tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Time Nude Sauna Pt. 15

First Time Nude Sauna Pt. 15


Summer was upon us and Jia and I began to plan for the holidays. I emailed my sister Lilly and asked her if she and the kids would like to join us and where she would like to go. She replied she would love to come and that her daughter Sophie would join her, they didn't care where we went as long as it was warmer than the UK. Sadly, things with James hadn't improved much so he would stay with his dad. She also mentioned that she had some news but would call me later to explain.

A few hours later we were talking via skype. "Tom, I wanted to tell you that both Sophie and I now have boyfriends!"

"That's great news Lilly, I'm happy for you!"

"Sophie's friend Steve is 23 years old and is studying law in London. My new love is Richard and he's 49 and has his own engineering firm. He's also divorced and has 3 grown-up children."

"How did you meet?"

"I met Richard at our local pool. I've started swimming regularly and try and go at least three or four times a week. He was also always there and we got talking. He's really a great guy and I can't wait for you to meet him."

"I'm happy you've found someone and look forward to meeting him. Look, do you want to invite both of them to join us for the holiday? It would be a chance for us to meet and you and Sophie won't be alone!"

"I'm so glad you asked Tom, we'd love to bring them along!"

"Great! The only question is, do you still want to go to a nudist resort?"

"Yes. I've told Richard all about our visit with you and Sophie did the same with Steve. They're both not nudists but are willing to give it a try."

"Well tell them they are welcome to come! Jia and I have been looking at some options and our favourite is in Croatia. It's 5 star resort and includes a nudist beach as well as spa. They also have a non-nude option if someone doesn't feel comfortable. If it's OK with you I'll make the booking today."

"That sounds fantastic, if you can book something at the beginning of July or middle of August it would work for us."

"OK. I'll get on it and let you know. Bye for now and say hi to Sophie for us."

Jia had heard most of our conversation and said "It's great to hear they both have boyfriends! Let's see what's available on those dates."

I opened the resort website and tried a few dates. It was already quite full and I couldn't get 3 double rooms during the same period. The only option was a suite with 2 bedrooms and the option of beds in the living area.

I asked Jia "Do you think that'll be OK? I suppose Sophie and Steve won't mind as they're used to worse being students."

"You better check with Lilly. It's OK for me but we won't have much privacy."

"I know, let me check some other places before I ask her."

I searched but couldn't find anything as good as this resort and most places were also fully booked during these times. I wrote to Lilly and explained the situation. She replied that she'd spoked to everyone and it was fine for them. On hearing that I confirmed again with Jia and she agreed that it was still the best place and we would be outside most of the time anyway. I booked the suite for 10 days and then made our flight reservations. Everything was set.


It wasn't long before we were packing our bags and heading for the airport for the short flight. Our plane landed on time, after finding the resort shuttle bus we were on our way to the hotel. Lilly and her gang would arrive a few hours later. The weather was hot and sunny without a cloud in the sky.

The resort was fantastic and exceeded our expectations. We checked-in and were taken to our suite on the 5th floor. All the rooms of the suite had large windows with views over the landscaped park and the beach and there was a huge bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi. After unpacking we had a quick shower and went out onto the balcony naked to air dry. The balcony was large and included four sun chairs as well as a big table with 6 chairs. As we were on the top floor there were no rooms above and the balconies on either side were hidden by a wall so it was totally private.

Jia said "It's beautiful here" as she lay down on a lounger and enjoyed the sunshine.

She looked stunning lying there so I ran back to the room and grabbed my digital camera. It was exciting taking pictures of her naked with the scenery in the background. At the spas photography was forbidden so we didn't really have any naked outdoor shots. I hoped Lilly and Sophie would be OK with us taking pictures and planned to fill my memory card!

I asked Jia, "Do you want to go for a look around before the others arrive? If their flight was on time, they should be here in about 30 or 40 minutes."

"OK, let's go."

The resort was split into clothing-required and nudist parts, we had booked our room in the nudist sector so that you could access the nude spa, park and beach directly. It was actually possible to remain nude all the time, with the only exceptions being the indoor restaurants and the main lobby area. As we were planning to go to the lobby later we decided to take along some towels.

It was a strange feeling walking down the corridor and taking the lift totally naked. When the lift door opened on the garden floor a nude elderly couple were waiting to get in. We said hello and I noticed them both staring at Jia. It looked like naked Asians were uncommon here as well!

The park area was large and well-tended and the nude section was separated from the clothing required part by a large hedge. Sun chairs were scattered throughout the park and even though the resort was full there were many available. The large swimming pool had an outdoor restaurant and bar and looked like the main meeting point. Further along was a small forest and in the distance you could make out the beach and sea, the gentle sound of waves could be heard.

There many people in the pool and restaurant but it wasn't crowded at all and I wondered if the same was true on the clothing required side. The atmosphere was very relaxed and peaceful, probably helped by the fact that no under 16's were permitted! From what I could see the majority of people were couples with the odd family. Most people looked to be European and I couldn't see any of African or Asian descent so far.

Jia took my hand and said "I love this place already! Let's get a drink by the bar and then walk down to the beach."

We walked over to the bar and I noticed quite a few heads turn to follow our progress. There was a lot more looking than at the spas and even with most people wearing sunglasses I could tell they were interested in Jia and not me! My cock grew slightly at the thought of how many people were seeing my wife naked. After getting our drinks we sat at a small table and did some people watching of our own.

There was a huge variety of bodies on show. From vintage nudists with dark brown and somewhat leathery looking skin to others with distinct tan lines showing that they weren't always naked. Some of the couples were in stunning shape while others were not! Breasts and nipples of all shapes and sizes were represented including some nearly as small as Jia's. Long, short, thick, thin, cut, un-cut, white, brown, shaved and hairy, basically every type of penis could be seen. It was fascinating to watch and I reminded myself how much things had changed. A little more than a year ago we both would rather have died than sit here!

When our drinks were finished we left the bar and walked along a footpath leading to the ocean. The path we selected led through a small forest that provided a welcome respite from the intense sunshine and heat. There were small clearings between the trees and most of them had sun chairs or hammocks so you could move here if it was too hot elsewhere. It looked like the "no sex in public" rule was a bit more relaxed in here and we saw quite a few couples being affectionate. There was no outright sex but a lot more cuddling, kissing and hands on breasts and cocks than in the more exposed park and pool area.

When we emerged from the forest onto the beach I was glad to see that it consisted of fine sand and not gravel like many of the other beaches in this area. There were many umbrellas and sun chairs available. The nude and non-nude areas were separated by a rope attached to a life guard tower. We could see that the non-nude area was totally full and quite noisy, this contrasted to the nudist part that was much more sparsely populated.

Jia let go of my hand and ran to the water just dipping her toes. She called back to me saying "it's nice and warm!" I joined her and we walked in up out knees then sat down to enjoy the gently lapping waves.

I checked the time and realized that we had to head to the lobby if we wanted to meet Lilly in the lobby. I told Jia and we stood up and walked out of the sea. We quickly washed the salt and sand off under the showers and I again noticed that Jia was attracting a lot of attention. My cock stiffened slightly and I did some mental arithmetic to distract myself as I didn't fancy walking back through the resort with an obvious erection.

My trick worked and we walked back in the direction of the hotel letting the sun and gentle breeze take care of drying us. The inside of the building felt quite chilly now and we were glad to wrap ourselves in our towels. We walked into the lobby and I asked at the reception desk if my sister had already arrived. The young lady checked and said "No, but the airport shuttle is due in the next few minutes." I thanked her and sat down on the sofa with Jia to wait.

It wasn't long before we saw the bus pull up and 8 guests emerge. Lilly and Sophie saw us instantly and rushed over giving us kisses and hugs. Lilly said "I can see you two are already at home!"

Jia and I laughed and I said "Yup, it's fantastic here and I'm sure you'll love it!"

Lilly then turned and beckoned to two men busy telling the porter which luggage was theirs. Richard was quite short and had a rather large belly; Steve was very tall and well-built with dark hair and a hipster style beard. After Lilly made the introductions and we completed the usual "nice to meet you" conversations we moved into the lobby. Jia and I waited while they completed the check-in procedure and then told the receptionist that we would take them to our suite.

Jia started telling them about our room and the resort while we were walking towards the lift. It felt strange only wearing towels while we took the four of them to the suite and I wondered how we would proceed once we were there. I hoped we hadn't made a mistake including the two men and that everyone would feel comfortable. I decided to wait until we were all settled before trying to start up a proper conversation with Richard and Steve.

When we opened the door to the suite, Lilly and Sophie squealed in delight and rushed inside. They were gushing about the facilities and the view and their enthusiasm was infectious. After the luggage arrived, I showed Lilly and Richard their room and asked them if they wanted to take a quick shower. They agreed and went into the bathroom together.

While they were busy we showed Sophie and Steve the sofa that converted into a double bed for them. They were very happy with the arrangement and after getting some drinks from the kitchenette we went to sit on the balcony.

I decided now would be a good moment to ask them how they wanted to handle things. Lilly spoke up and said "Steve and I have discussed this and we're ready to do whatever you suggest."

I replied "Well, I think we just keep things easy and always stay nude if possible. That way no one has to think about whether or not to wear anything. For the bathroom we'll just say close the door for privacy, leave it open if you don't mind if someone else joining you. What do you guys think?"

Sophie said "That sounds good to me! Like you said, we just follow the hotel rules and stay nude everywhere we can. What do you think Steve?"

"I'll leave it to the experts! I've never been to a nudist resort or been naked in any kind of public place. The only thing I'm familiar with are showers and locker rooms at the gym."

I said "OK, well we'll discuss it with Lilly and Richard when they're finished in the bathroom. Steve, since this is your first time, do you have any questions? I know Jia and I were pretty nervous when we went to our first nude sauna."

"Not really questions, but I'm a bit worried about getting um, you know, um... aroused!"

"That's totally normal and you don't have to worry about it. I can't speak for Lilly or Richard but if it happens when it's just us around there's no problem at all. The resort doesn't encourage people to show off, so the best thing to do is wrap a towel around or lie on your stomach until things calm down! But, from what we've seen so far they seem very relaxed about that rule here."

At that moment Lilly and Richard came onto the balcony wrapped in towels. Lilly asked me "What were you saying about relaxed rules?"

"I was just telling Steve that the rules about being aroused in public seem to be quite relaxed here."

"Oh, that's good to hear. I told you it wouldn't be a problem Richard!"

Richard spoke up and asked "So what's the procedure if it happens? I'm a bit nervous about that myself as I've no experience being nude around others!"

I repeated my earlier advice and asked Lilly and Richard if they agreed with the idea that we all stay nude wherever it's permitted as well as in our suite. They both agreed this made sense.

Sophie said "Steve and I will have our shower now. See you in a bit." then took his hand his hand and lead him to the bathroom.

As we waited for them I asked Richard about his business and other general topics. He seemed like a nice guy and I could tell he was very fond of Lilly. I was glad for her and hoped this holiday would bring them even closer.

Richard asked "So how did you and Jia get into public nudity?"

"I don't know what Lilly's already told you but it's quite a recent development!"

Lilly interjected "I only told him about our trip to the sauna."

I was about to tell him how it all happened when Sophie and Steve returned from their shower. Both of them were wrapped in towels and Steve's naked chest confirmed my previous expectations of his body. I looked over at Jia and saw she appreciated his wide shoulders and muscular arms.

"Did we miss anything?" Sophie asked.

"No, I was just about to tell Richard how we got into being nude in public. It's quite a long story so maybe it's better saved for later. I think we should take advantage of the remainder of the day and take a proper look around the resort. What do you guys think?"

Everyone agreed this was a good idea.

Jia then said "Well, it's the moment of truth. I think we should all remove our towels now so that Richard and Steve can get used to being nude around other people before we go out." She didn't wait for a response before standing up and loosening her towel. It dropped onto her sun chair and revealed her slim and sexy body to everyone.

I followed her example and stood up and dropped my towel. Unsurprisingly Richard and Steve were both intently staring at Jia. My cock swelled slightly due to the excitement I always felt when my wife was exposed to others. I glanced at the front of their towels and could see a large bulge forming by Richard but not much happening with Steve.

Lilly was next, she stood up and undid her towel followed swiftly by Sophie. The four of us had seen each other naked quite recently so there weren't that many surprises. I thought Lilly looked even better than last time and her body was definitely more toned. The only change to Sophie was that she had shaved off all her pubic hair.

Poor Richard and Steve didn't know where to look. They were both blushing and the bulge under Richard's towel had grown significantly. Steve was still showing more control which was surprising as I had expected the younger man to have more of a problem containing his arousal.

Lilly said to Richard "It's your turn now, don't be shy!"

Richard remained seated and said "This is really embarrassing but I've got an erection." Before anyone could respond he went on "I'm sorry but seeing all you beautiful women naked is extraordinary and I just can't control it!"

I said "Richard, don't be embarrassed, it's natural for that to happen and I'm sure the ladies won't mind. It was a good idea to get used to seeing each other naked before we venture out."

Lilly walked over to him, pulled him to his feet and hugged him "Don't worry, we'll stay up here until you get used to it."

Richard looked at Sophie and Jia and asked them "Are two you sure you don't mind?"

They both nodded and Jia said "This environment is very different to being naked in a public place and it would actually be surprising if nothing happened! I'll take it as a compliment that you find me attractive."

I could tell Richard was still unsure but he slowly reached down and removed his towel. As expected his penis sprang up once it was released and bounced a few times until it settled. Everyone except Lilly gasped in surprise, not because his cock was erect but because of its size. I haven't seen that many erect cocks before but this was easily one of the biggest at around 8 inches long and thick. It was an impressive organ, protruding from under his large belly with a slight upward curve. Beneath it his hairy ball sack hung low and heavy.

After the initial shock everyone tried to act normal and stopped staring at Richard. Conversation resumed until Sophie turned to Steve and said "It's just you now!"

Steve gulped and wiped some sweat from his brow. He whispered something to Sophie and she said "Its fine, it doesn't matter and you know I love you." She gave him a deep kiss and slowly removed his towel for him.

Steve was totally shaven like Sophie and he was erect just like Richard. But that's where the similarity ended. Steve was well below average being only about 4 inches long and circumcised. The shaft was straight and reasonably thick with a smooth pair of balls pulled up tight. No one reacted or commented and I suggested we all get more drinks and sit down for a while.

While everyone was arranging their towels on the sun chairs I went to the kitchenette to fetch some more refreshments. Jia soon followed and when we were out of earshot of the others she said "that was unexpected!"

"Yeah! Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover! If you'd asked me before I would have put money on Steve having the bigger penis."

"So would I. He's so big and well-built I was expecting the same down below."

"Anyway, as we know from Wang, size isn't that important. All that matters is that Sophie and Lilly are both happy."

"I know. They both seem like nice guys."

"Yes, I can tell Richard likes Lilly a lot. I haven't had a chance to speak to Steve yet so don't have an opinion. He seems a bit quiet but that could just be because of the unusual situation. I would have hated to be put into his position myself!"

We finished loading up the drinks and went back outside. Everyone was chatting and we sat down and joined in. I had a chance to talk to Steve a bit more and found him to be very intelligent. After a while, both Richard and Steve had adjusted to the situation and their cocks returned to more normal proportions. Interestingly Steve's remained almost the same size when it was flaccid whereas Richard's shrank to a still large 4 or so inches.

The sun was slowly starting to set and I felt we were ready to leave. I stood up and announced, "OK, everyone, I think we've all gotten used to seeing each other naked, let's go and explore this place properly before it gets dark!"

I wanted to take my camera and asked "Is everyone OK if I take some pictures?" No one objected so I grabbed my camera and we left the suite with the ladies taking the lead.

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