tagBDSMFinding Myself at USF Ch. 1

Finding Myself at USF Ch. 1


We had been friends through-out high school, and unlike her, I had to do a couple years at a local junior college before transferring in to USF. It was like old times to be together again, although there were things that I obviously didn't understand about what she had become -- we were still catching up. Her tale intrigued me, and I hate to admit it, but it first made my heart sing and then my pussy wet and kinda throbby. This is the first portion of that tale...

We had sat down for drinks at the Greenery, a local college bar just off-campus here at USF. It was Wednesday afternoon, and the place wasn't crowded nor empty. Our waitress, Emmaline had just taken our orders, when Yvette, at my prompting (pleading?), started telling her story to me

"My story starts simply enough," she quipped to me, her confidant and best friend. "I had been in college at USF and had done the traditional things -- dancing in Ybor, drinking at various parties and the occasional frat kegger, dating different guys for short periods of time... you know, all the things that were expected of me, both by myself and by my roommates in the dorms.

"I had my share of sex, both the drunken-rowdy type at parties, and after classes with the boys that asked me out on dates -- but not with every boy that asked me out, just some, and only when I was into it..." she fumbled with this, trying to rephrase it, clarify it. Pulling herself together, she continued.

"I mean that I sometimes had plain-jane vanilla sex when I wanted to. Usually nothing to write home about, and many of them just wanted to plant themselves deep and cum quickly without understanding that a girl's pleasure wasn't just a reflection of theirs. But in general, they were as rewarding as I expected them to be. I got what I thought sex should be -- I got what I expected... you know what I mean?"

I canted my head and nodded slightly, but kept a slight smirk on my face, since I only knew second-hand. Such fumblings just had never been my lot in life, and this was one of those times that I really appreciated that fact. I had had a single boyfriend for years before I came here, and although my parents disapproved of his age (7 years older than me), they gave in when they saw how well he treated me (if they only knew how well he treated me when we were in bed! But that's a different story).

Yvette continued...

"Well, I was visiting the apartment of one of the guys I was dating -- Derrick's -- and his roommate was gone for the summer already, because he was in the English immersion program and didn't have any finals. Derrick said he wanted to take a shower, and asked me to wait... I thought he was taking the shower to be nice and clean for me. Anyway, I told Derrick I'd check my email while he showered and he padded off to the bathroom.

"So I walked into his roommate's room, where I knew the laptop was set-up on the desk, and powered it up, then opened up AOL and went to log in. Just then Derrick walked by the doorway in the nude, his cock dangling in front of him and he called out not to mind him, but he had forgotten his towel. I got distracted because I hadn't seen him nude before -- I think he did it just to taunt me...

"I logged in and opened my mail -- but I didn't recognize any of the sender's addresses, and I was kinda disappointed not to find an email with my final grade from my SocPsych class. I started reading through my emails, many from the same person, someone named Marcus or Marc. As I continued to read what he wrote -- waxing philosophically and intently about the woman he was seeking and what he would do with her -- I got angry that someone would write to me that way. Upset, I closed the email, and went to check one that just arrived titled 'your final grade', thinking it to be my final grade for the only class I didn't have final exams for.

"Imagine my surprise when I opened it and suddenly realized that I had never actually signed into my email -- I was signed into Derrick's roommate's email! That momentary distraction with Derrick walking out nude in front of me had made me forget to switch to guest mode. Embarrassed, I switched over to my own account to find what I had been expecting the whole time, the emails and so forth. Then I realized that I hadn't marked the emails in the other account as still unread -- clumsy of me -- and switched back over again.

"I started highlighting the emails and marking them as unread, when curiosity got the better of me and I started rereading one of the letters this Marc person had written. I still carry a couple of those first ones in my purse -- here, you can read them for yourself..."

She handed me the following:

The Quest for her...

I know she's out there, just waiting to be found, probably not even aware that she needs to be found. I'm so sick of what passes for dating around here. I will find her, and she will be Mine. My darling princess...

For she shall kneel on bended knee,

and I will extract from her every plea.

Holding her close up against me,

I will rock her world and change her views,

make her crave and pay her dues,

and I will have her as Mine,

something to carry her through time,

across the eons and the ages,

written of in so many pages.

I will take her and make her feel loved, as every woman should be, but I will also make her know that she is Mine in the truest sense -- I will own her heart and soul, and her body will be My playground. she will be My wench, My love, My slut, My little girl, My whore, My sophisticated woman, My cunt, My princess... in all senses and overwhelmingly so, she will belong to Me.

I spoke with Professor Marco today and he said that the department chair said that starting fall semester, USF enrollment will be 58% female. I am sure that with over 17,000 female students, she is out there, I just haven't found her yet. Maybe I'm using the wrong forums for My ads... I put a new one up at love@aol, but their censors canned it immediately, as always. At least I still have the AOL web page linked from My profile -- you've seen it, right? http://members.aol.com/thecyberpoet/

I have cyberpoet.net up too, but because it also reflects my work stuff, I have to keep that site on the up and up; I have pages buried inside with My pages on the quest for her, but you can only find them if you already know where they are, since there's no links from the navigation menus.

Gotta run. Did you pass your TOEFL?

=-= Marc

It stirred something within me, too. I looked at Yvette and raised my eyebrows -- I wanted to know how it continued...

"I moved on to the next one, and the one after that. He was certainly a prodigious writer, and his poetry enchanted me... I started to wonder what HE was like. And that was the beginning of what possessed me."

She handed me another print out, and I read it not once, but twice...

A Ray of Hope

Years gone by, He recalls with a sigh, I had hoped to find her, available and free.

I had searched for my Star, in lands both near and far, to walk that glory road with me.

I had walked the French Rivera and the German Alps, the streets of Amsterdam by Myself,

I had driven from Paris to Dakar, wondering where she was, where you are...

I had strode over the Virginia shores, and the English moors, looking for my Star to adore.

I had posted ads from Budapest to LA, from Auckland to Tampa Bay, hoping for a ray...

of hope.

The years had gone by without regret,

But I continued to know and not forget,

that I simply hadn't found her yet.

And there it lie, for all to see,

plain in it's wording, but it set Me free,

dared I hope, could it be?

that she had finally found Me?

Only time will tell if and when...

but I have a ray of hope again.

=-= M

I started to wonder who he was, too. Finally, I handed it back and suddenly longed for a boyfriend who would right such poetry for me. Yvette picked up where she left off.

"I heard the shower stop running, but I didn't want to stop reading what he had written. I decided to forward a copy of all his emails to my email address... such a naughty girl I am. Then I marked them unread again, and signed back out. There'd be enough time to read them all later and see who this mystery man was. Probably some old fart.

"Derrick came out, toweling his hair dry and with a semi-erection. It was obvious what he had on his mind and normally I would have probably left, but I was in a randy mood. I walked over to him, taking his meat in my hand, and coo'd in his ear... 'Oh, is this for lil' ole me?' He smiled and led me to his bed, where I sucked on him enthusiastically. I could feel my wetness inside my panties and it was quite pleasurable. Derrick reached down and did that classic high school thing where guys tune our breasts like radio dials, and it did nothing for me at all... Normally, I would have left at such a sign of fumbling and lack of knowledge.

"My mind started thinking about this Marc who had written and I imagined that instead of Derrick, I was with this mystery man, sucking his cock, making love to a real man. I guided Derrick down to the bed and raising my hips, removed my panties and raised up my sundress. I had planned on taking the sundress off all the way, but he didn't give me the chance -- he pulled me up and slid himself into me all the way. In my mind, my mystery man was taking me, and I came hard as I felt my insides being filled.

"As I came back down to earth, I stopped Derrick and asked if he was using a condom -- I hate them, but I hate the alternatives worse -- and he looked at me kind of sheepishly as asked if we had to?

'No, not unless you want to continue...' Within seconds he had one from his nightstand and had it on. I guided him back into me and went back to my secret place, where I was again being taken by HIM, not Derrick. Poor Derrick must have thought he was the world's greatest lover, because I was moaning and thrashing about at the end of his cock, but in my mind I was thrashing about at the end of HIS Cock. Derrick came within five minutes and jumped up & dashed back to the shower, as if he were washing away some dirtiness he just couldn't stand.

"I was disappointed that it hadn't last longer, but I knew now that I had to find out more about this mystery man. At first I started touching myself, but then realized I didn't really want to be here any more and grabbed my panties and left quickly while Derrick was still washing. When I got back to my new place at Collegiate Hall (out of the dorms at last!), there was a message waiting from Derrick about what a great time he had and when could he see me again? I erased it from the tape without a second thought.

"Then I locked the door, and took off my clothes. I looked at my body and imagined HIM looking at me, as if to judge whether I was to be HIS star, His princess, his slut... and with that last bit, I started touching myself again, first softly and then with more and more vigor until I went to that special place again, and He was with me."

Emmaline returned with our drinks and the fingerfoods we had ordered and we both kind of fell quiet. Our eyes met across the table and it was as if we were back in 9th grade with a top-secret secret we just couldn't tell anyone else. We both giggled a little, as if it were a joke we were trying to repress, and then our waitress left and we both smiled broadly.

"let's eat -- I'm starved. But I have to know how this continues. It doesn't end here, does it?"

"No. It doesn't end there," Yvette quipped. She took a napkin and placed it on her lap -- or at least I thought so, until she brought it back up soaking wet and laid it on the table, taking fresh ones from the dispenser.

"No, it definitely doesn't end there..."

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