Forced Ch. 03


This story contains themes of forced sexual activity. Pleased do not read if you are offended by or dislike such themes.


'Oh Christ no. Please say it isn't true.'

'It is true. I tested three times. Same result every time.'

'Oh God. What are we going to do?'

'It's not the end of the world.'


'Don't shout at me and don't talk to me like that.'

'I'm sorry Lou. It's just, you know, we can't have his child.' Louise had just told Damon that she was pregnant. As Damon had not had sex with his wife for three months it was obviously not his. It was the big black man who had forced his way into their house six weeks ago and fucked Louise whilst Damon had to wait downstairs and listen to it all.

'I know it is not what we wanted but it is my child too.'

'Oh come on. He raped you. It's not the same. Or did you want it to happen? I heard you cumming over and over again. You must have enjoyed it.' Damon regretted that as soon as he said it. It was mean and nasty.

'Fuck off Damon. I had no choice and you know it.' Louise was pissed at Damon for saying it but she felt guilty that there was truth in it. Their relationship had deteriorated significantly over the last six weeks. Damon was constantly irritable; they argued a lot. It was getting them both down. Damon kept on pushing for them to move house; to get away from the gang who were terrorising them. Louise saw the sense in this but she did not want to leave her life, her friends and her job behind her. However, there was something else stopping her agreeing. That night six weeks ago was indeed terrifying, at least initially, but it was also the most intense sex of her life. She found herself wandering if and when it would happen again. It made her scared but she knew that she wanted it to happen again. This did cause significant feelings of guilt but it was also true that she could not have resisted the man who broke in. She had to fuck him or he would have fucked her and Damon up.

'Look. All I am saying is that we don't have to actually have the baby.'

'How can you say that?' She looked at Damon with disgust. 'You are even more pro-life than me. You don't believe in abortion in any circumstance. How can you suggest that I have one?'

'This is different.' Was all that he could mutter. He knew she was right. He was letting all of his deepest principles disappear. He was doing it because he did not want to face being reminded of his wife's rape every day as he looked at the baby.

'I know it is not what we planned but I am pregnant and I am keeping it. Okay?'

'Okay. But you don't have to keep it. You could, you know, get it adopted.'

'No Damon. I cannot have a baby in me for nine months and then just give it away as soon as I give birth. That is not me and you know it.'

'Oh God.' Damon slumped into the lounge chair and put his head in his hands. Could his life get any worse?


Louise and Damon did not talk much over the next couple of weeks. Damon threw himself into his work and this suited Louise. He was really pissing her off. She knew he was badly affected by what had happened and the prospect of raising another man's baby but she was still pissed at him. She still resented his weakness.

She was, however, beginning to get worried about actually having the baby. How would they explain that their baby would obviously not be Damon's? It would be obvious that the father was a black man. They could not say it was the result of a rape because the gang would pay them a violent visit if they did. She also did not want to suggest that she had cheated on Damon and destroy her reputation. She did not know what they should do. Damon's persistent suggestions about moving house were now beginning to make sense.

She heard him come through the front door. 'Damon? I think we should talk.'

'Look Lou. I am tired. I don't want to argue.'

'Neither do I. Just come here.' He did as he was told. 'I have been thinking. You are right. We should move.'

'I have been saying that for ages for Christ's sake.' He was so grumpy these days.

'I know, I know. It is just, well, the baby.'

'Oh I see. You don't want people to talk.' He was being nasty. He said this with a taunting, almost mocking, tone.

'Oh don't be like that. I am sure you don't want everyone to see you raising a baby that is obviously not yours but will obviously be mine.' She rubbed her stomach just in case he did not understand what she was saying.

'Well you are not going to get any argument from me. I will make the arrangements. There are transfers on offer at work. I will find one that is as far as possible away from here so we can protect your reputation.' He was sneering.

'You are being such a twat these days.' Louise stormed off. Damon was annoyed with himself. He knew he was being a twat but he could not help himself. He did not know how to fix it.


Over the next three months Louise and Damon began to work on their relationship as Damon made arrangements for moving. They were taking counselling but it was tough to talk through their issues without actually talking about what happened. However, the simple process of doing something together to fix their broken relationship was in itself bringing them closer together. The prospect of moving away seemed to be having a relaxing effect on Damon. Louise guessed this was due to the fact that the gang would not know where they lived; they could finally get away from them. This thought caused Louise to have mixed emotions. She wanted it because she knew it is what Damon needed but she could not help regretting it because she wanted to experience the sexual intensity she felt at the hands of the huge black man.

She often wandered if they would ever pay them a visit again. She had thought it would have happened by now. She felt the longing between her legs. It had been six months now since her and Damon had made love; he was still impotent. At least they had started to kiss and cuddle again but she needed more. She knew she would have to wait until the baby was born.

Damon was a lot happier these days. They would be moving in a couple of day's time and things with Louise were vastly improved. They could start a new life three hundred miles away. He had even come to terms with the prospect of bringing up another man's baby. They had agreed that they would say it was artificial insemination that went a little bit wrong. Not a sophisticated lie maybe but it would do.

He looked out of their bedroom window and noticed a silver car a little way down the road. He was sure he had seen it before. He knew it did not belong to any of his neighbours. Maybe one of the desperate housewives was enjoying a bit a fun whilst their husband was at work. He laughed to himself and went to continue the packing for the big move.


The day of the move came two days later. Everything was packed and both Louise and Damon were excited about their new adventure. They dispatched the removal van and left their first marital home for the last time. As he climbed into their car Damon noticed that silver car again and chuckled to himself, imagining one of his frumpy neighbours bouncing up and down on some young virile cock whilst her husband was working hard.

Once inside he glanced over at Louise. Pregnancy was really suiting her. He marvelled at her curves. Pregnancy had made her ass and tits even bigger than they were before. You might say she was all tits and ass and hips; the very definition of womanhood. He smiled and they started chatting happily as they drove the six hour journey to their new life.

It was four in the afternoon by the time they arrived at their beautiful new house. The removals van was already there and they stated to unpack.

Two hours later, the removal men finally left. Damon was seeing them off when his heart suddenly skipped a beat. He saw that silver car again. Surely it wasn't the same car, was it? He knew in his heart that it was the same car though. His belief was confirmed two seconds later as he felt a hard round object being pushed into his back and familiar voice in his ear.

'Hello pissy boy.' It was all Damon could do to avoid pissing himself in front of this man again. 'Let's go inside.' The gun was removed from his back and they walked into the house and straight into the kitchen.

'Oh my God!' Louise exclaimed as she dropped the cup she was holding. She had fantasised about seeing this man again but thought it would never happen. Even so, she was surprised at how calm she felt. The gun pointed at Damon was not causing her to be in the slightest bit frightened; the tingling between her legs told her why. It was obvious that Damon was as frightened as the last two encounters, although he had an odd, almost determined, look on his face that she had not seen before.

'So guys. Tell me something. What made you think it was acceptable to move house without getting our permission?' Louise and Damon remained silent. This question enhanced Damon's terror. They had pissed off this guy. 'I am offended. This bitch is carrying my baby and you try and sneak away. What kind of shit is that?'

The huge black man was not on his own. He was again accompanied by the smaller black guy who had kept an eye on Damon whilst Louise was getting fucked last time they visited.

'I mean. What made you think that I would let something like this happen? You know things about me that can get me into a lot of trouble. I cannot believe that you thought I would not keep an eye on you and that you could sneak away without me knowing. You guys are stupid.'

Damon's knew the truth in what this man was saying. He was terrified at the thought of what punishment these men may meter out on them but he was determined to stay in control of himself this time.

'Well it has been far too long since I have enjoyed the pleasure of sweet Louise. Can I assume that pissy boy here still has not managed to fuck you?'

Louise answered far too quickly for Damon's liking. 'No he hasn't.'

'I can't believe how much of a pussy this man is. What the fuck do you see in him?' Both men laughed heartily. 'Can he get it up yet?'

'No.' Louise felt mean saying these things but knew she had no choice.

'Good. Now you are carrying my baby he is forbidden from fucking you. I do not want anything to harm our baby.' The smile on his face told Louise that this man was enjoying taunting Damon.

'My problem now is this. I am so big that I cannot fuck you either. I do not want to hurt our baby. So, Damon. Tell me what we can do? I want some fun with your wife but I can't fuck her cunt. Tell me what to do.' The smaller guy was sniggering.

'What? Don't ask me.' Damon muttered. He knew what they wanted him to say but he could not suggest what this man should do with his Louise.

The smaller guy stopped sniggering and punched Damon hard in the stomach. He bent over and held himself; he was in agony. He forced himself back up straight.

'Boy. You know how this works. If I ask you a question you answer me. Now tell me. What shall me and Louise do?'

Damon looked the man straight in his eyes. 'I suppose you want me to suggest she gives you a blowjob.' Saying it almost made him throw up right there but he maintained control.

'Hmmm. Nice idea. I think I will. The only trouble is we have done that before. Don't you think we should try something new?' He was loving taunting Damon. The situation was beginning to cause Louise to get aroused. She was worried about Damon getting hurt but she could not help desiring that impressive cock.

'I, I, err, I don't know.' Damon did not want to suggest anal. That monster would rip Louise apart.

'Oh come on pissy boy. You can do better than that.'

He had no choice. 'You could try anal.'

'Whoa. What are you talking about boy? Is this bitch an anal slut?'

'No, of course not,' Damon snapped.

'Is she an anal virgin?'


'Is that true bitch?' Louise nodded. The thought of that massive rock entering her ass was beginning to scare her; it was far too big, she would be ripped. 'Well pissy boy. You have seen the size of my cock. What makes you think she can take that in her virgin ass? What kind of idiot are you?'

'Look. I don't know what you want me to say.'

'Hmmm. I see your problem. Now, I do like the idea of that sweet white ass getting fucked. That was a good idea pissy boy. But it is just never going to work with me trying to fit this in it.' He grabbed his crotch. 'So, what are we going to do?'

Damon just stared him in the eyes and remained silent.

'Hey, I tell you what.' The smaller black guy started talking. 'How about I fuck her ass whilst she sucks your cock? Yeah, that will work. We just need to tie up this boy up.'

'Damn! That is a good idea. You see, my brother here has a long cock. Not as long as mine but still very long. But he is much thinner. Perfect for breaking in virgin white ass.' Louise felt oddly relieved. She was still worried about losing her anal virginity to a stranger but at least it would not cause the same damage as the huge cock that had made her pregnant.

The men made short work of tying Damon up. The men led his Louise away to the bedroom.

Damon remained calm. No-one knew, especially not Louise, but he had been planning what he would do next time these guys visited. Being tied up was not part of the plan but he knew he had quite a bit of time to try and get out of his bindings and implement his plan.


As Louise entered her new bedroom she began to get really nervous. She had never been interested in anal sex but now it was going to happen whether she wanted it or not. She felt terrible for Damon but she was sexually excited. She had not had a sniff of action for three months and she had been fantasising about the big black cock that got her pregnant every day since. She was unsure about this other man but he was equally as beautiful as his bigger companion; he was certainly sexually very attractive. She wandered if they were actually brothers or whether the word was just black slang.

Without being asked she slipped off her dress and underwear. They both looked at her and smiled.

'Damn girl. We are gonna have some good looking kid. You are the prettiest white girl I have bred.' Louise found the trash talk a bit of a turn on. She did not really know why; she should have found it completely demeaning.

The guys got undressed. Louise feasted her eyes on that huge black cock again. She felt the wetness between her legs at the sight of her fantasy. She looked over at the smaller guy and saw that his body was every bit as impressive as his brother. His cock was also beautiful. It must have been ten inches long; it was already hard; but it was maybe half the girth of his brother's; she was relieved to see this.

'Get to work bitch.' Her instruction came from the smaller guy. She obeyed instantly.

Lou bent over and took the cock she had dreamt about every day for the last three months in her mouth. She devoured it hungrily. Straight away she was deep-throating; sucking enthusiastically. 'Hey, you learnt some skills girl.' The positive feedback mad her even wetter and she stated to gently suck all over the cock and the massive balls.

Suddenly she felt another two hands exploring her body. The smaller guy was rubbing her baby-filled belly before grabbing her milk-filled bulbous tits. He was rough and squeezed them hard. She could not complain as the huge cock was being forced deep into her throat; she sucked hard. She could not believe how turned on she was; she was pleasuring the cock of her dreams and was about to get used by another beautiful stranger.

She felt the smaller guy pull her ass cheeks apart slightly. Lou was very nervous; she braced herself for the pain. 'Oww.' She emitted a cock-muffled squeal as the smaller guy slapped her ass really hard.

'Damn. This bitch has a black girl's ass. I am gonna destroy this thing.'

'Have fun brother.'

Louise felt the cock being pushed gently against her anus. The father of the baby growing inside her grabbed her head so that his cock was deep down her throat and she could not complain as his brother's cock defiled her virgin ass.

'Ummmph. Ummmph.' This was all Louise could mutter as the ten inch cock was forced deep inside her ass. The pain was intense; worse than she expected. Her ass was being stretched more than it ever had before. She could feel it deep inside her. The pain was sharp and persistent. The cock stayed deep inside her for about a minute. He was waiting for her to relax slightly. Far too soon for her, she felt the cock start to pump her ass roughly. There was none of the tenderness of the last encounter with his brother. Her ass was getting well and truly fucked.

The pain continued relentless as her mouth and face were both being fucked hard. The brothers marvelled at her full bouncing tits and wobbling ass; she was a true pregnant beauty. The pain was making Louise's eyes water. Tears were streaming down her cheeks but she was still feeling extremely horny and wet. She began to use one hand to finger herself. She had two fingers inside her pussy playing with her clit. She could feel the cock in her ass through her vaginal wall.

She gradually got used to the ever-present pain. Louise felt really dirty and naughty that she was enjoying having every hole filled. She was so incredibly turned on that she brought herself to orgasm in less than three minutes. Her body shuddered as she almost silently came hard. The two cocks kept on fucking her welcoming mouth and ass. She began to push back against the cock in her ass as she came down from her eye-watering orgasm. It still hurt like hell but she was really getting into having her ass destroyed by a big black cock.

Louise could tell the two guys were getting close. She could hear their breathing quicken. Then suddenly heard the man with his cock in her mouth shout. 'WHAT THE FUCK?' This was very closely followed by a quiet hiss-like sound and the man fell backwards.

Louise did not know what was happening. It was a split second before she realised that the father of her baby had been shot in the head. She felt the smaller guy pull his cock out of her ass just before she heard the second hiss-like sound and the smaller guy falling. Louise screamed.

As she turned round she saw Damon standing at the door with a silenced gun in his hand and a steely confident look in his eyes. Louise could not believe her eyes. Was this really the same Damon who had been so weak for the last six months? He suddenly seemed more of a man, more of a protector, more attractive.

'Right bitch. You've had you fun with black cock. That's over now. Get over here and suck my cock. Now.' Damon sounded strong and authoritative. He felt full of confidence. He had taken control of his life back and he had finally got his hard-on back. Louise felt suddenly sexually excited by her husband; she obeyed without a word.

She pulled his pants down and started to suck his rock hard cock. It was certainly tiny in comparison to the two dead guys next to them but she was no less turned on. Damon had not had sex for half a year and so he came in her mouth in about two minutes. 'Keep sucking bitch.' She followed Damon's orders. His entire length was in her mouth as she worked to bring his softening cock back to life. He held her head strongly, not letting her up for air. It had been so long and he was going to have his way, no question.

When he was ready to go again he pulled out of her mouth and turned her around so she was facing the two dead black men on the floor. Blood was quickly seeping into the carpet. It was a sickening sight but she knew Damon was in control and she wanted him in her so bad. She did not have to wait. Damon quickly forced his full length into her unbelievably wet pussy. He pounded hard and fast. It was almost as if he was trying to make up for lost time. He was trying to make up for lost time.

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