tagBDSMFuture Possibilities: The Date

Future Possibilities: The Date


He was looking forward to his date tonight. The woman had a subtle quality about her which he found alluring. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was enough to interest him. It had been a long time since he had even bothered to go out with a woman, even longer since he had done the asking himself.

The date started out like a typical first date will. They went to dinner at a nice quiet restaurant where he knew the food would be to his liking. Just because he had asked her out, there was no reason why he shouldn't have a meal he would like. Then to the movies where he was pleasantly surprised when she asked to see the action flick, instead of a sappy love story. The evening was definitely looking up in his opinion.

Upon leaving the theater she had asked, "Do you know of a nice quiet place we could go to enjoy this beautiful evening together?"

"Yes. My family has a nice parcel of land in the country with a small pond and plenty of trees for privacy. It should be very pleasant there after the hot day we had today."

The pond looked lovely in the moonlight. Lightening bugs reflecting on its inky black surface gave the allusion of a meteor shower in night sky.

"It is too bad we hadn't planned ahead," he told her. "We could have brought our swimming suits and enjoyed a nice cool dip."

"Who needs a suit," she had replied, as she began stripping off her clothes on the beach in front of him.

Hungrily he admired her full breasts as she freed them from to the night air. Even in the semidarkness, he could see her darker colored nipples harden as the night air caressed them. The subsequent removal of her skirt and thong made it quite obvious she kept her cunt shaved. The whiteness of her groin area matched perfectly with the pale glow of her ass cheeks as she walked to the waters edge.

"Are you going to join me, or just enjoy the view?" she asked

"It's a view worth enjoying," he answered.

Calmly removing his own clothes, he watched her swim out towards the center of the pond. This is turning out to be a very nice evening, he thought, as he watched the white globes of her ass cheeks against the blackness of the water's surface. His last piece of clothing removed, he joined her in the refreshingly cool water.

"The bottom is so nice and sandy," she commented. "It feels wonderful on my tired feet."

"My family created the pond here for the sole purpose of swimming when they found out there was a huge deposit of sand which would make for a wonderful bottom and beach. Even the deepest part has a sandy bottom if you're willing to go down almost twenty feet to find it."

"I think I'll take your word for it."

For the next several minutes they enjoyed the pleasure of the cool water before coming together to embrace. As he held her, he could feel the heat of her body against his own. Her curves seemed to fit so perfectly into his. When he kissed her, she moaned softly into his mouth and began to tease his mouth with her tongue. He deepened the kiss and enjoyed the sweetness of her mouth and the softness of her lips.

As they stood there and kissed, she gently rubbed the length of her body against his. Her skin felt so soft and smooth, his body felt obliged to show its appreciation. She reached done to stroke it as his cock made its presence know to her. Not letting go of his cock, she was soon pulling him towards the shore and the grassy area where their clothes were. Kissing him one last time, she sank to her knees in front of him and began lick his cock. Looking up at him, she said," I will be honest with you. I like to suck cock. I like to fuck. I like to do all the things that most people are afraid to even fantasize about, let alone do. I am hoping you can provide me with the kind of relationship I need to be happy. It is as if you have some sort of overwhelming strength which you give off as an aura. It calls to my deepest needs."

As her lips easily slid down the whole length of my cock and her tongue was bathing my balls, I entwined my fingers in her long hair. As her mouth pleasured me, my fingers tightened in her hair to pull her mouth as deep as possible on my cock. She moaned loudly as she attempted to take in even more. Going with the flow of the moment, I slowly but firmly ran my cock in and out of her mouth. On each stroke I could feel my balls resting against her chin as she reached out to lick my balls with her tongue. Pulling back to let her concentrate on the sensitive head of my cock, she let it slip from her mouth.

"I just love it when a man isn't afraid to fuck my mouth," she moaned. "I feel as if I have found my place in life when a man takes control and uses me for his pleasure."

"I would say we are a perfect match then, I personally think it is an honor for a woman to spend part of her life on her knees with a cock buried in her mouth."

"Please help me fulfill my duty to you then."

Without further comment I sank my cock to the hilt in her waiting mouth. There was no need to hold back. We both wanted the same thing – for me to use her mouth for my pleasure. Her oral skills were considerable as she swirled her tongue around my shaft as it plunged rapidly in and out of her eager mouth. For the first time in a long time, I was actually enjoying myself both sexually and mentally. I didn't even warn her when I was ready to cum; I just rammed it deep into her throat and came.

Hot streams of cum poured into her open throat as she worked to swallow every drop and breathe at the same time. Pulling back till the end of the head was just past her lips, I allowed the last squirt to coat her tongue. I wanted her to be able to get a good taste of cum she had just swallowed. Without hesitation her hand came up to milk the remaining cum from my still hard member as she licked up the remaining droplets which were oozing out.

"I love a man with a strong flavored cum," she purred. "I've always thought that the stronger the flavor of a man's cum, the stronger the man who produces it. I like my men strong."

You would have thought after just having one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life, I would have been content for the night. On the contrary, I only wanted to have more of this woman. Kneeling down next to her, I pushed her back onto her back. Her breasts were large and heavy enough to cause them to sag to her sides from their own weight. There was no doubt that they had the capacity to provide me with some great tit fucking in the future.

I grasped a nipple in each hand and rolled them between my fingers while I tugged on them to bring to their maximum hardness. As I worked her nipples, she arched her back to force even more of her breasts into my hands. Taking her que, I strongly massaged an entire breast with each hand. Any one watching would have thought I was trying to milk her as I kneaded her tits in my hands from the chest outward.

"Please suck on my nipples," she begged. "Suck on them hard."

Willing I complied as my mouth closed upon the closest one. Suck on it I did, and with as much force as I could generate. Alternating between them, they were soon red and swollen looking from the attention they were getting. Each time I would change to the other one, she would twitch from the initial intensity of the sensations generated.

"Bite them," she begged. "I am so close. Bite them hard. I'm cumming," as I bit down savagely and provided the final stimulation to put her over the edge.

I watched her experience her orgasm with an open honesty which I found refreshing. She was not faking it or trying to hide the fact she had orgasmed from having her nipples and breasts mauled. When her breathing became more normal, she opened her eyes to smile at me.

"Look what you have done to my pussy," she purred. "It's all wet and excited. Just listen to the noise my fingers make as I play with my self. Would you like a taste? It tastes nice and sweet."

I watched as she brought her juice covered fingers up to her mouth and started to lick them. She didn't lick them to get it over with. No, she licked each finger separately to get every single drop of juice. That was it for me.

"Spread your legs for me, you minx," I growled as I guided my cock towards her gaping hole. I wasn't stopping for anything. If she wasn't ready, she would be when I hit bottom. Luckily for both of us, she was more than ready and her body easily accepted mine.

Now, there are times when I like to take my time and enjoy the feel of a woman's velvety softness, but this wasn't one of them. The only thought in my mind at the moment was to fuck this woman and to do it hard. The moment was a true "me and my pleasure" moment.

She wrapped her legs around my waist tightly as she clung to my neck and shoulders. Each one of my thrusts pulled her up off the ground as I pulled back to thrust again. I had lost all control. I was going to fill this woman with my cum even if I had to drive her several feet into the ground with my thrusts.

"Oh my God," I gasped as my cum poured deep into her waiting cunt. I could feel her muscles massaging my cock as she attempted to prolong my orgasm. Feeling totally sated, I pulled out to lay on back and bask in the after glow of my orgasm.

"You look very contented," she said with a smile as she got up on her knees next to me.

"I am."

Leaning over my body, she licked a drop of cum from the end of my now semi-rigid cock. Looking to me for approval, which I gave, she proceeded to bathe my cock with long strokes of her tongue. She reminded me of a cat as she licked from my balls all the way to the head on each stroke.

"The only thing I like better than the taste of cum or pussy juice is the two mixed," she purred between strokes of her tongue.

Laying there enjoying the feel of her tongue, I wondered what the future might hold for the two of us. I had no doubt it would take a strong man to hold her, but I knew I was up to the challenge. After all, what did I have to lose by being myself while giving her the man she wanted at the same time?

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