tagIncest/TabooFather, Forgive Me Ch. 01

Father, Forgive Me Ch. 01


Note: All characters are 18 years or older.


Jason Wright hurried into his home office, leaving his daughter and wife in the kitchen to prepare their traditional Sunday dinner. He carefully shut the door behind him, even though his large hands shook slightly. He leaned against the door, his breath labored.

"Jesus Christ..." He muttered. Did they notice? He glanced down at his pants, still crisp for the weekly pressing his wife gave them before church. The bulge in the dark fabric was large, and Jason winced. Again... God why is this happening...?

Damn it, he couldn't control the way his body reacted his eighteen year old daughter. It didn't happen all at once either. It was the combination of glances, smiles, the way she moved when she talked...

He had tried to leave them at the door, but Abby had hugged him before he could make his escape. She had pressed her head up under his chin, and her chestnut brown locks had brushed against his chin. Her small frame leaned against his, and let himself relax a moment as he inhaled her scent... Good god, did she always smell so sweet? Panicked, he pulled away and, mumbling an apology, nearly sprinted into his office.

The late morning sun poured in through his window as Jason raised the blinds. He ran a hand over his sweaty forehead, and sat down heavily on his desk chair. He heart pounded painfully in his chest, and he let out a quiet groan. The scenes from Church flooded back, warming his body more than the sunlight.

Church had been filled to medium capacity. The seats near him and his wife and daughter were blissfully empty as they sat down. Jason shared a book with his Abby, and she sang and read from the words intently, her blue eyes cast down in pious reverence. Jason looked down, reciting the words from memory as he watched her. She was wearing one of his favorite dresses. A white summer dress, speckled with deep purple and pink wildflowers. It made her look young and alive. It also showed off the toned muscle of her leg. His eyes traced up her body as they rose. The thin fabric hugged the soft curve of her breasts. The sunlight streaming in through the high church window had illuminated the peaks of her nipples through her dress. His breath caught in his throat. Why isn't she wearing a bra?

Abbey's arm brushed up against his, and even the gentle touch sent a shock up his arm. The sermon washed over him, but every time the word sin reverberated through the high vaulted room, his gaze went to his daughter. The longer the service went, the more he felt like he couldn't breathe. His mind in a haze, he followed along with the singing and praying, his never leaving his daughter for long. As the service mercifully ended, and everyone stood, Abby placed the book back. As she straightened, her small, slender hands went to the hem went to the hem of her dress, and she gently tugged. Jason felt his cock throb, and such a feeling of lust washed through him that his knees became weak. Before Abby or his wife could see, he swiftly turned and made his way through the crowd.

When did I start lusting after my daughter? He looked out the window at the clean, crisp summer grass that covered their large backyard. The debris from his daughter's hang out still littered the yard. Water balloon shreds, water pistols, and other toys lay scattered on the grass and the cement patio. Jason smirked, the fatherly sense of disapproval washing over him for a moment.

Despite the pile of paperwork, Jason couldn't help but watch them through his window as they played. Her best friend Kathy was certainly more curvaceous, and consequently, more popular with the boys, but as the girls ran through their old sprinkler with only their swimsuits on, Jason's eyes remained on his daughter. He couldn't help himself. She was slim, but her figure filled out the swimsuit well. Everything she did seemed to make him hot all over. The way she tilted her head back to laugh. How she raised her arms over her head as she ran through the sprinkler. The way she lifted her legs to run. His cock throbbed painfully through his shorts, aching to be touched. Shame burned his face as he eased a hand down his stomach, and rested his fingers over the thick bulge. Suddenly one of Abby's friends pointed a finger directly at his open window. Abbey turned, grinned widely, and waved at him from across the yard. As she waved at him, he lifted his hand and waved back. Without realizing it fully, his other hand remained on his hard cock, gently massaging it through his shorts.

As he sat at his desk, his cock ached. I can't feel this way about my daughter, he thought angrily, I just can't. He swiveled, and reached for his liquor. He poured a quick shot of whiskey and downed it hard. The burning in his throat helped eliminate the image of his daughter for a moment. But only for a moment. As soon as he placed the shot glass back, he was even more aware of the bulge in his pants. He tilted his head, straining to hear. Distantly, he hear chatter and the clanking of pots and pans. Good, they're busy. He leaned back in his chair, and after hesitating for a moment, unbuckled his pants and pulled his fully erect cock out.

Precum already coated his head, and he groaned as he grabbed his shaft. His hand slid up and down slowly, and he closed his eyes as he felt the familiar build up. Unbidden, the image of his daughter materialized in his mind's eye. He wanted her. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted any woman before. He pumped faster, sliding his thumb over his head as he thought about Abby. What would she do if she saw me like this...? Maybe she'd like it... maybe she'd want to help... He could see it, his perfect, innocent daughter kneeling between his legs, her full, pouty lips parted as they slid over his head...

He threw back his head, and he grunted as he thrust into his hand.

"Yes..." he muttered, he whole body burning with the need to cum, "Oh god forgive me..." He gripped his cock hard as he came. He threw his head back, the orgasm running through him, consuming him. "Yes... oh yes Abby!" the words fell from his lips as his mind went blank with ecstasy. As the orgasm subsided, he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the white splatter on the side cabinet. Large, thick globs of cum slowly dripped down the drawers. The second thing he noticed was the shadow on the floor. Someone had opened his door. Someone was standing in the doorway.

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