tagGay MaleFirst Bi-Guy Experience Ch. 02

First Bi-Guy Experience Ch. 02


This is a follow on from my first and only Literotica effort. Again this is a real life experience. I am not sure that I have the imagination to create an imaginary story but I admire the contributors that can do this. This will have more context if you feel inclined to read my first encounter.


My first Bi experience left me in a whirlwind of thoughts. Sex with another man had been a fantasy from puberty that I had never thought possible. Yet here it had happened with my friend James as a result of our threesome fun with my cougar friend Muriel. It was all I could think about for days and when James phoned to see if we could get together the butterflies went into overdrive for the next two days waiting for the appointed time. To this day I recall being really nervous that morning and it sure was not helped when he showed up thirty minutes late!

James had a very high sex drive, really liked to take control, had a great imagination and knew that sex started between the ears. I was to learn he was the ultimate top. This came to suit me just fine as I liked the idea of being "taken" and to some degree being used in a sub role. The dominant-sub roles did not come into play in our first encounter, probably since it was such a first time thing finding our way together, although unlike him I was the complete virgin to all of this. This changed within minutes of his arrival. He undressed in the living room and told me he had a few phone calls to make before we could start.

Just a minute into his first phone call he signaled for me to come over and kneel down between his knees and with his free hand pulled my head down onto his cock. This was only our second time together and I had really mixed feelings about being dominated and used like this. It was so far from my personality but at the same time it was really thrilling to be treated and used this way and I think that he could have ordered me to do anything that he wanted and I would have given in. He must have sensed this subservience because it established our different roles for the next eighteen months.

He had a wonderful cock, thick, long and a great circumcised head. To start, as he guided my head down to his cock, it was pretty well flaccid. Instead of taking it into my mouth I decided to take my time and started to lick the tip and as it began to engorge with his manhood I backed off and began to lick his balls. Even as he became erect I spent the next few minutes just licking the shaft and tip, until I decided to reward his writhing and occasional attempts to pull my face down onto his cock, and finally took the head of his cock into my mouth. With just the swollen head of his now ramrod erection in my mouth I swirled my tongue around the tip while applying sucking pressure. I was obviously turned on by this but I wanted him to know that if I was being used, I was not going to make it easy for him while he was talking on the phone. At some point, not so much to please him, but to give in to my own strong urges, I slid his cock as far into my mouth and throat as I could and rhythmically slid my mouth up and down on his shaft, all the while keeping up as much suction as I could. It was incredible to feel this beautiful cock responding in my mouth while its owner squirmed and thrust to my attentions. Giving someone this sort of extreme intimate pleasure, even in a subservient role, is a little like owning their soul.

The combination of being dominated like this, giving him a blowjob while he was chatting on the phone and holding my head to guide his pleasure while his wonderful cock was in my mouth was an incredible turn on. I wanted nothing more than to bring him to orgasm in my throat. It was as if my only focus and awareness was reduced to that one moment in time. I tried to add my hand to jerk him off while I continued to suck on him. I really wanted to have him cum in my mouth but he slapped my hand away and told me that he did not want to cum just yet, and that my mouth was not going to be where his first orgasm was going to happen. At this point he suggested we go upstairs to bed.

When I went into the bedroom I hopped onto the bed and lay on my stomach expecting him to repeat our first anal experience when he lubed and mounted me from behind. Kissing and cuddling intimacy was not part of our sex together, so lying on my stomach was sexy but did not have the face to face intimacy of being with a woman which, I thought, suited me. To my surprise James sat on the edge of the bed and told me get back up and stand in front of him. I was little unsure of what was going on and, frankly, longing to stay on the bed and have him fuck me, but I did as I was told. As I stood there he took the lube from the nightstand and began to apply it to my balls, then slowly gave me a KY hand job but not letting me get anywhere near orgasm. He then told me to move my legs a little further apart, applied lube to his other hand and slid it between my legs and began to massage and finger the outside of my anus. I am incredibly sensitive there and between his attentions to my ass and lubing my cock I was lost in waves of pleasure that caused me to shudder from time to time. More than once I had to put a hand on his shoulder to steady myself, especially as he began to slide one finger then two into my ass and began finger fucking me to my somewhat involuntary rocking motion. He totally owned me mind and body as I stood there under the control of his two expert hands.

The whole thing was heightened by feeling totally used and controlled by another man like this and it was clear from the way that he was coaching me and telling me what was going to be happening next that this was a big turn on for him too. I mentioned that James knew that sex was between the ears. He knew that he had me in a virtually altered state of mind and questioned me about my likes, dislikes and fantasies. I opened up to him like I had never done before in my life. He was really into my head and totally had me under his control. When he told me to get on the bed, I was really eager to have him mount and fuck me, but I could have also stood there for another hour as it was such a turn on, body and mind. As I lay on the bed, just like our first time, he began to lick and massage my buttocks, and then all of a sudden I felt him begin to bite into them. When he had me confessing my fantasies I had told him that erotic biting was something that I had always wanted to try. He really had me with this, as he varied from nibbling to biting, which at times really had me squirming and clutching the pillow when he bit really hard. I was thrilled by this and kept lifting my ass a little to encourage him. He seemed to have a perfect sense of just how much pain was too much and I suspect my moans and groans helped him to gauge just how far to go. At this point I really was longing to have him fuck me. I spun around; he was kneeling and I dropped my mouth onto his cock, sucked it to a full, hard erection, then lay back down and asked him to fuck me. I was well lubed from the bedside piece of heaven, and I think he was just as anxious as me to get laid and slowly slid into me. He was a full nine inches and thick but again took his time until I was fully relaxed enough to take him all the way in. It was pure heaven feeling him on top of and inside me.

Unlike our first encounter when he came quite quickly he took his time and pleasured himself by sliding almost all the way in and out, which was a huge turn on for me. Then all of a sudden he hopped off, flipped me onto my back and started to position himself to fuck me in missionary. This I was not ready for and not sure that I wanted to do it, as it seemed to be a level of intimacy that I was not at all sure about. Nevertheless he persisted and, oddly, being dominated like this was exciting even though "stop" was screaming in my mind. Within seconds he was back inside me and had me totally at his mercy. He was literally fucking me like I was a woman. I was totally torn by being used this way and not really wanting to (or so I thought) and yet in complete contradiction I wrapped my legs around him and pushed down as he thrust up into me. Now it was no longer a languid stroking in and out of me, but powerful excited thrusting that culminated in his shuddering orgasm. As he finished he was truly spent. I pulled his head down onto my chest as he gathered himself while his erection subsided and withdrew from my well used butt. Having had sex like this, being used and dominated, there was no doubt about who was in charge in the bedroom. Amazingly we had been at it for two hours and I had not cum yet. We hopped into the shower together, gave each other a good soapy erotic clean up, and returned to the bedroom where we slid into a glorious 69. For me, sucking on a cock while being devoured at the other end is hot beyond words. In subsequent visits we would take our time in a 69 for as long as thirty minutes. I had a lot of pent up energy and after a few minutes had an explosive orgasm which he sucked down until I was truly finished. James could really give a blow job. He had me finish him while he stood in front in front of my mirrored closet while I was on my knees. I was to find that he liked this dominance and watching me in the mirror while I performed for him. Truth told I loved looking into the mirror to watch his reactions and of course to watch my blow job performance on his erection. It was like being in my own porno movie.

We had a good chat over a beer when we had dressed and gone back down stairs. I was surprised that I felt no awkwardness. After all, this was very new for me and he was used to it, and I was oddly feeling no regrets about the Dom-Sub that had been established. He surprised me when he told me that he had never tried anal before. His wife was not into it and the three men that he had tried Bi with were, like him, tops who had no interest in being penetrated. He confided that it had always been a huge desire and it had been a big turn on fucking me like that. You could call it a perfect storm, because he always wanted to seduce my butt into submission with his tongue and lubed finger-fucking before he fucked my brains out in every position imaginable, including doggy, cowboy and his favourite mish. He certainly had a willing partner as I craved these attentions and always looked forward to his visits with a case of the eager butterflies. When I saw him to the door we gave each other a goodbye hug. I was actually sorry to see him go and would have gladly fallen to my knees at the front door and started all over again.

I will contribute a third and final chapter to this period in my life. It will detail how our Bi relationship affected my cougar friend Muriel, his wife, and how I was convinced to join James and his regular Bi friend for a MMM threesome.

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