tagNonHumanFun With the Undead One

Fun With the Undead One


I still can't fully process the events that ocurred in the past two nights. A part of me thinks it was all a dream..but the marks on my body prove otherwise. I'm torn in between denial and acceptance. And the thought of him coming back again tonight is enough to make me weak...

Tuesday night I left work early. The weather was shitty and I felt a migraine coming on. Plus, everything was getting on my nerves and I didn't want to snap at the customers and get myself fired. So I told my Sharon, my boss, that I had gotten food poisoning from that Chinese we had for lunch and she let me go...she wasn't too happy about it, but she let me go. I grabbed my handbag and umbrella from the back room and left to my car. When I opened the door to leave, I was greeted with rain, wind, and darkness. Lovely, right?

I'm bad at multi-tasking, and when I tried to light a cigarette while fumbling for my car keys and trying to hold an umbrella at the same time, the inevitable happened.

"Fuck!" I cursed when a gust of wind swept my umbrella away causing me to drop the keys in a nasty puddle of car oil and mud; and the rain soaked my cigarette. My head was throbbing by then and I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I leaned back against my car, oblivious to the pouring rain, pulled out another Marlboro Light, and tried to light it. It wasn't happening.

"Let me help you with that." someone said, or rather whispered, and I looked up surprised. It was a man, a very attractive man, soaking wet just like me, holding out a metal torch lighter. We made eye contact and I froze. His eyes were black. Jet black. I've never seen eyes like that. I must've been staring into his eyes for a bit too long cause he cleared his throat and I realized he was still holding his lighter out for me. Feeling stupid I took the lighter from his hand, chills going down my spine when my hand touched his, and lit my cigarette. I took a drag and exhaled with satisfaction.

"Thank you."

He stood there staring at me the entire time as I smoked, and I stared back. I can't explain what was going through my mind at the moment. I can't explain why I stood in the pouring rain, and I can't explain how I ended up at my apartment. It was amazing. I blinked and suddenly I was sitting in the passenger seat of my car in front of my apartment building with the gorgeous stranger in the driver's seat. He spoke.

"You will be mine tonight, beautiful." and took my hand in his, bringing it up to his lips, and kissed it. I gasped at the delicious electric shock that went through my body. My mind was a chaotic mess and I couldn't even utter a word. I blinked again.

He opened the door to my apartment without asking me for the key, and let me walk in first. I walked down my hallway and stopped in front of a full length mirror. I was a mess. The rain soaked my clothes down to my g-string, my makeup was running down my cheeks..god damn I was a mess. All of a sudden I felt him behind me, sweeping my wet hair to the side. I closed my eyes when I felt his breath on my neck. His hands slipped under my camisole and up over my breasts, making my nipples harden instantly. I moaned and opened my eyes. I saw myself in the mirror. Alone. Was I imagining this? No. I watched as my top was being pulled up, seemingly by itself, but when I looked down at my tummy I could see his large slightly-rough hands pulling it up.

"I don't understand." I said and turned to face him. He was so gorgeous. Short black hair that he must've slicked back cause of the rain, arched kind of evil-looking brows, intense black eyes, amazing facial structure, delicious lips...He was about 5 or 6 inches taller than me. My pussy tingled at his sight.

He traced a finger down my cheek to my parted lips, and I licked it.

"Don't worry about understanding anything right now. It will all come to you when I leave. Right now just understand that I want you. And I will have you." He pushed me against the wall and with one pull, ripped my camisole from my body. I wasn't wearing a bra and my naked breasts were exposed. My breasts aren't big. A 36B cup. But they're pretty with dark nipples and areolas which are very sensitive.

He cupped one and began licking his way down my neck to the other. I squirmed and moaned as his mouth neared my nipple. It felt so good. And when he took my breast in his mouth I threw my head back, gasping. He sucked and licked and nibbled, and all I could do was moan and grab his head, pulling him into me.

I cried out when I felt a sharp pain, followed by more intense pleasure, and looked down at him. He was latched on to my left breast, sucking so hard..so hard...I could feel my knees getting weak and my head spin. And then he stopped and let go. Through half-lidded eyes I saw him grin at me..a wicked grin..and then his fangs(!) with my blood dripping from them onto his lower lip. He licked it off, savoring the taste. I knew now. But I wasn't afraid.

"Take me." I whispered. He laughed. "How bad do you want it, my sweet?" He asked, teasing me.

Now, I'm not a shy girl and I wanted him bad, so I reached down to the zipper of my jeans and unzipped it, pulling the top down to reveal the front of my black g-string. I grabbed his hand and led it under my panties, moaning when his fingers slid down my shaven mound and in between my slippery pussy lips. I knew he could feel how unbelievably wet with desire I was.

"That's how bad I want it." I said and looked him straight in the eyes. He licked his lips and whithout warning, grabbed me and turned me around so that I was facing the wall and my back was to him.

"You don't know what you're asking for." He muttered, roughly pulled the rest of my jeans down to my ankles, and slapped my ass cheek hard. With one hand on my back and one on my hip he adjusted my position so that my ass (J-lo eat your heart out..I'm very proud of my posterior) was perfectly sticking out for his disposal. I heard a zipper unzip and felt him grab my hair and pull my head back hard. At the same time he pulled the g-string to the side and plunged his monstrous (I didn't see it yet but BELIEVE ME I FELT IT) cock into me.

"AHHHHhhhh! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!" I screamed as he pulled out and thrust his full length into me again..and again..and again...He fucked me harder than I had ever imagined. It felt as if he tore my pussy in half, but the pleasure was just as intense as the pain.

"Is this what you wanted?" he growled and pulled my hair further back to the point I thought my neck would snap.

"Yesssssss" I hissed..feeling an orgasm building.

I screamed again when he dug his nails deep into my shoulder blade and followed down to the curve above my ass, slicing the flesh. I could feel myself bleeding but I didn't care. His cock was making me feel pleasure unparalleled, and it only became greater when he let go of my hair and leaned down to lick the blood from my lower back all the way up to my shoulder. The feel of his cold tongue on my heated skin as he pounded my cunt was more than I could take and I came...or rather exploded. Bright lights flashed before my closed eyes and ecstasy flowed through my veins. And then he bit me again, prolonging my amazing orgasm as his fangs sank into my neck and he sucked more blood out of me. I loved it. I loved every second of it. My eyes rolled back and I fainted, my body held up by his embrace.

When I came to, I was laying on my back in my bed. The gorgeous one was laying next to me caressing my stomach, making patterns with his fingers around the tattoo on my hip and my belly ring. I turned to face him and smiled.

"You're unbelievable." I said, staring deep into those dark eyes of his again. Before, I had so many questions I wanted to ask him, and now I had none. I knew what I needed to know.

"You think so?" He inquired, reading my thoughts. "I don't think you know everything..yet..but you will. Soon, my sweet, you will know everything. And I'm not the unbelievable one. You are. Many women have come and gone throughout my life, but none as captivating as you. You're a wild one and I could sense your passion when I first laid eyes on you. Beautiful, too. I could get lost in your blue eyes. And that gorgeous black hair. You could be my princess. You WILL be my princess. Soon, my sweet, soon..." He moved his face towards mine and kissed me, softly at first, tasting my lips. The soft kisses soon grew into rough passionate ones, and I felt his cock rise and push against my thigh.

Without letting go of his lips, I moved so that I was straddling him and slowly impaled myself, yelping with pain as he entered me inch by inch. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down so that he was buried to the hilt.

"OH GODDD! Please..please..please...nooo..." I screamed and panted hard unable to take it. But soon the pain subsided and the most amazing pleasure overcame me. He let go of my hips and focused on my breasts as I began to ride him. Kneading one breast and rolling the other nipple between his fingers he watched as my expression changed from one of pain to that of pleasure.

"That's right, baby..you love it. Ride that cock." he whispered.

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