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Our names are Jill and Alex. This is a fantasy I wrote about thinking it would never come true. I have learned to never say never though.... We are sitting around with our best friends Steve and Kathy, watching XXXX films..... Its turning everyone on. We look over and they are playing with each other. Steve has his hands under Kathys top, playing with her breasts, she is rubbing him through his pants. We watch this and get really excited.

Alex lifts my top over my head and plays with my nipples, rolling them between his fingers and then sucking on them. I reach down and unbutton his pants, (he always wears 501s) his dick is already big and hard. I stroke him, and suck him. Steve and Kathy are watching, and it excites them and us even more. They both stand up and take all their clothes off. Steve is really hard,( his dick is about 7" long and really thick) Kathy kneels down in front of him and starts sucking him. She slides her mouth up and down his shaft and gets it really wet. I wonder if she can take all of him. (I would like to feel his hard cock in my mouth.) Kathy goes further and further down on him until she has all of that hard prick in her mouth and down her throat. He is fondling her breasts, as he watches us.

Alex gets up and takes his clothes off and sits in a chair. I take mine off and sit on his lap. I can feel him under me, I want him inside me. I want to watch them too, so I turn around and lower myself onto him facing away. He reaches around and caresses my breasts. We can both see them now.

Steve lays on the couch across from us, and Kathy straddles him. They can see Alex sliding in and out of me. Kathy leans down and kisses him deeply. As she pulls back he catches one of her nipples in his mouth.

We are enjoying the view. Alex reaches around and rubs my clit. I think it can't get any better....

Kathy looks over her shoulder and watches us for a minute. She then gets up and comes over to us. She kneels down and touches my breasts, very softly at first, then really massages them. I want her to suck them. She leans up and kisses me, keeping her hands on my breasts, teasing my nipples.

I look over, and see Steve watching all this and stroking himself. That really turns me on. I love to watch Alex play himself.

Kathy leans up and kisses Alex, we both reach down and fondle her breasts. She starts kissing her way down my body, my mouth again, breasts, nipples, belly. I suck in my breath, it feels incredible. So lightly that I can hardly feel it at first, she starts licking my clit. Then she puts a little more pressure on it with her tongue, until I can hardly sit still. It feels sooo goood. Kathy and Alex get into a rhythm. Alex is pushing in and out of me, Kathy is licking and sucking on my clit, I know I'm not going to last very long. Steve gets up and comes over to us. He kneels down behind Kathy, she sucks in her breath as he slides into her from behind. Steve reaches around and plays with her clit.

Alex's hard cock slips out of me, I look down and watch Kathy take him in her mouth. Its unbelievable to watch someone else suck him. She guides his dick back into me and licks and sucks my clit again.

Steve has one hand on Kathy's ass, pushing in and out of her, all the while rubbing her clit. I am still playing with her breasts. Watching and feeling all this puts me over, I start cumming. Its one of the most intense orgasms I've ever felt. As soon as Alex feels me tighten up, and, my juices start running down his balls, he explodes into me.

Kathy shudders and stiffens, the look on her face is pure bliss as she cums. Steve pumps a few more times and cums for a full minute it seems. He slips out of her, Kathy turns around and gives him a very deep kiss so he can taste us too.

Sweet Dreams

We hope you enjoyed my Fantasy......*J*

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