tagRomanceFrom Afar Ch. 02

From Afar Ch. 02


The moment was here. The time had come when she would walk into her office and there he would be. The anticipation was making her shake. as she stepped into her office, she gasped aloud involuntarily. Sitting there in his wheel chair glaring at her wasn't the Chad that she had loved and remembered but an angry stranger.

Sure the person sitting in the chair was Chad, but he was unshaven, his hair looked like it hadn't been cut and was in need of a wash. His clothes looked dirty and there was a bitter twist to his mouth. She could tell on further inspection that his muscular build was not quite so muscular anymore. It broke her heart to see him this way, especially when she remember him when he was so handsome and strong.

"What the hell are she staring at? I thought you were supposed to teach me how to walk again, not stare at me like an idiot," he admonished harshly.

Taken aback by his rudeness, she regained her composure. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare. I'm Sara Carey, and I'll be helping you for the next few months or so," she walked over and held out her hand to him to shake it, but when he made no move to take it, she dropped it uneasily, and continued her speech. "Well, umm, while you're staying at the clinic. I will be seeing that you get exercise, to get those muscles in your legs strong again. As you know, muscles deteriorate pretty quickly if you don't use them."

"Yea, yea, I know all that stuff. Why don't we get to it now?!" he demanded.

"Well, I thought we would first start off with a little massage to warm the muscles up a bit and then we can head down to the gym and start on a few exercises. He shrugged indifferently, and Sara knew that he would not be a cooperative patient. She could appreciate the tragedy that he had faced in the past year but she would never have expected this of him.

She instructed him to slide to the floor, which she assisted him with. At least he was wearing work out clothes, she thought to herself although they already had a musty odor to them already as if they hadn't been washed from the last time he had worn them. "I'm going to have to take of your track pant right now, so I can give you that massage, I hope you don't embarrass easily." Not waiting for a response she began to competently pull down his pants. So far he made no objection.

When his legs were bare she began kneading the muscles deftly with skilled hands. She worked her hands over the tense flesh trying hard not to think of the many nights she had dreamed of touching him. She moved her hands up to his thighs and worked the muscles in that area, purposely avoiding the groin region until last. As she massaged his groin muscles, her hands accidentally brushed the bulge in his briefs. She blushed a furious red color and instantly pulled her hands away.

All while she was working, Chad laid back and eyed her curiously. She acted as if this were the first time she had ever done this but yet he had heard that she was one of the best, which was why she was chosen. She looked familiar to him but he couldn't place his finger on it. It didn't matter who she was. He didn't even care if he could walk anymore - it was on the insistence of his parents that he get rehabilitation. It was as if all his hopes and dreams had been shattered, when that car accidents all those months ago, but then he still had football. Now he didn't even have that and life just didn't feel worth living. He had nothing, and he wished that he didn't have to be here.

Unaware of Chad's thoughts Sara continued with what she was doing and against her will she began to fantasize Chad sitting up. He would look her in the eyes and tell her that he remembered her and placing a sweet kiss on her lips. She would return that kiss and open her lips slightly so that he may deepen that kiss with his probing tongue. She could just imagine how his hands would stray to her breast straining against the material of her blouse. Then he would unbutton each button slowly pressing a kiss to each inch of skin that he exposed before coming to her breasts, pushing aside her bra, before taking a waiting nipple between his teeth.

She could imagine her hands moving to his waiting cock and stocking lightly, making it hard. Then she would slowly press kisses on his flesh making a downward path to his straining shaft. He would gently guide her head to him, until her lips made contact. Lovingly Sara would taste the sweetness of the precum glistening at the top of the head before taking it into her mouth. She could just imagine what he would taste like in her mouth, and how his cock would become harder at the ministrations of her mouth.

"Oh, baby," he would moan while stoking her hair. Just when he would be at the point of exploding she would slyly pull off her pants and panties, and straddle him, lowering her dripping pussy, on his stiffness. "You feel so good, so tight," Chad would moan, as he gripped her hip. She would move up and down feeling the waves of pleasure that they would make together. "Yes," she moaned feeling the sensations that her imagination was creating.

"Excuse me?" an impatient voice spoke to her breaking her from her daydreams. She flushed realizing that she had spoke allowed, and she stopped her task, realizing that she had stopped massaging him and was actually caressing him.

"Well, that will be enough for today. Let me help you back in your chair and then we can get you started on some exercises," she said. He shrugged nonchalantly. She could tell this wasn't going to be an easy assignment. She came home that night in tears. All through the session, he made rude and scathing comments about everything. He complained about everything from the pain, which she had already warned him about, her instructions, and even the way she looked.

It was his personal attacks that hurt the most. She was so sure that they would hit it off that she hadn't taken into account that he would be so bitter. She had had many patients like him before but somehow this isn't what she would have expected of her Chad. She knew that there was a long battle ahead and if he was going to be stubborn, then she would have to be as stubborn if not more.

For the next couple of weeks, things went pretty much the same, him complaining and not really cooperating and she getting more frustrated. To Sara's disappointment they were making hardly any progress. One day when he was particularly rude and ill tempered she had had enough.

"We're nowhere near to getting me to walk you know. I know why you're getting paid for nothing," Chad muttered. Sara had been instructing him on a new exercise that he might try. Sara's almost non-existent temper can to a boil.

"Is that what you really think?" she glared at him and then continued without giving him a chance to answer. "Mr. Green, if you think that all the effort I'm putting forth is for nothing, then you are wasting my time and yours and I suggest if you don't like what I'm doing then you can perhaps find someone else that can help you. Perhaps someone who'll put up with your rudeness, and ill manners." She stood up in a huff and was about to walk off when he call spoke up.

"How dare you! You're supposed to be helping me. You can't talk to me like that," he said indignantly. "I can and I just did, because I've had about enough of you. You're not the man I use to.... I mean you're not the person you appear be on television. You're just an empty shell," hurriedly she corrected herself hoping that he didn't catch her slip of the tongue.

"You don't know shit about my problems. You're just like the rest of the public, you think you know me because you see me on TV, you don't know what I've been through this past year." He was seething mad now, but it was actually the first signs of life that he had shown in the past couple of weeks. All her anger was drained away, and her heart swelled for him.

She knelt down beside him, "You're right, I don't know what it's like to have been through what you have, but I do know pain, and I can sense that you're in a lot of it. Please don't let that hinder you're walking again. Let me help you, that's what I'm here for," she smiled gently.

"I don't have anything to walk for. I have no family, I have no career. What do I have?" He asked helplessly.

"You have so much to live for, you just don't know it. You have your health. You've certainly made enough money in your career in that you can pursue what you want. Listen, it's up to you, I can't make you do this if you don't want to but, I know you have so much more potential than you're showing right now. Football was your dream, yes, but you've lived that dream and it's over now. You have find a new dream to chase now."

"As if you would know." Chad folded his arms still not moved.

"Oh, you don't think I don't know about letting go of an old dream. I can assure you that I do. You see, there was this guy that I loved since I was a teenager, but he was larger than life. Just like you actually, but I was way out of his league, probably still am," she smiled mirthlessly, "though I never really got over him, I knew that was a dream, I had to let go. I know the situations are totally different, but in a way they are. Even though I couldn't live my dream, I'm still here. I didn't crumble. I learned to live with it. My point is, that you will have to learn to do the same," she paused for the full effect of the moment before continuing, "I think we should end the session for today, so you can think things over. Like I said before, I can't make you do this if you don't want to but I hope for your own sake you will think it over. If you want to leave the clinic or maybe get a new therapist then I'll understand, but I hope I do see you tomorrow," she finished.

He was silent for a while. She helped him back in his chair, and wheeled him to the rec room. when she turned to leave, he called out. "Sara," he began uncertainly.


"I'll see you tomorrow, and... You know he's fool you know."


"I mean the guy you loved. He's a fool to not have loved you back." Sara blushed furiously. She could feel the beginning of tears and turned away quickly. "Umm, thanks," she mumbled before leaving. If he only knew...

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