tagIncest/TabooFuta 'Bout the Family

Futa 'Bout the Family


"Moooom, are we finished here?"

"Not until I know you've learned this properly!"

It was a nice and sunny afternoon and Joanne was sitting on the couch, her chin resting in her hand as her mother Venessa wrote on a chalkboard in the middle of the living room. Ignoring the fact they keep a chalkboard handy, there are a few pictures up on the board; a bird with some eggs, a flower, and a bee.

"Anyway, as you can see, much like birds, women lay eggs, which reside in our ovaries. The bee represents the man's cock in this metaphor, and it's stinger penetrates the flower the same way a man penetrates your vagina."

"Mom, I'm going to college in a few weeks, I don't see why you feel the need to teach me what I already learned in high school." the eighteen year old Joanne pouted, bored with the lecture her mom was giving her.

"It's a reminder about sex and how it works. I'm making sure my baby's safe when she doesn't have her mother bird watching over her." Venessa pointed at her daughter with the piece of chalk she was using. "I'm not at all surprised at the times you've had unprotected sex at school, but I have to make sure you understand how the human body works. They certainly didn't explain that." She muttered under her breath.

"Whatever." Joanne crossed her arms, looking away from the board. "Nothing's going to change, I'll still have sex without condoms."

"If you're willing to offer me a grandson, then I would gladly accept that offer. Lord knows your brother can't..." Venessa said angrily as she spun back to the board. She was still somewhat seeing red, and had tapped the chalk harder against the board than she anticipated. She cursed herself and bent over to pick it back up.

Joanne looked back at the board, but noticed something peaking out of her mother's skirt. She gasped as she realized what it was; her mother had a cock, and sweet baby Jesus was it huge.

Joanne's lips salivated, and she bit down on the lower one as she watched it wiggle freely as Venessa picked the chalk up. "Anyway," Venessa continued, "so when the eggs hatch, they can-" She stopped. And she gasped. She realized someone was on her from behind, and she only figured on one guess. "Joanne!"

Her daughter didn't respond, as she already had the massive meat rod in her mouth as she knelt behind her mother, the rod sticking out like a tail. Joanne bobbed her head back and forth as she savored the taste of her mother's sausage.

"Joanne, don't-" her mother attempted to stop her, but it was too late. Her cock was already at full mast, and she found her daughter's blow job skills very satisfactory, even for her age. "Don't stop..." She whispered, her eyes closed as she fell into a place of bliss.

Joanne nodded with the cock still in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head while the rest of her mouth was struggling to reach the base as she gurgled on her mother's big thick cock. She had to pull her head off the large cock and take a deep breath. She was very much amazed at the size her mother's cock was, but refused to give up on it as she pressed her lips onto the cock once more, getting further down on it than last time, but only mere inches from the base.

Her mother, meanwhile, was achieving new levels of bliss, as her tongue was out and panting at how her daughter was treating her cock. She lifted her shirt up over her head, tossed it on the couch, and rubbed her breasts around as another hand goes up against the chalkboard.

Joanne''s tongue went deeper with her mouth, swirling around the big shaft while her lips tried to make it's way back to the base. With several attempts made, all of them ending with her gag reflexes plotting against her, Joanne took another gasp of air and said to her mother, "It's too big, mom!"

"Good. I want you to learn to take bigger dicks, baby. Mine's the best way to start." She turned around to face her daughter, and grabbed her cock in her hand as the other one remained on her huge knockers,pinching her nubs between her fingers. She swung her cock into Joanne's face, slapping it against her cheek repeatedly. Before she could even rub her cheek from the surprising pain she was feeling, Joanne found the cock in her mouth again, the head just reaching her throat. She gurgled and gagged one more time before forcing herself off it again, coughing.

"Mom, please! I can't go that much deeper!" Joanne pleaded.

"Fine," Venessa said as she slid her skirt off and continued to stroke her meat, "at least let me have a taste of you."

Joanne nodded as she slid her panties and shorts off and sat down on the couch, licking her fingers before rubbing her cunt as she gave a glazed stare to her mother. "I'm ready for you, mommy." She said in a mock tone.

Venessa got on all fours in front of her daughter and placed her tongue at the bottom of her cunt and quickly flickered against it, lapping up the tiny juices she was leaking out. Joanne hollered, knowing no boy had ever done that to her before, and rather enjoyed it. "Mooooommmmyyyyy, yeeeees!" She exclaimed, her head tilted back.

But her mom had barely begun. She suctioned her mouth to her pussy lips and slurped the juices up, savoring it in her mouth as she wanted the flavor to last. Joanne was moaning as she clenched her fists and teeth to hold restraint. But her mother's sucking skills were exuberant and made her want to come, but she wished to enjoy the ecstasy a bit longer. She removed her top and rubbed her soft nipples, slapping them lightly to take attention away from her pussy-licking mother and her tongue. But Venessa didn't stop as she wagged her tongue against the clit and placed two of her fingers inside her daughter's tiny pussy, stroking her insides rapidly.

"NNNNNnh, yes, mommmyyyy..." Joanne whimpered as she clawed the couch, her nails dragging into the fabric. Venessa looked up at her daughter as she could see her saliva dripping down her chin. She stuck in another finger for good measure, and clawed her nails into the roof of her daughter's pussy. Joanne hollered again, and bit down on her finger as she came on her mother's digits.

"That's for clawing my couch. If you ear into it, I'll give just as much back." She smacked Joanne's pussy for good measure, and made the girl yelp. "Now get on your knees."

Without a complaint, Joanne nodded and turned around on the couch, on her knees as her ass stuck out. Venessa licked her lips as she stroked her giant cock, taking in the beauty of the sight before molesting it. She slowly penetrated the entrance with the head, and then pushed the rest of the slab of meat inside. Joanne's eyes bugged out of her face as she held her jaw shut to keep in her surprised whine of pleasure. She immediately came again, her fluids leaking onto her mom's cock. And the worst part was that her mom had just begun.

Venessa wrapped her arms around Joanne's waist and gyrated her hips into her ass cheeks. Her cock base was going all the way into her daughter's pussy, and her hips kept slapping into her ass, a beautiful sound of skin on skin being created. Joanne kept yelling out each second, the feeling of her mother going so deep inside her causing her to cum each time she rammed into her. The young girl was drooling with delight, as each slap of meat inside her reminded her that no boy was ever this good at making her orgasm.

Her mother grabbed hold of Joanne's tits and squeezed her nipples, causing Joanne to finally open her mouth and scream in anguish. She rubbed her clit at such a fast rate that her pussy was creating more and more excrete to the point that it was dripping out side her cunt and onto the floor. Her mother grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back, forcing her back to touch against her huge breasts. Venessa picked her daughter up by her legs and pulled her off the couch, and said to her, "Your turn to do the work."

Joanne hopped in the air as her mother held her by the ass, moaning with an open mouth as she slapped her ass down to the base of the cock, cumming by the second. Her tongue started to hang out of her mouth, and salivated like a cartoon dog, drooling onto her breast.

"This is it, baby, mamma's cumminnnnn...NGUUUUUUUUHHHHHHRRRR!" Venessa gave as much warning as she could, but it was too late for her to pull out. Her cock exploded in her daughter's pussy, her jizz letting out inside her tubes. Joanne wrapped her arm around her mom's neck, and groaned with gritted teeth as she held on tightly. Her mom had a surprisingly high stamina, as her cum continuously flowed inside her, to the point it was leaking out of Joanne's cunt and back onto Venessa's rod.

When she finally stopped, the two ladies were panting, tired from the great fuck they just had. They were sweaty as heck, and it was worth it. Venessa gave her daughter a peck on the cheek before she asked, "Now what did we learn today?"

"Mamma's...cock...is the best." She said with a smile, panting as she wipes her saliva away. She pulled away from her mother, her cock popping out of her wet pussy, and a mixture of Venessa's jizz and her cum slowly pours out and onto the floor.

"And don't you let those college boys forget it." She smacked Joanne's ass before walking out of the room. "Now clean up. I'll have dinner ready in a moment."


*Knock knock*

"Come in!" Roger grunted from the other side of the door just before Venessa entered. Unsurprising to her, she found her husband on the bed, doggy style, while he primed his ass with a butt plug dildo. Venessa closed the door behind her, crossing her arms as she leaned against the door with her bare ass touching it.

"Hey honey. Is dinner ready?"

"Just about. I'm letting it sit for a little while. How about you?"

He shrugged, his colon still squeezed around the plug located inside. "Did I hear some shouting downstairs between you and Jo?"

"Yes..." She held her pointer finger up to her mouth, trying to hide the lips as they formed a curl.

"She wasn't complaining about you treating her like a kid again, was she?"

Venessa shook her head with a stifled laugh. "I fucked her." Roger rolled onto his ass as he sat up, bouncing on the butt plug as he faced his wife. "Well that's a first. I mean, not as kinky as you fucking my ass, but still kinky." He couldn't help but notice that his cock was rushing with blood, growing thicker as he thought about his wife screwing the tears out of their daughter.

"Right?" She could feel her cheeks rushing with blood as she sat on the side of the bed next to Roger. "She saw my cock while I bent over and just went at it with her tongue. It felt beautiful. Like, the best tongue I ever felt around-" Her husband cleared his throat, and she was quick to backtrack. "Well, anyone that isn't you, dear."

"The best damn cock licker in this family, and don't forget it." he laughed, rubbing his cock in his palm as he bounced.

"Yeah..." She sighed heavily, her smile fading away. "I guess the only thing I'm worried about now is that the neighbors will think we're weirdos for keeping it in the family."

"Maybe some anal will take your mind off things?"

She tried to scowl at him, not answering, but her lip muscles refused and form a smirk on the side of her face. She sighed, shaking her head. "You are so lucky I'm still horny, mister." Venessa pounced on top of him and tackled him to the bed, kissing him as she rocked her hips, rubbing her cock against his. She moaned as she felt her precum squirt from her penis, shooting onto her husband's shirtless chest. Roger grabbed a handful of her ass and massaged her cheeks with roughness. Venessa kissed his nose before she grabbed his cock and guided it inside her pussy.

She sat up, rocking her ass back on the cock while her own dick rubbed against Roger's pelvic area and her hands massaged his chests. His hands were still on her rear cheeks, caressing them in his palms happily.

"Oh, shiiit..." Venessa moaned as she stroked her cock, ejaculating on top of Roger while her pussy dripped out juices on his own.

"Aw, done already?" Roger asked with mock disappointment

She smiled blissfully, patting his cheek lightly. "I just got off on my daughter, idiot." She said playfully before stepping off him, her pussy making a 'slurp' sound as his dick escaped her pussy. She stood over him, stroking her cock. "But I'm still hard. Turn over."

Roger grinned from ear to ear and got back on all fours, wiggling his butt in Venessa's face. She rolled her eyes with a laugh as she gently took the butt plug out of his anus, Roger grunting like it was the worst pain ever.

"I'll never get used to that," he said, a little out of breath. Venessa smacked her cock against his muscular ass cheeks before inserting herself in his asshole. As her meat pounded into him, she reached around and grabbed his own dick, pleasuring the head between her fingers. Roger moaned and stood up on his knees, his back against Venessa's chest, and wrapped his arm around her neck as he gave her a kiss. His wife returned the kiss, and their tongues met inside their mouths as Venessa came again, creaming inside her husband's colon.

But she wasn't finished. Fucking her daughter awoke a lot of sexual need inside her, and she kept fucking Roger until she came again. And again. And again. And once more when her jizz was starting to leak out of his asshole. Venessa stroked his cock faster, until he reached climax.

He held his breath, trying to fight back the urge to cum, clenched his fist and teeth, but he couldn't withstand the dedication his wife had to getting him off. "SHIT!" He growled through gritted teeth, pulling away so his wife's cock popped out of his butt, then stood on the bed pumping his cock for release and spun to meet his wife. Venessa pulled her hair back and opened her mouth just moments before he came and let his load shoot into her mouth.

As he fell back on the bed, Venessa crawled next to him, and kissed him, swapping his saliva for his sperm. They swallowed, smiled, and Venessa spooned him.

"That took a lot off my mind..." Venessa moaned happily, rubbing her sperm into Roger's chest.

"I'm glad I could help." He turned to her and kissed her one more time before getting up from the bed. "So are you alright with what just happened?"

"Absolutely. No regrets."

"And are you okay if she asks for you to fuck her again?"

"I see nothing wrong with it as long as she doesn't want to be pregnant."

"Great." He smiled as he bent down to Venessa on the bed and smooched her on the lips. "How about we go down for dinner?"

"Not like that, I hope." She laughed, pointing out his nakedness before smacking his bottom.


After a nice refreshing shower, Joanne hopped onto her bed, her towel still wrapped around her drying skin. She sighed in bliss about her afternoon, spending time with her mother and learning what sex was.

In fact, she was getting turned on by the thought of it right now, replaying the scene over and over again in her head. She unwrapped the towel off of her body, and rubbed her fingers against her pussy, feeling how wet she was. She moaned as the feeling tickled her. She hugged her body pillow, and decided to take a nap.

Only the feeling in her pussy was warm and tingling, like it needed to cum now. But she didn't want to get her fingers wet again, not after taking that shower. She held her pillow tightly, hoping that the feeling would pass, but instead, she found that rubbing her pussy against the pillow was a delightful feeling, and helped her get turned on. She decided to lay on top of it, and grind her pussy against the pillow.

Over the course of the half hour, Joanne changed positions a few times, laying on top of it, on the side of it, and overall stuffing the pillow into her groin and rubbing it frantically. Eventually, she came, and sighed, satisfied. She decided that now was finally the time to take a nap.

Except the very moment she shut her eyes, her mother knocked on the door. "Joanne, come down. Dinner's ready."

For the last time before leaving the room, Joanne used the pillow, but this time to scream into. ***

Dinner went by without any issues at their glass table. The family ate their glazed chicken, buttered carrots, and mashed potatoes, all to the tune of long conversations and discussions, bar the most important one. Even then, Joanne couldn't help it every now and again to play footsies with her mother, who would pause in mid-conversation to rub her legs to appreciate the moment, while the fully-dressed Roger would just laugh at their playfulness.

"Now then, how about desert?" Venessa stood up from the table, but accidentally intentionally knocked a fork to the ground and accidentally intentionally kicked it under the table. "Oh, shoot," she said as if scripted, "Joanne, be a dear and pick that up please?"

Joanne got on all fours and crawled under the table, finding the fork. But as she looked up, she saw her mother sitting back down in her seat, stroking her cock. "Mom? What about desert?"

"This is desert, honey." Venessa said in a light seductive tone, licking her lips as her palm massaged against her thick hard cock. Joanne smiled, giggling to herself as she crawled over to her mother's rod, patting the head lightly with her fingers. She hesitated before her next move, but slowly lapped at the head with her tongue, flicking it slowly up and down the slit as it got harder and redder. Roger, watching, was rubbing his groin through his pants, taking his time before letting his dong out.

Joanne held her mom's staff upright and slowly rubbed it in her fist while her thumb played with the slit. Her tongue teased Venessa's vaginal lips as she gently and slowly worked her tongue upwards to the clit. Venessa bit down on a finger while she felt up her breasts, squeezing them. Joanne's mouth made it up to the clit, which she pecked and licked at like a lollipop. Venessa moaned, lifting her shirt up and twisting her nipple lightly as her daughter suckled her clit, and used the space between her thumb and finger to massage around the base of her cock.

Roger unzipped his pants and whipped out his own cock, rubbing it in his fist as he watched his wife's facial expressions, licking his lips as he knew she enjoyed the service she was getting. Joanne's tongue moved on from the clit and slowly worked it's way up Venessa's long cock until she became reacquainted with the head. She placed her lips down on the head, her tongue swirling around it before she pushed her head downward and took the whole cock into her throat.

"Nnnngh, yes, sweetie, that's a good girl..." Venessa's head tilted back as her lips touched the cock base. One hand grabbed the back of Joanne's head, grabbing mostly hair, while her other hand went under Joanne's chin and rubbed against her own pussy. Joanne's hands went down on herself, her palm rubbing against the clit while her other hand inserts the two middle fingers inside her own slit.

Roger, himself too horny not to step in, stands up next to his wife and holds his cock to her face as he continues to stroke it. Venessa took notice and immediately suctioned her lips to the cock, bobbing her head back and forth as she twisted her fingers inside her pussy. Joanne's head was almost in sync with her mother's, bobbing up and down in the exact same motion.

Venessa moved her hands off herself and onto her husband's great ass, squeezing his cheeks in her palms while her mouth was taking in the bittersweet taste of his cock. Joanne looked up at her mother through the glass while her own mouth bobbed on her cock, rubbing her clit faster as she watches in delight.

Venessa took her mouth off his cock and pecked the head repeatedly as she placed one hand around his cock and stroked it back and forth. She smiled up at him as he moaned loudly, his eyes shut in bliss. Joanne, her mouth covered by her mother's penis, lets out a muffled gasp of excitement as her own pussy cums, small drops leaking out and onto the floor.

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