tagIncest/TabooFather/Daughter Bonding Ch. 02

Father/Daughter Bonding Ch. 02


When Bill woke up, he thought he was still dreaming. He was laying naked between his two daughters who were also naked. Staci was spooning him from behind and he could feel her breasts in his back. Candy was curled up in front of him, his dick resting against her ass. When both girls woke up and kissed him hello, he realized it was real. He had fucked his step-daughter and eaten his "real" daughter's pussy. His dick got hard at the memory. Staci reached around and started to stroke his hardening cock. Candy pushed her hand away.

"No fair Staci. You've already had Daddy's dick in your mouth and your pussy. Now it's my turn."

Staci moved her hand and Candy put her head under the covers and started sucking Bill's dick. Staci turned her father's face towards her and started kissing him, stroking his tongue with her own. He responded and put one hand on Candy's head to push her dick even further in her mouth and the other hand on one of Staci's tits, stroking every inch except her nipple. Staci's pussy was getting wet from the teasing and her nipples were both hard as rocks. Her dad finally gave in and moved his mouth down to one of her breasts and gently sucked on her nipple, causing her to moan with pleasure. When he used slight pressure from his teeth on her nipple, she felt her thighs getting sticky from her cunt juice. Candy continued to suck off her father, but her fingers crept up Staci's sticky thighs.

Staci gasped when Candy abruptly jammed two of her fingers into her step-sisters juicy cunt. She began to twist and turn her fingers and added a third finger to the mix as she slid her dripping fingers in and out of her sisters tight pussy. She increased the speed of her mouth on her father's dick and knew that he and Staci were both close to cumming. Staci gasped again when she felt a fourth finger shoved up her twat. She kissed her father as they both neared orgasm. Seconds later, Candy sent them both over the edge. Her father shot his cum into Candy's mouth and she swallowed it eagerly. She continued to work her fingers in Staci's pussy as she climaxed twice more.

Finally, Candy removed her fingers and climbed out from under the blanket. She stuck her wet fingers in Staci's mouth, getting her to suck her own pussy juices off her fingers.

"Baby that was sooo good," Bill moaned, "You're both Daddy's dirty little girls."

"Daddy!" Candy exclaimed, "I want you to fuck my pussy!"

"Baby girl, I will as soon as I recover from your excellent cock-sucking."

Staci got a devilish look in her eye. "I know what can fill you up in the meantime."

She sat up and reached in her nighttable drawer for her 9 inch vibrator. Their father watched in awe as Staci turned it on low and grazed Candy's nipples with it.

"Mmmmm...I like that" Candy moaned.

Staci trailed the vibrator down her stomach and teased Candy's hairless slit with it.

"I need it inside me... Fuck me with it Staci!"

Staci spread Candy's legs and pushed the vibrator deep in her cunt as she switched the speed to medium. Bill got on his knees and held Candy's arms above her head. She struggled with him, aching to play with herself. He bit down hard on each of her nipples making her pussy even wetter and her moans even louder. Staci upped the speed to high and watched her step-sister buck and thrash against the vibrating toy. Staci bent down and licked Candy's clit while she continued to torture her pussy with the vibrator. Candy's body couldn't take it anymore and she screamed as she orgasmed and her pussy juices dripped down her thighs.

"Someone made a mess," Staci giggled as she slid the toy coated with pussy cream out of Candy. She started licking it like a lollipop.

"Let me take care of that," Bill said. He buried his head between his daughter's legs and lapped up her juices, making her cum twice more in the process.

Bill's dick was defintitely ready to go again. He spread Candy's legs and put each one on one of his shoulders. She was spread apart as far as she could go. He started ramming his dick into her willing cunt.

"Fuck me harder Daddy! Hurt me!"

She scratched her nails down his back and he retaliated by biting each of her nipples as hard as he could. Staci was watching this whole thing with her legs spread apart and three fingers thrusting in and out of her dripping wet twat. Candy and Staci came at the same time and after a few more thrusts, Bill exploded inside his daughter. He loved the feel of her tight pussy clutching his dick as he splattered her with his cum.

"That was soooo good Daddy," Candy sighed.

Bill put her legs down but he stayed inside her, loving the snug fit of his daughter's pussy. Staci licked her own cum off her fingers. She loved tasting herself but she couldn't wait until it was her turn to be fucked by her Daddy again.

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