tagIncest/TabooFather-Daughter Friday Ch. 04

Father-Daughter Friday Ch. 04


Notes: Warning!! This story contains non-consent/reluctance, incest, and exhibitionism.

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This is chapter 4 of 5.

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All characters are of FICTIONAL background and are 18+ years old.


Dave pulled into their driveway, and looked over at his daughter, who was staring out the window at their house. Love and pride swelled in his chest, as he examined her. She had changed a lot in the last several months. Turning the car off, Dave put his hand on her leg and Alexis turned toward him.

"I love you, Lexi. You know that, right?" He said, gently, as he rarely did. He was often harsh with her, because of his constant state of arousal. Arousal caused by her delectable, little body.

"I know, Daddy. I love you too." She whispered back, her eyes soft, filled with love.

He reached over and began to fix her hair, which was slightly mussed from the wild fucking she'd just received at Sam's house. "I just don't want you to think that I don't love you because... Because of the things that I do to you. I don't mean to hurt you, shit, I mean, guess I do. But my aim is not to hurt you. I just... Fuck, you don't understand how hot it makes me. I'm ------"

"It's okay, Daddy." She said, sincerely. "I think I kinda get it." Alexis smiled lovingly at her father.

"Alright, well, let's go inside and see your mother." He smiled back, and got out of the car. After, Dave walked around and pulled the door open for his daughter, and helped her get out as well. As they walked up the sidewalk together, he put his arm around her, hugging her to him affectionately. He opened the door and they walked inside.

His wife was already in the living room, sitting on the couch, like she had been waiting for them. She looked extremely upset, like she did when they were in an argument.

"Hey honey." Dave smiled at her, brightly.

Sarah sat there and stared at them for a moment, her eyes narrowing.

"Fuck you, David." She spat out bitterly, jumping to her feet. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"What're you talking about, Sarah?" Dave inquired, beginning to rub his daughter's back softly, hoping to ease some tension he could already feel building in her body.

"This." She stated hotly, holding up a black DVD case. "You sick fuck."

His heart dropped. Fuck, Dave began cursing himself inwardly. Lexi squeaked beside him, staring at the case in her mother's hand. He had forgot to put them in the safe before Sarah had come home from her last trip. Dave had kept Lexi up late every night his wife was gone. Making her watch the videos as he fucked her every hole, until he was sated.

Now he looked at his wife, her face contorted in a way he had never seen before. I have to think of something quick, he thought to himself.

"Alexis, baby, please come here." She beckoned softly to Alexis like she was a young child again, "David, let go of my daughter." She all but screeched at him.

Dave looked sideways at his daughter, who made no attempt to move. He felt her small hand grab the pocket of his jeans, and he smiled. She wasn't going anywhere.

"Lexi wants to stay with me. We'll leave tonight." He spoke for the both of them, now calm, silently calculating a plan.

"No way in hell." Sarah said hotly, "I will not allow you to further abuse our daughter. I've seen everything you've done. I watched all of your sick fucking tapes, David. You're not going to get away with this."

"Lexi, what do you want to do?" He asked his daughter softly, ignoring his wife.

"I want to stay with Daddy." Alexis whispered, her eyes dropping to the floor, avoiding her mother's eye.

"Good girl, baby. Good girl." He praised, while inside his head, he cheered. "Why don't you show Mommy what a good girl you can be?" He murmured softly, as he unzipped his pants with one hand and slowly eased his daughter to her knees with the other hand.

Once she was on her knees, Alexis finished unzipping her father's jeans. She pulled her father's semi-hard prick from inside, quickly sucked it into her mouth and stared up at her father for approval.

Dave beamed and Sarah lunged for them screaming, but Dave held her at bay. He smiled down at his daughter, murmuring words of encouragement as she suckled him. Holding his wife at arms length with one hand, he held his daughter's head in the other as he rocked his thickening meat between her sweet lips.

"You're fucking sick, David." She screeched again, attempting to get father and daughter apart. "You've brainwashed our daughter. I'm taking you to court! You're gonna pay for this!" She threatened. Fighting with most of her strength, but Dave was strong enough to hold her off.

After several minutes of struggling, Sarah gave up and turned away. She sat down on the couch and began to sob. David took the moment's peace to take Lexi's small head into both of his hands, and began to slowly fuck her mouth. "Fuck, baby. Daddy loves you so much." He murmured so sweetly, making her moan and she opened her throat. David grinned as he slid all the way down her throat, until his balls pressed against her lips. "Yesssss, Lexi-doll. Daddy loves it when you deep-throat him."

Sarah suddenly grabbed the trashcan and began to vomit at the scene. Dave looked up at his wife, groaning and fucking his daughter's small throat with pleasure. After thoroughly making contact with her esophagus, he regretfully pulled out and helped Alexis up to her feet.

"Darling, go upstairs and pack some clothes and stuff. We're gonna leave, okay?" Dave said softly to his daughter, kissing her forehead with fatherly affection, his shaft still wet with her saliva was still hanging from his jeans as he turned her toward the stairs and patted her butt away.

Alexis walked away slowly, hesitant. She looked back at her father for reassurance, before climbing the stairs to her bedroom.

Sarah looked up from the trashcan, vomit stuck to the corners of her mouth, her eyes were bright red.

"You're a fucking sick." Sarah spat out looking at him with hate in her eyes.

"Alexis wants to go with me, Sarah. She loves her father and I love her." Dave replied, pushing his hard cock back into his jeans.

"That's not love, David. I don't know what it is. But its not love." She said, standing up. "I'm gonna try to go talk her out of this, make her see sense."

"Good luck with that!" Dave called after her, chuckling, as she ran up the stairs after their daughter.

Quickly jumping into action, Dave sprinted to his desk and grabbed his briefcase, dumping all his work papers out of it. Going back into the living room, he picked up the DVD cases off of the coffee table. He threw them all in the suitcase and glanced around the room to double check if he had forgotten any. Noticing that the TV was still on, Dave ran over to the DVD player, and pressed the 'Eject' button. He sighed in relief when "Our Favorite" DVD came sliding out. It certainly was his favorite, it would have been such loss to accidentally leave it behind. He loved brutally ramming Lexi's asshole as they watched it together. After smiling and quickly reminiscing over gloriously double-teaming his daughter's ass, he put the DVD with the others and ran the briefcase out to the car, quickly locking it safely in the trunk, next to his video equipment from Sam's house.

Dave returned to the house and climbed the stairs two at a time, but paused just outside his daughter's bedroom. He could hear his wife crying and begging inside. He peeked his head in around the corner and spotted his daughter dutifully packing a couple bags of clothes, make-up, shampoo, etc. He'd have to remember to reward her good behavior later.

"Please Alexis, stay with me, I won't let your father hurt you anymore." Sarah pleaded, softly.

"Are you ready to go, Lexi-doll?" Dave asked as he entered the room.

"Almost, Daddy." She replied, running across the room, throwing different things into her bags.

Sarah turned around and slapped her husband across the face, "I am not letting you take Alexis out of this house!" She shouted, her face red with fury.

"You can't make her stay. She's 18 and has the right to leave if she wants, especially with her caring and loving father." Dave argued, rubbing his cheek.

"Not if I call the police and show them those tapes, you sick asshole!" Sarah shook her head, nastily.

"What tapes?" Dave asked, feigning confusion, a slow grin spreading across his face.

Sarah's eyes went wide and she ran from the room, dashing down the stairs. A few minutes later, she screamed. David heard her storming up the stairs, and walked to stand behind his daughter and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist.

"What did you do with them?" Sarah shrieked again, murder in her eyes.

"They're safe now, and they will only been seen by people who were meant to see them." He replied, now running his hands up his daughter's body, he grabbed her tits with both hands, massaging and kneading them. "Alexis, are you ready to leave now, baby?"

"Yes, Daddy." She breathed back, going limper in her father's arms.

"Not just yet though," Dave slid his hands to her crotch and began rubbing between her legs. "Look at Mommy, while Daddy fucks you." He whispered in her ear, loud enough that Sarah could obviously hear. Then he unzipped his daughter's jeans and slid them down her legs, and began to shove his fingers inside her. Lexi's breath quickened and she stared at his mother eyes wide, as her father pushed and prodded her little button, causing her to moan little, baby mews.

"David, stop." Sarah said, breathless.

"Stop what, Sarah?" He questioned, zipping his own jeans down yet again, pulling his still stiff rod from his boxers, "Stop loving our daughter? I could never."

"Bend over, Alexis." He commanded his sweet angel. She immediately obeyed, and bent over, at his mercy. "Now, which hole should I fuck, Lexi-doll?" He wondered aloud, still staring at his wife dead in the eyes.

"Which ever hole you want to take, Daddy." She said softly.

"Well, I love shoving my cock in both of your holes." He said, putting his dickhead back and forth up to both, "But, since I just fucked your asshole last, I think I wanna feel your pussy wrapped around my cock." He told her as he pushed the head of his hard on just inside her pussy.

"David, fucking stop." Sarah begged, dropping into their daughter's computer chair, tears streaming down her face, as she began hyperventilating.

"Ready, slut?" He asked his daughter. She bobbed her head and he slammed home, deep inside his favorite cunt. "Fuuuuuuuucck." Dave groaned, staring at his wife. Alexis let out a small, panting moans as he began to thrust into her, quite energetically considering he had already fucked her a couple of times at Sam's house earlier that same evening..

Dave quickly picked up the pace, holding Lexi's teenage hips in both hands and began to screw his daughter with no restrictions. The fact that the mother of his child was watching him fuck their daughter, had him extremely aroused. He had often fantasized about what it would be like to have his wife watch him take their beautiful child like this. This would be his one and only chance.

Sarah sat in the computer chair staring like a meek child at her own daughter who was bent over like a whore, with the dick that made her planted deep within her pussy, moaning like a bitch in heat as her father banged her.

"You like that, Lexi-doll?" Dave groaned to his daughter, as he pounded her cunt, but continued to stare at his wife. "You like it when Daddy fucks your holes?"

"Yes, I do, Daddy". Lexi cried back to him, "Fuck my holes!" She moaned, wantonly, accepting her father's fierce pounding with grace.

Dave kept plunging into her tight, wet hole. He was already getting close to cumming. Reaching around, he grabbed his daughter's breast, pinching her tiny nipple, as he furiously pumped her twat full of hard Daddycock.

Distantly Dave heard his wife pleading for him to stop, but like always, he was in haze when he screwed his daughter. All that mattered was giving her a pounding of a lifetime. Only then was he satisfied.

He was panting now, as he rammed his meat in and out of his baby's sweet, silken hotbox. "Take it, Lexi! Take it, you fucking slut!" He shouted. His vision went cloudy and he grabbed her long hair. Wrapping a bunch around his hand and Lexi cried out in pain when her head snapped back. Dave used her hair to maneuver her body, yanking her back in order to plow her faster and harder.

"Look at Mommy, you little whore." He hissed at her, still thrashing around inside her pussy. "Tell Mommy how much you like it." He demanded.

Alexis moaned and moaned as her father's slammed his giant pole into her body, she had already came once and was very close to her second orgasm. Waves of painful pleasure rode her body, just as her father rode her ferociously.

"Daddy's about to cum, baby girl." He informed her with a growl, still pounding away at her heavenly hole. "Here it comes!" He shouted to her.

Faster than lightning, Alexis pulled away from her father and dropped to her knees in front of him. Dave grabbed his ready to explode fucktool, still dripping wet with Lexi's juices, and began jerking it at. Two seconds later, streams of hot cum landed on his daughter's waiting face. He did not stop tugging until every last drop had painted Lexi's pretty face and his dick had softened.

"Holy shit." He sighed in satisfaction, looking at his daughter's cum covered face and then to his wife. Sarah had dissolved into quiet tears, she seemed to have no fight left in her. She made no move when he stuffed his softened member back in his pants and grabbed Alexis's bags.

Alexis was still on her knees, obediently waiting, cum dripping off her face. "Go clean up and get in the car, Alexis" He said softly, his demeanor slowly returning to normal.

Immediately his daughter hopped to her feet, and just as she was about to walk out of the room, her mother spoke.

"Alexis, please, you don't have to go." Sarah croaked.

Alexis paused in the doorway, and looked at her mother, "Yes I do, Daddy loves me. You didn't love me." She whispered.

"I do love you." She whispered back.

"You were always gone. And when you were home, I was never good enough. You were always mad about everything. I ------"

"Alexis.." Her father interrupted. She looked up at him and he raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, Daddy." She whispered. "Bye Mom." She spat out, before darting from the room.

Dave, with bags in hand, took a step to exit the room as well, when Sarah spoke again.

"How could you do this, Dave?" She asked him. "I don't understand how this happened." She was crying softly.

Dave thought for a minute, but couldn't come up with an answer, so he tried to leave again.

"You won't get away with this." She threatened.

"See you in court." He replied before leaving his daughter's bedroom.

Dave jogged down the stairs and when he got outside, Lexi was already waiting beside the car, her face now cum-free. He unlocked the car and threw her bags in the backseat and got inside.

Once inside the car, Dave grabbed his daughter's head and thoroughly kissed her. "You were a wonderful fuck in there." He praised her, stroking her cheek. "I feel more satisfied than I have in a very long time. You were a good girl, baby. Always Daddy's good girl."

"Thank you, Daddy." Lexi whispered back.

"Well, looks like we'll have to stay in a hotel til I can find an appropriate enough house. I hope I can keep you quiet in a hotel for now though. We don't need another Florida incident." He said, basically talking to himself.

Alexis watched the house as Dave pulled out of the driveway.

"Gotta call our lawyer." He said, still talking to himself, as he picked up his cell phone. After dialing, he held it up to his ear.

"Hey Brian, it's me David." He said after a few rings. "Well, got a problem. Sarah found the tapes."

"I told you this would happen, Dave." Brian's calm voice spoke in his ear. "You should be more careful."

"It's okay though, I got out with the tapes and Lexi is with me too. But Sarah threatened to take me to court." He replied, still silently thankful that he found a way to get the DVDs safely out of the house. "Do you think she will really do it? What do you think she'll charge me for?"

"She might try for an incest charge, but it doesn't sound like she has any evidence against you anymore, so she technically doesn't have a solid case. Unless Alexis decides that she wants to testify against you." Brian expressed his concerns.

"Oh, she would never do that." Dave smiled, and reached over to rub his daughter's leg. She was falling asleep in the passenger seat.

"Well, maybe she needs a little extra convincing. Bring her by the firm tomorrow. We'll discuss a defense and help Lexi with her testimony. Plus, I miss that hot, little cunt of hers."

Dave barked out a laugh, "You haven't had her hot, little ass yet, have you Brian? Oh tomorrow will be fun indeed." He said, grinning ear to ear.

"I sure haven't. But I look forward to it. See you both tomorrow, David."

"See you tomorrow, Bri." David said, hanging up the phone, just as he pulled into a motel parking lot and parked the car.

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