tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFun Trip To Six Flags by Denise

Fun Trip To Six Flags by Denise


Our Fun Trip to Six Flags

Hi, my name is Denise. My husband Adam sent in his version of this story and told me I should send in my side of the event and it sounded like fun, so here goes.

I am currently 23 yrs. old and I have been married 5 yrs. to my old childhood sweetheart named Adam. We grew up together as neighbors in Burlington, Vermont. We played together, shared our first kiss and played doctor together a few times while still very young. We got married right after high school with our parents' blessings just before he joined the 'Air Force'. I lost my virginity to him when we were only 15 years of age and have never regretted it. We were very careful when it came to sex, he wore condoms and I got on the pill when I was 16. We had sex as often as possible and often on semi-public locations. Now that I look back, I'm pretty sure my mom knew we were having sex but she never let on about it. That could explain why she wasn't the least bit shocked when I admitted to her a couple months after our wedding when Adam and I started having sex. She said she was just glad we were careful and used contraceptives.

We got married two months before Adam left for basic training in Texas. Since my house was bigger, he moved in with my family until he left and I stayed there when he left. We were having sex two to three times a day after we got married and I sure missed that when he left. I had to resort to my fingers daily, something I hardly ever did until then. After basic training they sent him off to school in Mississippi for more training.

When he came home after school, he told me we needed to pack up everything because he had orders for the island of Guam for 3 years. He told me he had a choice of 1 1\2 years along without me or 3 years there with me. He said he could not stand the thought of a year and a half without me so he chose the 3 years with me. I was in a mild shock, the thought of having to leave my family and friends and move halfway around the world to a new and strange place made me uncomfortable, but I loved him and decided we could work it out.

It was a cold snowy day when we left Burlington and a nice warm sunny day when we arrived on Guam. The island was just like the pictures I looked at on the internet. It was beautiful! We were met at the airport by someone from the base and taken to our 'on base' home. It wasn't fancy but it was ours for the next 3 years.

It was within easy walking distance to the base swimming pool, which Adam and I used almost daily, and the commissary. Our meager possessions arrived in a couple days so we slept in the base motel until we unpacked everything. We didn't need a car on base, we walked or used a little scooter we bought to get around or we could use the free base shuttle bus. Once in a while we rented a car on-base to go to town or cruise around the island. We decided to save our money the next 3 years and buy a good car when we got back to the good old USA.

I quickly found out my long pants were not practical for here and cut off and hemmed most of them into shorts but within a month had cut off most of them to short-short length which I liked better. Adam talked me in cutting off a couple of my oldest and tightest jean shorts to super short-shorts. I was uncomfortable wearing these around at first but soon got use to them when I noticed almost all the other women wearing them too. I noticed most of the younger girls and women around here didn't wear bras either so I experimented with that a bit too.

Adam liked me going braless. It really didn't bother me much unless my shirts were thin and you could see my hard nipples though my shirts. I hardly ever went braless back home and I felt a bit uncomfortable and even a bit naughty doing it here. That's why I think my nipples were hard most of the time. But since it seemed like the normal way to dress here, I tried it and soon found I liked being braless especially in public. I found I liked the extra attention I seemed to get.

At first I was a little put-off when the men stared at my braless breast and my hard nipples but soon I actually began to enjoy the looks and smiles. I know Adam liked it when I went braless in public with him; he was always trying to touch them in public. At first I would stop him but found I actually enjoyed his extra attention in public and eventually let him get a few feels in but within a few months, I never stopped him. I even let him feel me up in public once in a while.

My favorite place to let him play with my tits was on 'Tarague Beach', which was a beach on the Pacific Ocean on the Air Force Base. Adam noticed that a lot of girls were running around in tiny thong bikinis. He suggested I get me one to wear. I told him "no way" but deep inside I wanted one to wear but didn't have to guts to wear something that small in public, yet. I was still a bit uncomfortable in my new little tie-side string bikini, but I found I did enjoy walking along the beach braless in a white tank-top and my bikini bottoms. Adam liked to toss me in the water in my white tank-top giving me that wet t-shirt look. The first time he did it, I was pissed! The top made me look like I was topless but soon I got used to being over-exposure and by the time we left, I was beginning to enjoy it a bit but I didn't let Adam know that.

I know I liked excitement of letting everybody see my wet titties but I never let Adam know just how much I enjoyed it because I was supposed to be his shy little wife. I just couldn't tell him how much I really was enjoying this new exhibitionist side of me. I use to do a lot of walking and/or jogging for my exercise and I usually wore one of my thin t-shirt or tank-tops and some short-shorts.

Most of my walks lasted a couple hours and here in Guam, you never know when you will encounter a quick passing tropical rain shower and many times I got soaking wet causing my thin tops to become see-thru which of course I enjoyed. Many drivers have seen me in my wet shirts as I walked along the sidewalks beside the roads, just as I had planned. A few weeks after I found my enjoyment of getting my thin shirts wet outside, I started cropping them off. Now they were thin and short.

After my or sometimes Adam's and my walk/jogs, I or we usually ended up at the base pool to cool off, Adam and I rented a locker there and I kept his swim-shorts and my string-tie side bikini there to change into for my swim. I never got to wear one of my thongs here because they didn't allow them because since it was a family pool there were children there sometimes. The lifeguards were usually GI's earning part-time money and they never complained when I showed up in my wet outfits to put my bikini on. A few times there weren't any kids there and they told me I could swim in what I had on. And you know I did!

It all started one day when I showed up alone when it was raining and I stopped and talked to one them knowing he was getting and eye-full of little ole wet me. I just happened to mention that it was ashamed I had to change clothes to swim in since I was already soaking wet. When he said as long as he was concerned and as long as no kids were around, I could wear in anything I wanted to or didn't want to wear when I swam. And when I did swim in my cropped off top that day, it kept floating up above my tits, bearing them for the lifeguard watching over me. The first few times I pulled it back down and then just gave up and let it go and it usually ended up above my tits. I enjoyed knowing they were uncovered and some guy was checking them out. I told Adam that night what happen and he said he hoped it would happen when he was with me one time.

Within a few months of my first public braless adventure, I quit wearing my bras period! I discovered I hated to wear them. I actually threw them out all but for four or five of my nicer, sexier bras which I kept in back of my underwear drawer just in case. I bought a few more short-shorts to wear and I was surprised at the large selection I had to choose from here. Long pants were hard to find. I found some really short short-shorts to wear, even shorter than my shortest cut-offs. They were so short, my ass cheeks hung out of them, I loved them!

I bought this one pair that was so small, I had trouble finding panties to wear under them. (I found out later they were actually boy-cut panties that looked more like shorts than panties and when I found that out, I bought a few more to wear.) Adam suggested I not wear any underwear under them, I tried it and he loved it. Well, I loved it too but I didn't want him to know that. Well, that got me experimenting with not wearing panties under all my shorts. I found I liked the freedom I felt at being pantiless and I actually felt cooler in these warm temperatures so I slowly quit wearing panties too. I was becoming such a naughty girl. Walking around in public with no bra or panties on and enjoying it.

Adam found out and congratulated me for doing it. Well, he did more than just congratulate me for it. He couldn't keep his hands off me and I liked that! After he found out what I wasn't wearing in public, we started having sex a lot more often and I liked that. So there was another plus for not wearing underwear. It makes your man hornier than normal! I found out I got kick out of wear those boy-cut panties around outside in public acting like I thought they were just short-shorts. I started to enjoy going grocery shopping now, especially when all I was wearing was a cropped off t-shirt or tank-top and a pair of my boy-cut panties and sandals while I shopped. I also started wearing them when I went for my walks/jogs around the base along with my thin, short tops. They became my favorite short-shorts; I mean panties, to wear out in public.

Over the next couple of years, we enjoyed our time in Guam. It really is a tropical paradise and it will be hard to leave when Adam's tour runs out here. I eventually threw out all my old panties and replaced them with 8 to 10 tiny thong and g-string panties which I only wore under my short skirts and dresses. All my skirts were short and a couple skirts were very short, but I found I preferred going pantiless under my knee length or longer dresses.

Then one day Adam's wish came true, we were out walking and I was wearing one of my boy-cut panties and a crop-top tank-top and over halfway through our planned jog, the bottom fell out. Adam was grinning saying it looked like I was walking round topless and then he said he hoped no one was at the pool when we got there. There wasn't, just one of the usual lifeguard, one whom has seen me swim in my wet tops a couple times. I introduced him to Adam. He looked a bit unhappy about seeing him there; I guess he thought he wouldn't be seeing my tits today. I then asked if I could still swim in what I was wearing and he smiled and perked up and said 'Sure!' I talked to him a bit as Adam put on his swim-shorts.

When Adam appeared, I jumped in the pool with him right behind me. It felt strange swimming in the rain. A few seconds later, I felt his hands sliding around me grabbing my bare tits. I turned in his arms and gave him a hug and kiss as I made sure my tits wear uncovered so I could hug him skin to skin. I instantly felt his dick hardening against me so I wrapped my legs around him and ground my crotch against his. Seconds later, I felt his hands sliding down inside my shorts/panties and grabbing my ass cheeks. I knew I wanted to get naughty; I broke away from Adam and asked the lifeguard if it was still alright for me to take off my top if I wanted and he said I could take off anything I wanted. I smiled at him as I stood waist deep in the pool and pulled off my top and placed it near the edge. I faced him now topless and pulled down my bottoms and put them on top of my shirt.

I walked naked back over to Adam and wrapped my legs around him and gave him a big hug as he whispered in my ear, "Is my naughty wife having fun?" I told him I was having a ton of fun. Then he asked, "Are you going to get redressed in the pool or out so he can get a better look at you." I told him I hadn't decided yet. About five minutes later as Adam was playing with my pussy and I had his dick out playing with it and seriously thinking about letting him fuck me here and now in the pool with the guy watching. A car pulled up and a family got out. Adam helped me get dress and we left without them seeing us. We were home in ten minutes and fucking in eleven.

I did end up buying a couple thong bikinis to wear on the beach for Adam, and me too during our last year and a half there. I ordered a 'Wicked Weasel black lace g-string to surprise Adam with by wearing it on 'Tarague Beach'. There were many times I would pull a little skirt on over my thong bikini bottom and go to the store or somewhere dressed like that.

There in Guam running around in a bikini top shopping is acceptable and I like that. Then I could go to the beach and take my skirt off and I was ready. Towards the end of Adams tour, he wanted me to get topless on the beach. I acted like I didn't want to but I had already been thinking about it for a few weeks so it didn't take much persuading to get me to do it since by this time I was already practically nude since I wearing just that black lace g-string on that public beach. At first I just laid on my towel and I found I really like lying there topless letting others see me. Before Adam's tour was done, he and I walked the entire length of 'Tarague Beach' a few times with me topless. I was so horny; I often pulled Adam into one of the beach restrooms before we had to leave and had him fuck me and twice we got naked at the far end of the beach and had sex behind some bushes.

On the trip to the USA, I wore a knee length button-up dress on the flight with the bottom four buttons undone so I could flash some leg as I walked. I removed my panties in the airplane restroom during the flight and gave them to Adam when I returned. His eyes got big when I gave him my warm, wet panties. His eyes remained big as I unbuttoned a couple more buttons and showed him my sex. I pulled a blanket down over me telling him I was getting cool and needed to be warmed up while I gave him smile and a wink. He got the message and put his hand though the split of my dress and his fingers quickly found my waiting pussy.

We were in no hurry and he took his time to bring me to orgasm then I got his handkerchief he always carries and returned the favor by giving him a hand-job and filling his hanky with his cum. We fell asleep soon after and were awaken just before landing. Adam led the way to baggage claim as I followed. I noticed people looking at me strangely then I remembered the extra buttons undone and glanced down. Yep, it was still unbuttoned all the way to my pussy. I then felt a hot flash from my gut to my pussy. I looked down again and decided they couldn't see much and if they did it could only be a very quick flash so I decided it would be cool to just to leave it alone for now.

Once we stopped at the baggage claims I thought of maybe buttoning at least one button. I brought to Adam's attention that I had forgotten to button my dress back up and asked if I should or not. He looked down and said he couldn't see anything and said I should just leave it alone, it looked fine. I knew better but decided to leave it anyway. Once we got into the cab to the base, I made sure to let my dress open up as I sat. You guessed it, my dress opened to above my shaved bare pussy. I did or said nothing until Adam noticed. "Whoa!" he said, "Maybe you might need to button up a couple buttons. I love what I see but this ain't Guam and I don't want you to get arrested."

I smiled at him and said, "Oh Boo-Hoo! I like this and I'm having fun, but if you think I should, I'll do it." I didn't tell Adam but as I said that, I saw the cab driver glance in the back window at my uncovered legs and pussy as he got in behind the wheel. I felt a hot flash shot through my body when I seen he saw my pussy. As I buttoned my dress, I slid my middle finger along my slit. I was wet! I put my hand on Adam's crotch and told him I couldn't wait to get him to the motel room. I teased him all the way there and he had one of his fingers inside me all the way there too.

Luckily it was warming up in California while we were there so I could still wear my favorite clothes around but I got a few more stares here than in Guam. I couldn't get away with wearing my bikini tops or boy-cut panties into the stores here so I had to settle for t-shirts or tank tops and short-shorts while still braless. I still had a few stares at my hard nipples caused by the cold air conditioning inside the stores. The A/C was never that cold in Guam! But I enjoyed the looks and never tried to hide my bullets from view. I made it a point to wear my thinnest t-shirts and shortest skirts when I went shopping. I always wore panties under my little skirts but I didn't mine showing my bare ass cheeks when given the chance.

The last week I went shopping there was the week before Adam got discharged from the military, I wore a thin white gauze halter top that my nipples could be seen through and my shortest jean skirt with a red g-string. While I was in the first store, I had to sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I didn't quite make it before I dampened my panties. I decided to wrap them in toilet paper and put them in my purse and that I had to go the rest of the day without my panties or buy me some. I was more excited than I have ever been, even more than the times I walked topless on the beach.

The bottom hem of my skirt was just about 2 inches below my now uncovered pussy. I had never gone pantiless under such a short skirt in public before and was finding it nerve racking, but exciting at the same time. I got out of 'Home Depot' without any mishaps. My next planned stop was 'Walmart' where I had planned on getting just a couple things and maybe now some more panties. After getting the two things I wanted I knew there was something else I needed but couldn't remember what it was. On the way to the car a breeze across my pussy made me remember what I forgot, panties. I decided I was doing alright without them so I decided to not go back in and get them.

The next stop was the grocery store. As I got in my car I looked down and noticed I could see my pussy and wondered if anybody could look over while I drove and seen me like this. My pussy tingled at the thought and I reached down and found myself getting wet. I drove to the grocery store with one hand as I played with my pussy with the other. I had never played with my pussy before as I drove and found it exciting and I knew it would not be my last time. I got to the store and got out pulling my skirt down to respectable length. It was as cold in that store as always and my nipples immediately got hard and I felt a chill on my wet pussy. I knew it was going to be an exciting shopping trip at that point. I careful got items off the shelves and put them in my buggy. I got more than my normal stares that day; I guess my almost sheer top and hard nipples had something to do with that.

On the next to the last aisle there was a stockboy working and he stopped to let me pass and I notice his eyes got right to my tits. This made me feel good and naughty, so I stopped and turned to give him another look as I got a loaf of bread I really didn't need. I accidentally dropped the loaf and without thinking, squatted to pick it up. When I got hold of it I remembered I was without panties and quickly glanced up and he was looking up my skirt. As calmly as possible, I stood up and put the bread in my cart and walked away, all the time my mind was screaming. 'That guy just seen my pussy, he just seen my wet pussy and I liked it! I liked letting him see my pussy.'

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