tagErotic CouplingsFirst Day in the Caribbean 09

First Day in the Caribbean 09

byEnnis Piceo©

Asch was dreaming. As frequently happens when men dream in the morning, he had an erection. He felt his cover being lifted off, and this fit into the dream, along with the slight motion of his bed. He imagined someone hovering in the air over him and slowly descending over him, and sliding onto his erection, then the pleasurable feeling of the tight moist warmth sliding up and down the length of his member. Then he felt breasts against his chest and knees on the bed at his hips, and realized he wasn't dreaming. He smiled and thrust upwards in cooperation with Octavia's up and down movements. He felt warm breath at his ear.

"Gotta get my morning exercise in, y'know," she said. "And pushups are my favorite exercise." She rested her upper body on her elbows, gently pressing her generous breasts against him, and rocking her hips into him with gradually increasing urgency.

"I'm not gonna last very long if you keep that up," murmured Asch, still moving his hips.

"Try to not come. Arch your back and hold still. I have a surprise for you," she said. So he stopped moving and she rose and fell on him faster and faster until suddenly she tensed and cried out in orgasm, then collapsed onto him, and pulled herself free.

"Okay, you beat me to the punch!" he said. "Was that on purpose?"

"Yes. You had me so horny last night I even flirted with some of the drunks at work, so I had to come up and take care of my needs even though it's my sleepy time and I'm pooped." She levered herself up so she could look at his face better. "Your surprise is that you're supposed to report to room 314 at the hotel pronto. Don't bother taking a shower, just get down there. And let me borrow this bed for a few hours. Now git!" and she rolled aside, gently shoved him toward the edge of the bed, and collapsed.

Asch smiled to himself. He was pretty horny now too, but the prospect of seeing Mary was interesting enough that he cooperated. He slid into some shorts and a T-shirt, kissed the nearly asleep Octavia and headed out. Good thing he had banked a bunch of hours of chores. He admired the affection between the two women that allowed them to each let the other, um, spend time with him.

When he got to the hotel, the concierge recognized him and handed him a key. "You're supposed to let yourself in," he said with a half smile and a wink. I'd say you're a lucky man."

"You don't know the half of it. Be sure we're not interrupted," smiled Asch as he left a ten-spot on the counter for the man.

He quietly let himself in and found Mary, naked, spread-eagled on the bed. He admired her long brown hair, ample bosom, narrow waist, and smooth pussy as he tiptoed over to the bed. He dropped off his clothes and started to bend over to kiss her when her eyes popped open and she grabbed his leg. Smiling wickedly, she said, "We're both dirty. Let's get clean." And she pulled herself up to a sitting position.

He held his hand for her to hold onto and when she was standing she threw her arms around him and ground herself against him. "I hope Octavia took good care of you while I was gone," she muttered between kisses. I missed you and I can hardly wait to enjoy your company."

Asch was erect again, and she grabbed him by his member and led him into the bathroom. In the shower she noticed the washcloth and tossed it onto the floor. "Hands and soap," She announced. She soaped up her hands, handed him the bar, and worked up from his ankles. He soaped her back while she was bent over, then handed her the soap and worked on her front while she was still bent over. This became a more visual task as she straightened up. They shared the bar again and scrubbed each other's genitals and behinds, grinning at each other at the symmetry of their actions. Then Asch bent down to do her legs and she scrubbed his back from above, making sure to place her breasts on each side of his neck. Finally they rinsed off.

Asch bent down a little, then put his hands under her buttocks and lifted her, settling her onto his erect member. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and legs around his hips and levered herself up and down onto him. She threw her head back savoring the intensity of feeling him impale her again and again. The movement became more and more urgent for both of them until she arched her back trembling and cried out at the same time he grunted repeatedly his own orgasm. Finally they slowed down and she smiled at him. "Think I can just stay here?" She wiggled her hips a little, still enclosing him.

"Mmm, I certainly won't mind, but you might lose your perch eventually." He twitched his kegel muscle and she inhaled in response. "Not right away though." He kissed her and she squeezed herself against him. They kept moving their hips, and his erection took a long time to start to soften.

Finally she lowered her feet to the floor of the tub and slid off him. Then she grabbed him and examined his manhood. "Hmm. Still pretty manly, sir. Let's dry off and get on the bed." So they did; she kept playing with him, toweling him generously and herself sensuously, looking into his eyes and smiling.

They plopped onto the bed, he on his back, she on her side, one hand playing with his member, which was still fairly erect.

"Y'know," he sighed, "you're pretty easy to hold up, but I was getting ready to lock my hands together to make sure I didn't drop you."

She snickered. "I think I would have hung suspended on this," she gave him a good squeeze, "for quite a while."

"You're certainly sexy enough," he smiled. And twitched when she pulled his skin down harder than usual. He raised hips to increase the effect.

"Are you getting interested again? Goodie!" She increased her ministrations on his crotch, hitching herself around so both hands were free, and her chest was on his stomach. She worked herself around until she was almost on top of him, still massaging his balls and penis. She threw her leg over his head and he began to kiss and stroke her pussy with his tongue.

She moaned with pleasure and increased the work of her hands. He began to buck in response. Suddenly she stood up and looked down at him with hunger in her face. "Put a pillow under your hips." He arched his back to get the necessary height as he worked the pillow underneath him. Watching, she growled, and stepped toward his waist. She hunkered down and rubbed his now fully erect manhood against herself, bouncing up and down, thrusting herself onto him, and moaning. He did his best to enhance the effect, arching his back even higher. She stood up again and turned around. "I want to look at you," she growled, lust written all over her.

Asch smiled and she dropped herself onto him. "Let's see how this feels," and as she hunkered down she moved so he went into her other opening. He enjoyed the tightness, and it made his erection even harder. Mary threw her head back and slowly lowered herself farther and farther onto him, then began to move up and down. Asch reached down and caressed her exposed clit, making her cry out and move faster. Asch arched his back in time to her movements and rubbed her clit harder and harder, and they moved faster and faster, until she exploded, jerking her hips and trembling as she cried out. The effect pushed him over the edge and he jerked spasmodically several times.

Finally she collapsed forward onto him and heaved a shuddering happy sigh. "Wow. That was intense," she murmured, fingering his neck and cheek, tucking herself under his chin. Asch put his arms around her, and they snuggled. His erection finally relaxed.

They almost dozed off when she lifted herself up. "Yikes! We have to get clean! We have a big day ahead of us." When he stood up, she grabbed his privates to lead him into the shower again. "Hmm. I don't see this this way very often." She looked up at him. "I like it both ways, though," she smiled.

"That's a relief. I don't think I could stay erect all the time. Though I could certainly think of a worse fate, like never having you guys around."

Mary heaved a sigh. "Yes, my flight leaves this afternoon. No more fun for me, especially missing Fred's talk. I got in in time to grab a bite at Anchovies this morning, y'know."

"I figured you two had gotten together at some point." He sighed. "I can't decide whether I like you two better together or one at a time. Actually I like everything. And to tell the truth, what I really like best is that you two both seem genuinely happy."

"We are, we are," she said as they headed out.

Mary had to do paperwork at the airport, so she and Asch both rode the jitney so they could spend a little more time together. She laughed at his version of "meeting" Fred in the tavern and how it led to their double date to the concert. He learned more about working in the airline industry, quirks of different pilots, regulations, and passengers. It turned out she liked the travel, and enjoyed interacting with the passengers, but the paperwork and routineness of long flights was wearing on her.

They kissed so enthusiastically when they got to her destination, he felt stirrings in his loins again, and fantasized about more sex with her while he waited for the next jitney headed back to town.

On a hunch, Asch tracked down the libretto for Carmina Burana at the library and made about a dozen copies. Then he talked the owner of the music store into clearing a space for Fred's talk that evening. Greasing the guy's palm with "rent" helped. He stopped by the bike shop and invited Bill, Charlie, and Jenny to the event, then visited Vivian to do the same thing. She greeted him enthusiastically, showing him her latest creations and bragging about her successes at Sadie's store. Naturally, he had to admire the piece that had gotten her back into needlework, completed long before the three weeks were up. She said she'd try to drag Sadie along for the evening's activity.

He realized he hadn't told Lydia, so he texted her, not wanting to take the time to bike to the house and then have to shower. She said she'd bring a date!

The grocer promised to deliver a nice hors d'oeuvre tray, with chilled sparkling grape juice and plastic wine goblets. It occurred to Asch that about everyone he had much of a relationship with on the island had been invited.

About 4:00 he met up with Octavia at her home. "I like your shampoo," she smirked. "And I told Lydia about tonight's event, but it turned out you had already invited her. I hope Fred'll be able to handle the crowd." She looked at him askance. "By the way, do you plan to wear those filthy shorts and that horrible T-shirt tonight?"

Asch realized he hadn't even thought about fresh clothing. Octavia pulled some pants and a shirt out of her bike basket. "You really need to increase your wardrobe, mister. I had trouble finding anything suitable in your closet. In fact, the shirt was Gus's. Lydia says you can have if it fits." Then she ran inside to change. Asch used the downstairs bathroom. When Octavia came down, her top had the exact same shade of blue that his shirt had. "Old family fabric," she said primly.

The music store was ready when they got there about 4:30; all the chairs from the practice and listening rooms were arranged facing a corner, where the displays had been shifted to make room. Speakers and CD player from one of the listening rooms were arranged symmetrically. The music store guy had made more copies of the libretto, and one lay on every other chair. A table to one side held the comestibles, fresh from the grocer. It looked pretty good, and Asch snitched a piece of celery. Asch and Octavia briefly admired the local photographs and watercolors on the walls, then stepped outside to see if anyone was coming.

They saw Mary coming down the street! "Bad weather in Miami; they canceled the flight." She grinned wickedly. "So I get to stay for the lecture." She made a downcast face, "but I have to be back by eleven." She heaved a dramatic sigh and looked at Octavia, "so no fun tonight."

Asch put his arm around her in sympathy and patted her on the back, while Octavia made a poochy face. "There, there, now," he said with exaggerated sympathy, "You'll get to come back someday." They went back inside.

People began to arrive. The first was Brian, the black welder who had made the crack about lottery tickets. His date was Carol, their receptionist. It turned out Fred had invited everyone at his workplace. Several total strangers arrived, folks who had been visitors to the music store earlier; Vivian, Mary, Lydia, Sadie, and Lydia's date, who turned out to be the mayor of a village on the east side of the island; a couple more welders, Bill and Jenny, and even Charlie. Asch suspected Charlie showed up mainly because of Jenny, the way he kept his eye on her, though the food also got his attention. Asch smiled to himself when he saw Charlie put two and two together and offer to get something for her. He smiled more when she cheerily accepted and went over to the table with him. "She's going to bring him out of his shell yet," he thought to himself.

On the dot of 4:59 Fred and Anita arrived. Asch had been a little worried about how Fred would react to the size of the crowd, but he worried for nothing. Fred was surprised and delighted. "Good crowd. Maybe there's hope for this island yet—just kidding" He strode to the front and inserted the CD.

Brian muttered so everyone could hear, "Maybe there's hope for Fred yet." To several chuckles from the welders. Carol swatted Brian's thigh and he pretended to be hurt.

Turning, Fred spoke to everyone, "Folks, we found out at the concert last night that the City Musical Society is planning a performance of Carmina Burana this fall. Several people expressed interest in learning about the music, and here we are! This is the first time I've ever actually talked with anyone outside my family about this music, but I can't tell you how delighted I am that you are interested in hearing about it. I hope I'm not too disorganized; Brian, here, knows me well."

Everyone quieted down and he launched into the music's origin in the drinking, gambling, and love songs composed by defrocked medieval monks called the Goliard poets; a collection of their songs found in a monastery basement (Fred acted out a modern-day monk finding the manuscript in a basement and being simultaneously scandalized and interested, to everyone's amusement); and Orff's decision to set some of the songs to his own tunes, since no one knows what the original tunes were.

He started the CD, interrupting to give a quick summary of each song, with quips about appropriateness to island life. The song that was entirely a listing of everyone who drinks led to a comment about Clay's Tap, and the tenor solo of the goose roasting on a spit led to a plug for Momma Rita's. About halfway through he seemed to notice the food in the back, so he called an intermission. About half the people went for the food, and the other half swarmed around him with questions and comments about how much fun it would be to participate in the performance. Some of the attendees even thought Fred was connected to the City Musical Society. The store owner produced a sheet for people to leave their contact information on, that he promised to send to the City Musical Society.

Fred was in seventh heaven, and Anita basked in the reflected glory. Asch was happy, too. His new friend was being successful, the talk was interesting and well done, and he got to sit between Mary and Octavia.

When the talk ended, to Fred's surprise, everyone clapped.

The gathering at Momma Rita's was sort of a party after the party. Asch and Bill walked Octavia and Mary to the restaurant. Fred and Anita joined them, as did Lydia and the mayor of Easthaven, whose name turned out to be John. Vivian and Sadie begged off as too tired. Jenny and Charlie decided to go for a walk along the beach and have ice cream, and the rest of the people dispersed amiably. The welders took the leftover food and drink and went to Clay's Tap.

Octavia seated them at a table toward the back, hugged Mary and pinched Bill, warning him not to get fresh with Mary. Asch made sure there was an empty chair handy for when Octavia could join them. They ordered several appetizers and something to drink. Fred looked at Asch, hesitated, and ordered coffee. "Coffee's okay, right?" he asked.

Anita leaned over and whispered in Fred's ear, "Hoping to stay awake for a while tonight?"

Fred cast his eyes sideways at her and raised an eyebrow. "Might I need a reason to?"

"Well, you need to be awake to walk me home, right? Protect me from all those mashers?"

"I can pretty well guarantee you won't need to worry about any mashers," he murmured. "Maybe one slightly amorous bodyguard, though."

"I should be able to handle him," she grinned and squeezed his knee.

Asch stood up and proposed a toast. He held up his glass of seltzer and said," Here's to the island's newest music teacher, culture icon, and nosy monk!" Everyone cheered and said Hear! Hear! to a chorus of clinking glasses and coffee cups.

Fred blushed. He leaned over to mutter in Anita's ear, "Doing the monk was actually kinda fun."

Anita smiled. "Do you suppose he took a vow of chastity?"

"Nah, he became a Goliard."

Anita snickered and leaned her shoulder against his.

Conversation was animated, and ranged from scuba to the chemistry of welding to music history to fishing and tourism. The party-after-the-party broke up about 10:30.

Bill offered to escort Mary to the airport. She, Asch, and Octavia exchanged looks. Octavia settled it by saying, "Remember, she knows judo."

Asch started to dump his bike in the back of Lydia's truck, then realizing that she and John were riding together, decided he could use the exercise. John noticed and gave him a thank-you nod. Fred and Anita headed out, hand in hand. Octavia was stuck finishing her shift.

Anita and Fred took their time, enjoying window shopping, the pleasant evening, the rumble of distant thunder, and one another's company. "Fred, I have to say I really enjoyed tonight. You're an amazing person—you know all these physical skills like welding, and you know all this academic stuff like about music. And you're pretty debonair, too. I never knew any of this about you! I guess being at the Tap made me miss all that." Anita gave his arm a squeeze.

"You mean the booze hid it from you. And from me, too. I can't thank Asch enough for talking me into excluding it from my social life."

Anita exclaimed, "Giving Asch the credit, eh? You're humble, too!"

"Yeah," he said wryly, "I wrote a book on humility once. Humility and How I Attained It, or Humility in Ten Easy Lessons or Five Hard Ones."

She chuckled. "Terrible sense of humor though. I heard that one back in grade school."

"Oh well, win some lose some."

Just then it started to rain. No wind, but the drops came down faster and harder. They started to trot the remaining two blocks to her place, but they were soaked before they had gone ten feet, so they decided to just be wet. Rain dripped from Fred's hair onto his face, and he glanced over to Anita to see how she was doing. The rain had plastered her blouse to her body, and the street light revealed every curve, even erect nipples. He thought they were pretty nice curves.

"Wow! You look sexy when you're wet," Fred blurted.

"What? I have to be wet to look sexy?" Anita countered, with a sly smile.

Fred gulped and shook his head. "No no, you're always good looking, but this rain, um, looks really really sexy on you. I hope you're okay with looking that sexy. I'll try to be a gentleman, but I just had to say it. How's that? I admit I'm not too good at talking to women. Especially ones I like." Anita could hear the blush in his voice.

"Well, thank you and I was only teasing. And you're looking pretty handsome yourself, mister raindrops falling from your nose," she grinned up at him and touched a drop about to fall from there.

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