Forced Ch. 01


This is a story about forced non-consenting sexual activity. Please do not read if you are offended by or dislike such subject matter.


Damon glimpsed over at his wife. He felt incredibly proud as he did so. Louise always looked amazing but tonight she had dressed for his company's annual party. He always enjoyed showing her off at the party. He could tell that all of the other guys were jealous; she was always the hottest girl there by far. Tonight was no exception. Louise was wearing a short, tight little black dress that enhanced every one of her sublime curves. Her dress showed off her beautiful toned legs that were balanced atop five inch black stilettos. She was the prettiest girl he had ever met. Life was good.

Damon took another longer glimpse. Louise's dress was ridding up her thighs even more as she drove their car home. She noticed Damon looking and she opened her legs a tiny bit more, just enough to reveal almost all of her inner thigh but not quite enough to show him her lace panties. She gave herself a little smile as she saw his eyes widen.

She thought Damon looked really handsome in his tuxedo. She always loved to see him dressed up. She thought they made a pretty couple. Damon was not big and buff, he had never been a jock, but he was handsome and a couple of inches taller than Louise. Although not tonight, her heels made her three inches taller than Damon.

'I think we need to get some gas.'

Damon drew his eyes from Louise's thighs, looked at her face and said 'There is a place about half a mile up the road on the right.'

'Okay. I'll get the gas; you go in and get us some wine. I want a drink when we get home.'

'Sounds good. White or red?'

'White I think.'

Louise slowed the car and pulled into the gas station. No other cars were there. Damon could not see anyone behind the counter as he got out of the car and walked into the shop. 'Hello, anyone there? Would someone activate pump 3 please?'

He was answered with silence. Damon began to make his way towards the back of the shop. As he passed the last row of shelves his heart stopped. 'Oh fuck no!' The scene before Damon's eye instantly filled him with terror. The first thing he noticed was a massive pool of blood, closely followed by dead gas station attendant with his face destroyed by the exit wounds of several bullets. A split second later he saw the big black man staring at him with a massive handgun pointed at Damon's head.

'You should've just left man' said the gunman. 'I can't let you go now you have seen this.'

Damon completely lost control of himself; he was terrified. He was shaking and could not stop himself pissing his pants. Humiliation was added to his terror.

'Oh dude! Have you just pissed your pants? What kind of pussy are you?' the black guy taunted. Damon could not move and he could not take his eyes off the massive gun with a single massive brown index finger caressing the trigger. He was convinced he was about to die.

The next sound he heard just made everything a whole lot worse. The little bell above the door to the shop rang out. It seemed almost deafening as it broke the silence.

Louise's sweet voice rang out next, 'Damon? Where are you hon?' Louise frowned. She called out his name again but heard no response. What the hell was going on? She had been left waiting at the pump but no gas came out and now the shop seemed to be deserted. She had an uncomfortable feeling growing in her stomach but she assumed Damon must have gone to the toilet so she made her way towards the back of the shop. As she moved passed the last row of shelves she dropped her purse into the pool of blood and screamed.

'Shut up bitch' the black guy said calmly. Louise stopped screaming but could not stop herself pleading.

'Oh no, oh no, oh please no. Please don't hurt my husband. Please. Please.' She looked a broken woman and she too was shaking uncontrollably.

'I told you to shut up bitch.' This time his voice was still calm but was more forceful. Louise fell silent. Tears were streaming down her beautiful cheeks.

She looked over at Damon. He still could not draw his eyes away from the gun pointed at his head. Louise noticed his piss soaked tuxedo pants. She could even smell the piss. Damon had drunk quite a lot of spirits at the party and he must be quite dehydrated because his piss smelled really strong. Despite her immense feeling of terror she was shocked and ashamed that she felt a slight, but real, feeling that she had been a little let down by Damon. He was meant to be the man but here he was soaked in his own piss, unable to utter a word in their defence. She knew it was unfair but she could not shake it now that she had let the thought in.

Despite the obvious risk Louise could not stop herself continuing to speak. ' Please do not kill us. We won't say anything...will we Damon?' There was no answer. He could not move. 'DAMON' she shouted, slightly annoyed that her husband, her protector, was still not helping, had he really just given up? 'Seriously we won't say anything.'

'Bitch, you really can't shut the hell up can you?' To Louise's surprise this huge man was smirking as he spoke. She instinctively covered herself up a little with her arms as she saw his eyes examining every bit of her. 'You've seen what I done. There's no way I'm gonna trust you to keep it shut. So, you gotta die.' His calmness was the most terrifying thing of all to Louise.

'Look, please, don't do it. We will do anything you want, anything, please.' Louise had nothing to lose so she kept on pleading, it could not make the situation any more perilous.

The gunman had a thoughtful look on his face for a few seconds before he broke out into a dirty, leering smirk. 'Okay, I'll give you one chance to save yourself and your pussy, or should I say pissy, boy here.'

'Oh thank you, thank you. Just say what we have to do.'

'Go and lock the door, switch off the lights and come straight back here.' She had no idea where this was going but she obeyed without question. She allowed herself the slightest feeling of hope. They might just survive this nightmare.

She got back and noticed that the gunman looked even more threatening in the dark. He ushered Louise and Damon into the back room behind the shop. The gunman had Lousie's purse in his hands and was looking through the contents. He pulled out her driver's licence. 'Okay Louise, get me Damon's wallet.' She obeyed. The smell from Damon was getting worse. She could not stop herself thinking 'why won't he help talk us out of this? Why won't he at least try something?'

'Right, pretty Louise and pissy Damon. I now know who you are and I know where you live. Me and my boys will keep hold of these and if you ever mention a single word about what you saw here tonight we will come round and fuck you up good. You get me?'

'Yes' Louise mumbled. This man was truly terrifying. 'So can we go now?'

'I don't think so bitch.' Louise had allowed herself to believe that he would let them go. 'You gotta do something for me first.' Damon's heart broke even more than it already had. He imagined what was about to come and knew he could do nothing about it.

'What do you want us to do?' Louise said with confusion in her voice.

'I want you to show this pussy boy how his wife sucks a big black cock.'

'What? No! Never.' Louise could not introduce any conviction into her voice. Despite what she said she knew she was helpless and knew that it was going to happen. The gunman undid his jeans and lowered them to reveal a massive black cock. Despite herself Louise could not help admiring its sheer size, length and girth. It was so much bigger than Damon's even in its current flaccid state. She mentally told herself off for those little feelings and was still repulsed by the idea of sticking this stranger's cock into her mouth. She sighed and made her way over to him and got onto her knees.

'Whoa, what do you think you are doing bitch?'

Louise stopped and looked up at him with confusion in her eyes. 'I am doing what you told me to do.'

'You gotta get naked first bitch. I wanna see that fine white-ass body hidden under that dress.'

Louise's face reddened with this new humiliation. She slipped off her dress to reveal her incredible curves. Next came off the lace bra. 'Holy shit dude. How the hell did a pissy boy like you get such a hot bitch.' Louise's tits were full and pert and the fear had caused her nipples to harden and stand to attention. She removed her panties to reveal her shaven nakedness. 'Now dude, watch your naked wife suck my cock. If you stop looking at her for a single second I will blow your fucking brains out.' Damon had no choice, for the first time he dragged his eyes away from the gun pointed at his head and looked at his stunning naked wife getting onto her knees in front of this monster. He would have pissed himself again if he hadn't emptied himself last time.

Louise did not look at Damon, she could not make eye contact with him. She felt humiliated and utterly let down that he did not even try to protect her. She could still smell his piss. By comparison she was surprised to find that the gunman smelled really nice. He obviously looked after himself and his legs were impressively muscled. He was semi-hard after seeing her strip and he was bigger than any cock she had ever seen.

However, overall she felt sick, humiliated and violated. The thought of sucking this massive black cock that was just a few inches from her face made her want to spew. What made everything worse was that she felt a familiar but unwelcome feeling stirring deep inside her. She was slightly turned on by this monster's sheer dominance, confidence and truly magnificent cock. She truly hated herself for these feelings. Her husband had absolutely no choice but to submit to this behemoth. How could she resent him for that? She had no answer but the feeling was immoveable.

She grabbed the cock in her right hand and placed it in her mouth and sucked on the tip. 'Oh hell yeah dude. How does it feel to see your wife sucking my big black dong?' he taunted Damon. Louise wanted to stop more than anything but new she could not.

Damon watched in a dream like daze as his gorgeous wife sucked a cock that was so much bigger than his it was almost incomprehensible. He hated himself for thinking that this tyrant was so much better endowed than him and that Louise would never be interested in him again. How could he think that she would enjoy this? She was essentially being raped. What was wrong with him?

Louise began to suck the massive brown shaft; making her way down to their captor's big brown balls. He used his left had to push her head closer. She got the message and gently sucked on his balls, taking them one at a time into her mouth. The gunman groaned with pleasure. He was fully hard now and must have been eleven inches and unbelievably thick. She had never seen a cock anywhere near as big as this. Once again she hated herself intensely for feeling a chemical stirring deep inside that she knew was arousal. She began to cry again as she took about half of his length on her mouth.

'Shit dude, I feel almost sorry for you man,' the brute smirked widely at Damon. 'I bet she hardly ever gives you head. She got no technique. I guess she just gonna have to suck for longer until I cum in that sweet mouth of hers.'

Tears were beginning to stream down Damon's face. He felt helpless, worthless and useless. He could not protect his wife and now she was being violated by this monster. As he watched one big black hand grabbed her head and forced her head onto the big black hard on. Louise began to choke a little. She coughed and spluttered for a few seconds before recovering and returning to her sucking duties.

As the minutes passed she began to get more and more annoyed at her own body's betrayal. As she brought him closer to orgasm he let out an increasing number of sounds of pleasure. Despite herself Lousie's arousal steadily grew as she heard this positive feedback. Yet again she wondered 'What the hell is wrong with me?'

Damon had to watch in hell for almost twenty minutes before Louise managed to coax the massive black python to cum in her mouth. Damon saw the tell-tale sign of the huge cock pulsating as it spewed its load into Louise's sweet mouth. He seemed to cum forever. Eventually he finished. 'Show that pissy husband what a real man's load looks like.'

There was so much hot sticky cum in her mouth that Louise wanted to gag but she controlled herself and turned to Damon. She hated herself for what she had just done and the feelings she had. She hated herself even more for her feelings of anger at seeing her husband's tears flowing down his face. Damon had been completely spineless throughout this whole episode. She looked him in the eyes and opened her mouth to show him her mouth very full of cum. Damon could not make eye contact but saw the sticky white mess in his wife's mouth.

'Now swallow it all bitch.' Louise did as she was told. The gunman pulled her to her feet, his gun still pointing at Damon's head. He pulled her close and roughly grabbed her crotch whilst staring into her eyes. She felt a thick king middle finger enter her, its whole length rubbing against her clitoris. She couldn't stop herself letting out a little sigh. 'Hell dude. Seems your white wife likes it black. She is all wet down there, see?' He pulled his finger out and rubbed it against Damon's nose. He could smell Louise's juices and feel the wetness on his upper lip. It broke his heart yet again. How could she be aroused? He knew it was combination of fear and the impressive nature of their capture but he was still as jealous as hell.

'Okay get dressed bitch.' Louise obeyed. 'Now you two can fuck off. Just remember that I know where you live.'

Damon and Louise left the gas station. She could not look at him. She knew it was unreasonable but she resented his weakness. They drove away in silence.

After they got about half a mile down the road she saw the gas station explode in her rear view mirror. She knew that any evidence had been destroyed.

It took Damon and Louise another two days before they could talk to each other properly again. They talked at length about what to do but agreed that they could do nothing. The gunman was obviously a gang member and it was too much of a risk to report what had happened to them.

About two weeks after the incident both of them realised that they were fundamentally affected by what had happened. Louise was completely humiliated and violated but she still could not get the thought of that massive black cock out of her head. Her husband's small, thin six inches seemed pointless in comparison. His weakness at the gas station made him even less sexually attractive to her. She truly loved Damon deeply but could not get turned on by him anymore. Would that ever change?

Damon realised that he also could not get that black cock out of his head. This manifested itself as his complete impotence. He could not even get it up when he tried to masturbate. How could one incident turn life from being so good to being so bad?

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