Filling up Amy


I started picking up the tempo, I was moving my dick in and out of her with new found passion and vigor. There was so much semen flowing out of her juicy little hole, me pounding on it just caused it to splatter all over our bodies. I could feel a massive orgasm starting to build up. I normally could hold out for awhile but it was all too much.

I told her "Don't be sorry sweetie. Its not your fault your pussy feels so good. You can't blame them for cumming inside you. I've told you before how good your pussy feels. You have no idea the power your pussy has over men baby, the moment they stick their dick in it, their hooked. No man can resist your pussy baby, it just feels too good!"

Amy cried out "Its your pussy baby. I'll do whatever you want with it. I'll fuck whoever you want me to and I'll let whoever you want cum inside my tight little pussy. I'll do whatever you want with it, its your pussy baby."

That was enough to send me over the edge. I started cumming like never before. I shot load after load deep inside her womb. It felt like my soul was flowing out through my cock. There was so much cum in her cunt I don't even know if she could feel me adding to it. I've never orgasm for so long. I looked down and there were gobs of cum all over her legs, crotch, and pussy. It look like a bomb had gone off inside her. There was cum everywhere. It was a beautiful site.

She repositioned herself and got on top while my cock was still in her.

"Did you enjoy that honey? Did you enjoy fucking your wife's pussy while it was full of another man's cum? I hope you did because I love this feeling of being filled with so much cum."

I felt my cock twitch. I could feel the blood rush back in. I was hard and ready to fuck again. She said "Oh my god honey, I can't believe your hard again. You must really love fucking my pussy while its full of someone else's cum." She slowly started riding me. More semen poured out of her, my crotch and stomach was drenched with juices.

She kept talking dirty to me. "I don't know what to do baby. Luther said he is going to fuck me everyday at work now. He said he is addicted to my white little pussy. He said all he wants to do is fuck it and cum inside it. I've never seen a guy cum as much as he does. He also said Rob and Derrick will be dropping by to fuck me again. Oh baby I can't help it that my pussy feels so good and that they can't get enough. I'm not on the pill and I don't want to get pregnant. Should I let them cum inside me? I don't want a black baby but if you want I'll let their big black cocks cum inside my fertile little cunt. I'll do anything for you. Would you like me to do that baby?"

I started cumming again. I emptied all the cum I had left in her. "Yes baby, I'd like that very much."

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