tagLoving WivesFuck My Wife Please!!!

Fuck My Wife Please!!!


I'll meet you in the early afternoon at the Starbucks just off I-25 on Montgomery. The parking lot is usually full, but if you circle around a couple times a space almost always opens up. I'll be waiting at a table near the door wearing a leather jacket, red shirt and drivers cap so you'll know me. We can chat for a few minutes to see if we hit it off. I don't want someone that I don't like making love to my wife. . .

After a little while and a few laughs you follow me in my red car back to the hotel just down Pan American Highway that my wife and I checked into just for this special occasion. I give you a key card and our room number. You go left and take the elevator and I head to the bar to the right of the main entrance. When you unlock the door she's laying on the bed in her black lingerie and her long red hair flowing down around her shoulders and partially hiding her face. You can hear the sound of her petite vibrator that she's gliding lightly over her lacey black G-string where it conceals her pussy. She's already wet and excited and sits up, as soon as you reach the bed. She opens your fly, pulls out your already swelling member and begins licking that sensitive spot just under the head. Within a few second she's opened her throat and you feel her lips glide down to the base of your shaft with her little nose buried deep in your pubic hairs. You grab the back of her head and start slowly and gently probing. After a couple minutes she pulls away lays down on the bed, spread her legs and motions for you to mount her.

Being the gentleman that you are you oblige. After all no self-respecting and honorable man would ever refuse a pretty lady's passionate invitation. As you slip inside of her hungry wet pussy, she thrusts her pelvis back at you and you hear her little gasp of pleasure and appeased yearning. She says, "Go slow I want to enjoy every second and every inch of this". You begin a leisurely grind, offset by steady oscillating short and long thrusts. But, before long she's propelling her hips at you in rapid succession crying out, "faster and harder!" as she convulses with orgasm after orgasm. And in the pitch of her wild convulsions, your mutual thrusting and penetrating spasms your cock explodes filling her quivering pussy with your hot cum. She quickly and desperately pulls you up onto her chest until your cock plummets into her mouth and she hungrily swallows the last few drops of your precious juices. Within a few seconds you feel your erection springing to life and aching for a second go round.

Just then, as we'd agreed, I quietly enter the room, slip off my clothes, climb up from the foot of the bed, push my face between her thighs and begin eating her pussy. Straddling her chest with your eyes closed and rod between her lips, you pay little attention as my tongue works her back into a frenzy and ingests every morsel of the satisfying cream pie that the two lovers have left for me to enjoy. Her excitement and craving swells as she is overwhelmed the combination of my persistent licking and the almost narcotic feel and taste of your cock sliding in and out her mouth. She abruptly pulls her mouth away and pants "Fuck me! Oh Dear God, please fuck me again!"

She nimbly maneuvers her body around until she and I are tangled up in a seamless sixty-nine posture madly licking and sucking. You hastily launch your marauding missile into her now polished but dripping pussy from behind. Her spasms radiate through her body and yours as you thrust your throbbing cock into her flowing fissure again and again, harder and harder.

The piston-like plunges are so intense and electrifying that you hardly notice as my tongue stimulates her clit and occasionally licks her juices and your pre-cum from your balls and the base of your shaft. The three of us are snatched by our passions, teetering on the edge of orgasm for a blissful eternity. When without warning all three of us all at once erupt out into a massive to mutual orgasm, incapable of telling the boundaries between each of our own contractions and our communal cummings. In the after-glow, she shifts her position one last time so she can enjoy a final taste of your cock and the last few dewdrops of your sweet, savory and slightly grainy nectar as I eagerly go to work cleaning out her pussy and relishing the same flavor on my tongue.

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