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Note: I came across this story on a blog. I found it so interesting that I thought it deserved a wider audience. Hence this post on Lit; obviously I have no claim to copyright. I'm posting it in the hope the real author will come forward and delight us with some more details of the background to this story, and hopefully its many sequels.


I am a young woman of 34 married for the last eight years. My husband Altaf is 38. The incident I am going to narrate happened three years ago when my husband was posted in the Netherlands at the Pakistan embassy in Amsterdam. Our eight years of marriage had resulted in two children - a girl & a boy, both of whom were studying at a boarding school back home in Pakistan. My husband & I were staying in Amsterdam but most of our activities were confined to the diplomatic enclave with very little outside excursions into the main city. The work was quite hectic & we were left with no time to spend with each other during the day. While my husband was posted at the Pakistan embassy, I was working on an assignment with a Dutch NGO working for the upliftment of slum children in Pakistan.

As a couple, both of us were approaching a mid-life crisis where we were struggling hard to find new meaning in our lives. We needed a new passion, some sort of motivation to get up everyday in the morning & head out for work. At this point in life, a kind of monotony sets in & there is a strong desire to reinvent things. To spice up our life to make it worth living. To escape the daily grinding routine, which we subjected ourselves to, day in & day out. Although both of us were a 'normal' couple in the truest sense of the word, we shared a wild side to our personalities. Both of us were very liberated in our sexual views. Unlike an average Pakistani couple, we were far more comfortable with our sexuality & handled matters relating to sex in a very mature manner. We were also very experimental in activities relating to sex & it was just a coincidence that we were posted in the sex capital of Europe.

As any career diplomat would tell you, most embassies and high-commissions are a world unto themselves. It is like a small country within a country & some very close relationships are forged between the staff of a high-commission. We were no different. The staff at the Pakistan high commission were very close-knit & in due course of time, all of them had become family friends. The other Pakistani families posted at the high-commission were frequent visitors to our home during parties & social get-togethers. In essence, we were living inside a cocoon in this sex capital of Europe.

One of my husband's close associates at the high-commission was Wasim. Both of them were the closest of buddies & used to spend a lot of time together discussing everything under the sun. Although we were quite new to this country, Wasim was posted here for quite a long time & knew a lot more about the country in general & the city in particular.

During one of our lovemaking sessions at home, Altaf and I drifted to talk about Wasim & his family. At first, Altaf seemed hesitant, but soon opened up a picture of sexual escapades that totally put into the pale our so called adventurous sex-life in comparison to what Wasim & his wife were into. Altaf asked me to keep this a secret & I nodded in agreement. He disclosed to me that Wasim & his wife were into hard-swapping & were regular visitors to swinger key-parties held at a close-knit local private club. He also told me that Wasim had invited both of us to join in. My jaw dropped on hearing all this. It was a revelation to me that someone like Wasim - a harmless looking regular guy could be into hardcore wife swapping at a local swingers club. My husband told me that he was game for it if only I would accompany him since it was a strictly couples-only event. My mind was filled with images of Wasim & his wife indulging in all kinds of sexual activities with complete strangers. It was too much for me to handle & I changed the subject telling Altaf that I would think about it.

The next few days were very strange. No matter where I was or what I was doing, my mind was stuck on the subject of key-parties. It was trying to weigh the options & take a decision. The very thought of joining-in was giving me butterflies in the stomach but I was also a little hesitant since it was a virgin territory for me. Finally, as they say, curiosity killed the cat & I decided to give it a shot - come what may. The very same day, during our midnight romp, I informed Altaf about my decision to go for it, so to speak. He was delighted to know that I had decided to join-in & said, 'when in the Netherlands, savor what the Dutch are famous for'. My decision to join-in was conveyed to Wasim the very next day by my husband & we were supposed to attend the party scheduled for the next weekend.

During the next few days, my husband explained to me the concept of key-parties in detail. The party we were going to attend was organized every fortnight by a private club, which had, as its members, around 8-10 married couples. The member couples were of different nationalities & most of them were drawn from the staff of the diplomatic community. The members of the group were carefully chosen & every precaution was taken to ensure that they were clean (free of STDs). The new members were supposed to bring with them their latest medical test reports, which were routine for the diplomatic staff anyways. Although there were strict rules of engagement, the choice of contraceptives was left to the individuals involved in the physical encounter.

The concept was very simple : Depending upon the number of participating couples, an equal number of hotel rooms would be booked in different hotels scattered around the city. Each room would have a set of two identical keys. On the first day, one set of keys would be distributed at random to the men. The wives would be called in the next day at different times at the club premises. They would each pick up a key at random from the key-set. The catch was, the set which was presented to a lady had all the keys but the one her husband had. So she could be with anyone except her husband. As the ladies come & go, the set keeps on reducing & the last lady to come has no choice. She just has to pick up the key left out in the end.

The concept sounded very discreet & secretive. The whole process is such that no one knows about their mates till they meet them at the hotel room. No one gets to meet anyone else in the group except their mates & this ensures the much needed anonymity to the participants. After spending the night at the hotel room, each individual participant is supposed to give feedback to the club about their randomly-assigned partners. This ensures that every participant takes care to fulfill the needs of their counterparts to the maximum extent possible. Every key had the address of the hotel room attached to it. The ladies are not allowed to carry any mobile phones & after getting their keys, are supposed to head straight to the hotel room & call from the hotel room in a very short time. This ensures that the ladies can't go anywhere else & can't even disclose their location to anyone. The men leave for their hotel rooms a good three hours after the ladies have reached there. Upon reaching the hotel rooms, the ladies find a note carrying any special requests of their mates which they are supposed to play out before they arrive. This gives the ladies enough time to settle in & prepare for what lies ahead.

On the first day, Altaf was supposed to go & pick up his key from the club. When he came back, I was working in the kitchen. He dangled the key from across the room & I came rushing in to see what was in store. The key was marked number 7 & the key ring had the room number & the hotel address engraved on it. It was around 20 minutes drive from our home. I was really getting excited since tomorrow it was my turn. The next day, I wore a nice grey short-skirt & a matching white shirt. The skirt was giving an ample view of my milky while thighs & I could see my husband get a hard-on in his pants. While leaving for the club at the destined time, I kissed Altaf goodbye & told him to enjoy himself. He muttered, 'see you tomorrow' in my ear. As I reached the club, I was asked to pick up a key out of the seven keys presented before me. I randomly picked up a key. It was numbered 9. The room number & the address were engraved on the keyring. I was told to leave for the room immediately & call the club immediately upon reaching the room - within 50 minutes. I rushed to pick up a taxi since it was about 40 minutes drive from the club. In around 45 minutes, I reached the hotel & was taken to the room by the valet. After locking the door from inside, I called the room service to connect me to the club. I reported my arrival to the club in just about time. I was told to relax & see the note on the table. After putting down the phone, I picked up the note. It contained some special requests from my unknown mate. I ordered some food, which quickly arrived & after finishing with it, put up a Do Not Disturb placard outside my room. It was to ensure that no one except my mate having the room keys could come in now.

Now I carried on to fulfill the other requests of my mate. I was asked to undress completely which I did. The note then asked me to take out a blindfold & a pair of handcuffs from the cupboard. I was asked to put on the blindfold, & after that, taking my hands behind my back, put on the handcuffs. The handcuffs were such that they needed no key to lock but required a key to unlock, which my mate was carrying with him. So, here I was, lying naked on my stomach with a blindfold on my eyes & my hands cuffed behind my back. I was feeling so exposed & vulnerable that a stranger would walk in at any time & do whatever he pleased with my naked body. I could feel my nipples harden in anticipation & my pussy getting dripping wet. I could feel the air around my pussy spreading the scent of my juices in the room.

It seemed to take forever when I heard the door unlock. My body tensed in excitement & I could feel the juices from my pussy dripping down my thigh. I could hear my mate come in & walk slowly towards me. It seemed to take forever but suddenly I could feel a finger penetrating my sloppy wet pussy. The man scooped out my juices & I could hear him put his finger inside his mouth and suck on it. He did the same again but this time shoved his finger inside my mouth. I quickly lapped up my own juices. The man then slowly pulled up my ass in the air & started to eat my pussy with his mouth firmly placed on top of my pussy lips. He first sucked & gently chewed my pussy lips & then his tongue started to play with my erect clit.

My breathing got heavy & my pussy started to contract uncontrollably. I was going through an intense orgasm. He quickly rolled me over & placed his flaccid dick with a strong odor on my lips. I opened my mouth & swallowed it all in. He put both his hands on my head & was vigorously fucking my mouth. I could feel his manhood throbbing & swelling inside my mouth. As I continued with my blowjob, his muscles tensed up, he let out a loud groan & started shooting wave after wave of his thick hot cum inside my mouth. I had no other option but to swallow it all. I must have gulped a number of times to take it all in. It was so thick & creamy that it seemed he was saving up for today.

As I continued sucking, his cock soon regained its size & was ready to take its place between my legs. He pulled up my ass & penetrated me doggystyle. I was having problems adjusting to his girth but it soon turned into pleasure. He continued humping me like a horse when I moved on top & then we switched to the missionary position. In what seemed like half an hour of a real fucking marathon, he again started shooting stream after stream of his hot cum inside my unprotected fertile womb. I could feel his hot cum swirl inside my womb. He collapsed on top of me & we locked into an open mouthed wet kiss. He soon started to play with my ripe melons. He placed his mouth on my nipple & started to suck & chew on it while pinching my other melon. He placed painful love bites on my boobs, my shoulders, my ass & my thighs. This man had put his love marks all over my body.

He soon opened my handcuffs but asked me to keep on the blindfold. We romped for another hour or so before collapsing into each other's arms. As I woke up during the night & removed my blindfold, I found myself in a tight embrace of this huge looking pitch black African/American. His semi-erect cock was still buried inside my leaking pussy. I was terrified initially but soon realized that now it was pointless acting coy as he was already all over me. His black seed were racing inside my womb to impregnate me, his love bites were all over my body, his saliva was still inside my mouth & we had exchanged almost all kinds of fluids which two individuals possibly can. He was my man for tonight & there was no point denying it. Moreover, they say you've not fucked until you've had a big black meat & I was now feeling like a complete woman. We continued our love making session when he woke up & both of us went our own ways completely satisfied the next day.

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