another lose everything but your underwear." He says, tugging off his socks before standing and tugging down his sweatpants. He sits back down quickly so I can't see if he has an erection or not.

Allie goes. "Take off your top layer below the waist." Allie is barefoot, so she stands and puts her hands in the waistband of her leggings. Careful not to pull her panties down as well, Allie slowly works her way out of them. Allie's panties match her bra and are also lacy and pink.

I pick up my card and read it in my head several times out of disbelief. I finally look up at my siblings. All three are staring at me, waiting for me to read my card. "It says... ummm. It says, undress the person to your right..." I look over at Devon, who is staring at me with an open mouth.

"Does it really say that?" Devon asks. I wordlessly turn the card for her to see. Devon grabs it out of my hand and looks at it for a second before handing it back to me.

Allie looks back and forth between us, "So is that it, you two out of the game?"

Even in my tipsy state, I know that undressing Devon is crossing a major line. I open my mouth to tell Allie no, but Devon speaks first. "It's Will's call. I'll let him do it if he wants."

My mouth drops upon hearing this. Devon is okay with me undressing her? I ask myself before shaking my head and stand next to Devon. I start with her leggings, making a show out of it. I slowly work them down her toned thighs, peeling them off of her. Then I reach behind her back and unclasp her bra. It covers her b-cup breasts loosely for a second before I tug it off and expose her bare tits to the room. Devon's breasts are small and perky, each topped with a hard, pink nipple. Then I reach into the waistband of her panties and give them a quick tug down, exposing her pussy to all of us. Devon's pussy is mound shaped and completely bald.

Devon's face turns red as she looks around and sees the rest of us staring at her naked body. My cock is once again completely hard. I shouldn't be enjoying this! I think, tearing my eyes off of Devon and sitting back down.

Devon sits as well, doing her best to cover up her naked body. She quickly reaches out, grabs a card and reads it, clearly trying to direct the attention to someone else. "Chose one person and what article of clothing they have to remove." Devon looks around at all of us. Allie is wearing panties and a sweater top. John and I are only wearing boxers. Devon looks at me, "Will, lose the boxers!"

Fuck! I think. I close my eyes and drop my boxers, letting my erect member spring out. No one says anything and I quickly sit back down, feeling a mix of shame and embarrassment. I'm not embarrassed because my dick is really small or anything like that. It is because I'm sitting naked in front of all of my siblings, two of which are my sisters.

John says nothing and just draws a card. He reads it over and looks at Allie. "Lose the shirt." He says, setting the card down next to him.

Allie gives him a shit eating grin, "You say that like it's a bad thing!" With no hesitation, she pulls her shirt over her shoulders and reveals her large breasts to all of us. They ride high on her chest and are both topped with a hard, pale nipple. Holy shit! I can't believe any of this is really happening! I think as Allie draws her card. "Looks like I'm the third one completely naked here..." She says, standing and pulling down her panties, exposing her baled pussy too us. Allie has a mound similar to Devon, only Allie's inner lips push past her outer ones. I try not to stare at either of my naked sisters, but my erection refuses to go away.

"So what now?" John asks, looking at all of us.

Allie smiles, "You won the first round. So get undressed and then the real fun can begin!"

I look at her, "Real fun? All of us are naked!"

Allie smiles, "Just sit back and enjoy it!" While John tugs his boxers down, Allie gathers up this deck of cards and brings them over to her dresser. I stare as her large ass bounces side to side as she walks. She bends over and rummages through a drawer for a moment. As she bends over, her ass cheeks part, giving me a view of her asshole and pussy from behind. This is wrong... I shouldn't be doing this! I think, tearing my eyes away from Allie.

"You want to fuck her don't you? I saw you staring." Devon whispers in my ear.

"Shut up!" I hiss back at her.

After a minute, Allie comes back over to the circle. As she walks back, her breasts sway side to side. I look away, trying not to make it obvious. Allie shuffles the cards while she explains the rules. "It's pretty much the same as last time. Just do what the card says, not doing it means you lose. You have to do what the card says for a minute or so. Maybe a bit longer if the two people are enjoying it! The main difference is this round, drawing a king means you have to have sex with the next person of the opposite gender to draw a king."

Devon, James and I all gasp. "What?" I ask.

Allie nods, "Well if you don't do it, you lose. Now since John won, he picks who goes first."

John looks around at all three of us. "Will, you're up."

Fuck you! You had three people and you pick me? I think, nervously reaching for the deck of cards. I flip my card over and read, "Hands above the waist." Below that, there is an arrow pointing left. "With Allie." I add, turning to look at her.

Allie smiles, "Well? What are you waiting for?"

I hope this doesn't make things weird between us... I think, feeling my willpower crumble and my hormones take over. I reach over to my older sister with one nervous hand and begin to feel her soft orbs. I gently knead her breasts, actually starting to enjoy the feeling of Allie's hard nipples pressing into my palm. I start to grope her with my other hand, starting to play with both of her breasts.

After a minute, Devon clears her throat. "My turn." She reaches for the deck and draws a card. "Play with yourself." She reads, looking around at all of us. "Can I have a pillow or something to lay back on?" Allie nods and Devon goes over to the bed and grabs a pillow off of it. Devon returns to her original spot, places the pillow behind her and lays back. Devon spreads her legs and reaches her left hand down to her snatch.

Devon closes her eyes as her ring and index fingers to pull her labia apart. She then begins to rub up and down her slit with her middle finger. After a few seconds of this, Devon begins to rub her clit with her middle finger, letting out a soft sigh as she does so. Devon then shifts her hand back down to her entrance and slips her index and middle fingers inside herself, letting out a soft sigh as she does so. Devon slowly slides these two fingers in and out of her pussy for a few more seconds. Devon withdrawals her fingers from her pussy and both glisten in the light.

As John draws his card, Devon cleans off her fingers, sucking her juices off of them. "Okay... I have to eat out the girl of my choice..." John says, looking between Allie and Devon. It might just be my imagination, but Devon seems to perk up as he says this. John turns and looks at Devon, "You already have a pillow, want to do this?"

Devon gives a small smile, "Sure." John nods as my twin sister once again leans back on her pillow and spreads her legs. John buries his face in between Devon's thighs and begins to lap at her pussy. I look over at Allie and find her watching, very interested in what is going on. What is she thinking about? I ask myself, before turning my attention back to John and Devon. As John laps at her snatch for longer, Devon begins to let out soft moans of pleasure.

"Oh god..." She whispers quietly. After another few seconds, John pulls away from Devon. Devon opens her eyes, a disappointed look in them. Allie, with a small grin on her face draws her card. "Will, it looks like I'm going to suck your dick." She says factually. Before I can even respond to her, Allie leans over and grabs my cock, making me jump slightly at her forbidden touch. She then aims my tip at her mouth and slowly begins to suck the tip. Holy shit, she's really good at this... I think, enjoying the feeling of my older sister's lips wrapped around my member.

Allie begins to take a bit of the shaft in her mouth as well, working in more than just the tip. After her minute, Allie's drool drips down the remainder of my shaft and onto the floor. Allie pulls her mouth off of my cock, wipes her chin with the back of her hand and says, "You draw."

I reach into the deck and pull out a card. I take a quick look at it and instantly feel nervous. Not saying anything, I just turn it around, showing everyone the king of spades. "So if either Devon or I draw a king..." Allie says, looking at Devon to make her move.

Devon gulps nervously and draws her card. I can see she instantly sighs with relief. "Feel the person to your right." She looks over at John and grabs his erect cock. She begins to slowly stroke his member, while also making sure to play with his balls.

I watch disinterestedly for a moment before Allie whispers to me, "So, who do you want to draw the next king?"

I look at her and she a large, mischievous smile on her face. "We'll see when it happens..." I reply, wondering if it would even get to that point. Well we are all naked in front of each other and willing to do these acts, who knows how far it will go... A voice in the back of my head says.

Allie reading her card snaps me out of my thoughts, "Person on your right gives oral. Get over here Will!" Allie says, sounding excited. She quickly grabs a pillow off of her bed and leans back on it, spreading her thighs and giving me access to her pussy. I lower my head between her thighs and stop for a fraction of a second just above her mound.

Is this really happening? I ask myself, before I feel Allie's hands pressing into the back of my head, lowering my mouth the rest of the way to her pussy. I begin to swirl my tongue around her clit. Allie lets out a soft moan of pleasure, momentarily making me forget she is my sister. I begin to greedily eat her pussy, sometimes pushing my tongue past her soft outer lips and sampling her juices. When I do this, Allie lets out a soft cry of pleasure. After what feels like a while, I pull my head away from her mound and look up Allie's body between her breasts. Allie stares back at me, a smile on her face.

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