tagIncest/TabooFun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 01

Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 01


The front door slammed shut after Bill a nervous voice came from upstairs.

"Is that you daddy."

"Yes sweetheart, I'm home, Bill came back with me for a beer."

"Hi uncle Bill."

"Hi Cathy."

My eighteen year old daughter Cathy was home for the holidays from college, Bill and I had just returned from the gym, he put down his bag and we were heading for the kitchen when there was a loud rumbling noise from upstairs, accompanied by a screech and a lot of splashing, we headed for the stairs quickly.

"Oh shit!"

We arrived outside the bathroom door which was slightly open, I looked at Bill and knocked on the door which caused it to swing further open.

"Are you okay darling, what was that noise?"

I peered round the door and Cathy squealed.

"Daddy, i'm naked, do you mind?"

"Sorry angel."

"Don't come in, i'm in the bath, I was just getting out and as I stood up I slipped and fell back, I banged my wrist on the edge of the bath and it hurts like hell!"

"Do you need some help then?"

"No, stay there!"

"Calm down sweetheart."

"Ooooh, this is awful, I think I do need help, I can't put any weight on it, you'd better come in then, but don't look at me!"

I edged cautiously into the bathroom and there was my lovely daughter, with her blonde hair slicked back she was sitting in the bath still half full of sudsy water, she had her arms folded across her chest and her knees drawn up to protect her other bits from view, she was obviously embarrassed so I decided to be as detached as possible and just get her out with a minimum of fuss.

"What a pink old prawn, let's get you out before you go all wrinkly."

"Daddy, please.....this really hurts."

"I'm sorry darling, don't worry about a thing."

The bath was in a corner with the wall to her left so i could only reach her from one side, as I bent down she told me not to touch her wrist at all, so I very carefully put my left arm round her back and under her armpit, I used my other hand to grip her upper right arm, she was still very wet and slippery and I couldn't really get a decent hold.

"Too much bubble bath, I've told you before about that."

"Not now dad please."


I adjusted my hold on her and decided to go for it.

"Okay sweetheart, when i say go I want you to stand up quickly, I'll take your weight if you push hard with your legs."

"But daddy, I'm stark naked here, what about a towel or something?"

"Well I would, but I can't hold a towel at the same time now can I?"

Suddenly, Bill popped his face round the door and Cathy froze.

"Need another pair of hands?"

Cathy looked very unsure.

"What about it baby, uncle Bill's been around since you were tiny, he's seen you on the beach many times, hell, he's almost one of the family."

She thought about it, then shrugged in a resigned sort of way.

"I suppose he'll have to, but don't look at me and make it quick with the towel."

"Of course I will sweet cheeks."

"Uncle Bill.....I'm a bit old for that now!"

"Sorry, old habit.....no offence."

It was true though, Bill was like one of the family, we had often taken holidays together, with his lovely wife Pamela and their own daughter Julie who was also eighteen, Julie had turned into a dark haired beauty with big eyes and a full figure, just like her mother, in fact the sight of Pamela and Julie sunning themselves in the garden was a treat not to be missed by any man with a dick.


Cathy was a little less well endowed up top, but she was still gorgeous with a fresh country girl complexion, she had long blonde hair and blue eyes, she got those features from her late mother Jean, along with the sort of lithe look that comes from playing tennis, Bill picked up the towel and stood ready in a gentlemanly kind of way, ready to cover her with it as she got up.

"Okay, on three then, all ready?"

Cathy looked up sheepishly.

"Can we hurry, this is really throbbing."

"let's do it then, one, two, three.....!"

Bill held up the towel and my daughter made a big push with her body as I pulled her upright, unfortunately, she put more effort into covering her breasts than moving her legs and in a panic she slipped from my grasp, she'd had too many bubbles in the water and I just couldn't hold onto her.


In an ungainly flutter of arms and legs, she flopped back into the water and her head and shoulders slid right under in a spluttering naked frenzy.


As she grabbed for the edges of the bath, her lovely breasts were uncovered to us as they bobbed about, water sloshed over both Bill and me, soaking our shorts and though Cathy tried very hard to keep her thighs together, she didn't quite manage it, she gave us both a tantalising flash of her shaved pussy through the cloudy water.


Bill looked at me questioningly and I just raised my eyebrows at him in return, I didn't know what to say.

"Now look what's happened!"

Cathy sat up, coughing and spluttering as she wiped soapy water from her eyes, she was sobbing after bumping her wrist for a second time, but all I could do for a minute was stare at her naked young form, her breasts were beautiful and the nipples had hardened like little pink acorns with all the drama, she had those little raised bumps on her areola, they were wide and utterly fascinating.


Cathy opened her eyes and caught us both gawping at her.

"Well, did you get a good look then?"

"I'm sorry darling, it's just that, well ..."

"I know, it's the first time you've noticed your daughter is now a fully grown woman, correct?

"Well I ...."

"Don't say anything else, I don't care, now please will you just get me out of here!"

She looked very cross with herself, for allowing her own carelessness to bring about this situation in the first place, a situation which was now very much out of her control.

"Okay baby, don't panic."

"What if we both lift her together Dave?"

"Could do I suppose, but who holds the towel then?"

"Oh sod the towel, just get me out of here!"

"Calm down Cathy, we'll get you out, okay Bill, you reach for her left arm while I take this one."

Bill dropped the towel and did as I asked, a few moments later she was standing up between us with water cascading down her smooth skin like some helpless mermaid.


She stood there naked, with us gripping her arms like she was some kind of captive between us, an erotic charge of heat flashed across my brain as I savoured the moment, Bill had a strange look on his face and his mouth was wide open.

"Towel please?"

"Oh yes, yes of course ..."

As I bent down to pick up the towel my eyes caught sight of the bulge forming at the front of Bill's wet shorts, they had turned a bit see through, like my own had and neither of us wore jockstraps, Bill was a randy old bugger at the best of times, it didn't take much to get him going and I knew the sight of my naked daughter had touched a spot.

"Thank you."

Cathy took the towel and held it loosely to her front, she wanted to step out of the bath, so Bill held her steady as she lifted one leg and put a pink toe on the edge.

"Hang on a second darling, this mat needs sorting out."

I stayed on one knee to straighten the bath mat with only the best of intentions, but suddenly I was inches from my daughter's quim, I had a clear view up under the edge of the towel and I couldn't help but look, as I stood up again my own shorts were suddenly feeling tighter.

Bill's eyes were cast downwards, he knew I'd been affected too and he coughed nervously, I think we were all wondering just then what the hell to do next, Cathy stepped out and patted her front down a little.

"Ooooh, My wrist is really sore, I'm not even sure I can dry myself, it looks like you might have to help me daddy?"

"Well, If you're sure you don't mind?"

Cathy handed me the towel and stood with hands on hips and legs slightly apart.

"I don't seem to have much choice, just imagine I'm a little kid again and I'll try not to think about what you're doing, though it's quite hard with uncle Bill staring so much!"

I gripped the fluffy towel nervously and wondered where to begin.


"Turn round darling and I'll dry your back, Bill could maybe find some pain killers in the cabinet while I get started?"

She turned towards the bath and Bill politely turned to get the tablets, after he'd paused for a look at her buttocks of course, I started to dry Cathy's back and neck as she held her damp hair up for me, her firm young breasts jutted proudly as she raised her arms.


Bill was watching us in the cabinet mirror while fumbling with the packet, he had a really good view as I rubbed her down.

"Just one of these or two Dave?"

"Oh I think two, she's not a child any more is she?"

"No mate, she's not."

Bill's voice sounded a bit hoarse, he certainly took a long time in front of that mirror, I sank to my knees to start drying her legs, they were firm and athletic, I moved up her thighs and then I reached her flawless buttocks, they were taught and firm under the towel, they jiggled as I rubbed, bending more I realised with a shock that I could see her pussy lips again, only this time it was from the rear which is the view of a woman which always turns me on the most, my cock responded with a surge and I felt a drop of wetness pulse from my bell end.


"Does this help daddy?"

Cathy parted her thighs a little more to give me better access, I fumbled around with the towel, her delicate parts only inches from my eyes, I couldn't quite believe she was letting me do all this and then further to my surprise her left hand came round to hold her bum cheeks apart!

"I know you're nervous but you've got to do a proper job, just like you used to when I was tiny."

As I used the fluffy towel on the tender folds between her legs, I tried very hard not to make direct contact with my hands, but I couldn't fail to notice how soft was the skin of her inner thigh against the back of my fingers, her bum was pink and wrinkled, I used to put talcum powder on it a long time ago, now I felt myself filling up with lust as I worked around it.


"Okay father, now for the front please, before you rub my bum away."

I was so fascinated by the firmness of those lovely buttocks and the way they shuddered as she moved, not a blemish in sight, but I needed to get a grip before this got too embarrassing, I swallowed nervously.

"Okay baby, turn around and I'll finish your front."

She turned to face me and I was still crouching, her hairless pussy was right in front of my face as I rubbed her legs with the towel, her pubes were all gone and her cunt was a smooth slit, perfectly symmetrical and very closed in appearance, I looked upwards, past her cute belly button to the undersides of her breasts, from this angle they jutted proudly.

"Are you okay daddy?"

"Err, yes darling, I'm just a little taken aback I suppose?"

"By my figure you mean?"

"Err, yes, I suppose so."

"I am eighteen remember daddy, i've grown up, does my naked body embarrass you these days?"

"Well I err....."

"You brought me up to be comfortable with family nudity, I remember how we all used to go to those special beaches, with uncle Bill and everyone else, it was okay then, so why not now?"


"Yes of course I'm okay about that, but it's been quite a while since I've seen you naked.....and obviously you've matured a lot since then."

"Yes I have, and I'm okay inside my own skin if you must know, but I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you."

As she said this she looked down at me boldly, so young, but very aware of the power a woman's body can have over men.

"You can stand up now and finish my top half, it's okay, I can take it."

I gulped down a nervous breath and slowly stood up in front of my naked daughter and started to pat her lovely young breasts with the towel, her face was flushed but whether it was with embarrassment or excitement I couldn't tell, her nipples had puckered up well and it was impossible not to look at them, I stood close enough for her not to be able to see my erection, keeping the towel between us as a way of hiding it, but I couldn't be sure if I succeeded.

Looking past her shoulder I could see Bill had turned to watch us openly, he had lust in his eyes and one hand held against the front of his shorts, his eyes were locked onto the profile of Cathy's left breast.

"That's nice, I'm feeling a little better, but it still hurts."

Bill caught my look and raised his eyebrows at me, then handed the pain killers to Cathy over her left shoulder, followed by a beaker of water and we both watched as she drank, her every movement was captivating, she handed back the beaker without turning round, seemingly more okay with presenting her naked butt to her uncle than her front.

"Thanks daddy, that was great, I'll try to manage the talc with just my left hand, you two can run along now, before someone has a coronary."

She took the towel from me with a dazzling smile.

"But how will you get dressed?"

"Oh I'll just throw on a nightie, don't worry, you won't have to fumble me into a bra!"

Bill and I looked at each other, both imagining what that would be like!


We moved quickly and nearly collided in our eagerness to reach the door and escape before Cathy saw the evidence of our condition.

"Maybe Julie could come over for the weekend to help me out while my wrist is getting better, I'm not going to be able to use it much for a few days."

"Good idea darling, what about it Bill?"

"I'm sure Julie will love to come and help, I'll let her know what's happened later."

We stepped out of the bathroom and looked at each other, we both had erections, we both shared the same excitement, I wasn't sure if it was right to admit that my daughter had turned me on so much and Bill seemed unsure of what to say next, he just rubbed his crotch and looked at me hopefully.

"Okay, me too, but we'll have to keep the noise down."

"I promise, she won't hear a thing."

My bedroom door was right opposite the bathroom, we slipped quietly inside.

Without any hesitation I slipped off my damp shorts and threw them aside, my cock flapped lewdly as I headed for the bedside cabinet, Bill and I had been naked together many times, we didn't think of ourselves as gay because we both loved the female form so much, but our friendship was rather unusual I suppose, having a good wank while looking at porn was something we both enjoyed very much so why not do it together and double the pleasure?

"Did Cathy plan all that do you think?"

"No, I think it was genuine, she did hurt herself, but after she realised the effect it was having on us, she just couldn't stop herself playing it up more, she was enjoying the attention I think."

"Dave, she is gorgeous man, did you see those lovely tits?"

As he spoke he pulled off his shorts, revealing his very thick penis, it was fully hard by then and bobbing about as he climbed onto the bed, he knelt there stroking himself and watched as I selected a recent issue of Penthouse from the bottom bedside drawer.

"What a lovely arse she's got Dave, perfectly smooth skin, so pink and rounded, not a wrinkle anywhere."

"You should have seen the close up I got, the wrinkles between her legs were interesting."

"Oh god yeah, I wish I had Dave."

I knelt on the bed facing Bill and held myself as I placed the Penthouse between us and started to flip the pages, I came to a gorgeous blonde creature in an armchair with her legs wide open and her hairless pussy gaping.

"God, that's nice."

"Yeah, it sure is."

I wanked my cock which is longer than Bill's but not as thick, I've always been fascinated by how different we are, my penis is very pink with a bright, plum like head which is fully exposed by my loose foreskin, but Bill's is much more brown in colour, with a flatter helmet and a tight foreskin that has to be drawn back more carefully.

"Oh man, I love a shaved pussy so much, when did Cathy start shaving hers do you think?"

"How should I know, she didn't exactly ask my permission!"

"No, I guess not."

We both wanked as I turned the pages, discussing the best pictures, we had done this before many times, we were both highly sexed and ready to try new experiences, we both liked the idea of experimenting with each other's family members but who could tell if that was ever going to be possible.

"You don't mind if I imagine I'm doing this in front of Cathy do you mate?"

"Course not, I've thought about your Julie many times."

"Yes, she is a cracker, bigger tits than Cathy, bigger all round really."

"You said you were going to tell me more about what she's been doing for her randy old father, so come on , this seems like a good time. "

"Yeah I will mate, but I'm getting really close now Dave, Cathy's made me so fucking horny!"

The episode in the bathroom had been a first for me since Cathy had grown up and gone off to college last year and clearly Bill had not been in that situation with her before either, it seemed like a lifetime since we'd taken them to a beach and let them frolic nude in the sand, now I was hoping to see a lot more of her after today's events, maybe we could engineer a situation for Bill, if we played our cards right maybe I could even get to watch.....


We might get to see our lovely daughters in a different light this summer.

"Look at this little darling."

I stopped turning the pages at a picture of another gorgeous blonde model bending over from the waist, she had fantastic legs in white patterned stockings, she was facing away from the camera with her legs pressed tightly together, she had a trim backside with a wide gap at the top of her thighs and her juicy looking pussy pouted from the page like a ripe peach.

"I'd love to see Cathy like that."

"So would I Bill, so would I."

Realising what I'd just said, I hesitated and looked up for Bill's reaction to my confession, he just smiled back at me as he continued to pull himself with no embarrassment at all.

"I'll hold yours if you do mine?"

"Sure thing mate, I love a good wank as you know, but it's always better shooting off into someone else's hand."

"Just pretend it's Cathy's hand."

"If only....."

"Come closer."

Bill shuffled nearer until our cocks were almost touching above the pages, we wanked vigorously over the magazine and the idea was that we would hold each other's cocks when we reached the vinegar stroke, the first time he'd done that for me was a real surprise and my orgasm was huge, the come had squeezed out between his fingers as i filled his palm, thinking back to that had me breathing very heavily and I could feel my orgasm not far away, I too had been very affected by the close contact with my daughter's naked body.

"I wonder if we can.....organise something.....this weekend, with the girls being together I mean."

"What, try to set up a situation for you to have another good drool over my lovely daughter, so you can get all worked up and fantasise about shagging her?"

Talking about it made the excitement all the more intense, I wondered how I would really feel if my best friend had it away with my daughter, then I thought about the idea of fucking his daughter, how would Julie feel stepping out of a warm bath and into my arms.....

"What if I did Dave?"

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