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Fantasy Come True


Lily, my beautiful wife, has entertained me with my fantasy in the bedroom for many years. We have agreed that it should remain a fantasy for the fear of the aftermath of the reality. However, the thought of watching my wife with another man brings a level of excitement I cannot put words to. May it be a front seat show of my wife in orgasmic bliss or the psychological aspect of competing and winning with being the victor that leaves with my wife. All views aside, the thought drives me wild.

Lily is a beautiful woman. Though she never thinks of herself as model material, she is comfortable with her appearance. She has an exotic look with olive skin and dark hair. She has larger than average breasts that make most men look twice. Though she never believes it, but she is the product of many men's desire and fantasy. More than a few men hit on her regularly, however Lily never picks up on it since she doesn't believe that she is that type. She is a petite 5'3" and small frame, minus her large bust.

We will talk about what the circumstances would be for my fantasy to take place and what she would want in the other man. Would he be bigger? Would he be someone she knew or a stranger. The variables changed often, but she always said that the thought of fucking another man while I either watched or participated turned her on. She stated that if she had a say, she wouldn't mind if he was well endowed, just so she could try it. Lily said next time we went out she would flirt with someone for me.

The next weekend, while planning a night out, I decided to take it a step further. I found a faceless photo of Lily from my phone and made an ad on Craigslist. It stated:

To any man daring enough to seduce my wife. We will be in Houston on Saturday night. My wife will have no idea that you were selected to seduce her. If you are selected you will be given our location and a hint on what she will be wearing. If you are able to seduce her, my only rule is that I get to watch. If she turns you down, your loss. What she says goes. You only go as far as she wants.

The stream of replies began almost immediately. After weeding out the perverts and plain weird responses there were still an enormous amount of viable candidates. I chose a guy that was in his 20's and appeared very well endowed. I told him the name of the club as well as the color of her dress.

Before we left the house, I teased Lily myself. We kissed and made out on the bed for a while. As Lily's breathing became heavy it was clear that she was getting horny. I pushed Lily's dress up and began kissing her thighs, moving closer to the middle. My tongue reached her clit. Her back arched, indicating that my tongue was doing its job. Lily hungrily begged me to fuck her and I wasted no time in climbing to my feet and dropping my pants in one swift move.

I entered her slowly at first. She grabbed my waist and pulled indicating that she wanted all of me. We laid there, our bodies rhythmically gyrating as I fucked her. As she began to get close, I stopped. She looked at me and begged me not to stop. I smiled and said, "Later." Lily frowned and sarcastically thanked me for making her horny all night. She finished tidying herself up and we left. I asked her to leave her panties at home and she smiled.

When we arrived at the nightclub, it was loud and packed. We found a table in the corner and I went to get us some drinks. After a few glasses of wine Lily was beginning to loosen up and wanted to dance. I obliged and walked her to the dance floor.

As we danced a guy bumped into her a few times, brushing against her. I noticed him as one from the ad. He would apologize to her and smile. I noticed her sneaking a look to check him out before turning around to continue to dance with me. After the song ended, I excused myself to the bathroom and told her I would meet her back at the table.

I came back from the restroom and noticed Lily was at the table with the guy from before. She introduced him as Adam. Lily smiled at me sheepishly. She knew inviting a young man to our table would make me both jealous and horny. She liked to tease me about my fantasy and see my reaction when she teased me.

Lily introduced Adam to me. She told me he said his friends ditched him at the bar. Lily pulled me aside and asked if I still wanted her to flirt with someone. I asked her if Adam was who she had in mind and she said yes. Lily confessed that she thought he was attractive and said, "You never know..." Knowing that it would turn me on. I smiled and said go ahead.

Throughout the night Lily and Adam flirted and she danced between us. Between dancing, Adam kept her glass full and we all talked. The topic eventually turned to sex and somehow my fantasy was hinted. Lily revealed that I was the only man she has ever had sex with. Adam asked if she ever wanted to try another. Lily said she'd thought of it before and it turned both of us on. We ended up deciding to leave and go to a hotel for the night.

We entered our hotel room and my stomach was jittery. I didn't know where to begin and what to do. I was both nervous and horny.

I began to make out with my wife and my hands began to grab and feel her body. We ended up in the bed as my lips began to explore her. My hands started to remove her dress as I continued to explore. Her eyes were closed and her breathing became more labored. With her help I removed my clothes as well.

Lily rolled to her stomach and started to blow me. Without hesitation, an undressed Adam came over and started to caress her body with his hands. Adam took it upon himself to kiss her back and slowly start to focus on licking her clit.

He began to position himself behind her teasing her by rubbing his head against her. Lily stopped blowing me to turn and look at him. She noticed that he was very large. I whispered to her to do what she wants and go as far as she needs. She told him to fuck her.

As he entered her. She held her breath and pushed back against him. Once they found their rhythm she held my cock in her mouth. It was clear with her face and moaning that she was forgetting I was even there at times.

Adam thrust hard and deep into her as fast as she could take. It didn't take long and Lily began to orgasm. Adam didn't stop and her orgasms came one after the other, each one harder and longer than the last. Soon he stopped and held himself in her, cumming himself. Lily's body shook and shuddered with her final orgasm and collapsed.

Adam got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. I took Lily and began kissing her body. Her body reacted and she was again ready. She looked at me hungrily and grabbed by dick and positioned it against her.

We fucked slowly at first. It soon became faster and she was having another orgasm, harder than before. I exploded inside of her and our bodies collapsed in each other. We fell asleep like that and never noticed Adam leave.

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