tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 54

For the Whored: Stormwind Ch. 54


"Alright, Sugarbear, there's some low rank orc bitches we're going to have to pass before we head up into Loch Modan. I'll handle them. I kicked their asses years ago, and they never got any better. Through Loch Modan we'll be pretty well protected. There are some kobolds, but they tend to be scared by a fart. We'll head from there to the gates that lead to Searing Gorge. I have the key, I earned it ages ago. Once we pass the gates, it gets hairy. I'd recommend your gear. Mostly spiders, then rogue Dark Irons, we'll run through there, and pass through Blackrock Mountain. After that, we head into Burning Steppes. Once we're in the steppes, we'll want to put Susan in the center, and have her hang on to the kids, because this will be the nastiest part of our journey. Once we make it through, we'll hit Redridge. Easy stuff, the occasional orc or gnoll, then we'll smack through Elwynn, and we're basically home free."

"You lead, I'll fight when necessary."

Elunara nodded. "This is why I had to come. I doubt much can get past the pair of us. SaTa and Argy are flying along with us. They're looking forward to the spiders."

"You control the beasts." Grogek snorted.

"This seems rather dangerous." Susan swallowed nervously.

"No choice but. It's the most direct route. I think, for the sake of you and the children, I'll be rapid pumping the horses through Burning Steppes. Too much shit to worry about."

"I don't know what that means."

"It means I'll be filling them with energy over and over again. It's risky, but it'll keep them running and reduce the time we have to spend."

Susan stopped and stared. "That's him..."

Grogek frowned. "That's him who?"

"The Dark Iron that took my husband."

Grogek pulled the horses to a stop. "Where?"

She pointed. "Through there. At that camp..." She put a hand to her mouth. "I know it was him. I recognize the scar on his face... my husband put it there."

Grogek tossed the reins to Elunara. "I'll be back."


Elunara put a hand on Susan's shoulder. "He'll be fine."

Grogek flexed his hand and called his axe.

"What is he doing?"

"Defending his mate." Elunara shrugged. "It's what orcs do best."


Grogek came back, and climbed into the cart. "There, now that entire encampment can't bother anyone again." He snapped the reins and the horses started to run again.

"I don't know what to say." Susan rubbed her face. "I'm so grateful. Not only did you get revenge for my husband, you saved my friends from the same fate." She leaned against his arm.

He wrapped his arm around her. "You are mine now."

"I guess I am." She whispered.

"Love, I see orcs." Grogek cautioned.

"I'll handle them." Elunara went stealth and jumped out of the wagon, using her increased speed to reach the orcs; she brought down five of them, checked them for valuables, and grabbed the cart as it passed. She jumped up. "Spiders!" She called up to the Rylaks.

"Efficient." Grogek nodded, as the creatures took down the spiders on the pathway.

"Oh, they LOVE spiders." Elunara laughed. "Once we get up in the passes, I know a good place to stop for the night."

"Mommy?" Tina rubbed her eye. "I need to pee."

"Stop, I know a safe place before we head up." Elunara gestured.

Grogek stopped the cart. "Are you certain?"

"The globs look nasty, but, they're harmless. It's the ones with skulls you have to worry about. Just step around them. That set of trees should be safe."

They continued on, both women holding their children. Grogek chuckled to himself.

"What's so funny, Sugarbear?"

"Just enjoying myself." He grinned at her. "My two wives and children on either side of me. Just feels so damned domestic, you know?"

"Boy do I." Elunara snorted.

"Wives?" Susan squeaked.

"Around here, we accept declarations." Elunara winked. "Unless you want the whole ceremony and all that. I can totally arrange it."

Susan went scarlet. "I don't think I could survive another ceremony..."

"Well, it's up to you to accept the declaration." Elunara shrugged. "Pull over here. It's getting too dark to continue, and this is the safest spot up this mountain."

"Yes, love."

Susan was still sputtering. "But... I... I just..."

Grogek jumped down and scooped Susan off of the wagon. "Give it some thought. You don't have to, if you ultimately don't want to." He sat her down.

She blinked up at him. "But, I don't even know if you love me."

"Have I not said it before?" He blinked down at her.

"She doesn't know your language, Sugarbear." Elunara sat to the side, just drawing.

"Oh." He sighed. "I tend to forget."

"That's how you know he's gone sentimental and romantic, when you can't understand a word he is saying. Don't worry, Sweetie, we'll teach you."

"Oh! Oh, I guess if that's true... you've said it a lot."

Grogek said something in orcish.

"You light up my world, cherished angel." Elunara translated.

He spoke again.

"Like a gentle breeze, you've swept into my life." Elunara closed her board and climbed down.

Grogek took Susan's hand and spoke again.

"Your steps so timid, your heart so pure." Stepping behind her, Elunara put her hands on Susan's shoulders.

Grogek brushed Susan's hair back as he murmured.

"You make me want to protect you, my delicate angel." Elunara whispered.

Grogek kissed her.

"My light,"

He kissed her forehead.

"My heart,"

He wrapped his arms around Susan as he spoke.

"Forever more." Elunara grinned up at Grogek, and he grinned back.

"Oh! Oh, my! Why do you never say these things where I can understand you?" Susan sighed.

"Because it's who he is." Elunara sighed. "When he's feeling emotional, he goes back to his roots, which is orcish. As such, he's gotten me to return to elvish, even though I stopped using it after I was banished." She shrugged. "We'll teach you the language, so you can be on the same page, it'll save us in the long run. Just know, when he does it... it means everything to him." Elunara ran her hand over his cheek.

"Plus, it just sounds better in my language." Grogek snorted.

"Typical arrogant orc." She rolled her eyes.

A little while later, Elunara took down the small bedroll, and put Lulu and Tina on it.

"But, I'm not TIRED!" Tina whined.

Elunara rolled her eyes and tapped Tina on the forehead. The little girl fell over.

"What did you do to her?"

"Typical healer knock out. She'll sleep through the night, no matter what." Elunara winked.

"Do you do that often?"

"Only when necessary. I will do it again if we're in a bad spot and I need them to be still. For now, I felt the mood was getting less than kid friendly."

Susan blushed. "Who knew a big, mean, orc like him, would be capable of such beautiful poetry."

"I wish you could hear him when he really gets going. It's... gorgeous. You'll have to learn the language to truly appreciate it. Even I only gave you a crude translation."

"There was more to that?" Susan looked over at Grogek tending the horses.

"There's tone and inflection I couldn't possibly give." Elunara shrugged. She took her board and climbed up a short hill. "You should join me, it's pretty up here."

Susan climbed the hill and gasped. "Oh, I've never seen Wetlands from up here."

"Didn't get out much, didja?" Elunara winked. "I've been all over everything. But, only now can I appreciate it."


"Grogek unlocked my heart, made me see things in a different light. Now I can enjoy the little things."

"He's very special." Susan sighed. "I don't want to take him from you."

"You couldn't if you tried." Elunara shrugged and continued her work. "We have something special that cannot be broken. You should feel honored that he's chosen to let you into his heart, for that's always been reserved for just me. I do not begrudge you for it; it's not in my nature. I can't even bring myself to be jealous. I actually tried that one out, didn't like how it felt."

"You're both such a mystery."

"Read my books." She shrugged.

Grogek sat down between them and tugged them both into his lap. "Mine." He grinned.

Elunara readjusted and went back to her work.

Susan blushed and looked over. "Oh... Oh, wow... your work..."

Elunara grinned. "Yeah, it's all I ever do. Aside from fucking everything that moves." She shrugged.

"You're so casual about everything. I envy that." Susan found herself rubbing her head against Grogek's chest. She blushed.

"In time, you'll be more casual about our family, but I hope you never lose that sweet, shy way about you." Elunara reached out and ran her fingers on Susan's cheek. "It makes you adorable. Also, Grogek likes that about you." She stuck out her tongue.

Grogek chuckled. "My love, don't pick at her."

"She'll have to get used to me eventually, Sugarbear. Especially if she decides to permanently share our bed."

Susan swallowed. "Tulani was telling me... something about that."

"I will never push you into something you don't want, my lovely. If you're uncomfortable with something I'm doing, feel free to tell me to stop it. I don't censor myself on my own, you have to be vocal." She sighed. "I'm the touchy feely type, apparently." She snorted. "Granted, I never considered women until my Tulani." She scratched the back of her head. "I won't touch you like that, unless you ask. I know you're straight, and that's fine. If you want instruction on more creative ways to pleasure him, I'm up for that too. I teach sex, and everything that goes with it."

"A-and if I wanted... that?"

Elunara turned and ran her fingers under Susan's chin, lowering her voice. "Then I could teach you the most fascinating ways to pleasure yourself, should the feeling ever take you." She purred.

Susan went bright red and she jolted back.

Grogek wrapped his arm around Susan with a laugh. "I saw her first."

"Oh, don't worry. I'd never be able to convert her to a full female set." She kissed Grogek's chin. "I wouldn't even try."

"Jerry's mother?"

"Hey, she was a female set BEFORE she forced herself to marry, and have a child, just to pretend to be normal. I never had a true session with her either... I just showed her and Lucy how to enjoy each other. Lucy was already pretty good at it; I just had to help Kaileen find some confidence. They're doing pretty good, by the way." Elunara closed her board and tucked it away. "I prefer to teach the absence of restrictions." She snuggled up to Grogek.

"You're both so fascinating." Susan sighed and rubbed her cheek against Grogek's massive chest. "I think I might be falling in love with the both of you."

Grogek cuddled her closer. "I'll settle for that, for now."

Elunara giggled. "How long did I make you wait?"

"Almost a year." He grunted. "But I had to convince you to listen to your heart."

"First you had to convince me I HAD a heart." She licked his neck. "Now look at us. We're addicted to each other."

Grogek licked his lips. "Now, things change again."

Elunara grinned and tugged at his pants. "Something tells me you're still stuck on the female set conversation."

"It has been a little uncomfortable." He laughed. "But, I wasn't going to mention it."

"Why not?" She slipped her hand down and stroked his erection.

He groaned. "I wasn't sure..."

Susan blushed. "I..."

"No, no, my girl." Elunara grinned. "We might as well get started on this relationship." She let go of Grogek and tugged at Susan's dress. "Let's get you undressed."

"But... what about..."

"No one will be by here at this hour. We're safe here." Elunara tugged Susan out of Grogek's lap and helped her get her dress off. She then got her own clothes off. "Hmm, now what should we do with you?"

"I know what I want to do with the both of you." Grogek growled. He slipped his hands across their soft hairs, his fingers slipping through those slick folds.

Elunara groaned, and Susan gasped. "Here, let's lay down." Elunara winked and helped Susan down, before lying beside her. Holding Susan's hand, Elunara spread her legs. "Like me."

"Like this?" Susan mimicked her.

Grogek groaned. "Beautiful." He whispered. Once again, he went for those slick wet centers, pressing two fingers into Elunara and one into Susan.

Susan gasped and clung to Elunara's arm.

He groaned, his fingers working into the both of them. "Which of you should I fuck first?" He purred.

"I'd go with her." Elunara grinned. "Because you know how much I enjoy watching. By time you go for me, I'm going to be completely soaked."

With a nod, he stood and yanked his clothes off. Susan watched him with fascinated awe. Grogek tugged Susan up. "I know just how I want you." He lay down and tugged her on top of him.

"Do you want help?" Elunara ran her fingers under Susan's chin.

"I... I think I've got it..." Susan climbed on top of Grogek.

He grabbed her hips, and carefully guided her up and over his dick. With painstaking slowness, he slid her on, groaning. Susan clung to his wrists and gasped. When she was sitting comfortably on top of him, she ran her hands up his chest.

"You're too big for me to move." Susan whimpered.

"That's why I help you." Grogek brushed his fingers on her cheek. Sitting up, he tugged her forward and captured her mouth for his own. Her hands came around his neck, and she just enjoyed the feel of him. His hands slid down her sides, and he took her hips into his fingers. Breaking contact with her mouth, he laid back and began to move her up and down on his massive dick. Her tight center bordered on too tight, but still, he thought that she was practically made for him. When she clamped down around him, he had no choice but to fill her.

She gasped and collapsed on his chest. "You're so big!" She whimpered.

"Did I hurt you, my angel?" He gently tugged her free and cuddled her in his arms.

"No." She shivered. "It's just a little hard to take." She blushed.

"I'm sorry." He rubbed his cheek against hers.

"It's ok." She shivered again. "It gets easier every time, but it's still so difficult to work around."

Grogek jolted and looked down. "Love..."

Elunara licked Grogek's dick. "I figured I'd get started." She winked. "Don't worry little Suzy, you'll get used to him eventually."

Susan giggled. "I want to see you do better."

"Challenge accepted." Elunara stood up and swiftly sat down on Grogek's dick. He groaned and grabbed her hip with his free hand. "This is how a pro does it." She winked. Putting her hands on Grogek's stomach, she began to rapidly bounce her hips against Grogek's body.

Susan sat up and stared. "Holy..."

Elunara spun around, and continued her bounce, reaching down to fondle Grogek's balls. His fingers dug into her hips as he erupted into her. She clamped down around him and shuddered. Looking back, she grinned. "I doubt you'll ever get far enough along to do this..."

"Love..." Grogek whimpered.

Shifting, Elunara sat on Grogek's hard dick again, this time pushing him into her ass. She sat with a gasping groan.

"Is that where I think it is?" Susan's voice was almost a shriek.

"You have no idea how much I love it when he fucks my ass." Elunara bounced. "It's even better when Jordan is filling my front, but my fingers will do for now." She buried her fingers in her sticky folds. Quickly, she slid up and down, taking the full of him, over and over again. Once again, she clamped down, and he exploded in her ass.

"Ok," Grogek panted. "I think... Susan is as tight as your ass."

"Is that so? I need to exercise then."

He laughed. "It requires more experimentation."

"Of course it does." Elunara freed herself. She yanked a couple of towels out of her pack.

Susan just stared. "I... wasn't serious."

Elunara shrugged. "Careful what you say." She winked.


"Sweetie, I once had Tulani's FIST in there. Which, by the way, wasn't as fun as I thought it was going to be. Grogek's beautifully massive dick is perfect for me."

"Then Jordan..."

"Listen, I love dicks. Little ones, big ones, funky looking ones... it doesn't matter. If it's a dick, I want it in me. I've tried goblin, I've tried gnome, and they work just fine. I love Jordan, which just makes his even better." She winked. "The number of dicks I have had in my various orifices numbers in the thousands." With a shrug, she cleaned herself up and got dressed.

"And you're ok with this?" Susan blinked at Grogek.

"Sometimes I get to watch." He grinned. "Though, since we added Jordan to the family, I don't break in on consults anymore."

"Yes, having Jordan around, allows for us to experiment with any number of kinks. You don't have to worry about that. Jordan loves me, and only me; he literally cannot get his dick hard for anyone else. That's why so many think he's gay. He TRIED over and over again, and kept disappointing himself and the women he tried."

"No wonder someone had to use a succubus on him..."

"Yeah, basically." Elunara sat down and handed Susan her dress. "Neither I, nor Grogek will force you into anything. If you want to stick to tame, you stick to tame. If you want to experiment, we'll help you in any way you ask us to."

Grogek tugged his pants on. He sat down and pulled both women into his lap. "I love you, my sweet little angel. I would never do anything to hurt you."

"I can get carried away..." Elunara laughed. "You HAVE to be vocal and tell me when I've over stepped your bounds, or I'll just keep doing it. Our family works, because we don't hide anything. Complete honesty, no matter how brutal, is required in my house. I tell everyone, even visitors, that my house is a safe house. Anything said in my house will stay there unless otherwise required. If your problem is with me, you tell me. You don't sit around and resent, or bad things happen to us all."

"I understand." Susan tugged her dress over her head.

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