tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 10

Finding Meridian Ch. 10


When Vampire Mating Goes Bad

"We are a bit confused," Logan began, "we were under the impression you were not identical twins due to the hair color and eyes." Logan had stood and was standing behind Alex and was running his hands up and down her arms.

Drake had grabbed Trinity and she made a squealing noise as he sat her on his lap and started nibbling on her neck. "You smell good. I love your red hair." He ran his hands through her hair.

Trinity and Alex's eyes became huge as they stared at each other.

Alex stood up and turned to face Logan, "Why is that important?" Logan ran his hands over her hips as he nuzzled her neck.

"We are unsure how it will affect the sisters since Marcus is mated to Meridian and now we're blood connected as protectors to her." Logan started to growl.

Logan then pulled Alex back so she fell straddling him on the couch. He reached his hands up putting them in her hair and pulling her down to kiss him. He aggressively kissed her then started kissing down her neck.

Drake had Trinity locked against his chest sliding his tongue in her mouth growling as he kissed her roughly. He ran his hands up under her shirt cupping her breasts pinching her nipples. He started kissing down her neck.

Alex looked over, "Trinity!"

Trinity looked back, "Shit!" She tried her melodic hypnotic voice, "Why don't you guys go and we'll meet you in your rooms?"

"I love touching your skin. You're so soft." Logan was running his hands over Alex's legs and started sliding them under her skirt.

"Trinity, try again," Alex was panting at this point.

"Let us go change and we'll meet you in your rooms. It'll be worth it. We promise."

Reluctantly, Drake and Logan let them loose. They walked out of the library and started to run.

Alex told Trinity, "Luke should you try using the force again?" Alex was hinting she use her hypnotic voice.

"Fuck the force, damn it run to the safe room!" Alex hit a hidden panel as they ran through the walls to the basement and locked them in the safe room vault.

"What the fuck was that shit?" Alex asked as she was shaking her head.

"A bad series called 'When Vampire Mating Goes Bad'. Seriously, what the hell?" Trinity was shaking her head. She walked over to the phone and rang Meridian's room. "Not that I'm hugely complaining but shit."

Marcus grabbed the phone, "Trinity, she's fine."

"Marcus, what the fuck? You guys may be fine but we're locked in the safe room because Logan and Drake were chasing our asses. What is up with 'When Vampire Mating Goes Bad?' did we do something? Shit. I wasn't sure if he wanted to kill me or fuck me!"

Trinity chimed in, "I think fuck us to death. Don't get us wrong Marcus your friends have been friendly to us but this is more than friendly."

Marcus was shaking his head, "Hold on Trinity."

He kissed Meridian. "Logan and Drake were chasing Trinity and Alex. I don't understand. I mean you're not identical triplets." He heard screaming on the other end.

Meridian looked at him, "Marcus, we are identical."

"But you have different hair and eye color?"

"Contacts and hair color damn it!" Alex was getting testy.

Meridian sat upright on him, "When does this wear off?"

For once in his life Marcus had no answer. "I don't know. Let me contact Damon and see if he can find out for us."

"What the fuck do you mean you don't know? You're friends want to either kill or screw the hell out of my sisters and you didn't check to see what might happen?"

Marcus picked up the phone, "Let me come down and we'll figure something out."


Trinity looked at Alex. "It sounds like they want to fuck us to death."

"Shit! What the hell? They are ancient and they don't know this shit?" Alex started pacing. Trinity grabbed out a bottle of booze.

"When all else fails drink! Would you like to join me?"

Alex shook her head and spoke in Russian, "Da!"

Trinity walked back and forth in security vault that housed the wine cellar. "I'll take one for the team and find out if it's a fuck or fight situation."

"Trinity, what the hell? I know your last boyfriend was horrid but damn. You would actually go out to be screwed or killed?"

Trinity just sat down. She turned on the music. "My last boyfriend wasn't what you would rank as competent in the bedroom."

"What the hell do you mean?"

"He was bad in bed. Let's just say I've never had a guy be able to give me an orgasm."

Alex looked in complete shock. "Are you telling me you've never had the big O?"

Trinity had opened two bottles of wine and handed one to each of them. "Exactly! No. Never. Net!"

Marcus, Meridian and Connor went to the basement where they saw Alex and Trinity in the safe room. "Are you guys Ok?" Meridian was worried.

"Not completely. You need to make sure Marcus gets Drake and Logan under control." Just then Logan ran down and was trying to unlock the keypad.

"Drake get yourself under control. You are frightening Trinity. Calm down. We didn't realize they were identical." Marcus was trying to talk them down. Connor was on the phone with Damon.

"I want my Trinity. Trinity, please come out little one. Give me the phone Marcus." Marcus hesitated but handed the phone to Drake and Alex handed hers to Trinity. "Trinity, I would never hurt you my little one. I just want to kiss you sweetie. I want to kiss from your neck down to your..." Marcus grabbed the phone.

"Sorry, I think he was going to start the phone sex."

Connor interrupted him, "I have Damon on the phone it looks like we have an answer. You may not be happy."

"Hand the phone over." Marcus was becoming irritated. All he wanted right now was to be in bed with Meridian. "Damon, what were you able to find out?"

"Sir, it's all hypothetical, understand the mating of one as ancient as you to a triplet has never occurred."

"So how do we end this? When will this wear off? What do we need to do to terminate the connection?"

"Well the first option is not something you would accept. The second option is let them lose and let them get it out of their system but that would involve Alex and Trinity. The third option is according to our estimates it would calm down in approximately one week per bite they gave Meridian during the mating ceremony."

"She was bit at least four times." Marcus was becoming agitated, "Are you telling me it would be a minimum of four weeks till it wears off?"

"Sir, not exactly, they will become more agitated as time goes on. No matter what, if you wait four weeks they will still be highly attached to Trinity and Alex. I only have prophecies to go on and I cannot give you any exact answers."

"We have to clear this up before four weeks. I can have them living in a safe room for four weeks!" Marcus started pacing.

"Sir, let us do some more research and call you back."


Meridian was on the safe phone with Alex. "Did I hear four weeks?" Alex said in an irritated voice.

"Yes, they are doing more research. I am so sorry. I never knew." Meridian was starting to feel bad about the whole thing. Marcus came up and put his arms around her.

"Alex and Trinity, we didn't know." Just then Tarrin came down the stairs. Meridian explained the situation to her and she smiled and laughed.

Alex leered at her, "You wouldn't be laughing if you were stuck in here!"

"I wouldn't be stuck in there. I'd take one for the team and be doing romper room with a vampire. I would do it all in the name of science of course."

"Tarrin!" Alex started to laugh. Marcus's phone rang.

"Damon, please tell me you have some answers."

"Sir, I have one but I don't think you'll like it."

"What is it?"

"If we had a medical crew stop Meridian's heart then the mating would be severed. We could then restart it and the links would be severed. But you could never completely mate with her without this happening again."

Meridian grabbed the phone, "Send the crew then." Marcus grabbed the phone back.

"NO! I am not having my mate severed from me and killed hoping we can bring her back."

Meridian went to talk and Marcus pinned her against the wall. "I said no! I have not gone through all this to lose you now. We'll find another way."

Meridian talked to him with dread in her face, "Marcus, I'm going to die soon. I've seen the premonitions. I've never been able to stop a death premonition. We're just delaying the inevitable. I can't give my sisters over to delay my death anyways."

"NO! I said no and we will find a way around the premonition." Marcus grabbed her by the hips and roughly kissed her as he held her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist. "NO! I love you."

Logan and Drake both growled, "NO! We won't let you stop her heart."

Marcus smiled, "Three against one little one. You lose."

Trinity and Alex looked over and said, "Five against one, you lose!"

"What am I chopped liver? Six against one!" Connor chimed in. After about thirty minutes Trinity was on her second bottle of wine.

Trinity had downed almost an the entire thing and was holding up the bottle. "To fuck or not fuck seems to be the question for the day." She started to laugh as she wobbled and sat down Indian style on the floor.

Alex scowled, "You're gonna leave me in here for four weeks while she drinks away her liver and make snide comments? I think we need to also take into account if she would have a liver after this."

"And on the fifth day god created wine and said 'Let them drink wine!' I want to sing!" Trinity turned on the stereo and started dancing on the counter top. Trinity finished her bottle of wine off and looked over, "Ooh la la a vintage Opus One from 1990. Yes, I think I shall have some!" She jumped off the counter and looked for a wine opener and saw a Swiss army knife. She grabbed the bottle and pulled the tiny corkscrew opener from the Swiss army knife wedging it into the bottle. She wedged the bottle between her legs and pulled. The opener broke off and she lost her balance falling behind the counter onto the floor. "Ouch! I'm ok." She shouted as her hand flew up over the counter top.

"I've fallen and my wine can't stand up! It seems I can't hold my liquor, literally!" Trinity was laughing on the floor.

"I am not doing four weeks in here with her." Alex looked at Logan, "It looks like we'll be getting a room!"

Drake laughed, "I don't think I'm going to get to sleep with her even if we get her out. I don't like my women unconscious."

Drake saw a hand go up from behind the counter, "Hey, I resemble that remark! Bartender may I have another."

Meridian looked at Alex, "You don't take her out drinking much do you?"


Marcus noticed Drake sounded more coherent. He called Damon. "Damon, retranslate that. Was that weeks or hours in the translation? Drake is sounding coherent but that could be Trinity's behavior."

Then they heard, "Screw it! I'll take one for the team!" Trinity wobbled to her feet and hurried out of the safe room. Marcus was running over to keep Drake from her. Drake caught her as she started to fall.

Marcus looked at Drake, "Drake look at me and promise nothing against her will."

Damon spoke over the phone to Marcus, "Sir, it could be hours it's not clear."

"Thanks Damon." Marcus closed the phone.

"I promise to take care of her. Besides it looks like I'll be holding her hair while she gets sick." Marcus nodded.

Meridian went over to Marcus, "Are you sure?"

"I can read his thoughts, she's safe. He wants her but he would not touch her when she's drunk like this. He would only take care of her."

Drake looked at Meridian, "I promise. I'll take care of her."

"Bartender, I'll have a double!" Trinity said with her arms around Drake's neck.

"Sorry sweetheart but no more booze for you!" He kissed her on the forehead as he carried her up the stairs.

Alex looked at them, "Am I safe to come out?"

"I won't hurt you." Logan waited for her to come out. He wrapped his arms around her hips and whispered in her ear, "It hasn't worn completely off but if you would just let me hold you it would help." They headed upstairs.

Marcus just laughed. He ran over to Meridian pinning her against the wall. She pulled her legs around his waist. "Now where were we?"

"I believe upstairs in bed." Meridian kissed him deeply.

"Too far," Marcus panted. He started opening her robe.

Connor looked at Tarrin. "I think that's our sign to exit." Tarrin said before she ran in and grabbed the wine bottle Trinity left. "It's vintage, it would be a shame to waste it."

They left the room as Marcus pulled down his pants and swiftly slid his cock into Meridian. She gasped for air. "Fuck Marcus...I'm not used to how big you are...give me some time to adjust."

"Sorry sweetheart, fuck you are so tight." Marcus rested his head against the wall, a sweat breaking out on his forehead as he wanted to just take her.

"Hold my hips," Meridian told him as she pulled her legs over his shoulders. He slid in deeper.

"Little one you are not helping my self control by doing this." He looked down to see how deep he was buried in her. "Uh...you are going to kill me!"

"I don't think that is possible!" Meridian nuzzled against his ear, "Look down Marcus and fuck me!"

That was all he needed. He stared at her spread around him. The sight was pushing him to the edge of control. "Harder! Fuck me Marcus! Fuck me! I'm coming. I'm coming."

Marcus slammed her each time pushing her up higher on the wall and she started to scream. "Marcus!"

He pulled completely out of her and slammed all the way back in as she spasmed around his cock. He was only able to thrust completely out and in once more before his hot seed was released deep inside her. "Meridian!"

He held her against the wall while resting his head against the wall. He started sucking on her nipples using his mouth to tug on her nipple rings. He looked down to see his cock still completely in Meridian. Her bare pussy was red and swollen with her lips stretched tightly around his cock and her clit was swollen.

"Marcus, oh fuck!" Meridian felt him becoming hard inside her. He slightly slid forward and she screamed. "I'm coming." He pulled her legs away from his shoulders and pinned them to the wall as he slid all the way out and in her over and over. He shifted his hips to hit her g-spot and she kept coming. The more she whined and cried the more he felt he was losing control.

As he had her knees pinned next to her shoulders he kept pumping in and out of her. "Just the sight of my little one's pussy wrapped around my cock makes me want to fuck you even more." He looked down and groaned, "Come for me little one. Come for me. I'm so close."

She screamed, "Marcus," as she clamped down on him hard in an orgasm.

"Oh fuck!" Marcus said as he was covered in sweat as he slammed into her pinning her even more against the wall as he came. She licked and lightly bit the side of his neck as she contracted her muscles around his cock again. "Fuck Meridian!" He kissed her roughly thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She buried her hands in his hair. A few minutes after he stopped panting they devoured each other's mouth.

He slid out of her and let her bring her legs down. She started to slide to the floor. He caught her before she fell. "I don't think my legs work anymore."

He finished buckling his pants and wrapped her in her robe as he pulled her up into his arms. "I'm sorry I was so rough with you little one."

"We are eventually going to have to work on the plan for announcing I'm alive and such. Is sex with mates always this intense?"

Marcus started laughing, "Hell if I know. You would be my one and only. Let's go to bed and worry about it tomorrow." He started carrying her up the stairs.

"Seriously, I don't think I can take anymore right now."

"I meant to sleep," Marcus said laughing.


Trinity woke up and felt Drakes arms around her. "Morning sunshine. How is your head?"

"It will be better after the band stops playing in it. Right now it's playing the Ramones 'I wanna be sedated'. I wonder why?" She laughed, "So I take it we didn't?"

"You passed out on the way up the stairs. I've only been able to get you to drink some water throughout the night. You would wake up run around the room and I'd get you to lie back down." He handed her aspirin and a bottle of water.

"Thanks! So I'm assuming the effect wore off you guys?"

"Toned down yes, worn off? I'm not sure if it will. I feel possessive and attached to you. We'll have to see how things go."

"I think brushing my teeth would be task one!" Trinity stood up then realized she had no clothes on. "Where are my clothes?"

"It seems you have a hatred for clothing when you get toasty." He tossed a dress shirt of his over to her. "I was only able to get you to wear this before you would strip it off. That was after we had gone out to the bars. Not that I was complaining, nice tattoo!"

Trinity made a face at him, "What tattoo? I don't have a tattoo!"

Drake laughed as she ran into the bathroom turning around in the mirror to see Drake's name was on her ass. "What the fuck?!" He started laughing when she came in yelling at him. "What the fuck is that from?"

She grabbed a pillow and hit him with it. He grabbed her and pinned her face first into the bed. He lightly bit the side of her neck. "You don't remember sunshine? I held you over my knees as the tattoo artist put my name on your ass? I told you last night that I was going to give you a reminder of what happens when you start stripping your clothes off in public."

He started kissing down her spine. He laughed and smacked her ass. Trinity yelped as he laughed. "It's just Bic pen." She pushed him off her and smacked him with the pillow. He pinned her to the bed and she could feel he was starting to get hard against her stomach. "Sunshine, you best grab that shirt and get out of here before I lose control."

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