tagIncest/TabooGeorge & Judy Jetson Ch. 1

George & Judy Jetson Ch. 1


"Oh George! Elroy and I are leaving now." George lay across his bed. He got up when he heard his wife call out to him. His slippers slipped onto his feet even before he could stand. As he approached the bedroom door, it sensed his presence and it slid open. Standing in the middle of the room, Jane, his wife stood amid the camping equipment. George smiled at his wife. "Oh Jane! How are you gonna last the whole weekend with nothing more than this camping equipment?" Jane laughed. "Oh George! Don't be silly. The "Gorge Asteroid" has a very big shopping mall. Oh, by the way, I will need some more money." Taking all but a few bills from his wallet, she turned around and left before he could protest.

Before George could say a word, the door slid close. George looked out the glass as the rocket with her and Elroy zoomed of into the clear sky. George laughed as he walked back to his room. "Oh well! A good vibro-shower would feel real nice right now. And with Jane and Elroy gone, he had the house to his self. George walked into the bathroom and the auto-maid removed his clothes. Then he stepped into the shower. The soothing vibrations started. George felt his dick begin to twitch. The vibro-shower always had that effect on him. Damn! If Jane were here, he would call her into the shower and let her suck his dick.

George was leaning against the shower wall stroking his hard dick, when the shower glass slid aside. "Daddy! I really need to talk to you." George's eyes snapped open. Standing in the shower door staring at him was Judy, his 18-year-old daughter. "Judy! How many times must I tell you not to barge in the shower when I'm in here? Can't a man have a little piece in his own home?" Judy didn't move or turn away. In fact, she stared directly at her dad's hard dick as he tried to cover up. "Gee Daddy! It's not like I haven't seen a man's dick before! We studied live models in biology last week. Next week we will be studying reproduction. I can't wait to see who will get to demonstrate it for the class." George swallowed to hide his inner feelings. He remembered from his days at school that two students had to demonstrate it for the class. Jane had been his partner then and was still his partner today. "But the man in biology class, didn't have a dick as long and fat as yours is Daddy." George didn't know what to say to her. He snatched a towel and draped it around his shower.

George had no idea that Judy had waited a long time to find him in just this setting. She had known that as soon as the house was quiet, her dad would take the opportunity to take a long vibro-shower. She almost laughed. Poor Daddy! Every time he wanted to just relax in the shower, someone was always interrupting him. Judy hid her smile as she put the rest of her plan in action. She could see that he was uncomfortable at her walking in and finding him stroking his dick. "Maybe you should have this conversation with your mother?" Judy laughed.

"Oh Daddy! You are so 21st Century! It's not like I'm a virgin or something. I have been sexually active since I was 15. And I was still the last girl in my class to loose her cherry." George looked at his little girl. "What does fruit have to do with sex?" Judy looked at him with her mouth open. "Daddy! Cherry is a 20th Century word for virginity. I think it's sounds cool! Besides, Neptuna looks at her dad naked all the time. He even allows her to touch it." Neptuna was one of Judy's classmates. George loved it and hated it whenever the girl would come to visit.

Unlike the pert shapes of Jane and Judy with their small asses and perky tits, Neptuna had a pair of tits that could make two of Judy's. The smooth round shape of her ass could always get a rise from George. And the way she wore those tight pants. The seam always split her pussy lips so you could make them out. Jane could always tell when Neptuna came by. George would end up giving her a fucking that made her sore for the next day. George couldn't help it that just the mention of her name could get him hard. And Judy smiled as she watched the towel lift and tent before him. Judy laughed as she poked the point with her finger.

"Gee Daddy! I didn't know that Neptuna did this to you. Maybe I'll tell her to come by more often. I know that mom really makes a lot of noise after Neptuna leaves." George tried to turn away from his daughter. "Judy! I don't care if Neptuna looks at her father naked. Did you say that Neptune's dad allows her to touch him too? Judy! Even now in the 23rd century, it is still frowned upon for a father to allow his daughter to touch his penis."

"Penis! Oh Daddy! Now that is even older than the word cherry. Besides, it's not like they are committing a crime. Their father and daughter! Wouldn't you rather I look at your "penis" than some other guys?"

George hated when Judy cornered him in these kinds of conversations. She always seemed to twist things to get her own way. Must have learned it from her mom. He could feel his dick throb and knew that pre-cum would soon be dripping from it. "I bet that Neptuna would love to look at your dick Daddy! You're dicks a lot bigger than her father's dick is." George looked at her. "It is? When did you see her father's dick? Maybe you had better sit down and tell Daddy everything." George sat on the bed and Judy sat next to him. She noticed that when he sat down, his towel shifted. But George was so concerned with Judy seeing Neptune's father's dick he didn't notice. And Judy had practiced this story so she would get it right. She needed him very excited if her plan was gonna work. She blushed and George smiled at her sweet innocence. But the idea of Neptuna touching her father's dick kept poor George hard and throbbing. "Gee Daddy, maybe I shouldn't tell you? I don't want you to get mad and yell at me."

George stroked her hair and gave her a hug. Judy felt her heart beat faster. Feeling his naked chest against her cheek had her perky nipples hard as pebbles. Judy had made sure that today she wore her shortest skirt and tightest top. As soon as she saw mom and Elroy zoom off, she had pulled off her panties and stuffed them in her pocket. "Daddy? Are you sure that you want to know how I saw Mr. Android's dick?" George didn't know what she was about to tell him, but he felt that as a dad, he had to know what his daughter did. He nodded his head and Judy sighed. "Well Daddy, I was over Neptune's house for a sleep over. Her mom had to go to Venus for some kind of seminar. We had been watching one of the old time sex shows. There were two women who were making love to each other. Neptuna said that she had a vibro-strapon that made those old things the women wore feel like they were made in the dark ages. You know the 20th Century. Neptuna has a large variety of sexual toys. I think she collects them. Anyway, she puts on the vibro-strapon.

We laughed and joked about how strange the old time devices were. The next thing I knew, I was on my back naked, and Neptuna was slowly using the vibro, she calls it "Comet" on me. Oh Daddy! It was driving me wild. Now that was cool! I think I was about to cum for the 5th time when her father walks in. Neptuna saw him and began to fuck me even harder and faster. I was screaming for her to give me more when I saw him pull his dick out and start stroking it. Neptuna pulled out of me and walked over to him. She looked at me as she began to stroke his dick." Judy leaned in close to her father. Her story had made him squirm, and the towel had opened enough for her to see his hard throbbing dick. "I was so turned on Daddy! When I watched her stroking him like that, all I could do was lay there and finger myself. And he looked at me all the time."

George almost groaned. His dick felt like it was bursting. "Let me show you how she was stroking him, Daddy." Before he could protest, Judy had grasped his dick and was slowly working her small thin fingers up and down his white shaft. George felt like he had been hit with an electric shock. Not even Jane's hand and fingers felt this soft and delicate. "Judy! Stop that this instant!" Of course Judy didn't listen to him. She never listened to him. Just like her mother didn't listen to him. "Gee Daddy! Now I know why Neptuna is always touching her dad. This feels so good." Judy had spread George's pre-cum from his head all over his shaft. And her hand felt so good as it slid up and down his shaft. George closed his eyes and felt his body tremble. "Would you like to know what she did next Daddy?"

George couldn't have moved if his life depended on it. Not even if Jane had walked in the room, did he want Judy to stop what she was doing. "Well, Mr. Astroid began to rub and caress Neptuna's tits. You know how big her tits are?" George nodded his head dumbly. "Neptuna's nipples grew so big. He started to pinch and pull them while she stroked his dick. Neptuna began to moan and whimper. Both of them were watching me as I played with my pussy. Then Neptuna slid to her knees." George felt like he wanted to cum so bad. But he didn't want Judy to stop talking either. So he concentrated to stop from blasting off. "Neptuna opened her mouth and took the head of his dick inside. Oh Daddy! He was slowly fucking her mouth. And she took all of him. But she could never take all of you."

Suddenly it dawned on George just who was stroking his dick. "Judy! Your mom could walk in here and catch you doing this." He tried to push her hand away. "No Daddy! Mom is on her way to "Gorge Asteroid" with Elroy. Besides, I won't tell her and you sure won't. So mom will never find out about this." George knew that he should make his daughter stop. But her hand felt so good. And he wouldn't have Jane to fuck for the rest of the weekend. "Judy! Did Mr. Android touch you?" Judy looked into her father's eyes. "No Daddy! He didn't try to touch me or anything! But…" George felt the tightening in his gut. "But what, princess?" Judy smiled at her father. It was always special whenever he called her princess.

"But I did watch him fuck Neptuna, Daddy. While they stood there by the doorway, Neptuna bent over and Mr. Android began to slowly fuck her. Oh Daddy! He did it slow and Neptuna was moaning and humping her ass back at him as he fucked her. I couldn't help it Daddy! I slipped off the bed and walked over to them. While he fucked Neptuna, I kissed her and worked the "Comet" in and out of my pussy. We both screamed out that we were cumming at the same time. Oh Daddy! I don't remember ever cumming so hard." George was breathing hard. Judy's hand job had him on the verge of cumming too. "Judy! Princess! I think you had better stop what you're doing."

But Judy had gone beyond the point where she wanted to stop. In fact, she knew she was close enough to her prize that she could taste it. And taste it she did. With more speed than George could counter, Judy bent her head and captured George's dick. George caught a glimpse of his swollen knob before her lips hid the view. He was so swollen and hard; his white dickhead had turned purple. George tried to grab Judy, to stop her from committing such a grievous act, but Judy clamped her mouth onto his hard shaft and held tight. Holding him with one slim hand, her head bobbed up and down furiously. Suddenly, George let out a yell.

Judy felt her father grab her head. He tried to pry her loose but she had waited too long for this moment. Ever since she had watched Neptuna and her dad fucking, she had wanted to do the same thing with her own father. But Judy had not just watched them one time. She had watched Neptuna and her father fuck many times. And each time they did, Neptuna's mom wasn't home. And Judy would lay there naked fucking herself while Neptuna would be getting her father's dick in every hole she had. Judy would lay in her room and think about her father fucking her. She would sometimes use the school project that Elroy had done a few years earlier. Thinking about Elroy she laughed out loud.

If mommy and Daddy knew, that the hidden camera project that Elroy had done in 1st grade, was still alive and active in their own bedroom they would have a meltdown. Judy would watch as her father fucked her mom. And the size of his dick always excited her even more than her mother's begging for more. And her father would give it to her. In her mouth, deep in her cunt and especially in her ass! George gave it to his wife with gusto. Judy found out that her mom loved to have her husband fuck her in the ass. But right now, Judy concentrated on her task at hand. She felt her dad's dick swell even more in her hot mouth. He was gonna cum in her mouth. Judy's pussy throbbed like crazy at the thought of swallowing her own father's hot thick cum.

Suddenly she heard her father yell out her name. "Oh Judy! I'm cumming! Judy! Judy!" And then she could only concentrate on swallowing as hard and fast as she could. Her father's dick seemed to explode in her mouth. His thick hot crème pumped into her mouth again and again. And Judy felt herself cum as she swallowed him. Only after she had drained him did she lift her head up. Her eyes were glazed over with lust. "Oh Daddy! I'm so hot! I need to cum so bad. Daddy please help me!" George sat transfixed as Judy pulled her skirt up to her waist. He could only stare, as she began to finger her pussy with a passion. Furiously she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Judy's pussy was shaved just like her mother's pussy was. And watching the way Judy frantically worked her pussy; George was reminded of how Jane would sometimes get when he teased her. "Please Daddy! All you have to do is touch me. I'll cum if you just touch me!" It was like George's body had been taken over by someone else. Without any willpower of his own, he reached out and touched his daughter. Touched her sexually for the first time in his life. George's hand was shaking as it caressed Judy's shaved cunt. Then his thick fingers slipped into her. George's breath was coming in ragged gasps as he fingered his daughter's cunt.

"Oh Daddy! Yes Daddy! Deeper! Faster Daddy! Oh, harder Daddy! Now! Now!" with a scream, Judy came. And George's fingers were coated with her thick crème. Judy lay on her back. Her legs were drawn up and her hips were humping up to meet his finger thrust. George was stunned at his daughter's actions. And yet, Judy's reactions were so similar to his wife's, he did the only thing he had always done. He sucked his fingers clean, then bent his head. His mind screamed that he should stop. But when his tongue touched her smooth, swollen pussy lips, he gave in to his own lust.

George attacked his daughter's cunt. And Judy did what any normal teenager would do when having her cunt tongue fucked. She wrapped her thighs around his back and fucked up into his mouth. This was not like anything the boys that she had given herself to had ever done to her. Her father was fucking her pussy with his tongue, and it felt better than any boy's dick ever felt. Judy held him tight. Determined not to let him go until she had filled his mouth with her crème. Another orgasm hit her and she screamed out his name as she came. "DDDAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!" suddenly Judy fell feint on the bed. Even unconscious, her hips jerked upward. And poor George could do nothing but continue to lick and suck her until she let him go.

George lifted his head. For one brief moment, he seriously considered mounting his daughter and giving her the fucking he knew she wanted. And as much as he hated to admit it, he wanted also. Then reality set in. The shame of what he had just done overcame his lust. George jumped up and ran to the vibro-shower. He was against the wall crying when Judy hit the button to override the door. She walked in totally naked. "Judy! You have to leave right now! What we did was wrong. If Jane ever found out, she would kill me. And then she would divorce me." The tears evaporated as soon as they hit his cheek. But Judy didn't leave.

Instead, she walked up to him and slipped her arms around her father. "No Daddy! This is right. No girl could have a lover better than her father. Every time I would watch Neptuna and her dad, I wished that it were you and I instead. I love you Daddy! And I want you to love me. Love me the way you love mother." Judy slipped to her knees. Like she knew it would, the vibro-shower had down its work and George was hard. This time, Judy didn't want to suck his dick. She opened her mouth and closed it around his shaft. Then she began to work her head back and forth. The sensations were too much for George. Having cum once, he knew he could go awhile before he came again.

George let his hands drop to his daughter's head. Holding her head and stroking her soft brown hair, George looked down at his daughter as she fucked his dick with her mouth. His hips soon joined her rhythm. "Oh Judy! Your mother must never find out. Oh Judy! Yes Judy! Suck Daddy's hard dick! Fuck me with your mouth. Does Neptuna's father fuck her a lot?" Judy lifted her head from his dick. A thin line of saliva and pre-cum hung suspended from the tip of his dick to her lips. Judy stood up ad took his hand. They walked back to her room. Judy sat on the bed and pulled her father to her. Kissing his dick over and over, while she licked the tip, only excited him more.

"Yes Daddy! I've watched him fuck her at least 8 times. And he fucks her in her ass as well as her pussy. Sometimes I would use the "Comet" on her pussy while he fucks her in the ass." George lifted her head up to look at him. "Judy! Tell me the truth! Has he ever touched you?" Judy looked in her father's eyes. "No Daddy! I told him that I would fuck Neptuna with him, but that if he ever tried to touch me I would go to the police and tell them everything. So he never tries to touch me. After seeing what they do together, I was saving myself for you. Letting boys fuck me, was one thing. I liked that. But you're the only man I want to fuck my pussy. Would you fuck me Daddy? Please?" Judy gave her dad her best innocent little girl voice. The voice she used, that always worked on him.

George looked at his sweet daughter. Then smiling, he stood up. He placed Judy on the edge of the bed. Her legs hung over the bed. George lifted her legs and opened them wide. Smiling he moved in closer. Placing the swollen tip of his dick at her pussy lips, he bent down and kissed her. The kiss was slow, sweet and sensuous. And as father kissed daughter, he slowly pushed the head of his dick into her. Judy groaned as his fat dickhead spread her open. George lifted his head up and looked down at Judy. Her face showed the strain he was putting on her pussy. "It's so big, Daddy! It's spreading me open so wide!" George lifted her legs higher. 'Don't worry baby! Daddy is gonna go real slow until you get used to it."

True to his word, George slowly eased about 4 inches up into Judy's tight pussy. "Now, Daddy! Start to fuck me slowly. Work more in as you fuck me." George had to smile at her as she tried to give him instructions in fucking a tight cunt. Jane always seemed to be so tight. She must use something to tighten her up. He would have to find out and make sure that Judy used it too. Judy was gasping and grunting as she took more and more of her father's dick. George kept a slow rhythm in and out. "Daddy! Oh Daddy! It feels so good! Don't stop Daddy! Please don't stop! I want you to fuck me from now on." George had to concentrate hard. Otherwise he would lose control and hurt his sweet baby.

Judy's hands were nearly ripping the sheet up off the bed; she had grabbed them so tight. "Do you, do you want to fuck Neptuna, Daddy? I know she would let you." George knew he had to set some ground rules. And he might as well do it while she was so vulnerable. He humped his hips and his dick pushed in deep. Judy cried out in pain. "Daddy!" her eyes grew wide and she looked up into her father's face. "Listen to me Judy! Nobody! Not even Neptuna must know that I am fucking you. I mean it. If I even think that you told her I will never touch you again. I don't want to fuck Neptuna. If I fuck her, then her father will want to fuck you. I will be the only man you allow to fuck you." he humped his hips and she cried out again. "Understand me, princess!"

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