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Field Trip Follies Ch. 09



This is the NINTH installment of Field Trip Follies. Thanks to Literotica author Laurie for lending me her characters Lindsey Foster and her sister Katie. And also thanks to Laurie for all her encouragement and inspiration.

This chapter could be read without reading earlier chapters. All you need to know is that Lindsey is a chaperone on a band field trip to perform at the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. She's a great teacher... but it turns out that Lindsey is the last teacher on earth you'd want to entrust with your children's virtue, particularly now that her naughty little sister has come for a visit.

For those who are turned off by incest, this particular chapter has NO INCEST, just some sexual tension between the sisters.

All characters in this story are over the age of 18!

DAY 4 -- 7:20 A.M.


Lindsey looked at her watch when she got off the elevator on the sixth floor. It was almost 7:20. Kids were streaming out into the hallway, dressed in their bright blue band uniforms and lugging their instrument cases. A couple of boys whistled, noticing her skimpy workout clothes of tight white shorts and a grey sports bra. She was flattered, but then she was suddenly terrified of running into Brant West. She didn't want him to see her dressed like this, so she ran the rest of the way to her room.

Farinella was fully dressed in a bright blue pantsuit and brushing out her long bleach-blonde hair in the mirror by the door, obviously planning to leave it down instead of rolling it up into her usual bun. That had been Lindsey's idea they day before last, and it seemed to be the physical manifestation of her sudden transformation from 'tight assed bitch' to 'fun Band Director', which the kids had noticed the day before. Farinella whispered, "I was wondering where you went, Mrs. Foster... Lindsey."

Lindsey saw that Katie was still asleep, curled up naked in the bed... completely uncovered. Lindsey reflexively looked away from her sister's creamy ass. That in itself was pretty weird. They regularly sunbathed in the nude next to her pool and she'd never been bothered by Katie's naked body before. What does that mean? She also didn't want to think about it too hard, so Lindsey put her arms around Farinella and gave her a lingering kiss.

"Sorry. I went down to the gym. I hope I'm not late."

Farinella smiled, looking at her like a schoolgirl with a crush. "Oh, don't worry about it. Assembly is in a few minutes out in the west parking lot. It won't matter if you're a little late... you didn't have much of a chance to visit with your sister last night, so take your time. Well, I have to run." Farinella started to open the door, then turned, her eyes misting over a bit. She hugged Lindsey tight. "Thank you for last night, Lindsey. Thank you so much. And thank Katie for me when she wakes up."

They kissed again... a deep, passionate kiss. They both felt their blood pressure soaring. Lindsey broke the kiss, not wanting to keep Farinella from her duty. She said, "It was our pleasure."

Farinella had a hopeful look on her face. "Maybe tonight...?"

Lindsey shook her head, "Sorry. I have plans. I'll probably be out late. I have no idea what Katie is up to. As you said, we haven't talked yet. Anyway, you and I will have four more nights together. I intend to use every one of them... if that's okay with you?"

Farinella blushed and kissed her again. As she was leaving she said, "Oh, by the way. Someone left something for you. It was under the door when I woke up. Its over on the desk."

After she left, Lindsey looked down at her sleeping sister's hot body. A few of the pink rose petals that Farinella had scattered on the bed were now stuck to Katie's pale brown ass. That's so sexy. She watched as Katie flipped over onto her back, moaning happily with some dream or other. I love that belly button ring. I shouldn't have stopped wearing mine, but Mark hated it. 'You're a mother, Lindsey, not a silly little sorority girl." Damn. Why did I let him sway me like that? I should start wearing it again before the hole closes up. And I should shave my pussy too, just like Katie. I haven't done that since college either, but it looks fucking hot. Fuck... just look at that pussy. So yummy. What a little hottie...

Lindsey had the crazy urge to strip naked and cuddle up tight with Katie. Fuck me... that's the worst idea I've had on this whole crazy trip! That's Katie... my sister... my baby sister... I gotta remember that. I've seen her body a zillion times... so why am I ogling her like this? Okay... I made a little mistake last night... I gave her a rim job, but it was just an accident... a simple case of mistaken identity. Could happen to anyone! It doesn't change the fact that she's my little sister. I'm just horny because I gave Gary a blowjob without getting off myself. Fuck it.

Lindsey slipped her hand into her white shorts and gasped as her fingers slid into her wet pussy. She started masturbating with her eyes glued to Katie's pussy. It only took a few seconds of desperate rubbing to bring herself to the brink of orgasm. Then she stopped. Fuck me! What am I doing? Lindsey closed her eyes and pulled her hand out of her shorts, and turned away. Calm down Lindsey. Just calm the fuck down.

When she opened her eyes, they came to rest on the letter that Farinella had told her about. She walked over and picked it up. Large letters on it read, 'For Mrs. Foster.' Oh shit... what now? She opened the letter. It was handwritten on hotel stationary, and started:

Dear Mrs. Foster.

I couldn't find you last night. So I stayed up all night writing this story for you.

"Fuck!" She flipped to the end of the six sheets. It was signed, 'I love you, Brant West.'

She shouted, "Fuck me!" then crumpled up the paper and threw it as hard as she could against the wall. How the fuck did I let this get so out of hand?

Katie sat up, suddenly awaken by Lindsey's outburst.

"What the fuck, sis? Did I order a wakeup call?"

Lindsey sat on the edge of the bed. "Sorry. I was just pissed off. Brant wrote me a love letter."

Katie yawned and stretched her arms luxuriously over her head, then said, "Where is it? I wanna see."

Lindsey pointed to the crumpled up ball of paper. Katie picked it up, flashing her pussy at Lindsey for a second as she bent over. Lindsey was disturbed by the fact that she looked right at her sister's pussy, and even more disturbed by the fact that Katie seemed to have done it on purpose, lingering in that position far longer than necessary. Damn... she's fucking with me, the little bitch.

Katie flopped happily onto the bed and smoothed the paper out on her thigh. "It's bad luck to crumple up a love letter, sis. Or... at least it oughta be. Now, let's see... what have we got here?"

Katie began to read the story out loud, comically at first, but after a few lines the earnestly written prose got to her. She began to read it as intended. Lindsey walked over to the window and listened, looking down at the band assembling in the parking lot.

The story was called The Lion Tamer's Assistant. It was about boy named Devon in turn-of-the-century Wisconsin who runs away from home to join Cataract's Traveling Circus. Mr. Cataract, a big ogre of a man, hires the boy to assist the Lion Tamer, who happens to be his wife. It seems that her former assistant was torn apart by the lions only a few days earlier. Devon is terrified and is about to turn down the job, but then he meets the Lion Tamer. He's so struck by her beauty that he can't say no.

"Wow... listen to this, sis... 'She was a surprisingly delicate creature, with willowy arms, a short, athletic body, soft brown skin, and silky dark hair which cascaded down her shoulders. How a woman as small and fine as this could tame lions, he could not guess. But then he noticed her eyes. They glittered with intelligence and determination. They were dark brown and unblinking, like the eyes of a beautiful doll. The expression she wore as she talked to Devon was placid, wise, and amused. Her smile was so shimmering and lovable, Devon knew that no lion would dare harm her.' Wow, he's got you to a tee, sis. Doll-like eyes... never thought of it that way but... yeah... corny but true. This kid is fucking head over heels for you."

"Tell me something I don't already know."

Lindsey took out a pair of cigarettes and lit them, handing one to Katie with a glass to tap her ashes into, as she listened to Katie telling more of the story.

The Lion Tamer teaches Devon how to feed the lions, but warns him that he must keep his distance, lest he become a meal himself. Over the course of a few days, Devon and the Lion Tamer form a sudden and intense friendship. He finds her wise and beautiful... she finds him sweet and handsome. It's clear that in spite of the nine-year difference in their ages, they're made for each other. Devon respects her marriage so he doesn't act on his impulses to kiss her. But one day he discovers that Mr. Cataract regularly beats her. Devon is stunned and saddened. The Lion Tamer can handle dangerous jungle cats, but she's unable to tame her own brute of a husband.

Late one night, Devon and the Lion Tamer are having a wonderful conversation on the circus train. They're sitting next to each other in a car full of sleeping circus people, including Mr. Cataract, who is snoring just a few feet away. The Lion Tamer whispers into the boy's ears about how lions reproduce in the wild, describing the feline sex act so vividly and seductively that he gets an erection. When she notices it, she starts touching him... then she unbuttons his pants and much to his delight, leans down and takes his cock into her beautiful mouth. He can't believe this sudden, miraculous turn of events.

Lindsey was shocked... and more than a little turned on by the vivid language Brant used to describe the sex act. And the fact that her sister was reading those filthy, erotic words aloud was making her pussy positively weep with lust.

"'Devon couldn't believe that his cock was inside the Lion Tamer's mouth. That beautiful mouth that had told him so many wondrous secrets. That mouth that he had been yearning to kiss was now wrapped around his throbbing manhood, sucking his flesh with such power that he was reminded of her behavior around the beasts: she tamed them, as she tamed his cock, with fierce determination and consummate skill. She began to slide her mouth up and down, fondling his balls with one hand, while stroking his cock with the other. He felt an explosion of joy deep inside his body. His joy broke loose, shot through his balls, then up his rock-hard cock, and exploded into the Lion Tamer's mouth. She moaned as he came, swallowing his seed eagerly, as if she were a starving woman, feasting on the manna of life.'

"'Once the last spasm of his loins had passed, the Lion Tamer looked up at Devon, a drop of pearly white oozing from her lips. The moonlight played across her face, and he saw in her expression a volatile mixture of love and desperation. She held his cock tightly in her hand, stroking it insistently. He did not soften, but remained as long and straight as a tent peg. Her brown eyes flashed like topaz gems and she smiled her beautiful, wise smile. Then she suddenly straddled Devon's lap, putting one foot on the seat next to him and pulling her panties aside. He gasped as she lowered her wet, fiery pussy onto his shaft, sliding down in one incredible thrust, until he was buried balls deep in the woman of his dreams.'

"Shit... Lindsey. I didn't know this story was going to be so fucking pornographic. It's making me fucking wet! Would it be rude to masturbate in front of you?"

Damn... she's just fucking with me...but fuck... I'm so sick... I want her to! But I can't! "Please don't."

"Hee, hee, hee... I'm just jerking your chain, sis. Wait a second... is this what happened between you and Brant?"

Lindsey nodded. "More or less. We did it in the back of the bus... over the course of two nights, not one, but... yeah... basically the same." The story took her right back to that wonderful moment when she skewered herself on Brant's nine inch monster. Damn... the feel of his cock stretching my pussy wide.

"'Devon saw The Lion Tamer biting her lip to stifle her cries of pleasure as she rode slowly up and down on his colossal cock. She was so tight... but they fit together perfectly. Her juices were pouring down onto his lap like a river, soaking his hairy balls. His joy was so transcendent that if the train had, at that very moment, fallen off the tracks into a gorge, he would have died a happy boy. Devon put his hands on the Lion Tamer's velvety thighs, and helped to lift her up and down, slowly, quietly. He felt every inch of himself as he penetrated every inch of herself. The sounds of snoring could be heard all around, her husband's particularly loud, but the fear of discovery only enhanced the pure, forbidden erotic joy of their lovemaking. She was a married woman, his mentor, his teacher, but he was fucking her and she was fucking him. It was the answer to both their dreams. The Lion Tamer slowly increased the tempo on Devon's cock, and he began to thrust himself upward, meeting her on each down-stroke, stimulating her sensitive clitoris until she leaned forward and sunk her teeth deep into his muscular shoulders to stifle her screams with his flesh. He felt tears pouring out of her eyes onto his shoulder, and love pouring out of her heart into his. His own love built up like a raging river inside his loins until is burst through the dam, and he shot his hot, white love into the Lion Tamer's untamed vagina.' Shit, Lindsey... what kind of writing lessons have you been giving this boy anyway?"

Lindsey noticed Katie shifting uncomfortably, clearly itching to touch her pussy. "Keep reading, wise-ass."

Katie stifled her urge to masturbate, and continued her narrative. By the next morning, the Lion Tamer regrets her dalliance and refuses to sleep with Devon again, in spite of the obvious fact that she's as much in love with him as he is with her. She is determined to be a good wife, but a few months later her belly begins to grow. She's pregnant... with Devon's child!

"Oh shit... Lindsey... that isn't true is it?"

"I'm on the pill, stupid."

"Oh... right... he just scared me there for a minute. Interesting plot development, though, huh? Certainly says a lot about his..."

"Stop analyzing, Doctor Jimenez, and just keep reading. I want to get this over with."

Mr. Cataract discovers the Lion Tamer's pregnancy. Since he's impotent, he knows the child isn't his, so he attacks his wife in a jealous rage. Devon tries to protect her, but Mr. Cataract is a muscular brute and beats him to the ground. Broken and bleeding, and not knowing any other way to protect the woman he loves, Devon crawls to the lion cages and opens them up, knowing full well that the lions might kill him. But the lions run past him and rip Mr. Cataract to shreds.

"Okay, sis... last paragraph. 'As Devon lost consciousness, he saw the Lion Tamer leading her lions back to their cages, their fur dripping with Mr. Cataract's blood and gore. When Devon awoke, he was in the back of a small wagon. Above him, the great blue sky was slowly trundling by. He sat up, aching all over, looking down at the bandages that had been lovingly wrapped around his wounds. He turned to see the Lion Tamer in the driver's seat, gently urging a pair of horses. She was not using a whip. She had given up whips for good. They were rolling down an endless dirt road, which led off to infinity. She turned to him and smiled. She said not a word, for what words needed saying? They were running away from the circus, to tame the world together.' Aww... how sweet." Katie tried to sound sarcastic, but her voice choked up a bit.

Lindsey was teary-eyed and wet with lust. She even heard Katie, who was not as sentimental as her, sniffing as she folded the story up and put it back in its envelope. The story was corny as shit and somewhat clunky in spots, but considering that Brant had written it over the course of a single night, it was pretty damn good, not to mention sexy as hell. And Brant's love was pouring out of every word... love for her... for his beloved English teacher... his 'Lion Tamer'. And she wanted it. She needed it. She'd been in love with Brant since the day she fucked him on the bus. He's so handsome, funny and sweet... and that cock... that huge cock of his. Oh fuck, what a bazooka!

Katie saw the expression on Lindsey's face. "Ohhhh, shit. No, Lindsey. No. He's eighteen... he's your student."

Lindsey started crying. "I love him, Katie. I love him."

Katie walked over and put an arm around Lindsey's shoulder. "Of course you love him. You love everyone. But he's not yours to love. You're Mark's wife... and Diana's mommy."

"I know... I know! I'm not an idiot! No... I take that back. I am an idiot! What the fuck am I doing pining over some dewy-eyed kid?" She angrily wiped the tears from her eyes. "And what the fuck is up with you? Showing up here unannounced? I mean... fuck, Katie! Fuck!"

Katie laughed. Lindsey flashed an angry look at her. "Come on, sis. You gotta admit. It was pretty funny." She could still feel Lindsey's tongue expertly trimming her anus.

"No! Don't say a word! We're never going to talk about it! Never! It never happened!"

"Oh, it happened alright. But... if you don't want to talk about it, fine by me. I didn't fly all the way from Jacksonville to fuck you up. I came to help."

Lindsey laughed, her anger melting away. "You came to help yourself to my girlfriend!"

"Hey, what was I supposed to do? You saw that negligee she was wearing! Oh shit... those fucking tits of hers. Damn. You sure know how to pick-em, Lindsey. But watch out. I'm totally gonna steal her from you."

"The fuck you will!"

Lindsey pushed Katie over, tripping her so that she fell onto her back on the floor. She'd roughhoused with Katie like this ever since they were kids... but this time was different. Katie was nude, and as she fell, Lindsey's eyes went straight to her sister's cleanly shaven pussy. She had only a moment to stare, because Katie was back on her feet in a shot, and jumped right on top of Lindsey, laughing as she wrestled her around and around, until they both fell into the bed, sending the rose petals flying. Lindsey was instantly, intensely aware that Katie's bare breasts were flopping across her face during the struggle, and that wherever she tried to grab Katie, her hands felt nothing but silky smooth skin. Oh, shit she feels soft! Katie pinned her to the bed, and for a moment she was looking up at Katie's wonderful dangling breasts as they struggled... and feeling Katie's warm, wet pussy pressing into her bare midriff. She could suddenly smell Katie's sex! A thrill went down her spine, circled around her asshole, and shot into her pussy.

A surge of lust swept through Lindsey like a tornado. Using all her might, she flipped Katie over, and just like that, she had Katie pinned to the bed. She had a firm grip on Katie's hands and was straddling her belly, as Katie struggled to wriggle free. The sensation of Katie's belly twisting around under her crotch stimulated her pussy in the most incredible way.

Then Katie stopped struggling. They looked at each other, breathing hard... with excitement... with need burning in their eyes. Lindsey felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her baby sister... really kiss her just like they'd done for a few minutes the night before. And she saw that Katie wanted her to do it. Her lips were parted... wet... ready for it... yearning for it.

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