tagNonHumanFinding Meridian Ch. 19

Finding Meridian Ch. 19


Hello everyone, I wanted to include a list of characters since there are so many in this chapter. I know this has taken longer than expected but the meeting is so intense with all the characters I felt a listing of who was who would help remembering who everyone is. Thanks Meadow and Dawn for reviewing it!





King Douglas -- Trinity's dead ex-husband's brother who is ruling Merdesa as a King; an island north of Sweden. The island is a bit more relaxed; they refer to royalty by their first name but title first.

Cyrus - An evil vampire looking to sabotage the meeting and take over all nonhumans.

Reardan O'Brien -- Prime Alpha of UK, Werewolf and son to Teague.

Quinn O'Rielly -- First in command under Reardan. Werewolf.

Teague O'Brien -- Old friend of The Ice Queen (Meridian )and former Prime Alpha. Teague is the father to Reardan and Werewolf.

Alice Grandy-Young island female whose parents were killed and uncle tried to rape. Uncle attacked Queen Trinity and was sentenced to death.

Hermes Trismegistus- Ancient Egypt spiritual leader whose name means 3 times great.

The Blue Priestess -- Magical daughter to Hermes and her powers are yet to be shown.

Meridian -- Lead singer of Genevieve's Revenge and One of the three Triadic Queens. Mate to Marcus and has telekinetic powers.

Marcus -- Vampire leader that mated with Meridian

Trinity -- Triplet sister to Meridian and Alex. Mated to Drake. Powers of hypnotic voice.

Drake -- Vampire leader that mated with Trinity.

Alex -- Triplet sister to Meridian and Alex. In a relationship with Logan but not mated.

Logan -- Vampire leader wanting Alex as a mate.

Zeus -- Ancient Great Great (you get it)...Grandfather to Meridian, Trinity and Alex.



Cyrus led his men in secrecy to a nearby island. He had an inside spy who had given him the itinerary. He'd launch his attack when they least expected. This was going to be too easy he thought to himself. He had found rogue groups to join his efforts and had devised his attack. This infamous Ice Queen would be his personal pet before he killed her and her sisters.

He was surprised the dark haired girl he had been holding hostage and raping continually was still holding onto life. Just the thought of her made him hard. He licked his lips and reminded himself he didn't have time for that now.


"Sorry Drake but we are going to scuba into a secret tunnel under the island that will take us to the main palace. But the water is warm!" Meridian heard Drakes mutterings about water. "Teague the money has been transferred and it was a pleasure as always. Reardan, what do you think you are doing?"

"I'm going with. I'm old enough you know." Reardan gave her a cocky smile.

"I know you are old enough but you should stay with family, this is highly dangerous."

Teague laughed, "You just convinced him to go."

"I can help Queen Alex get in and settled." Reardan was suiting up his gear with an evil smirk on his face.

"You do understand this is a nonhuman summit? I'm sure you can shoot straight and to kill because of your father but this is more than likely going to lead to a battle." Meridian glared at him while she stood with her hands on her hips looking up at him.

"Yes our Ice Queen, I do." Reardan smiled at her.

"Seriously, Teague, he might get hurt or killed." Meridian was staring up the two men and didn't realize she was growling.

Teague had to stop laughing to answer her. "He is the Prime Alpha of our pack; I just stepped down last month. He has an invitation. You realize you are growling and glowing a wee bit red?"

"Must be like AA. My name is the Ice Queen and it's been a couple days since I've killed someone." Meridian started to laugh, "You always pull one over on me. Then suit up. Alex might need help too."

"Yes my Queens." Reardan started adjusting Alex's harness to not hit her wound. "Queen Alex, you just hold onto me and I'll do all the work." Reardan was savoring running his hands over her body as he checked the straps again.

"And this is my first in command Quinn O'Rielly and he will be accompanying us along a few others." Meridian just nodded as they got ready to jump.

"I love you Teague, thanks for saving my ass again!" She hugged and kissed him goodbye.

"Don't you go off and get yourself killed lass!" Teague said as he hugged her.

"Now what do I always say?" Meridian stared up at him.

"If one of us is going to die then it'll be you because I can run faster!" Teague said doing his best impersonation of her voice.

Meridian smiled and jumped off the plane and into the water. Drake shook Teague's hand.

Then Reardan walked up and hugged Teague, "See you soon Dad!"

Teague whispered in his ear, "Don't underestimate the women. They can kick ass."

Reardan chuckled and attached Alex's harness to him; they jumped out of the plane to follow the others.

Drake jumped with very little scuba gear since he didn't need to breathe. He looked and saw Meridian then there was a bright light and she was gone.

As they entered the underground tunnel they stood taking off the scuba gear. Reardan was the first to speak, "What happened to Meridian? Where did she go?"

Drake looked at him, "I saw a flash and she was gone. Let's go up and if she's not back in 30 minutes we'll send out a search party." He turned to look at the men. "The Queens are the Triadic Queens and have powers so she could be meeting someone on another plane of existence. For those of you who knew her as the Ice Queen and thought she was evil in battle before trust me she's worse now. I'm not too worried."

"Well this meeting keeps getting better." Reardan removed Alex's harness and noticed the tiredness in her eyes. "Where is the doctor at? She needs to be looked at. I'm assuming there is a doctor on the island."

Trinity introduced herself to Reardan as she walked in. She gave a bit of an evil smile when she saw Reardan carrying Alex after she screamed in pain trying to walk to the doctor.

King Douglas addressed Reardan, "Just call me King Douglas. Prime Alpha Reardan O'Brien correct? Trinity here was my brother's wife."

"Yes, it's an honor to meet you. I'm assuming I'll meet him later?"

Douglas leaned close, "No, he's deceased. We don't know with the pregnant Triadic the hormonal mood swings so we'll discuss in private."

Trinity overheard it and her emotions got the better of her. She elevated above the room and flew towards Douglas pinning him to the wall, "You were not the one locked in the cell." Her breathing increased as she felt her anger going out of control. "I didn't deserve that!"

Douglas quickly responded, "I never said you did. Trinity please calm down. It's OK. I just want you to be OK and not hurt the baby. Calm down Trin, I love you and the baby. Calm down."

Trinity let him go and levitated to the middle of the room landing in the middle of the room with her hands down as she screamed. The walls started to crack as Alex rushed forward.

"Calm down Trinity. He didn't want to upset you."Alex said in a soothing voice.

"It's too much power." Trinity said as she her breath increased. "Get me outside so I don't hurt anyone. I want to hurt someone."

Alex helped her outside as Douglas followed. Alex sang a childhood song to her until she finally calmed down and started to doze off. She turned to Reardan and mouthed, "Tranquilizer!"

He looked at her mouthing back, "She's pregnant!"

"Just tell the doctor!"

The doctor handed Alex the tranquiller and Trinity went limp in her arms. Alex stared up at the doctor.

"It's safe despite the pregnancy." Alex announced. "I called before we left and had it developed."

Douglas looked at Alex with pleading eyes, "I really didn't mean it to sound the way it did. I didn't want her upset. I don't harbor any hard feelings. I would have killed my brother long before if I had known. If he would have had her here I would have killed him. I adore her." Douglas looked off and muttered, "More than I should," under his breath.

"Prime Alpha O'Brien, would you assist Alex to her room after the doctor looks at her?"

"Feel free just to call me Alpha Reardan. I'll take care of the lass and make sure she gets to her room."

Douglas carried Trinity to her room at the palace.

Reardan looked at Alex, "Is she safe with him?"

"The question is if he's safe with her. We don't know what to expect. You might want to keep your distance from me; mood swings and all."

"Not going to happen. You're stuck with me until the doctor has you checked out and you're in your room." Reardan pulled her back into his arms as he got her settled on the doctor's table. "So I hear you are a fire starter and a Triadic Queen how does that work?" Reardan was trying to distract her from the doctor's exam.

Alex explained the Triadic Counsel and being pregnant.

Reardan looked at her, "If you would like, I have an herbal healer here that might help give you herbs to stabilize your moods. Were's have volatile moods especially when pregnant."

Reardan heard her cuss as the doctor was cleaning out her wounds.

"You hurt me much more and I swear I'll put your head on a damn stick!"

Reardan pulled her back holding her down, "He has to clean the wound. Deep breaths, he's almost done." Alex finally relaxed in his arms.

"I would be honored if your healer could meet directly with Dr. Mason. Sorry about the head on a stick comment."

"Just hand me a get out of jail free card and we'll be even." Dr. Mason said looking at her seriously.

"Consider it done. Let's consider it a 3 strikes sort of thing since we're all pregnant."

Mason brought out the ultrasound machine, "It's appreciated. I'd be happy to meet with the healer. Now I have to do an ultrasound. I'm concerned about the location of the bullet. This may hurt some over the wound."

"Reardan, do you realize how odd it is for me to have just met you and you're here watching me get an ultrasound?"

"I'm not just a Prime Alpha lass, I'm also a doctor so relax." Reardan held her hand as he chatted with Dr. Mason discussing the location of the bullet.

"So tell me the good or bad news." Alex was feeling the weight of the day come down on her as she struggled to hold her emotions in.

Reardan held her hand as he explained, "We won't know for a while. Dr. Mason has cleaned and dressed the wound but we are unable to tell if the bullet has damaged either child. The good news is you are not having any cramping or bleeding. It's a good sign."

Tears were forming in Alex's eyes.

Dr. Mason looked at her, "I want you to limit the amount of walking and exertion you do. The babies' heart beats are strong so that's a good sign. I'm working with your other doctor so we'll just keep an eye on you. I know it's impossible to put you on bed rest until after the meeting but after that bed rest it is."

Reardan left the room with the doctor as she got redressed. When she came out Alex yawned. "You need rest before the meeting. I'm going to give you a light sedative that's safe for the child." The doctor declared.

After the shot, Reardan picked her up and carried her up to the palace. "Which room is yours?"

"Up the stairs and 7th door on the right. So the children are a waiting game?" Alex said in a strained voice.

"It's not the best of circumstances but so far the signs are good. You need to stay relaxed and keep the stress down." He noticed her start dozing off as he carried her up the stairs.

When he entered her room Logan immediately sensed him and was ready to attack.

Logan saw her in his arms and his emotions went entirely possessive as he rushed Reardan.

Reardan pulled her close as he tried to explain with a hint of anger in a low voice, "Back the fuck off. You'll wake her. If you're here to hurt her you have to go through me first." Reardan spun quickly dropping Alex not so gently on the bed.

Logan's heart fell into his stomach as the thought of his love being killed hit him. "Just don't hurt her."

"I'm Prime Alpha Reardan O'Brien. I'm a friend of the Ice Queen. I've been caring for Alex. She was shot just recently so the doctor said he safely sedated her. Who the hell are you?"

"Her soon to be mate!" Logan announced. Logan's fangs elongated for attack.

"Sorry but I don't see a ring or sense you are mated." Reardan said as they stood ready to fight.

"She's having my children and she will be my mate." Reardan glared at Logan and gave a slight snort at his comment.

"Waiting until after 100s of powerful nonhumans meet her and want her for a mate?"

"It's none of your business!"

They both looked over when Alex whined and slightly shivered.

"Temporary truce?" Logan said as he saw the compassion in Reardan's eyes.

"Yes. Pull down the covers so we can get her in bed."

Logan hesitated but pulled it down. Reardan stepped away as Logan searched her body for the wound. His hand was on her swollen abdomen as he completely forgot Reardan was there.

"It's Lord Logan right?"

The voice pulled him out of his reverie. "Yes. The shot is low, too low." Logan muttered under his breath.

"My suggestion, from what I understand, is for you to bleed into her wound and let her rest." As much as he wanted her for himself he couldn't let her hurt.

Logan cut his wrist and let it bleed on the wound. He held her around the waist until Reardan again woke him from his self loathing.

"She needs to sleep. Let's go have a drink." Reardan offered him.

Logan pulled the covers up and contemplated sitting in the chair waiting for her to awaken.

"It will be hours before she is up. She needs the rest. She was shot. She's not cramping or bleeding and the babies' heartbeats are strong. Make her sit as much as possible during this meeting and after it's done she needs to be put on bed rest." "You sound like a doctor."

"I am and we've all done everything we can. I believe everything will be fine. You need a drink."

"You want her!" Logan said in a low growl possessive growl. "I can smell your scent all over her."

"But that is her choice. I won't sacrifice her happiness or her children so let's be civil. I may be competition but I'm not going to sacrifice her well being for it." Reardan then diverted the conversation. "I suggest posting guards outside her door. There are way too many single men here to leave her unguarded."

Logan nodded his head and he tucked her securely under the blankets. He eyes were caught on her hand that should be wearing his ring. She was his. Logan leaned close kissing her on the forehead and then whispered in her ear. "I love you so much." Logan turned and followed Reardan out of the room. "Maybe this meeting will do all of us good. Normally, we would just fight each other. Plus, it only takes a few bad individuals to make a group look bad."

"It's like any group of people; a few can make the rest of us look like uncaring asses. As much as I may be attracted to her, I couldn't hurt her and us fighting is the last thing she needs right now. I'm guessing she'd kick us both out."

Logan laughed at the comment as he saw Marcus come up worried and upset.

"Where is Meridian?"

Logan motioned they move down the hallway so they would not be heard before they spoke.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Lord Marcus. I am Prime Alpha Reardan O'Brien. Drake said there was a flash of light and she was gone. He said we'd wait 30 minutes and if she doesn't show up we'll search for her." Reardan announced.

Marcus huffed growling under his deep voice, "We will search now!"

Reardan looked at him, "My men will happily assist you in searching for Meridian; we have known her as the Ice Queen."

As the men gathered they moved towards the beach.

Once arriving on the beach front Meridian appear through what looked like a portal and plopped very ungracefully into the sand in front of him.

"Honestly if I knew I could do that I would have dispensed with planes. I'm a bit rough with land though." Marcus put his hand out and pulled her to his chest. "Missed me?"

Meridian pulled her legs up around his hips as he walked with her around him back up to the house.

Marcus shook Marcus's hand, "Thank you for your Assistance Prime Alpha Reardan." Marcus shouted over his shoulder.

"I need a little alone time with Queen Meridian." Reardan and all the men followed them into the main Palace.

Logan looked at Reardan, "I'll meet you in the library after your men get you to your quarters."

Reardan walked back to the palace until he saw Tarrin grab Alice Grandy pulling her over to the men. Alice felt completely out of her element. She was unaccustomed to being dressed in a large formal gown. Tarrin handed her what looked like a tablet PC with a map. "You ask the sir his name, type it in and then you will show them to their room. You are right here on the map."

Alice looked like a deer in headlights as Tarrin walked away. She had never once worn clothes like this. Her caramel hair was in curls to her waist accented by the emerald ball gown with a plunging neckline. She was biting her lower lip and nervous being surrounded by so many men. Her habit of keeping several knifes on her felt like a security blanket. She couldn't believe Tarrin just dumped her out and left her to learn on her own. She literally felt like she was being fed to the wolves.

"Please excuse me for one moment and I will find out exactly where we are going." Alice walked around the corner when she was grabbed. "If you scream I will slit your throat. Call Queen Trinity down here."

"How? It's my first day here. I have no idea where she is or even how to use the phone here." The man cursed as Alice stomped her heel down onto his foot and elbowed him in the ribs grabbing her knife from her stocking. The knife the other man held lightly sliced her neck trickling blood down to her cleavage.

Reardan smelled blood. He turned to his first, "I smell blood. Track it."

They went around the corner into the kitchen to see Alice had grabbed a frying pan and smack the man in the head. "Sorry slight delay." Alice put a towel to her neck as the man started to get up. She hit him again in the head. "Stay down damn it!" Alice yelled as she smacked him again. "Sorry, please excuse the interruption. It's been a bit of a rough day for me." Alice said to Reardan and his men. The man went to stand again and she hit him in the side of the head. "Seriously, you would think he would stay down. STAY DOWN!" Alice looked at the pan and at the blood on her dress and her face changed to anger. "You bent the pan asshole! That's probably coming out of my pay! And you just had to get blood on the new damn dress!" Alice smacked him again in the head.

Reardan had been laughing but finally stopped, "Someone grab him and take him to security."

Tarrin walked in after being told of the commotion and saw Reardan checking Alice's neck. "If you show me to her room I can heal her there."

"I'll have one of the guards show you." Tarrin hurried and left to escort more people around.

Once at Alice's room he instructed all his men but Quinn to stay outside the room. Reardan addressed her personally, "I can heal you without stitches. Do you trust me? You'll get a bit of my blood in yours but you won't become a Were like me. Is that OK sweet little Alice?" Reardan was in a trance as he stared into her eyes.

Alice weakly nodded as Reardan took a knife to his hand and dripped his blood into her cut neck and pressed his palm to it. He watched as it healed immediately. Alice passed out at the sight of him slicing his hand. He pulled her into his arms.

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