tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForest Deep Ch. 01

Forest Deep Ch. 01


They had been on a run along the edge of the forest. As always she had outpaced him in the beginning only to slow down after 10 minutes, keeping up with him for a while but then to wheeze out:

"Don't wait for me Henry, just loop back and pick me up on your way back."

Selena had trouble pacing herself. Even now, after they had been running regularly for two years she would bound off like a dog let off the leash only to end up walking along slowly, panting and sweaty.

It made him smile every single time. Although, most men would smile if they found themselves running behind Selena in those tight fitness shorts, he knew the next part of the story: On his way back she would be waiting for him. He would stop and she would touch his skin, rest her chin on his chest and looking up at him with those big blue eyes she'd say:

"Hello sweaty."

Usually they would make it home. Otherwise, the forest provided some privacy.

But not this time. She was nowhere to be seen. Not where she'd normally be waiting on a fallen tree and not anywhere else either. He ran home expecting some sort of surprise. It wouldn't be the first time he'd walk in to find her pushing a plug into her ass.

"Sorry I had to go home. My ass was feeling lonely."

But she was not at home either.

Images of a girl alone, idling around along the forest with dusk approaching flooded his mind. In the clothes she wore, it was pornography just to see her walk. It had worried him before, but when he brought it up she had smiled that naughty little smile and said:

"Really? You think some guy would just want me so much that he would drag me into the bushes and do whatever he wanted with me?

A sense of dread filled him. He ran back to their usual meeting point and when he didn't see her he ran into the forest. Not really knowing what he was looking for he tried to go slow and listen for sounds. He imagined her screams in the distance and kept going forward, deeper into the forest. His mind filled itself with scenarios. He imagined finding her held down by two guys while a third fucked her. The remains of her orange hotpants strung around one ankle, her sportsbra stuffed into her mouth. The two guys fondling her big breasts would be telling her what a nasty slut she was, how a girl like her was only made for one thing. The third then calling out he was going to shoot his load all over her soon. He imagined picking up a stick and jamming it into the guys balls. He imagined breaking his legs. The other two, he would kick in their teeth, crush their noses...

It had gotten quite dark and he was cursing himself for not bringing a torch. But soon he noticed an orange glow in the distance. Making his way closer he saw a clearing in the dense forest where someone had made a fire. As he approached he heard the voices of men and a familiar whimpering. It was up to this point that he had been able to tell himself that what he was imagining was just an irrational fear. That she had probably gone to the shop. Or maybe she had been in the shower when he came home. Did he check the shower?

But here he was and there she was and what he was seeing seemed no more real than what had been floating around in his panicky mind only a few minutes ago.

She was sitting on her knees. Still wearing the hotpants. Her hands were tied behind her back. The men had removed her bra and her tan chest was slick with sweat glimmering in the light of the fire. She had obviously been crying and looked scared. She was looking up at a broad man towering over her wearing a flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves. He was unbuttoning his trousers. A voice called out. "Yeah Neil lets get things started with this slut. Its time she gets what she deserves."

The guy now had his soft cock out and moved towards her. She shied away from his touch. But he didn't hit her, just slowly took hold of her hair and stroked it. She looked up at him with her big eyes full of fear and slowly leaned forward to accept fate into her mouth.

And Henry stood hidden, outside the circle of light. He knew he would have to fight this guy, all of them. He was not a fighter. But that didn't matter now. This was the moment of his destruction. In other times, harder times, every man would have to face this moment. And he felt an odd sense of relief that now he would too.


His voice sounded oddly calm as he stepped into the clearing. Now he saw, four men, lounging around the fire and watching the proceedings, the fifth with his hand in Selena's hair and his cock in her mouth. When she saw Henry, panic flashed across her face. She pulled back releasing the now almost hard glistening wet cock to fall down sluggishly. And with that grasp of the situation that only women seem to possess:

"No Henry! Leave it, go home, please! "

The man Neil laughed out loud.

"Yeah Henry, Go home, she doesn't want you here. She needs more than what you can give her."

And with this he pulled her head towards him again. Amazingly, she opened her mouth wide and let him plunge his cock all the way down her throat so that her nose was pressed up to his pubic bone. He held her tight against him while her body convulsed and made umpf sounds. He looked straight at Henry.


There was a silence. The two men stared at each other. Selena made another retching sound.


Henry jumped forward grabbing for the mans neck. His hands found home and the man called Neil, not exactly poised to fight went down under his weight. Falling. Henry gave a push and there was a hollow thud as the man's head hit the ground. Scrambling up Henry made to bash the head into the ground again but was knocked aside by the growling weight of one of the others. As he scrambled for purchase he was aware of the remaining men getting up slowly. A fist landed in his face and the world turned black for a moment. Mind jarring pain, that should have him on his knees. But not now. He emitted a growl and barrelled into his second assailant. Getting in close he punched up with all his might and hit the chin. A sharp clack and the body became dead weight. Turning around he was just in time to see another fist from up close. This time he didn't even flinch as he took the punch. He ducked and threw his weight into the guys midriff. He was growling now, and had been. He did not fear the pain, he had accepted it all when he stepped into the circle. He had someone pushed up against a tree and was relentlessly punching him in the stomach. Something hit the back of his head again and again, he punched backwards with his elbow and impacted with something that gave a slight crunching sound.


He looked up and saw a new man holding Selena by the hair, a strange elongated knife at her throat. The man wore strangely archaic looking clothing. Not stuff from this day and age. He nodded towards Henry.

"You fight well, the beast in you is strong. This is good. But then again, that is why we chose you."

Most of his assailants groaned and crawled back to the fire. The one named Neil hadn't moved from where he had landed. His slimy cock still hung out of his trousers looking like a slug trying to escape.

The man holding Selena nodded down to her still half naked frame kneeled at his feet.

"I am glad you came Henry. This one will be ours, until you fulfil your role."

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