tagLoving WivesFor the Love of Teacher

For the Love of Teacher


Victoria was a stay at home housewife. At 23 she married her husband Gordon 18 months ago. Gordon was 23 years her senior and she was a trophy wife. Gordon was a high-powered executive for a large bank and after years of bachelorhood need a wife to look good on his arm whenever a social event warranted it. The other reason he married such a young woman was because he wanted an heir. Victoria or simply Vicky as she was known then was a waitress at a local cafe. At first, he wooed her but after a month he dropped the bombshell of his true intention. If she married him and provided and heir she would live a comfort and want for nothing. The baby would be raised by a nanny leaving her free to live a carefree lifestyle. He also said that once she was pregnant there would be no need to have sex or share a room. His final revelation was that he was gay, but needed to keep up a heterosexual lifestyle for appearances. After some serious soul searching, she agreed. A contract was drafted and signed and they were married. They slept together for the first 6 months of their marriage until she fell pregnant. 9 months later she delivered a son for Gordon. And true to his word Victoria wanted for nothing. She did look after her son but a full-time nanny was on hand so she could go shopping and relax.

One thing was missing from her life, companionship. Gordon was a good friend but no more. He was off on an evening bedding some man somewhere. She was free by their contract to have her own affairs, as long as they were discreet.

One day she was passing her old school in her Aston Martin DBS, a wedding gift from Gordon. She noticed the school was holding an open day. With nothing better to do she drove into the car park and enter the building, she had not stepped foot in for 7 years. Floods of memories came back from her time here. She was issued a name badge along with the other prospective parents.

They all set off on a guided tour with the deputy headmistress. Victoria did not recognise her so she did not bother hiding at the back of the group. She was amazed at how little the place had changed as the wondered from one department to another. All the while the deputy was waffling on about exam stats and Ofsted reports.

The tour took them to the English department, this was Victoria's favourite subject and one she excelled at. As she entered the class she froze, all the previous classes they had visited had new teachers inside. Now as she walked in at the head of the group she was face to face with her old English teacher Mr. Davis. If he recognised her he did not let on. He was pleasant and polite as he gave his speech about the schools English record. After he fielded a few questions then deputy started to lead the group out. Victoria sighed a relief at getting out without him blowing her cover. As she was about to step out the door he called out. Are you not going to say hello Vicky. She stopped in her tracks closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She turned to face the man who was her school girl crush. He was 25 when he joined the school as an NQT, she 15 and was just starting her final year. He had given her some extra tuition for her final project. And if he had any sign of her crush he did not play on them or take advantage of her. Now aged 33 he had a maturity that made her heart skip.

She gave a coy smile hello sir, she said. He smiled back and said, you're not my student anymore Vicky you can call me Alan. He continued, what brings Vicky Adams into my classroom during a parent open day? First, my name is now Victoria Scott she replied. And I was driving by when I noticed the school had an open day so I had some free time so I thought why not. He walked around his desk and perched on the edge taking her in. She was wearing an expensive skirt suit with matching shoes and a bag. Her long brunette hair was styled, and her jewellery did not look like it had come from Argos.

Looks like you married well he said. She replied that it was complicated but her husband was a good man. He could see the skin of her neck flush with excitement. Tell me how so he asked. She explained that she married an older gay man and provided him with a child, and she was free to live in comfort. She explained that she deeply cared for him and her love for him was same as a kind uncle.

Alan asked if she was interested in becoming his research assistant for a paper he was authoring. She had helped him for extra credit in her final year at the school. He explained the subject matter and it peaked her interest. As she agreed the school bell rang so they arranged to meet up later at a local wine bar. As she left the classroom, pupils filed in for their English lesson.

She caught up with the tour group and made an excuse and left. She felt giddy and nervous as she sat in her car. It had been awhile since a mere conversation had made her aroused. She drove home with the air con of her car on full blast to try and dampen be heat within her.

Back home she played with her baby for a couple of hours before heading to her private dressing room to prepare for her meeting with Alan. She had only been with one man since she married Gordon but he was her age and he did not push her buttons and the sex was dull.

She had a shower and hit her walk in wardrobe. She did not know how to dress for her meeting. Should she dress formal and conservative, or as if she was going on a date? She settled on a pinstriped maxi dress she decided it would be fine for either a job interview or a night out in a wine bar.

She decided to catch a cab so she could drink. Just as her cab arrived Gordon came home. He complimented her on her appearance and then went off to see their son. The short cab ride to the bar, she had butterflies in her tummy. When she arrived Alan was waiting in a side booth. He stood to greet her and kissed her on each cheek. As they sat, a waitress took their drinks order. Alan outlined the paper he was working on. Victoria relaxed as it appeared that Alan only wanted a research assistant. What she did not know has he noticed her body language back in his classroom. Her flushed appearance, he first noticed it back when she was his pupil. But then she was a kid and he was her teacher in a position of trust. He was tempted but he was no child snatcher. This time was different she was an adult and fair game. Now he had her guard down he kept leading her on with his research project. The project was very real and he knew she was a great assistant, but he wanted to exploit other advantages of having her help him.

Over dinner, they discussed the project and outlined their plans. Victoria would go to the central library and see if she could confirm Alan's writings. She would come to his house the following Saturday to compare notes.

Over coffee, Victoria was completely relaxed when she told Alan that he was her schoolgirl crush. She was surprised to hear he knew and that he was flattered but could not act on it. No more was said about their past attraction, and the rest of the evening was spent catching up on the events of theirs life's since Victoria left school. Alan had been in a relationship with another teacher but after she moved to another school several hundred miles away it ended when she met someone local.

After dinner, they headed out of the bar and Victoria called a cab. As they stood waiting, Alan could see Victoria was cold so he put an arm around her to warm her up. Instinctively see leaned into him and felt comfortable. When the car came she offered him a ride home but he declined. They agreed to meet up at his house the following Saturday to go over her research.

As the cab pulled away Alan knew he would need to jerk off when he got home.

When the cab dropped Victoria off she noticed that Gordon's car was gone and the house was dark. The nanny was in her own room and the baby was sound asleep. She turned in and dreamt about Alan. She was back in school and during one of their research sessions he leaned over and kissed. Soon he was fucking her over his desk. The dream was so strong she came in her sleep. She awoken, sweating in her king sized bed. She went to the bathroom and threw some cold water on her face and put on a fresh nightgown.

Over the week Victoria did her best to find all the details Alan needed for his project. They had several emails pass back and forth each day. At first, they were professional, but slowly they took on a more personable nature. On the Thursday Alan attached and an old photo of the two of them together back when they worked on a previous project. Victoria was in her school uniform with Alan's arm around her. They shared a few memories of that time and Alan ended the email that she made that uniform look good, and it was a constant distraction.

Victoria did not how to respond to the email so simply wrote lol X. The rest of the day her head was in a spin. What were his comments about her school uniform all about. She logged on to her computer and looked at her old school photos. She did not see anything sexy in the way she dressed. Unlike her fellow pupils, she wore her uniform conservatively. Her skirt was knee length and her top button was always fastened, with her tie in a perfect Windsor knot.

She decided to test the water and sent a couple of pics to Alan to gauge his reaction. The first one was an official school photo showing her neater than ever and the other was her friend Sally Wright who alway had at least 3 buttons undone and her tie loose with her skirt barely covering her panties. She said to Alan that he would prefer Sally to her as she was far sexier. Alan replied that he preferred a girl who took pride in her appearance, and besides he did not like a girl showing off her assets so readily. He said he imagined that underneath her prim and proper uniform was a set of sexy silky undies.

This convinced Victoria that Alan wanted to sleep with her, and she knew she would let him. She sat I front of her PC and pondered what to do next. With a flash of inspiration she logged on to her old school's website and within a few clicks found the official uniform supplier. Several clicks later she had in her basket all she would need to have Alan fuck her. She checked out with same day delivery and grabbed her bag and went underwear shopping.

When she returned home her earlier purchases were awaiting her. She squirrelled them away in her room and joined Gordon for dinner. They talked about their days, Gordon had met a client today that pricked his gaydar. After a lot of careful probing and signs given, they set up a date. Victoria joked that she was hurt and would not give him a divorce. He laughed and said not to worry as Mark had a similar arrangement with his wife. Victoria told him about Alan and the work she was doing for him. Gordon sensed there was more to the situation but did not probe any deeper. After they put their son to bet they retreated to their rooms.

Once inside Victoria laid out her purchased and stripped naked. She slipped on her new black lace bra and panties set. Slid the seemed stockings up each leg. Almost trembling she slid her arms into the sleeves of the white school blouse and buttoned all but the collar. She then stepped into the green pencil school skirt and zipped it up. She sat at her dresser and cleaned off all her makeup and reapplied it as she had done during her school days. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and secured it with a hair band. She fastened her top button and after a couple of failed attempts knotted her green with thin gold stripped tie perfectly. Then she pulled on the bottle green pullover with a gold trim around the v neck and the cuffs. Finally, she pulled on the bottle green blazer, over her left breast was the gold embroidered school crest emblazoned with the school motto. With truth comes knowledge. Victoria stood in front of her full-length mirror and her mind was taken back to her school days.

Looking in the mirror she could stroll back into the school and no one would batter an eyelid. She could easily pass for a 5th former. Looking at the clock she saw it was only 7.30pm. Gordon was out, the baby was in bed and the nanny had retired to her own room. Feeling naughty Victoria put some cash in her blazer pocket and grabbed her phone and keys. She put on a long coat and scarf to hide her outfit and drove over to her old neighbourhood. She parked in a side street and removed her coat and exited the car. Nervous and excited all at the same time she walked to the local shops. First, she went to the mini market and bought some crisps and a teenage magazine. Feeling braver she went into the chip shop and got herself some chips. She walked to the local park and sat eating her chips. Several people passed her and not one of them have her a second glance, well one or two men did check her out. She almost panicked when she saw a couple of girls also wearing the same uniform approach her. They smiled and one asked for a chip. The girls were from the 3rd year and after a minute of chatting they moved on. They also assumed she was an older pupil from their school.

She took a slow walk back to her car and slipped inside making sure no one had seen her. She quickly slipped the coat and scarf back on and headed home.

That night she dreamt about Alan taking her over his desk whilst she was in uniform. She woke up exhausted, and after a warm drink went back to sleep. She was awoken by her phone buzzing. She had a text from Alan inviting her around to his home for dinner and to catch up on the research. She confirmed she would be there at 7pm. She looked around her room and her uniform was hanging from her wardrobe door. She decided tonight was the night and hit the shower.

After showering and applying her school makeup, she dressed in her sexy underwear and put on her school shirt and left the top 3 buttons undone. She put on a black pencil skirt and matching jacket. After adding some accessories and pinning her hair up she looked like a business woman or teacher. She rolled up the skirt, tie, pullover, and blazer and put them into her tote bag. She also put her research in the bag also. She had some time so she spent it with her son. At 6.30 she called a cab to take her to Alan's, as she left she told the nanny she would not be home tonight.

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