tagIncest/TabooForbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit


Chapter 1

It was a cool October afternoon and Stephen was in his study when his phone rang, giving him the excuse to delay marking the pile of work on his desk. The caller, a lady was enquiring about his A level maths 'trouble shooting' course and wondered if he could help her daughter, who had been struggling with Algebra. Checking his diary Stephen found a slot and it was agreed the student would come round for her first lesson on the following Wednesday.

Around half five on the appointed evening the girl was dropped off by her friend at Stephen's house. Stephen let her in and showed her to his study and relieved her of her grey fur-hooded coat. Stephen knew that new students could be a little nervous so he tried to put her at ease with small talk and by asking her a few questions. Rebecca was 18 and was in the sixth form at the local high school. As it had been an inset day she had not been to school. Consequently she was in her casuals: light blue, hipster jeans and a baggy top made of some sort of twill with a rather garish mixture of dark red splodges and green stars. She had a bright face with big brown eyes and a rather playful, cheeky smile, which Stephen liked. Her hair was not quite shoulder-length, brownish black and very fine, the sort that barely needs combing. It was scooped round in a short pony-tail, which enhanced her rather cute girly features. Despite her loose-fitting top Stephen could not help noticing that she was sporting a pair of rather fine boobs, which made no attempt at all to be concealed beneath the sweater.

After their preliminary chat, Stephen got to the crux of why she was there and learned that Rebecca was actually quite good at maths but found the Algebra hard going. The girl sat listening intently to Stephen's advice and what he could offer her on the short course. It was important to her to get good grades. She occasionally interrupted with some good questions, which impressed Stephen. Her rather innocent face belied a rather confident and self assured tone and she surprised him with her eloquence and well thought out queries. This continued for a few more minutes until they reached a natural pause and Stephen asked if she would like a coffee.

'Erm, do you have anything stronger?' asked Rebecca precociously.

'Cocoa?' offered Stephen, with a smile.

'Er, not exactly', retorted Rebecca. 'I was thinking of something...much stronger.'

'I don't think so, sorry.'

'Awww, I thought you seemed like a good guy, I hope you're not one of those stuffy teachers -- I'm not at school today.'

Rebecca looked at Stephen imploringly, twizzling a few strands of hair around her index finger.

'Just one little drink?'

Stephen felt awkward. Did he put his foot down and risk having a miserable student for the next few sessions or did he open a couple of beers, however imprudent that might be.

'OK, one beer, but this is a one off OK!'

'Aaah cool Mr... hang on you've not told me your name yet.'

'It's Mr Andrews, but I like my students to call me Stephen, I don't like too much formality.

They sat for a while drinking their beer, Stephen feeling rather uneasy about it but not wanting to appear a fuddy duddy. He asked her about the other subjects that she was taking and learned she was keen on geography and science.

'Have you got a girlfriend Stephen? Asked Rebecca, out of the blue.

'Well no not at the moment, why do you ask?

'Just curious, that's all -- my Mum calls me a nosey parker'.

Stephen was keen to get back to work, so he had her drink up and they continued with another 20 minutes of maths.

'Your tuition time is nearly up for tonight Rebecca, is your Mum going to pick you up?'

'No, her car's in for repairs, so she's given me a tenner for a taxi, is it OK if I phone for one from here? I've left my mobile at home.'

'Of course, here use this handset.'

When she had made the call, Stephen offered Rebecca a stick of chewing gum.

'Here, you better have this, it's not going to look good if you go home with alcohol on your breath is it?'

'Oh gosh, no - thanks!'

A few minutes later there was the sound of a horn and Stephen grabbed Rebecca's coat. When she was gone he took a deep breath and got himself another beer. His new student was a year or two older than his others. He had never taught anyone from the sixth form. He could tell she was a bright student, but he would make sure there was no more beer on the next visit. 'Strictly algebra' he said out loud.

Rebecca thought about her tutor on her way home. She had never had private lessons before and didn't see why there had to be the same rules she was bound by at school.

"Watch out Mr Andrews", she thought to herself as her taxi pulled up at her house.

Chapter 2

Rebecca's next session was the following Monday and she was to go to Stephen's house straight from school. She went most of the way with her best friends Amanda and Rachel by bus but had to walk the last hundred yards alone to Lime Tree close.

Hearing his door bell, Stephen suspected it would be Rebecca and let her in. He was instantly taken aback. The previous Wednesday apart from noticing her breasts he had not at all seen her in any sexual way, but all of a sudden he found himself almost stunned. Rebecca noticed this.

'Are you alright Stephen?' she enquired.

'Yes, fine', he said shaking his head slightly.

She was wearing the standard high school uniform but the school had allowed for a degree of personal preference as long as it followed basic guidelines. Piercing and jewellery were banned. She was wearing a white blouse, which highlighted what were clearly wonderful breasts. Her white lacy bra could be seen easily through it, just revealing slightly darker nipples. Her blue and white striped tie finished just short of her last but one button. She had a rather short, pleated, black skirt and black knee-length socks. As she turned to sit down he noticed her round, slightly pert bottom, which lifted her skirt proud of her legs.

Stephen was finding it hard to concentrate as he sat her down at his study desk. She seemed to present a dichotomy between innocence and sexuality. On the one hand here was a 18 year-old schoolgirl in her uniform, looking slightly vulnerable though utterly charming, while on the other she was a young woman, amply developed and frankly oozing sex appeal with every second that ticked by.

'OK Rebecca, have you done any of those problems I set you last time?'

'Yes', she said, taking a sheaf of papers from a small leather string pull bag.

Stephen had given her some relatively simple geometric questions, all of which involved basic Algebra in their solution.

'Remember Rebecca, quadratics only work because everything is equal to zero'.

'Yes, I can see that from the examples you set me, it's really helped to get the whole thing stuck in my mind', she replied confidently.

They had a productive half hour and Stephen had become so engrossed in the maths and his devotion to his job that he had temporarily forgotten about the effects the uniform had had upon him.

'We'll break for coffee, OK?, he said. 'Sit on the sofa if you like'.

A few minutes later returning from the kitchen he started when he saw Rebecca. She had removed her tie and was sitting nearly prostrate, her bottom perched on the edge of the couch with her legs stretched out in front of her. This had the effect of making her skirt appear much shorter so that there was now far more of the white of her young legs visible.

'Comfortable?' asked Stephen sarcastically.

'Thanks', she nodded, taking the coffee from him as she sat up slightly.

'Sorry, I was just chilling for a minute, I like to relax when I've been thinking hard.'

'You certainly don't do things by halves.'

He handed her the coffee and he tried to think of some mundane subject to chat about, anything that would take his mind off her body.

As they sat talking, Stephen noticed that in removing her tie, she had inadvertently undone one of the buttons on her blouse. Stephen did not realise he was staring at it, transfixed by the lacy pattern of her bra and the teasingly small bit of cleavage it revealed.

'Naughty!' chimed in Rebecca.

'Er, erm, no I was miles away', said Stephen, blushing and beginning to feel rather hot and bothered.

'I know exactly where you were', said Rebecca naughtily.

'Well, do you like what you see', she asked, proudly.

'Gosh, Rebecca, I really think we need to end this conversation right here', Stephen said seriously.

'I don't want to', she said coyly.

'Do you want to see some more?'

Stephen was dazed, this had caught him completely off guard.


Stephen just looked in to her big brown eyes, studied her perfect features and faultless complexion. He gulped, he didn't know what to say, but he knew he should say no and somehow take control of the situation. She just looked so sweet, he found himself losing the fight with his deeper, primeval emotions. He looked down at her gorgeous legs and those long, black socks.

'You can touch me if you like it's OK.'

Stephen found his hand moving involuntarily towards her leg. It was almost as if he had lost control of his own body. He slid his hand along the inside of her thigh and up her skirt. Her skin was smooth and soft. Rebecca was looking at him intently, willing him to do more. She wanted to be in control of the situation; use her feminine powers to get what she wanted but at the same time please him. Stephen moved closer to her and pressed his lips against hers as he moved his hand a little further so her could feel the fabric of her knickers against his fingers. Rebecca responded sensuously, snogging him ravenously. After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, she let him free.

'Shall we make love Stephen?'

This did it and somehow brought Stephen to his senses.

'No Rebecca, no -- oh what am I doing?!

'We're enjoying ourselves'

'But you're my student.'

Stephen jumped up.

'Come on young lady, this has gone too far, we've got to get back on track.'

Rebecca stuck her bottom lip out like a spoilt brat.

'What's wrong with me?'

'Nothing, that's the point. You're perfect. I find you completely irresistable. But the fact remains that you're in my care while you're here. I'm abusing my position if I carry this through. This is really not a good idea, you have to see that. We've gone way too far already and it's nearly 6.30 - we need to do some more work.'

'Well, I don't mind', said Rebecca, this is just between us, no one need know'.

'I'd know. Come on really, we need to get back to work.'

Stephen was now quite serious and Rebecca sulked.

'OK, I suppose so, but I wont tell anybody really, I'm not trying to get you in trouble. It's just that guys my age are just jerks. You're different. You're interesting.'

Stephen sat down again with his student, his mind in a whirl as he tried to help her solve a few more problems for 20 minutes before her mobile beeped with a text from her Mum to say she was a couple of minutes away. He made sure her clothes looked in good order before she left.

'Don't panic Stephen, I'm not going to tell anybody about this you know'.

'I hope not'.

'See you next week then.'

'OK bye', she said and she ran down his drive to her Mum's car, as it was now raining quite hard.

Stephen could hardly get to sleep that night. He couldn't believe what had happened. He knew if anyone found out he could be in deep water. He consoled himself that they hadn't actually done anything as such and it was she who had taken the initiative but...

Stephen decided not to be negative and just think about the evening. Rebecca really was a super young woman; bright, intelligent with completely fantastic tits he thought to himself shamelessly. She would be back a week later, he would have to take control this time and try to nip things in the bud.

Five miles away Rebecca lay in bed thinking of Stephen. She giggled to herself. "I'm not trying hard enough. I'll have you yet Stephen Andrews." She played with herself for a few minutes, but began to feel so tired, she turned over and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 3

It was a breezy, cloudy afternoon and Stephen went outside to bring some washing in from the line before the air got too damp. As he came back he noticed a girl in a grey anorak walking up the close; he was sure it was Rebecca.

He took his armful of clothes in to his utility room, leaving the front door ajar. Sure enough when he returned, Rebecca was walking up his drive.

"What is she doing here?" He thought. She wasn't due for her next tutorial for another three days.

'Hi Stephen, bet you weren't expecting to see me eh?'

'Exactly, you're not due to come round until Thursday.'

'Thought I'd pay you a surprise visit, is that OK?'

'I suppose so, you'd better come in.'

Stephen locked the door behind her. He could feel himself getting flustered again and his heart missed a beat.

'I know it's not warm today, but aren't you hot in that coat?'

'A little, but I'm wearing it for a reason.'

Rebecca unfastened the toggles on her coat and allowed it to fall to the floor. Stephen stood wide-eyed and gulped. She was dressed to kill. She wore a tight, white blouse, which was tied at the waist. She had no bra, so that her nipples pressed against the material. Her black skirt was ridiculously short. It was so short it only just covered her panties. Then to top the whole thing were a pair of black holdups. The effect on Stephen was overwhelming.

'Oh fucking hell Rebecca.' Was all he could say.

The student looked up at Stephen. She was smouldering. Her hair had not long been washed and Stephen could detect the delicious scent from her body spray. Her brown eyes seemed that little bit browner today. She stuck out her tongue and rolled it slowly along her bottom lip.

Stephen gulped.

Rebecca walked up to him and took his right hand and pressed it against her breasts.

'That's nice, you like them don't you Stephen?'

Stephen closed his eyes. He realised he was quickly losing control of the situation. His dick was gradually unfurling in his pants and he tried hard to resist -- to turn her away. But his will wasn't strong enough. She was just too gorgeous, too sexy, too voluptuous.

'I'm not a student today, let's go somewhere comfortable.'

She took Stephen by the hand and led him into his own sitting room. They sat on the sofa. Stephen looked her over. He Studied her breasts and her legs. The combination of holdups, the white of her thighs and the black skirt were more powerful than his tattered ethics.

'You like me like this don't you?'

'Of course, you're amazing.'

She turned towards him quickly and jumped up and almost in the same move sat astride him, her thighs pinning his legs together. She sat upright, so that her chest was level with his nose. She slowly reached for her top button and unfastened it teasingly; and then the next, unbuttoning each one carefully, just releasing it from the hole and deftly pushing it free with her thumb. Stephen sat transfixed. She slid the shirt down over her shoulders and arms and threw it carelessly on the floor.

'Oh wow Rebecca!'

Stephen felt his mouth go dry. Her breasts were magnificent. She leaned forwards and jiggled them slightly, one nipple just brushing his lip. They quivered deliciously in front of his face. He placed his arms around her back and pulled her gently towards him. He cupped each breast from the side and pushed his face between them, slowly rubbing his nose and mouth all around the soft flesh. They smelled wonderful and they were lovely and hot to touch, slightly firm but soft. The girl was now completely in control. She unzipped his fly and pulled his rigid tool from his boxers. She began to wank him slowly.

'Just stay there babes, I'm going to do you good and proper.'

These words seemed to give him an extra centimetre of hardness so that he was now throbbing from his arousal. He closed his eyes as she slid her lips over his penis, taking him three inches in to her mouth. Her technique was perfect. She used her lips and tongue to maximum effect. But he wanted more now, he wanted to maximise his pleasure. He manouvered her around and lifted her up so he could position his face between her legs. Pulling her panty crotch to one side and found her pussy lips with his tongue. As she continued to give him the best fellatio of his life, he brought her to an exquisite orgasm. His years of experience had taught him how to use his tongue on a girl. Rebecca moaned as she sucked and licked his shaft. Now she wanted the reward. She began to wank him faster, using just the lightest pressure with her lips. As Stephen took her to the edge of ecstacy once more, he felt his cock explode and filled her mouth with his love.

A while later they sat on the floor, each sipping a glass of wine.

'What now Rebbeca?'

'That's enough for today mister.'

'I meant what now with us, this situation.'

'Does it matter? Aren't we just having fun?'

'Is that what it is?'

'Isn't it?'

'Today was wonderful darling. Fun doesn't come near it.'

'Did I get full marks then?'

'A gold star darling.'

'Oh good...

I say, Stephen?'


'Mmmm, it's the sixth form ball next week.'

'Oh, that's nice, are you going?'

'I'd like to, it's just that I've seen this lovely dress in town, but... well it's quite expensive.'


Stephen was suddenly growing suspicious of this turn in the conversation.

'Well, it was ever so nice today -- I must be worth a dress.'

'How much is it?'

'One hundred and ten pounds.'

'You're kidding; for a dress. I can't afford that.'

Rebecca went into one of her sulky moods.

'That's a shame, I hope I don't say anything indiscrete about us to someone, I do sometimes speak before I think.'

'You little minx!'

'I'm joking Stephen...

...or am I? Ah come on babes, hundred pounds isn't that much, for little me?'

Stephen was beginning to worry now. This girl was beginning to reel him in hook, line and sinker.

What if she did tell someone, deliberately or otherwise. He couldn't take the risk. If he needed to keep her sweet, he would buy her the dress. Then somehow pull himself together and take control.

'OK, I'll give it you on Thursday, then you can still buy it at the weekend.'

'Ah thankyou!', she said giving him a big hug.

'I'm not sure we should do this again Rebecca, the sex I mean. It's too risky. I've got to put my foot down.'

'Yeah whatever. I'll fuck you whenever I want and you know it.'

Stephen took a deep breath. It was going to be a long week.

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