tagTransgender & CrossdressersFemberly's Special Night

Femberly's Special Night


As a young man growing up in a small town it is difficult to do anything out of the norm without being caught. Everybody knowing your business made you keep secrets about your true feelings. Like secretly admiring the boys in gym class, and their sweaty naked bodies as they showered, rubbing soap all over their firm masculine bodies, I on the other hand had a slim more feminine shape with very little body hair, which brought me some teasing and bullying So all I could do was look and create a mental picture of those wet dripping cocks to use that night as I stroked myself to a healthy cum. It was like that till I graduated never taking the chance to go the next step and go out with a boy so I moved to a bigger city and to where the jobs were.

After a couple of weeks moving into my new place and securing a steady job I decided to go and check out some of the night life, have a few drinks and just let go to relax. Trying to decide where to go I remembered I was in a town where no one knew me so I was free to go with my true feelings and dress to match my feminine frame and deep down feelings.

That's when Femberly was born, she is me a 5-7, 128 lb. Blond with a cute bubble butt and a pair of small but firm tits with a hard little nipples that screamed to be nibbled. After doing my make up and red lipstick I was out the door. Racing anxiously to what i hopped would be a successful night so I could fulfill my secret desire to be fucked and used like a little sissy.

As I sat at the bar sipping on a cocktail or two I noticed a guy sitting by himself at a table with a little liquid courage I walked over to hi and asked if I could join him. He just looked up at me, smiled and slid my chair out for me with his foot. He was a very handsome guy about 30 I guessed. We made small talk while he bought me several more drinks. I was feeling very quivery as I imagined I might be sucking this guys dick before long. It was like he read my mind and asked If I wanted to go to his place for a nightcap. Like a giddy little girl I jumped up and took his hand as he led me to his car. Once in his car he leaned over to me a kissed me with the hottest french kiss ever, my small cock got hard immediately and I knew right then that Femberly was going to have her special night.

As we walked up to his door he put his hand on my ass and rubbed his finger around my hot tight hole and I knew we weren't going to waste any time. As soon as we got inside we both feel on his couch and started squeezing and rubbing and kissing all over each other. It was at that point he told me that he knew my little secret and it was fine with him. After hearing that I started unbuttoning his jeans and slid them off with his underwear unveiling a delicious looking 6in. semi-hard cock, With my warm tongue I started at the base of his cock I licked and slurped every inch of it till I had him at full mast of 8+ inches. Then I really went to work on him taking his silky smooth head down my throat and tickling his balls with the tip of my tongue at the same time. He seemed impressed with my natural born talent of oral expertise. lol I surprised myself. Bringing him close to the edge of getting a nut in my hungry mouth he pulled out, to my objections.

He said there would many more times for that to happen later, but for now he wanted my sweet ass and I agreed and slid my little panties off. With my ass up raised for him he took his time entering me. my ass was loving and accepting all he had and was soon slapping his balls on my firm butt cheeks. taking him all the way in was pure ecstasy as my ass kept squeezing his shaft as he worked in and out of me. Sensing he was about to cum I started meeting him hump for hump feeling him flood me inside with his hot thick syrup. When he pulled it out of me I crawled over to him and cleaned the excess cum off his dick with my mouth and tongue, getting a taste for next time.

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by Anonymous

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by cdCindy112/08/18

please continue

This was a great first chapter. please continue. I can't wait to read more of your sexual adventures.

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