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Fantasy Date


What I was going to do tonight went against everything that I believe in. So why was I going through with it? I always said that I would never be set up on a blind date. I mean what is wrong with me? It's not like I am bad looking or can't hold a conversation or don't have a personality. I have plenty of friends! Actually my problem is that I work too much. I never have time to mingle with people. So when my girlfriend Gianna set me up on this date I was totally against it. I can hear her voice now telling me how nice looking he is, that he has a good job, and lives on his own. Plus, she said, what did I really have to lose? There was just one little catch... he is into Erotic Fantasies. Something about him having sex in public places? Sighing, I wonder, really how bad can this be? It's been a long time since I have been out on a date. Plus, I am up for a bit of excitement! When she finally talked me into it, I told her to make sure the date is only for drinks.

We are meeting in the city at a bar called The Lime Light. It's supposed to be one of those places where everyone who is anyone goes there. All of a sudden I feel this rush of excitement. I really want to go. The thing is I don't really even know what he looks like. I was only given this basic description of him, black hair, blue eyes, great body and that his name is Jack. It sounds like he is so hot. Meanwhile he was given a picture of me, so he should have no trouble finding me. I have already decided that I am going to dress really sexy.

After taking a shower I go into my bedroom and all my clothes are lying on the bed already. There is a sheer thong with matching bra. It fits so fine that you can make out my nipples through it. Below that are my thigh-high stockings in sheer off–black. And then let's not forget my Fuck Me Pumps. I have this one piece black leather outfit, short, strapless and skin-tight. One wrong move and I am busting out of it. After I am dressed, I look in the mirror. God, I am so hot that I would do me! My make-up is perfect with red lipstick on my full pouty lips. My full head of long curly hair is beautiful and soft to touch . Hope he likes brunettes! Just a hint of perfume and then off I go.

I take a cab so I don't have to drive into the city and I get there within a half hour. The place is jumping and the music is so loud it's flowing outside along with all the chattering that is going on. I get out of the cab after paying the driver, and I can see how eyes are on me. It makes me feel good and this way I know that I look hot. I just hope that my blind date finds me hot too!

Once inside the place I have no idea where to go. I work my way over to the bar and hope that he finds me. I stand there for what feels like an eternity and then I feel someone looking at me. I mean really looking at me. I slowly turn my head and straight across the bar I see a set of stunning blue eyes looking right at me. He was tall and muscular. His black curly hair was just long enough so that I would be able to thread my fingers through it. Even from across the bar I could see that he had straight white teeth and a wicked grin. Damn, he is so handsome! There is no way that can possibly be him. No way in hell someone that good looking is single. I blink my eyes quickly, but when I look again he is no longer there. Was it my imagination? It can't be. I know I was looking at him.

All of a sudden the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. I feel someone right behind me and standing so close that I can feel his breath on my neck. He whispers in my ear, "No one told me how hot you are. You don't know how glad I am that you showed up, Tara."

Before he finished whispering I could feel him run his tongue gently on my ear and the feeling of it makes me gasp. He licks and plays with my ear with his tongue. His breath is hot and my body responds immediately. I just met him and he is getting me all worked up! Never before has anyone ever made me feel the way he is making me feel right now.

Then he turns me around and says, "By the way I'm Jack." Then he asks me if I had ever been fucked in public! Before I could reply he says, "Thought not."

I feel something press against my clit unexpectedly. "Spread for me baby, I want you to feel how it is to have your hot cunt played with while you have so many people around you. Just think, if you start to sweat and drip a bit, anyone around you will be able to smell your scent of sex."

He isn't giving me a chance to think, to respond, to do anything. I don't understand how he has so much control over me! All I know is that I am so overcome with all these different emotions all at one time. I can feel the heat of my body just running all through me... and I know I want to do what he says. I spread my legs for him and I feel him nudge the crotch of my thong to the side and just push something cold and long right into me.

I hear him whisper in my ear, "Wrap your pussy lips around it baby. You are going for a ride." He licks my ear once again. Before I can react, I feel that cold thing start to vibrate with a slow deep buzz. Little by little it begins to vibrate more quickly. Oh my God! My knees feel like they are going to buckle. Jack is controlling the speed of the vibrations with a little remote in the palm of his hand. My head starts to spin and I wonder if I am going to pass out.

The bartender walks over and asks us for our order. Chuckling Jack says, "I think my little lady need something real stiff here, to drink that is," as he winks at me. I can't believe that he is saying that to the bartender when he turns the vibrator up another notch without warning. A bit of a moan escapes my lips without me even realizing it.

The bartender turned to me. "Is something wrong?"

I am beyond speaking at this point, completely aroused and embarrassed at the same time. Jack answers for me, "She is just very thirsty. You see, she's been working up a sweat. Please bring us your best champagne on ice! The little lady and I have a lot to celebrate." The bartender leaves to take care of our order.

I glare at Jack. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"You are my fantasy date for the night, baby," he smirks at me. As the bartender returns to pour our champagne, Jack holds up his glass to me. "Tara, I am going to make this a date for you to remember." I feel a chill run up my spine.

I sip at my champagne, trying to act calm and natural even though that vibrator is still pulsing within me. Jack swiftly pulls it out of me and I squeak out a startled, "Ahh!" I can feel wetness running down my inner thighs. Then I feel Jack's finger stroking the front of my thong, closest to my clit.

"Mmmm. Tara, you are so hot and wet... Your thong is so moist. Slip it off for me baby, I want them."

I turn looking at him straight in the eyes. "You want what? Are you nuts! You just expect me to slip it off and hand it over to you? All these people around us?" I feel his hand ready to tug them. I just know he will rip them right off me if I don't take them off myself. Jack seems to be someone who doesn't take no for an answer and I am secretly thrilled by his forceful nature. "OK! I will slip them off for you."

Once my panties are off Jack takes them from me and squeezes them in his hand. He brings them to his nose, sniffing at them and then licking them before he puts them into his pocket. I stand next to him in disbelief wondering What have I gotten myself into?

"Baby, your scent, your taste... I want more of you and I will have all of you." Jack takes me by the hand and we weave through the crowd. As we are walking he rubs my hand lightly over his cock. I couldn't believe how HARD it was and it just felt so BIG. Our eyes meet and Jack assures me that everything will be alright.

All I can think about is how I am walking around with no thong on under my tiny dress. I feel so exposed... so naked. One slight move and my cheeks will be sticking out of this dress! I wonder if that's what Jack wants. Is he trying to put me on display, show me off? Naw, that's a stupid thing for me to be thinking. Yet, the thought of all this is making me very excited. The club is so big and crowded and I finally think to ask Jack where we are going.

"Have you ever played Billiards?" he asks.

"Yes," I respond. "Not that I am very good at it."

"Well that is where we are going baby. They have this huge magnificent room that is filled with pool tables."

Once there I couldn't believe how big this room was. The carpeting on the floor is so plush and the pool tables are made out of mahogany wood. It looks so masculine. The lights are dim and glancing around I really don't see any women in here. I begin to feel uncomfortable. Jack notices how tense I am and he whispers in my ear. "Relax Tara, we are going to be having a good time here. You will do very well. I know that you can play this game."

We find a free table at the very back of the room. I am relieved that we aren't in the middle of the room with all these people around. Jack walks over to the wall and gets two pool cues and chalk and sets them down. That's when Jack tells me that he is going to make this game a bit more interesting and challenging. I am intrigued even though I have no idea what he means.

Jack pulls out a blindfold. "Turn for me baby and let me put this on you."

"Hey, wait a minute! How am I supposed to see what I am doing, where I am going, or if I am able to play the game?"

"Ahhh baby, that is where I cum in," he leers suggestively. "I will be guiding you the whole time."

I'm not sure I like Jack's idea very much after all. But I think to myself, it's just a game of Billiards. I let Jack blindfold me, hand me a pool cue and lead me to the table. He tells me to get the rack and set up the balls. "Get closer and just reach out with your hands Tara... you can do it, it's right there."

I hesitate, knowing that if I move the wrong way my ass will be exposed.

"Come on, baby, just do it."

I lean over but I really can't feel anything. Jack tells me to reach out a bit further. I reach as far as I can. I am pressed up against the mahogany table and I know my ass is exposed. My pussy is right up against the wood. Abruptly I feel someone take hold of my hands and pull me up a bit more onto the table.

"Hey!" I sputter in surprise. I feel the thick end of the pool cue that Jack is holding start to tease my pussy. He rubs over my clit slowly. Then I feel it slipping it into me. He pulls it out and then presses it back in, this time a bit deeper.

"Ooh... stop..." I moan. Jack isn't listening to me and starts working it a bit more in me, teasing me.

"Jack," I moan again, more loudly this time. Then I feel a ball gag in my mouth.

"Baby... don't fight the feeling... go with it. I am just getting you ready for me. When I fuck that cunt of yours I want it dripping wet!" I have all these mixed feelings -- hate, fear, pleasure. Oh God how I hate Jack right now... but do I really? Before this my life was kind of boring. I actually like the feeling that Jack is using me, letting me feel like such a dirty slut.

Jack stops teasing my cunt and I feel my hands get released. Before he takes out the ball gag he tells me, "Only moaning allowed and NO screaming, Tara."

I nod my head up and down. The gag is removed and I'm so relieved to breath easily again. My body is stretched out fully on the pool table by that point and Jack is on the table too. He pulls me up on all fours. My ass is out in the open and I know my tits are hanging out a bit too. Jack whispers in my ear that he wants to give me a little taste of what's to come as he licks my earlobe. God, oh how that makes me wild. Before I know what is happening Jack mounts me right here in front of all those men.

"Aahhhh," I wail as I feel him easing the tip of his hard cock into me. I can feel it pulsing, both pleasure and pain. It was throbbing almost as much as my swollen, aching clit. He stops when just the head is inside me and moves it around in circles, stretching me. I hiss with pleasure, "Ahhh yesssssss!"

Jack pulls out of me, "No, baby, not yet."

"No, Jack, please... Fuck me!" Jack only teases me again. He must know how much I want him as I moan and writhe when he enters me but he withdraws again! "Nooo," I plead. "Please, Jack... Fuck me please..."

The third time Jack shoves his cock into me, he thrusts so hard he nearly knocks the wind out of me. His huge, glorious cock pumps into my pussy a few times and then pulls out completely. I'm whimpering at the loss of it, "No, no, no. Please Jack!"

"Baby, baby, baby..." I hear Jack's voice through the haze of my sexual frustration. "I told you that I was getting you ready." He gets off the table and helps me down to my knees on the floor. I am still wearing the blindfold but his hands in my hair he tell me that he wants me to suck his cock. His words confirm my guess, "Mmm, baby, work me in your mouth so good now. Show me how much you want my cock."

I start running my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock. I lick my way down to his balls and take them into my mouth, stroking his cock all the while. After a moment of that I return my mouth to his cock, running the tip of my tongue around just the head. I'm licking in circles... up and down... getting it all wet all over and up once again before starting to slide it in my mouth.

"Ahhh," I hear a moan coming from Jack has he takes my hair and starts working my head up and down. He pushes me down on his cock, trying to get me to deep throat him. Mmmmmm, I love the taste and smell of his cock.

Jack stops me and pulls me to standing. He tells me to lift up my arms and that is when he takes my dress off of me along with my bra. All I have on now are my thigh-high stockings and heels. Once undressed, Jack nudges me down to my knees again. I go back to work on his cock when I feel soft hands pulling my nipples, caressing my tits. Those hands do not belong to Jack and they are working their way down to my pussy. Jack says to me, "Tara, don't stop. Just go with it."

"But, Jack... I... wait..."

"No, baby, Go with it. It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes, but..."

Jack pushes my head back down on his cock, effectively ending my indecision. "Suck it better now baby." As I am sucking him, I feel someone spreading my legs wider. Then I feel my leg being lifted a bit and that's when I feel someone beneath me. Someone is licking my clit, sucking on it, and fingering me too! The feeling is so good that I work Jack's cock with even more enthusiasm than before. I am so excited that I am able to work it deeper into my mouth. I suck it in and out, over and over again, squeezing.

Jack stops me, "No Tara... I don't want to cum yet." I am still being licked, sucked, and fingered and I love it. Without warning, Jack takes off my blindfold and I can see that it's a woman below me! I am sitting on her face! Jack tells her to stop and to sit up. My mouth drops open in astonishment. The woman that has been licking my cunt and fingering me is my girlfriend Gianna, the very friend who set me up with this blind date!

Before I can say anything she put her arms around me and pulls me close. She kisses me deeply, swirling her tongue around in my mouth and sucking on it. She rubs my tits and I take Jack's advice. I just go with it, too. I return her kisses and licks while my hands are roaming around down her body. Squeezing and pulling on her nipples, I travel further south to find that hot love patch of hers. Probing with my fingers, I slip one in. I work it in circles before slipping in another. I press deeper and then add a third finger, pumping that cunt of hers! Her juices are running out of her onto my hands and down my arms.

We are moaning, licking and sucking at each other. Jack stands in front of both of us so we both start licking and sucking on cock and in between we are kissing each other. Jack has us both by our hair, controlling our movements and bobbing both our heads up and down his shaft.

All this time I had forgotten about the other men in the room. They are watching us and each of them strokes his own cock. They must be wishing they were part of our scene. I am nearly breathless from all the excitment. Jack takes me by my hand and stands me up, slipping my dress back onto me. Without a word, my girlfriend just wraps a towel around herself and disappears. Jack takes my hand again and leads me to another end of the bar. We take a set of stairs going up. "We are going somewhere where we will be alone... just the two of us," he tells me.

We walk up a long staircase. At the top landing Jack opens a door. My eyes can't believe what they are seeing. The room is huge and adorned with silk and sheer, long, flowing curtains that blow gently in the breeze. There are French doors that are slightly opened. Outside is a magnificent balcony and overhead the stars are twinkling brightly. Soft music playing, there is a wet bar in the corner, and some kind of incense is burning in the room. There is a beautiful big bed with a cream colored comforter; the thread running through it almost looks like gold.

Jack draws me into the room and tells me to get comfortable. He then walks over to the French doors, closing them. I start to feel strange; it's the smoke! Jack instructs me to inhale deeply so I can take it all in.

"What is it?"

All he will tell me is, "Darling this will make you feel so good."

He is right about that. I start to relax and I lose my nervousness. At the same time my body is reacting too. I am getting very aroused -- my nipples harden and my clit is tingling. Jack saw me licking my lips and he knew I was ready.

He walks over to me and begins to run his hands over my body. Stepping closer, he gently removes my dress then starts licking my lips himself. He parts my mouth with his tongue, slipping it inside to kiss me deeply. A moan escapes my mouth. All Jack says is, "Yes darling."

He runs his tongue down my throat and down to my cleavage. With his thumb and finger he is squeezing my nipples. When Jack takes off my bra my titties just stand up so perky! He puts his mouth over one, sucking and licking it. My hands are in his hair, pressing him closer to me. He continues to run his tongue down my stomach, and once he gets to my thong he pulls it down with his teeth. I step out of my panties and I can feel how excited my body is! Now I am wearing only my thigh highs and my heels again. Jack's nose is right in my crotch, and he tells me how sweet my snatch smells right before he starts to run his tongue over my hard clit. There is such electricity going through my whole body .... all I can think of now is reaching an orgasm.

After a moment he stands, takes my hand, and leads me to the bed. He tells me to get on all fours and I do as he says. Immediately I feel Jack directly behind me rubbing my firm ass with his hands. He spreads my ass cheeks. Putting his face there he starts licking my asshole, rolling his tongue and sticking it right into my tight hole. It's driving me absolutely crazy and I feel my hole start to pucker. Jacks moves back, takes his cock in his hand and starts rubbing it up and down my ass crack. He can sense how excited I am, I can feel how excited he is! Then taking the head of his cock, he lubs it a bit then starts pushing it into my tight hole.

"Oh no!" I cry out in pain!

"Feel me, baby," I hear Jack say. "Take it, baby. It will start feeling good soon." He is pushing deeper, repeating, "Feel me, baby."

Trying to relax, I feel him slide all the way in. He moves his cock in and out of me slowly at first, then he starts to pick up the pace.

"Ohhhhhh," I moan. It's starting to feel good! I work with Jack's thrusts, backing myself up against his cock.

"Feel my hungry cock, baby," he groans as he pumps his cock in and out of me. Reaching his hand out, he grabs a few ice cubes from the ice bucket on the nightstand. Before I can wonder what he will do with them I feel him rub them over my hot cunt.

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