tagIncest/TabooFather, Forgive Me Ch. 02

Father, Forgive Me Ch. 02


As Abigail Wright washed the potatoes for the Sunday dinner, her mind drifted. Her mom chattered in the background, talking loudly over the sounds of sizzling meat, and Abby murmured "mmhmms" and "yeahs" at the appropriate moments. She couldn't keep her mind on the cooking they were doing after the embrace she had share with her father. At church today, she had felt so alive, so warm. Her skin had burned as she felt her father's gaze on her.

She wore his favorite dress. She liked it because of the flowers, and the way her father's blue eyes watched her legs as she moved. As they sat down in Church, she shifted on the pew so there was only one book for her and her father to share. As hard as she tried to look down at the prayer book, her eyes kept shifting over to where her father's leg brushed against hers. Did he notice I'm not wearing a bra today? God, it felt so wrong, but excitement and lust burned at her throat and shot down between her legs. When she got up, would there be a wet spot on the pew? Would her father notice?

She shook her head, vigorously peeling the potatoes, No, I can't think that way. It's an abomination.

Abomination. The word sent shivers up her spine. Although while she was here, next to her mother, she could dismiss the feelings boiling away inside her... Just the hormonal and sinful thoughts of a youthful mind. But at night, when her hand was between her legs, she knew she wouldn't mind being an abomination.

"Are you alright, sweetie?" Her mom asked, looking over at her, "You seem distant."

Abby jumped, then gave her mother an apologetic look, "Sorry mom, I am just feeling tired."

Her mom tutted, and grabbed the half peeled potatoes out of her hand, "Go lie down, I'll finish the stew," she waved her hand, dismissing Abby from the kitchen.

Abby hesitated for a moment, then quickly left the room. She swiftly went to her bedroom and closed the door, and after a brief hesitation, locked it. She paused, glancing out the window at the afternoon sunlight spilling across the grass. I wonder what Dad's doing... Her clit suddenly throbbed, and she let out a low groan. She walked over to her dresser, opened her sock drawer, and reached all the way back. Her heart pounded as her fingers wrapped around the smooth, velvet hard surface of her dildo. She withdrew it and laid it on her bed.

Her friend Jessica had given it to her as a prank. A sex toy for the sexless, she had explained, laughing. Abby laughed with her, far too used to her friend making fun of her religious ways to complain. However, it was later, when she was home alone, that she sat with the toy in her hand. For a long time she passed it between her fingers, feeling its length, sliding her thumb over the head. She had masturbated before, pushing her unskilled fingers between her slick folds, finding her swollen clit and climaxing from that alone. But this dildo signified so much more. Abby carefully brought the dildo to her lips, and slid her tongue across the top. A thrill went through her.

Abby laid on the bed, and grabbed the dildo. What would dad think...? She wondered, holding the dildo above her. She shook her head, and placed the dildo between her legs. Her cunt was slick, and the toy slid easily between her folds, pressing hard against her clit and her virgin hole. She hadn't dared put it inside her yet. She was still a virgin. She thought she would stay one until marriage. But now...

After her father had left the church, Abby didn't have a chance to talk with him, as he chatted quietly with her mother the whole ride home.

Why did he leave so suddenly? Abby thought. Her chest ached with worry. Is he angry at me?

When they got home, and entered the foyer of their home, Abby looked up at her father. His face was stern, his brows set low. She had been about to say something, but instead wrapped her arms around him, giving him a tight hug. His big arms wrapped around her, and she relaxed into them. She snuggled her head under his chin like she always did, enjoying the warmth and smell of his body. Suddenly he let go, and without making eye contact, apologized for all the work he had left to do and hurried into his office.

She pressed the tip of the dildo against her tight hole. The pressure felt so good, and she arched her back. The fabric of her dress scratched her hard nipples. She pushed the head further.

No... No I don't want this... she thought, pausing,

I want... I want him. Daddy... She tossed the dildo on the bed, and swiftly unlocked her door. I want my dad. I don't know what I'm going to say, I just need to see him. She padded down the carpeted hallway, trying to make as little noise as possible. She felt like her breath was caught in her throat as she stood in front of her father's office door. All she could hear was the pounding of her own heart. Suddenly, Abby heard a soft noise from within. Moaning...? Maybe he's watching a video... She carefully grasped the handle of the door, and silently opened it.

Her father sat at his desk, his eyes closed and his head thrown back. His neck was red, and his jaw was clenched. Abby watched as a bead of sweat trickled down his temple and down his neck. An overwhelming need jolted through her, making her cunt burn with desire. He grunted again, and she jumped as he spoke.

"Yes... oh yes Abby!" he moaned. Abby felt a brief moment of panic.

Did he see me?

Suddenly she saw his thick, white ropes of cum hit the cabinet against the wall. She stood, paralyzed with a want so overpowering that her vision began to blur. Shot after shot of cum hit the mahogany panels with soft splats. She shuddered, her knees weak.

He did that. He did that thinking of me.

Her heart seemed like it was going to burst from her chest.

Oh daddy, make me your abomination.

The splattering finally stopped, and her father's heavy breathing filled the small office space. Abby let out a long sigh. His head turned, and his blue eyes locked with hers.

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