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First Date


Authors Note:

This is a continuation of the story Shattered Innocence. If you haven't, you may want to go back and read it first or you won't follow the story line as intended.


Ruth leaned back against the soft leather seats of the limousine that was spiriting her away to places unknown. The area between her legs was positively soaked and Richard had hardly even touched her, at least other then the virtual touch he sent her way with the tiny remote that now lay concealed in his left jacket pocket. She tried to control her breathing that had become shuddering gasps of excitement and embarrassment after he switched the surprise built into the panties he had bought for her right there in front of his driver.

She felt as if she should have been offended by his displaying her in front of another person like a puppet on a string, but something else was stirring in her that drove all thought of perceived offence from her mind, passion and an awakening sexuality. His voice snapped her out of the thoughts that were sparring in her mind. You look absolutely stunning Miss Anderson. A slight blush came over her, thinking for a moment, how did he know my name, then the realization that there was probably little he didn't know, he did after all, have her lease application on file.

Thank you Sir was all she managed to get out before the ability to speak seemed to drain away from her. Why did this man make her feel like a schoolgirl in trouble standing in front of the principal at middle school? She watched, her eyes transfixed on his left hand as it slowly and deliberately slid into his left jacket pocket, her thighs involuntarily clenching together. I think you need a small release before dinner so that you aren't so easily driven to orgasm by my little toy between your legs he said. With that, the little strip of silicone so tightly pressed between her lips and across her clit sprang into life.

Her hands shot down to the edges of the seat, her fingernails dug into the soft leather steadying her as the sensation of the strip dug deep inside of her, tingles shooting from between her legs all the way up her spine and into her nipples causing them to tighten into hard buds instantly. Richard's hand left his pocket and moved up her arm, his fingertips drawing a line from her wrist up over her arm and shoulder then along it and to the back of her neck, taking it in his hand.

He pulled her to him, his lips descending on hers and nibbled her lower lip, she gasped at the sensation and tentatively slid her tongue between her lips to touch his. Their tongues met in a sensuous swirl tracing the outline of one another. Ruth gasped and began to quake, an orgasm overtaking her as his tongue on hers elevated her arousal beyond her capacity to control it any longer. She moaned softly into his mouth as her hips twitched and her back arched pushing her up from the seat, her dress sliding up her thighs until the special panties he had provided her were exposed.

He moved a hand over her left breast and lightly pinched her nipple through the soft silk fabric, sending more sensations traveling through her already heaving body. Sliding his other hand down over her belly, slowly, teasingly, he slid it slowly between her thighs and pressed the vibrating strip against her clit tighter and started moving it in sensuous little circles that had her grinding her self into him. The combination of the vibrations and his hand finally touching her, there, sent her falling into ecstasy yet again as she let out a low moan and came again. As the animalistic grinding of her hips against his hand slowly subsided he switched off the little remote, she slumped back into the seat feeling spent, yet ready for more.

Ruth tried to fathom why she was allowing him to use her this way, she had always been rather shy and reserved in sexual matters, and had never in her life just fallen into bed with another man at a whim. There was just something about his commanding demeanor that made her wantonly give herself to him, she wanted him to use her, she wanted to let him take control and do whatever he wished with her body. Regaining her senses she noticed that he obviously was turned on by his treatment of her, looking down into his lap she could see his erection straining against the constraints of his pants.

She dropped her hand to his thigh, a bold move for her, and slowly started to move it up toward the swell hidden beneath his clothing. He caught her hand, gently pulled it up to his lips and kissed it sweetly on the back. No he said as he held her hand in his, not yet, that will come later. And you mustn't touch without permission, is that understood? She swallowed hard, a slight sting of rejection causing her heart to stick in her throat momentarily, Yes Sir she whispered obediently.

After a few minutes she could feel the car come to a gentle stop, a few moments later Richards door was opened and he slid out. He extended his hand and helped her slide across the seat, gently pulling her up to stand beside him. His driver stood at rapt attention, her uniform perfectly pressed and everything in place like a good little soldier, eyes front, yet Ruth detected a hint of a grin on her lips and wondered if she had heard the moans and gasps coming from the back seat even through the privacy glass between them.

Looking up Ruth saw that they were at the Excelsior Hotel, the best in town, it also contained the best restaurant in town which occupied a good part of the first floor. She thought that Richard would have needed reservations months in advance to even get a seat in the restaurant, and then she noticed the little note under the hotel logo, "Richard Riley Investments" in small neat script. It began to dawn on Ruth just how wealthy Richard must be, and she couldn't help but wonder, why her? Surely he could have nearly any woman he desired given the time to woe her with his rugged good looks and his wealth.

Richard took her arm and placed it in his, walking her down the red carpet that lead to the entrance of the hotel, the doorman stood at attention in his red and black uniform, opening the door and giving a tip of his hat and a good evening Mr. Riley, ma'am, as they strode through the entrance. Richard led her to the right as they passed through the lobby, polished granite floors in shades of grays and whites, granite columns and beautifully finished woods in a deep glossy red color abounded, tasteful and very opulent.

They stepped through the open rosewood and beveled glass doors, the light catching in the glass split into hundreds of sparkling diamonds, and entered Bistro Excelsior. They were greeted immediately by the maitre d, Good evening Mr. Riley, Madame, your usual table is waiting for you sir, Rebecca will be your waitress tonight. Thank you Christian Richard said, sliding a bill into his hand. Richard led her through the maze of tables towards the back of the bistro, finally pausing at a luxurious, intimate booth, that occupied a private corner in the room with no other tables around it.

If you would like to freshen up, the ladies room is just through that door; I will order us some wine. Yes, I do need to freshen up a little; Ruth managed to get out in a whisper and made her way in the direction indicated. Reaching the ladies room and surveying the damage, Ruth was pleased to see that her makeup was still in tact and that all that she needed was a touchup to her lipstick and a little gloss to go over it. Finishing the touchups she slowly made her way back to the table where Richard was waiting for her.

As soon as she came into view Richard stood, taking her hand he guided her into the booth and slid in beside her. He poured her a glass of wine and slid it carefully toward her, taste he said. She picked up her glass feeling the weight of the fine lead crystal, the way the light played off of it and brought it to her lips. The aroma of the wine was intoxicatingly delicate, taking a careful sip the taste proved to be equally exquisite, not to dry, not to sweet, with a blend of grape and spiced undertones that danced across the palate leaving pleasure in its wake.

A quite mhmmm of approval was all the answer she needed to give as Richard nodded his head noting her appreciation of his choice. Rebecca stepped up to the table, her white linen shirt and black skirt perfectly pressed, placed a menu in front of each of them. Would you care for any appetizers this evening Mr. Riley she asked politely? Richard ordered a shrimp cocktail and asked Ruth if she would like something before the meal Ruth decided on the cocktail as well and Rebecca was off in a flash returning shortly with a perfectly arranged appetizer for each of them, carefully placing one in front of each of them.

As they sampled the perfectly prepared shrimp they looked over the menu, a small concise offering of various dishes, each one sounding more tempting then the last. Ruth finally settled on the smoked salmon salad, Richard decided on a sirloin steak, rare, with a blue cheese sauce and a double baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives. Rebecca returned, bringing a basket of freshly baked breads and rolls still steaming from the ovens, fresh cream butter and a delicate honey, laying them out on the table before them.

She spirited away to the kitchen taking their orders with her only to return what seemed like moments later with their meals in hand, Richard obviously given preferential treatment as the investor that made all of this possible. As Rebecca laid each of their meals out in front of them, arranging things just so, Ruth noticed as Richard reached slowly into his jacket pocket, a side long, mischievous glance in her direction. A moment later the strip between her legs sprang into action with a slow, pulsing hum that just stimulated her clit enough to make her aware of it. A breath caught in Ruth's throat and a blush quickly formed across her cheeks.

Rebecca didn't seem to notice, and Ruth sighed with relief at the thought, her thighs pressing together a little trying to both contain the sensation she was experiencing and at the same time pressing the strip tighter against herself. The light tingling felt delicious between her legs, just enough to make her aware of the device, but not enough to over-power her and send her into convulsive fits. Is it too warm in here miss? Rebecca was looking at her and shattered her thoughts, her blush deepened and all she could manage to get out was a whispered, no, I'm fine as the pulsating between her legs continued.

As Rebecca finished arranging their meals, offering fresh cracked pepper to each of them in turn, she asked if there would be anything else they needed for the moment. No, Richard answered, I think we have all we need for now Rebecca; I will let you know if we do. With that she was off, heading back toward the bar to pick up drinks for another table. Richard leaned over and whispered into her ear, I think I will keep this on for the rest of the meal; I want you ready for dessert when the time comes. Ruth couldn't help but take that statement to mean more then one thing as the sensations pulsed through her damp pussy and up her spine, her nipples were now two hard little buds, extended proudly pointing upward, clearly visible through the thin silk fabric of her dress.

They made small talk through out dinner, talking on subjects of literature, music, art and philosophy, the entire time Ruth ached in the most exquisite way, the slow rhythmic vibrations teetering her on the edge of yet another erotic orgasm at the hands of this man. She tried her best to control herself, but she couldn't help but fidget and press her thighs together hoping to push herself past the edge that was holding her from falling over into bliss. Taking notice, Richard leaned over, whispering in her ear, no, not yet my dear; you must ask permission before I will allow you to cum for me again.

The thought sent chills up her spine and a renewed blush into her cheeks as the wonderful torture continued to press into her now soaked pussy. With their meals finished, Rebecca came back to the table, clearing the plates away from in front of them, this time Ruth knew that she had noticed the way that she was fidgeting and fighting the desire deep within her belly. Thankfully she moved away without any questions directed at her, as Ruth was sure all that she would be able to manage in response was a guttural moan.

A moment later she was back, would you like to see a dessert menu she asked? Richard turned to Ruth, his eyebrow raised just a touch, not trusting herself to speak Ruth simply shook her head a little in his direction as she tried as hard as she could to maintain a look that didn't betray the turmoil that was flowing inside of her. Then Richard, his hand already in his pocket turned up the rate at which his toy was attacking Ruth's clit, a gasp and quite moan escaped her lips for a moment before she was able to capture it and hold it in.

No thank you Rebecca, I think we will just sit for a while and have another glass of wine. He handed her his credit card and asked her to take care of the bill for him. Ruth looked at him, longing in her eyes, her thighs were now clenching tightly, the little muscles in her belly were flexing and clenching trying hard to send her over the edge into the orgasm she so desperately wanted. Richard clicked another button inside of his pocket and the strip between her legs slowed back to the gentle motions, a cry of near anguish escaped her lips and Ruth looked pleadingly into his eyes.

She felt Richard reach under the tablecloth, his hand falling gently to her knee, it traced a slow deliberate path up her leg, curving onto her inner thigh teasing as he slid it higher, as he reached between her legs she felt one of his fingers slowly trace around the little pad built into her panties sending tingles of longing deep into her tummy. Her breath was coming in short gasps and she tried to press herself into his finger, each time he withdrew a little, making her hips press forward in anguish trying to find him again.

What do you want Ruth? He whispered into her ear. Oh please, you know what I want, stop teasing me she said in a breathy voice cracking with desire and frustration at his teasing. You have to beg me for what you want if you expect me to allow it. The flush in her cheeks grew a deep scarlet at the thought of begging to be allowed to cum for him, her frustration and desire was pushing her past the point of thoughts of humiliation at his demands. Oh, please Sir, please I need it so bad she whispered in response. What was that Ruth? You need to speak up, I can't hear you, and what is it that you want? Ruth bit her lip, the heat in her cheeks was nearly unbearable, Oh god please Sir please let me cum!

Ruth didn't care anymore if the waitress standing a dozen feet away could hear her; she craved release and couldn't stand the delicate torture any longer. Her hips were pushing up, her thighs clenching together, and his hand between her legs felt like it was burning into her flesh. She saw a look of satisfaction come over Richards face, his fingers resumed the exploration of her tortured pussy, and he clicked another button on the remote sending it into overdrive. Ruth couldn't hold back any longer, she bit down on her lip trying to hold in her moans to no avail, but at least she kept them somewhat muffled. She hoped that the noise of the chatter from the other patrons and the clink of glasses and dishes did the rest.

She exploded into the most powerful orgasm of her life, the feeling of naughtiness at being in a public place fueling her desire, the thought of people around her being aware of what was happening to her, the thought of being caught all added to the excitement she felt. She pressed herself into Richards's hand, grinding against it, her hips rotating in small circles against him, her moans and gasping breaths coming fast and unhindered. She felt her juices spilling out of her onto her thighs, imagined how they must be soaking his hand as it guided her to bliss. As soon as the first subsided another orgasm quickly overtook her, then another, each a small aftershock that left her unable to move. Her head lay over onto Richard's shoulder; glad for the support it lent her.

She felt the vibrations between her legs cease as Richard clicked off the remote control and allowed her to catch her breath. Felt his hand slide out, slowly along her leg as he withdrew it, a trail of moisture following it along the way. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him slowly put two fingers to his lips, inhaling the scent of her then slowly take them into his mouth. She could see the sheen of her juices on them as they disappeared between his lips only to reemerge clean. A satisfying moan escaped his lips as he sampled her taste as he would a fine wine.

Richard discreetly took a napkin from the table and guided it gently up her thighs, wiping away some of the juices that she could feel clinging to them. She lay there, head on his shoulder trying to regain her senses when he leaned over and whispered into her ear, good girl, you handled that very well. She felt a flush of pride at having pleased him. She now knew that there was nothing she wouldn't do to please him anytime he asked. He held her until she had regained her composure in his strong yet gentle arms, raining little kisses on the side of her neck, her cheek and her temple.

Once she had recovered her composure, Richard whispered into her ear, that was but a sampling of what I can do to you Ruth, I keep a room here at the hotel, would you like to retire to a more private setting and see what else I have in store for you? Oh, yes please Sir, I want to do anything you ask of me was her reply. Richard stood and reached down, she took his hand as he helped her up, tossed a hundred on the table to cover the tip, and they walked out of the Bistro in search of new adventures together.

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