tagErotic HorrorFuel for the Fire Ch. 03-04

Fuel for the Fire Ch. 03-04


Author's Note: I would just like to thank manddscott for editing this and giving me invaluable feedback.


The old lady didn't appear at the library again for another two days after that night. I had fobbed the boy off with a fake phone number after he had woken up in the morning and pushed him out of the door, still reeking of sex. After that I had spent most of my time worrying about what was happening to me. I had taken a morning after pill just to be sure but somehow I knew I wasn't going to get pregnant. Something told me the sperm had never even made it past my cervix.

When the old lady finally turned up again she surprised me by making a beeline for me. We talked for about an hour as I filled her in on everything that had been happening.

"...and that's about it," I said as we sat on a bench in the park sharing lunch. "Things have been pretty strange to say the least."

My weak attempt at humour seemed to go right over the old lady's head as she sat staring with a stern look into the middle distance. We sat in silence for about ten minutes before the old lady spoke.

"You recall what I said before."


"The possible effects of the ceremony. I told you you might regret having survived." She was wagging her index finger in the air as she spoke. As if scolding a child that had just touched the stove. "You wanted Desire and so they gave it to you. You wanted hunger and so they gave it to you."

"What, are you trying to say I am some kind of Cum vampire?" I couldn't keep the sarcasm out of my voice as I spoke. The idea was ridiculous.

The old woman considered this for a moment then nodded. "In a sense. You hunger for seed, it is what sustains you now. When you get too hungry the curse takes control."

"That's ridiculous!" I laughed.

The old woman simply pointed down at my hand. "If I am wrong, why have you not touched your sandwich?"

I had her now! "I have eaten i..." I looked down and fell silent. The sandwich was still in my hand. I was sure I had been eating it as we talked, but there it was. Still whole and perfect, not a nibble on it. I sat dumbfounded at this as the old woman made to leave.

"You should not let the hunger take hold again. You may find yourself doing something you regret."

That night I found it very hard to sleep. Everything the old lady had said to me was swirling in my head and to top that off I could feel the start of the hunger in the bottom of my stomach. Eventually at three in the morning I finally fell into a restless slumber.

I was lying on something hard, my arms and legs had been spread eagled and when I tried to move I could feel restraints on my wrists and biceps. My legs had been restrained at the ankle and my knees had been bent up and spread wide as if I was in a gynecological chair. It was pitch black and almost completely silent except from a slight wind that was blowing across me. I knew from the feeling of the chill wind that I was completely naked as well.

My heart was racing as I tried to free myself but no matter how hard I struggled the bonds wouldn't break. I was panicking and starting to hyperventilate when I suddenly felt something.

A single finger was tracing its way up the inside of my left leg. The digit felt like it was made of sandpaper but yet it felt human. Where it touched me, it left a tingling trail like an ice burn which I found strangely pleasant. The closer it got to my crotch, the more aroused I felt myself becoming. It became hard to tell if my heart was racing out of fear or from excitement.

Just before the finger reached my now aching lips it lifted off of me. A growl of frustration escaped my lips. I was left with my arousal and fear fighting it out for how long I don't know. Until I suddenly felt the hard stone beneath my head start to slide away from me. I jerked my head forward in surprise and forced my chin into my chest. The sudden shot of fear I had felt started to dissipate as the muscles in my neck began to scream out. My head felt like it was being slowly filled with lead as inch by inch my muscles gave out and I let my head fall back.

The stone that had held up my head was completely gone and when I let my head fall back completely, I was surprised to find that it seemed to have been replaced somehow. The lip of the rock under my neck was not at a sharp angle but instead seemed to be molded to my neck, forcing me to take a position that put my chin in line with my throat. The blood rushing to my head, combined with the fear that clouded my mind, meant that I didn't comprehend what this arrangement implied until I felt the hand on my forehead.

It seemed to appear in an instant, a huge palm suddenly pushing my head into the rock, holding me in position. I knew in that instant what was going to happen and I began to struggle with insane vigour. The binding on my arms and legs seemed to bend slightly, but didn't break. I might as well have been pushing my head against a brick wall when it came to the hand. It didn't budge an inch it didn't even push back against me. It simply held my head in place, like a bodybuilder holding a baby bird.

The owner of the arm seemed to get tired of watching me struggle after a few minutes. I suddenly felt the head of it's infernal cock against my lips. I bared my teeth, hoping that the idea of my incisors cutting into its tender cock would dissuade the beast somewhat. If it did it didn't put it off nearly enough. With a single thrust the beast forced its prick into my mouth. I had had to either open my mouth or have my teeth smashed in. Any attempt to bite down was made impossible by its sheer size. The creature massive prick stretched my jaw out painfully, so much that I was sure my cheeks would tear open. When the engorged head was finally past my lips I was almost relieved until I realized that it was not stopping. It pushed further and further into my mouth and straight into my throat.

I should have gagged then, should have vomited, but I didn't. Something about the Demons infernal prick was numbing my gag reflex. The pain as well was already fading. Tamping down to nothing more than a sense of being stretched out. Even as the oversized cock was pushed further down my throat I started to feel the numbness spreading through my body. Unfortunately that didn't change the fact that the cock had completely blocked by windpipe.

I don't know how long I twisted on that table for. It seemed like hours and days passed until a single thought managed to cut its way through the white hot terror in my mind as I tried to breath.

I should have died a long time ago.

The implication of that thought managed to cut through the panic long enough for me to take stock. It was true, I still had the cock of my torturer shoved down my throat and it was still blocking off all air, yet I was still alive. My lungs had long since given up screaming out. Replaced by that same strange numbness that was filling me up. It was clear then that I wasn't going to choke to death. Normal human limitations seemed to have been suspended for now.

The realization of this sent a wave of relief washing through me, and the change must have been what the demon was waiting for as he suddenly began to withdraw his impossibly large and hard cock from my throat. For a moment I thought that he would pull it all the way back out, but when I felt his glans pushing against the back of my teeth he stopped withdrawing and, after a moment's pause, began pushing in again.

The infernal pecker began a rhythm then, pushing into my throat, in long thrusts. Then pulling out to my teeth and then going in again. Thrust after thrust he began to slowly pick up his pace,fucking my throat like it was my pussy. With every thrust I felt his cock twitch and I soon realised why as I felt my throat start to be filled. It's thick pre was filling my throat, wherever it touched my flesh started to become sensitive again.

I could feel the ridges of my throat being stretched out as his slide past. The pain and numbness was slowly being replaced by the same delicious sense of fullness I normally felt when the oversized cock was inside my pussy. My mind felt like it was filling with cold fire, everywhere it touched it left behind nothing but tingling pleasure.

My mind boggled. I was trying to understand what was happening to me as, with every thrust, the pleasure grew. Seemingly in tandem with that of the demon. My throat was filling me with electricity, my legs tried to pull together as the heat in my crotch started to become unbearable.

As I twisted in pleasure and confusion I felt rather than saw the beast move, leaning over me. It's purpose soon became clear as I felt a single thick digit slide down my lips and then twist and dip in to my opening. Even I was amazed at how easily it slid inside of me. I felt moisture slide between my buttocks as the digit was drawn back.

Another digit joined the first in my cunt, stretching me out to my very limit. The palm of the demon's hand was now flat against me, sliding back and forth across my clit. The sensation of the rough skin and constant pressure sent me over the edge in an instant. My whole body writhed against my bindings in desperate ecstasy for what seemed like an eternity. When I finally came back to my senses, I found that the demon's hands had left my sex. All of its attention was now on fucking my throat as hard as he possibly could. His member seemed to have shrank a little, still oversized but now small enough to pass by my teeth without trouble.

My throat was on fire with sensation and the demon seemed to be nearing its limit as well. It's thrusts started to lose their rhyme. Becoming short and sharp, its breath was short and heavy in my ears. I opened my eyes in time to see its tennis ball sized testicles contract up to its body.

With a guttural roar the beast rammed itself down into my throat, its cock bulging out in my throat as the first load of cum travelled along it. I sensed its orgasm only as a sense of hot liquid being pumped in to my stomach. It's cock being shoved so far down my throat at this point. I was able to count each load only as an increase of pressure as it moved down its cock.

At the tenth spasm, I thought he would be spent. At the twentieth I was sure there could be no more. Finally at the fortieth I realised it would never end. This demon would stand here for the rest of time. Pumping molten semen into me without end, even when my stomach exploded from the pressure and my internal organs were forced out of my ass. Even when my skin finally tore open like an overfilled balloon and spilled everything out onto the floor. Even when I was nothing but a head with a tattered esophagus attached and a cock rammed into it, spraying a never ending stream of jizz out onto the floor. I would not die and it would never stop. The same force that had stopped me from suffocation was at work now. The demons orgasm would never end and I would be here forever.

As this realisation came over me I was suddenly filled with a deep sense of joy. I saw in my minds eye the thick ropes of cum pouring forth from the demons livid cock head. Saw the look of pure release on its face and there was me. The conduit through which it was experiencing this release, this pleasure.

As I marvelled at this new state of mind, I felt something sliding across my tongue and I realised the hands that had been on my head were gone. The demon had finally stopped, its spent member had shrunk down even more now. As soon as the cock was away from my lips it seemed to disappear, the sense of being alone washed over me as I lay on the table.

After a few moments I lifted my head up to look down at my body. I was amazed that my neck muscles didn't scream in pain. My stomach had been expanded to a comical degree. I looked like I was nine months pregnant. I couldn't even see my legs.

Looking at my gut filled with demonic seed one word seemed to rise up in my mind...perfect.

Chapter 4

I woke up feeling more tired than when I had gone to bed. The alarm screeched away on my phone and I slapped at it weakly to try and make it shut up. Eventually, I had to sit up in bed and focus my eyes on it. Today was a lecture day. I would have to go and be around other people for 5 hours. I had never been all that personable, and the addition of a voice in the back of my head that was telling me to suck and/or fuck every man I met was not going to make it any easier. That I had no choice in the matter did little to make me feel better, and the worry over what the day would hold distracted me from the fact that my jaw had been sore when I woke up.

The morning lectures passed by without incident, although as my lecturer droned on about some topic I was sure to be tested on later I felt the hunger start to grow in the pit of my stomach. gnawing away at me bit by bit. When lunch time came around I rushed to the cafeteria, hoping against hope that eating some proper food would get rid of the maddening hunger.

The food in the on-site cafeteria had never been up to any sort of standard, which was part of why I usually ate off campus. Today however it seemed worse than ever. I had bought a plate of fish and chips, the first thing I had laid eyes on when I walked into the place and it was somehow completely tasteless. Well, not completely tasteless, there was a slightly bitter taste that was at just the edge of my senses. It was like drinking milk that had just started to go off, not undrinkable but with the hint of the putrefaction to come.

As I sat forcing the food down I glanced up at the table across from me. Sitting at it where a man and a woman. They were chatting over their lunches and for all the world they looked completely normal. Except for when I allowed my eyes to flick away and then back onto them.

Suddenly they were no longer sharing a lunch together. They were both lying naked on the table, both facing away from me. The woman was straddling him in the cowgirl position. The man thrusting his cock hard into her pussy, doing all of the work as she moaned in silence. From here I could see that he was wearing a condom, I could even make out the droplets of lubricant that hung in his pubic hair. They fucked in silence for a long minute before I saw the man's balls tighten up. His hands dug into her hips forcing her down onto his cumming cock. After a long moment in which I watched with rapt attention. The woman collapsed onto his chest, causing his soaked and deflating cock to slide from her pussy.

Then it was gone, the two were back to sitting eating lunch and the world kept on going around me. Even as I pushed up from the table and made for the door, desperate to get back home, all I could think about was the bulb of white fluid at the top of the condom and how wonderful it had looked.

Out in the hall I glanced up for a second and made eye contact with an unassuming guy in khakis and a flannel shirt. Except now he was down on his knees, lips wrapped around the throbbing head of another man's cock. The man he was sucking off had both his hands on the back of his head and was rocking his head back and forth so that his cockhead slipped in and out of the man's mouth. He moved faster and faster until he suddenly pushed the man back, freeing his cock. The man on the ground opened his mouth wide with a smile as his lover fired a long stream of spunk across his face. The first hit him almost directly in the mouth and the second was caught completely by his mouth as he leant forward and planted his lips on the spasming head in a loving kiss.

Then he was past me, just another face in the crowd, the erotic little tableau played out in less than a second it seemed. I rushed to the elevator, desperate to just collect my things and get out of there. Once I got into the elevator I hit the button for the top floor and let out a sigh of relief. As long as I just looked straight down there was no risk of seeing anything.

"Fucking faggot! You fucking like that you little fucking faggot!"

I snapped my head up at that, surely no one would say that in an elevator? It had come from the man directly behind me and I glanced around sheepishly to see what was going on.

There were two men stood naked behind me, they both had their hands on each others cocks and were jerking each other off. One of them had his eyes closed and seemed to be simply lost in the bliss of the moment, gently stoking up and down his lovers rigid cock. The other was the one who had I had heard speaking. He seemed to be filled with rage as he worked his partners member.

Repeating the same mantra I had just heard over and over again, his strokes becoming more vicious as his anger grew. I noticed belatedly that they had both covered their cocks with lube, otherwise the angry man's rough hand movements would have done some serious damage. His partner was much more gentle, caressing the livid head of his cock in a way that seemed to produce a near constant stream of pre-cum. Finally the aggressive efforts of the angry man brought his partner to climax. His cum splattered against the angry man's stomach and chest into long streams. That seemed to send him over the edge as well, as he came a moment later as well, coating his partner in beautiful pearls of white. The gentle one finally opened his eyes and kissed him deeply on the mouth.

The illusion broke and I was staring at the angry man, clothed now and wearing a lime green track suit with a long billed cap. I had clearly been staring as he was giving me a wary look. I snapped my head back around, a blush blooming on my face. When the elevator doors next opened I strode out and headed for the stairs. I had gotten out three floors too low so I had to run up the stairs.

When I got to my floor whatever was causing these visions seemed to have taken full hold. Almost every person I saw was now locked in some form of sexual act. I am forever grateful that I didn't run across my lecturer as I retrieved my bag. I took the second flight of stairs back to the ground floor. They were almost never used, and I only ran across one scene of sexual conquest. A tall woman leaning a scrawny looking man up against the wall, she wore a disturbingly large strap-on dildo and was using it to fuck the man in the ass. Every thrust sent another pitiful spurt of jizz flicking out of his rigid cock and I ran past quickly. Not wanting to know which half of this liaison I had run into.

The journey home was hell.

Even if I could have afforded a taxi I didn't think I could bear to be witness to whatever the driver's most recent sexual activity had been. A bus would have been even worse, so I choose to walk instead. It would take me almost an hour, but this way I could look at the floor and wouldn't be trapped with anyone.

Every time I glanced up I saw something new. Most were thankfully vanilla, missionary position or cowgirl at the most. The part of me that was getting used to this was amused by how unimaginative most people seemed to be. Every so often however there would be a man in a gimp mask being fucked by a large burly man. His livid cock would be oozing a slow stream of cum as his lover withdrew his massive member and jizzed all over his back and arse. A woman with two men, one cumming in her pussy and then the other lapping up the oozing spunk. My panic-addled mind noted that the woman and the man eating her out were both wearing wedding rings whilst the third man was not. When I finally slammed the door to my flat shut, I felt like I was going insane, although I didn't know the worst was to come.

As I made a beeline for my room I heard a voice from the living room.

"Hey you're back early." It was Presley and in that moment I could think of no one I would like to see less. He rounded the corner, and before I could look away I made direct eye contact.

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