Garnet's Abuse


Garnet Maclane's shaft throbbed in Jin Kaminshina's mouth. He gurgled on her sperm, feeling his throat backing up with her thick, creamy cockjuice and he was powerless to stop her. She laughed at him, grabbing fistfuls of his hair and using them to yank his face forwards to her plump thrusting hips. Suddenly, she started cumming hard and yanked his head forwards, slamming her cock down his throat, disgorging her enormous, virile load into him like a cum receptacle. He realized he was choking and spluttered, trying to stem the flow, maybe get some of it out, but her cock was enormous and effortlessly plugged his mouth.

"Swallow, boy," she intoned and he was forced to obey. Her cockjuice settled in his stomach, the taste of sperm still strong on his lips and he shuddered in shame, partially at his humiliation and partially at his own vastly smaller penis stiffening to match her god-like member.

Then Garnet began to the ardurous task of sliding her cock from his body. Knobbly, thick veins brushed his lips as she drew back, taking a full step, making the shaft run over his slut lips like a train vibrating over tracks. Even as inch after inch of her night-black shaft was removed from his body, more seemed to just magically appear. Had he really swallowed this much of her mighty cock? Suddenly, his lips widened, to allow something massive and fat through, and her cockhead, bright red and evil-smelling, slid from his lips with a loud pop. It quivered before his eyes, then spat a glob of cum onto his face, completing his subjugation.

Immensely satisfied, Garnet stepped back, her cock quivering and Jin could only look up at this captor and tormentor. His knees were raw from cocksucking but he didn't dare move from his position, knowing full well the punishment he'd suffer at her hands. He only knelt and whimpered as she grasped her cock length and stroked the foul length.

Garnet was well over his height, having at least a head on him, and that wasn't where her superiority ended. On the contary, while he was only blandly attractive, with a nice enough figure and face, she was a beauty second-to-none. Her dark tanned skin shone with glossy health and a light layer of sweat, while her purple hair glowed with life, reaching down to grasp and cradle her giantess ass. Her shoulders were broad, showing her power, and her breasts were magnificient, even in her commander's outfit. Each tanned, swelling orb of her bosom was the stuff of fantasy, fantastic H cups. They seemed to have a life of their own, jiggling and swaying with every motion, her nipples very, very hard dents in the fabric of her top. She was braless. From there, her body swelled out into wide, child-bearing hips, not that Jin would ever know the joy of making them swell with seed, as he would forever be her cockslut, only fit to suck her erection.

Her penis was impossibly huge, measuring 30 inches from base to tip, although he suspected it might be even more than that, it was hard to tell after she'd cum in him so many times. Even as she was rapidly, seemingly exasparatedly, fisting it now it throbbed with vigor that seemed to suggest it was even broader, even longer than ever before. And she had reason to be exasparated, she'd fucked him so many times now that her balls were beginning to empty, having poured litre after litre of her slimy dickjuice into his body. The width of her shaft made sucking this precious cum free very difficult, but she had told him he performed admirably in this duty and, despite his shame, he felt pride at this, knowing she was less likely to kill him if he could simply perform the duty of drinking every last drop of sperm from her dick.

Suddenly, her dick sprang to life again and she slammed it into his face with full force. He choked on it as she shoved it back into him, but he felt relieved. Normally her face-fucking was preceded by a forceful, lengthy beating. At first she'd used her fists, but after some time she had seemed contented with simply slapping him across the face with her 30 inch horse cock. Now she had even stopped doing that and he realized that as her huge, volleyball-sized testicles emptied, she would become more docile and pleasant towards him. Maybe eventually, she might even remove the clamps on his cock or feed him something other than the flooding, overflowing sperm she'd nursed him on the last week now. Had it been a week? The only way he had to measure time was when she fucked his now very loose asshole, since he figured she only did that once a day or so. He was certainly thankful for that, not sure his tortured body could take anymore.

So he sucked her down eagerly, already dreaming of her cradling his head on her breasts or sucking him off when he suddenly jolted back to reality as he felt her cum oozing down his belly again. Then she raised her boot and, laughing wickedly, knocked him onto his ass. "I need a REST!" she moaned and lifted her belt and the skirt covering her butt slightly. Her pants had been done away with sometime ago so as she lowered herself down, sitting firmly on his face, he could only see acres and acres of creamy thigh-flesh and her soft, doughy ass. She ground her butt into his face, laughing at him, while her cock continued to ooze. "Oh, you're a very comfy seat, boy!" she said and, spying his cock, she raised her hand and brought it cracking down on his dick. In response, he could only feel it shuddering and oozing a miniscule amount of precum compared to what her average sperm load was.

Her eyes narrowed as she glared at his cock, then she suddenly struck it again, her jaw going slack as she rolled her eyes, exceptionally pissed off. She held up a single finger. "Booooooy! It's so small! What do you expect to do with THAT?" She poked her fingertip at it, then smiled and grabbed his hand, wrapping it around her cock. "THIS is a dick, boy! Not that little weenie you've got! Then she pushed his face harder into the ground, laughing uproariously while she thrust her cock at his hand, forcing him to jerk her off. She flicked his dick with her fingers and burst out laughing again, unable to take such a small penis seriously.

Watching Garnet's cock rise from softness to her full, raging erection always made Jin shudder in fear and anticipation. Seeing the great, sweaty shaft growing and rising mere inches from his face, while his nostrils were stuffed with the stink of her fat, sweaty ass and her heavy, dangling balls only made it more fearsome. Soon her cock was ready to go again and she started rocking back and forth on his face, groaning faintly. "B-Boooooy..." she moaned, "I need a hole..."

Jin swallowed as she lifted herself off him, looking up at her as she grinned down at him. "A hole, boy! Or are you going to leave my beautiful cock," she swung it back and forth before his face dreamily, "Out in the cold? You cruel boy!" she said, mocking him further. Then she began her real taunting, find a vein running along the bottom of her cock wider than Jin's own penis, and began to gently trail her digit down the length of her sperm channel, from top to bottom. Jin was mesmerized, unable to take his eyes from her roving hand. When she reached her balls, she grabbed them, massaging them firmly. "Well?" she moaned, toying.

Jin didn't want to speak. He didn't want to give her that satisfaction. So instead, he simply rolled over onto the hard, stone floor, remembering the scrapes and scratches on his elbows and wincing as the pain flared, and raised his asshole to her. Her enormous weight almost crushed him as she fell upon him, pushing her bloated cockhead against his asshole, forcing entry. She hefted one of her huge teats to her mouth and began to suck on it, eagerly slurping down her own lactating milk as she forced her dickhead up Jin's ass and Garnet proceeded to roughly and fiercely fucking the boy. He trembled and her dick slid back a bit, making Garnet spit on his back, growling at his challenge to her. She smacked his ass firmly and he tried to push her hand away, making her snort furiously, blasting her nostrils and glaring murder at him, daring to deny her perfect cock. Then, she reached for her handcuffs, mischief glowing in her eyes.

They were made of cold, hard steel and fit tightly around his abused wrists. Jin felt completely uncomfortable, he felt like a bitch, his cock almost completely soft now. Between his raw knees, the pain on his hands and the discomfort of this amazon ripping apart his asshole, all he could feel was the desire to end his suffering. He prayed she would end his miserable life, but he knew he was just a cockrag to her. Oblivious to his feelings, Garnet gurgled like an animal, squealing now, panting roughly and jamming more and more of her obscene dick into Jin's body.

"Boooooooooy! That's good! That feels so good!" She growled and he whimpered as she pawed at his body, unable to resist anymore. She pounded his asshole, raping him like a bitch, and he felt his cock responding. His tiny little dick was beginning to get stiff from her power, her masculinity. The abused had come to love the tormentor. He bucked his hips as he felt his cock getting harder and harder, disgusted with himself, his body now slack muscle framed by white hot centres of pain and a burning hunger in his cock and his ass for release. Suddenly, he groaned and started cumming, his cock jackhammering out his load, spewing onto the cold floor, while her own shaft, snug and warm in his body, grew fatter and meaner, as if feeding on his misery.

Ten minutes later, Garnet gave an earth-shaking wail and beat the shit out of his ass, smacking it over and over again, eventually using her fists, raising welts, and he felt her monolithic cock erupt into his body, hosing down his insides with the vigor of a stud breeder or a stallion. His insides were drenched and he collapsed, a totally broken man. Garnet pumped his ass for a bit longer, laughing at him as he begged for her to end his life, before she tried to pull her cock out. She grunted, realizing it was stuck, and dragged him for a solid foot across the floor as she tried to get her dick free before it popped out with a wet slurch and her sperm drained out onto the floor. Slowly, Garnet rose and swept her hair from her face.

"You did good, boy," she purred and ran her fingers through his hair. Then, she pushed her dick into his face. "Clean me," she ordered. He leaned forward and began the task, eagerly.

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