tagExhibitionist & VoyeurForest Fishing Ch. 01

Forest Fishing Ch. 01


This is a story I wrote a few years ago that I just found again on an old memory stick. My style might have improved a little since then but I thought it might still be worth sharing with you.


The day was warm & sunny when I picked you up in my open top car. I was pleased to see you wearing the outfit I had provided...white button through summer dress, spaghetti straps & stopping mid-thigh, your toned legs finishing in heeled sandals with red polished nails on show. As you walk to the car, the sun is behind you showing of your fantastic silhouette through the thin material. Your nipples threaten to pierce the material as your braless breasts move as you walk.

Once in the car we move off & you get the first instruction of the day.

"Undo 6 buttons NOW."

You smile & your fingers pluck at two of the top buttons allowing your cleavage to show in the sun. 4 buttons at the bottom of the dress revile your shapely legs but stops just short of your knickers.

It's not a long drive from Colchester to Thetford Forest but the truck drivers on the road enjoy the view of you from their cabs as we pass (slowly).

We are soon deep in the forest & park at a secluded spot next to a path leading deeper into the trees.

I instruct you to get out & fetch the bag from the boot. The contents are quickly put to use. A red silk scarf acts as a blindfold & the long soft rope is bound around your wrists securely but not so tight as to hurt you. We set off into the trees to the spot I had selected. You stumble a little in your heels on the rough ground.

We arrive at a small clearing beside the path. With one throw the rope is set over an overhanging branch & I slowly pull you into position. Your hands rise above your head till you are at full stretch& almost on tip toe. You emit a small whimper.

"You must not say a word, whatever happens; or do I need to gag you?"

You shake your head in compliance & I slip away to my hiding place. My bait is set, let's see what we can catch.

We do not have to wait too long...

Five minutes you have been left & I hear the distinctive sound of hooves.

Around the bend comes a black stallion with rider in jodhpurs riding jacket & hat. The rider is about 25 & good looking. They stop with a smile of surprise next to you & dismount.

"Are you OK" they ask.

Complying with your instructions you can only nod.

Hmm...they utter & walk around you examining your form like a prized filly.

The rider's crop has a soft leather flap on one end which they use to stroke your cheek.

"Let me make you a little more comfortable" they offer.

You anticipate the rope slackening but instead feel fingers on the buttons of your dress. The back of the hands stroke the inside curve of your breasts as they work down.

Your toned stomach is soon exposed & in a second your dress is fully unbuttoned. The two sides separated by your pert tits with bullet nipples seeking attention. The sheer lace thong I had provided is tight against your pussy with a large wet spot giving away your arousal!

"Very nice, good enough to eat!"

A warm wet tongue flicks across your left nipple & you right is pinched hard between a firm finger & thumb.

You let out a small gasp as you feel the hard handle of the riding crop slide up your inner thigh. The rounded end presses up against your warm wet pussy, forcing the thong deeper into your folds. The crop finds its way up to nudge your clit before sliding into your knickers & with a slow trust deep into your pussy.

You moan again as the handle is sawn back & forth with firm strokes. Your knees feel they are about to buckle as you juices flow from your pussy & down your inner thigh.

You feel your climax building but suddenly you are left empty & wanting more as whip is withdrawn.

"That's enough for now...mmmm...you taste good" says the rider licking the handle. "I hope to see you again soon,"

Climbing back onto the horse she shakes her long blond hair & rides off...

I pause the video camera & wait to see what happens next!!

You remain suspended on your toes, your body exposed with your flimsy dress hanging from your shoulders. The thin thong damp with moisture hugs your mound translucent enough to reveal the trimmed landing strip above your pussy. Your breathing is heavy & your legs squirm together trying to get some relief from the itch that was not satisfied.

While we are alone I leave my hiding place & silently approach you. You jerk with shock as my mouth meets yours in a deep kiss our tongues fighting deep within each other's mouths. I slacken the rope but only enough for your feet to plant firmly on the floor & for you to bend slightly at the waist. Moving behind you I sweep your dress aside & run my hands up your rear thighs. You anticipate my next move with a sharp yelp a split second after the sharp smack on your left butt cheek. A moan follows a similar smack on the right.

I pull the string of your thong down to expose your wet pussy & bum crack. With two fingers I wipe the juices from your pussy over your clit for a moment before using it to lubricate around your puckered little star.

"Open your mouth & get ready to lick what I give you" I command.

You comply & I take a medium sized butt plug & cover it with your spit. You try to take more but it is wet enough to be placed in its rightful place. I press your back making you bend as far as the rope will let you. The slick plug touches your arse hole & you lean back as I slowly penetrate your back door. You stretch as the plug widens then suddenly your sphincter grips the invading item & swallows it till its base sits snugly in place. I move your thong back into place & retreat back to the camera & my hiding place.

Just in time as I hear footsteps approaching. Two joggers run into the clearing, both men in running gear. They skid to a stop bumping into each other when the see the bait I have left for them.

"WOW...what do we have here the first one says" as they walk up to you with large grins on their faces.

The two men eye you up and down eating up your body with their eyes.

You hold your knees together in an attempt to hide your arousal. The joggers come close & hold your dress wide open to appreciate the full curves of your hips, flat stomach & firm breasts. The first moves close & you can feel the heat of his body & the sweat from his running vest rubs onto your hard nipples. A firm hands slides down your sides & catch the side strings of your thong. With a sharp tug they are ripped from your body making you gasp out loud. The Jogger 1 leans against you & you feel his hard dick press against your thigh.

You move slightly & let his growing manhood move against your mound. Encouraged by your lack of resistance he drops his shorts to release a rock hard 8" which with one trust is buried to the hilt in your pussy. You are almost lifted off your feet by the force of the assault.

Meanwhile the second jogger has moved beyond you. The tall muscles black man also strips naked to get in on the action. He places his hands on your butt cheeks & pulls them apart & chuckles when he finds your arse hole is already full. He taps the flange of the plug a few times sending bolts of pleasure up inside you. All the time the first Jogger has you impaled on his throbbing cock which is moving up & down in your slick hot & steamy vagina.

Black jogger removes your butt plug & you frown at the empty feeling, but only for a few seconds before you feel yourself being ripped apart from behind. You don't know how big he is but it feels like a Thermos flask is up your bum...

The two guys get into a rhythm sawing in & out in turn, you can feel every vein on their cocks as they hammer into you separated only by the thin membrane between your arse & pussy. The pleasure builds till you can take no more. The anticipation of the day & now the sensation of two penises inside you are too much & you explode in an orgasm. You dance & twitch on the rope like a mad puppet but the tag team are not finished yet.

They continue to pound you in the double penetration of your life. Each man grunting in effort. Your crotch is a mass of your honey juice & pre come. Another minute passes with no let up. You feel your insides turn to jelly again & your legs give way. The black guy is pinching your nipples hard as at once all three of you cum together.

Ropes of white hot cum pour into your arse, & pussy & mix with a mass of your own cream. Juices slide from both holes down your thighs coating your legs in sticky moisture. The guys recover your discarded thong & wipe the remaining cum off their cocks onto it then redress.

They both give you a hard kiss bruising your lips slightly. Before they depart they hang the soaking wet thong from you erect left nipple. Then with a slap on your butt cheek they continue on their way.

I come out of my hiding place & let the rope loose.

You slump against me exhausted. I take off the blindfold & you blink in the sunlight. I take the thong & put it in my pocket as a souvenir. I guide you back to the car & let you into the passenger seat. Your dress is still open with cum drying on your skin.

Collecting the camera we drive home not making any attempt to cover your naked hot body.

On arrival I run you a hot bath light candles & pour you a large glass of wine.

An hour later you appear, clean and fresh, hair damp & light makeup applied & wearing a short black sheer silk robe red heels.

Now. What shall we do this evening?

To be continued...

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