tagIncest/TabooGillian's Sister Ch. 02

Gillian's Sister Ch. 02


Later that Tuesday evening I received a text from Gillian's sister informing me she was more than pleased with the earlier afternoon event, and wanted to get together again before the end of the week. She also stated if we were to continue this new relationship it should be at someplace other than her home. I replied that was a wise risk reduction strategy, and would secure a nice hotel room when she advised as my schedule was much more flexible than hers.

Thursday afternoon she texts saying she wants to get together mid-morning on Friday, so I call and reserve a room for Thurs night, with a late Friday checkout. At least that way we could arrive at the hotel as each of our schedules allowed, and not appear like desperate lovers looking for a room.

I arrived first and texted her the room number. Less than an hour later she texted back she had just pulled into the parking lot, so I opened the door and used the security latch to keep the door partially open so it wouldn't close and lock. I stood as she entered, quickly making her way across the room and into my arms with such force before the door had a chance to close, that I almost fell backwards. Her lips were on mine quickly, her tongue ravenously attacking my own.

"I can't stop thinking of the other day," she finally said breathlessly. "It's been a long time since I've cum like that. I don't know if it's the elicit nature of what we did, or how we did it. I just know it was thrilling."

"I loved every second of it as well, and was more than happy you came almost the same time I did. Believe me when I say I really do get off making sure you're satisfied. It's more a mental thing with me. I know I'll get my physical pleasure eventually, but it pleases me most knowing your needs are being addressed."

"Enough talking then, there's a reason we're both here," she said as she started unbuttoning her blouse.

"Please, let me," I said, replacing her hands with mine.

I slowly began unbuttoning her top, making sure I paused and squeezed her breasts through the fabric, watching her breathe through parsed lips, her eyes closed and head tilted back slightly. When I finally had the blouse opened my eyes were treated to a red lace bra that was practically transparent, her areola clearly visible and nipples poking against the material. I felt compelled to squeeze both, running my thumbs across her hardened points as I softly mauled her orbs, eliciting a soft moan.

"So beautiful," I said just before placing my lips into her cleavage, and then running my tongue softly over the exposed tops of her breasts.

Back to her cleavage for a moment where I inhaled her scent, I then started slowly licking up across her neck and chin, before arriving at her lips for a gentle, but heated kiss. Pulling away, I slowly made my way down past her breasts, licking and lightly nipping at her warm skin.

As I passed her bra I looked up as I began to kneel in front of her and said, "I can't wait to taste you again."

"Oh god," I heard her softly say.

"Without any obstructions, just my tongue against your sweet pussy," I continued.

"Fuck yes," she replied.

With my eyes now at waist level, I began unsnapping and unzipping her slacks as I placed light butterfly kisses across her stomach, her abs fluttering with each contact of my lips on her skin. Lowering her pants down across her hips, I was treated to the sight of matching red lace panties. Closing my eyes, I placed my nose against her mound and inhaled deeply, her soft, sweet fragrance entertaining my senses. My hands were caressing her hips and firm ass as I felt the smooth material covering her round globes. I then placed my thumbs in the waistband and began pulling those sexy panties down, exposing a closely trimmed patch of brown hair across her mound, her lips cleanly shaved.

I kissed her mons, and slowly moved down to also kiss her delicate lips. Quickly recognizing I would never get to truly enjoy her treasure until she was fully exposed, I asked her to lift each leg, one at a time, to remove the clothing from around her ankles. I then led her onto the bed, bringing her sexy ass to the edge and, now back on my knees, began running my lips and tongue up and down her legs, from her kneecaps to the end of her thighs. Her not so subtle moans, and the way she softly twisted and turned on the bed each time I approached her sweet sex, let me know she was eager to continue our splendid journey. I then lightly ran my tongue over her slightly parted lips and confirmed her readiness, the sweet flavor of her flower's nectar exciting my tastebuds, and I had to fight the urge to dive into her center.

"Mmmm, stop teasing me," she said. "I've been so worked up since the other day, even my own fingers couldn't satisfy me."

Then, sitting up on her elbows, she said sternly, "You bastard, look what you've done to me. I can't get enough sexual pleasure since you started this. You've made me some craven slut. So lick and fuck me like one, you fucking perv!"

I stymied a laugh, and almost told her I was just bringing out the desires she's kept buried deep inside herself, but instead I just smiled at her as I pressed my tongue deeper into her channel and gently, but determinedly, explored her folds. Her bright pink petals softly opened as if inviting me in to sample her liquid gift.

Flopping back down, I hear her moan, "Oh, fuck...," as I saw her lift her bra up and free her pert 34B breasts, which she quickly grabbed and squeezed with both her hands, occasionally rolling over and pulling on her nipples. "Oh god yes, that feels so good, don't ever stop," she continued saying.

I willingly complied, using the tip and flat part of my tongue to memorize every rise, valley and route to pleasure her pussy dislosed. I used my hands to softly rub across her slender hips and firm stomach, gently pushing up from her mound to expose her hooded clit, careful to avoid direct contact as my hot breath rained down over it. She then crossed her legs, which were draped over my shoulders, and pressed my face fully into her sex.

"Eat me perv," I heard her say as she started to slowly buck her hips against my face. "Stop toying with me and do what you said you would do," she demanded. "Pleasure me, make me cum!"

I eagerly set about to do her bidding, kissing and tonguing her sex with purpose. Tongue fucking her, brushing over her clit, and down to her pinkish-brown sphincter where I teased her opening with the tip of my tongue, causing her to jerk and coo, before returning to her clit. Gently kissing, sucking, and alternately moving my tongue slowly over it, I had her body bouncing against my lips and chin.

"More, give me more. Yes, right there. Just like that. Oh yes, fuck, you're going to make me cum," she said loudly.

That was my cue to begin introducing my finger to her slickened hole, causing her to jump and squeal.

"Oh god, yes, yes. Almost there. Don't stop, god, don't stop," she said purposely while I continued bathing her clit with my rapidly moving tongue, sucking and pulling on it while slowly removing my finger from her clenching channel.

As felt the small trembles across her tightening stomach muscles while arching her back off the bed, I softly placed my well-lubricated finger against her ass and began to push slowly but firmly.

"Oh fuck, you perverted bastard!" she shouted. "Motherfucker! Oh fuck, I'm cumming, give it to me, give it all to me!"

Her legs clenched against the sides of my head as my finger was now all the way inside her tight ass, clenching at it almost rhythmically, and I could feel her increased wetness against my face as she grabbed at my hair.

"Oh...my...god," she shouted while holding her ass a few inches off the bed, every muscle in her body seemingly taut as she softly spasmed against me before relaxing and dropping back down onto the sheets, pushing me away and rolling onto her side.

"Shit, that was intense," was all she finally said after a long silent pause, her eyes remaining closed.

Moving onto the bed, still clothed, I lay behind her and began to gently rub her back and shoulders, feeling her relax with each passing moment.

"Are you going to live?" I asked.

"Doubtful," came the reply. "I haven't cum that hard in years, something so gratifying, yet exhausting," she sighed.

I just let her talk while rubbing my hands up and down her back.

"Hell, why are you still dressed?" she finally asked while rolling on her back.

"M'lady comes first," I said in what was probably the worst British accent ever attempted.

"Yes. Yes, she did," was her languid reply. "Come closer," she said as she touched my face.

I leaned in close as we began kissing. Softly at first, but soon she was displaying more urgency in her actions and reactions.

"Gotta get you undressed," she said as she rolled on top of me. "I have this sudden need to taste you. From the source," she said with a determined look.

I began removing my shirt and she worked my belt and zipper, no easy task as I lay on a very comfortable bed. But somehow, almost comically, we managed until my semi-hard cock was hers for the taking.

"Look how wet the tip is, mmmm," she said as she licked the precum from me and demonstrably savored the taste. "Lie back as I get to know you more intimately."

Gillian's sister moved down between my legs and, with the fingers of her right hand, gently pressed my cock back against my lower abdomen as she ran her tongue the length of my ever-hardening shaft, down to my balls. Short of an orgasm, to me there is no better feeling than a woman licking the entire length of my cock down to my scrotum, and back up again. After giving each testicle a thorough tongue bath, she took one, then the other in her mouth while sucking and gently tugging on each. I could feel the seepage from my cock cooling the tip as the air moved over the head.

Slowly licking back up the shaft, Gillian's sister said, "My, this instrument looks ready to be played. You appear to be bigger, maybe thicker is the right word, than you seemed to be the other day. Is that possible?" as she took half of my shaft in her mouth.

"Not really," I replied as best I could given the circumstances. "Just excited to be with you, and more than thrilled to experience your talents. Then again, maybe you being you just gets me more aroused than I've ever been."

"Mmmm," she seemed to say before removing my cock from her mouth. "You say the sweetest things, for a perv. You don't mind if I keep calling you that, do you?"

"Call me anything you want, just don't stop calling," I said as I audibly exhaled and enjoyed her sweet manipulations along my shaft and under the head.

"Hmmm," she giggled at my remark as I softly ran my hands through the curls of her hair.

After a few moments of playfully bobbing and licking, she looked up dreamily and said, "Now don't hold back, just let it go, okay? Your precum has teased me enough, I really do need to taste you. I absolutely crave your cum," were the last words she spoke before taking all of my cock into her mouth and the entrance of her throat, her nose pressing against my closely shaved pubic hair.

Her slow, but persistent head bobbing as her hands pressed into the sheets on either side of my legs to support herself had it's desired effect as that familiar feeling of an imminent eruption appeared.

"I'm so close, beautiful," I told her. "Just like that, and soon you'll be tasting my cum," I said as I started gripping the sheets next to her hands.

"Mmmm hmmmm," she emphatically moaned as her desire to have me seemed stronger than my desire to cum, if that were possible.

"Oh god, yes you lovely woman," I nearly shouted as my legs stiffened and my ass lifted from the bed as the first volley fired at the back of her mouth.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm," were her responses each time my shaft pulsed, as I felt her swallowing my liquid tribute to her loving efforts.

Her tongue continued to wash me as I softened in her mouth, with her gentle sucking ensuring she consumed any remnants of my sauce. Moving up, she began kissing me. I'm sure in part she wanted to share my remaining taste in her mouth. I never found it to be unpleasant, and if it thrilled her, so be it.

"That was nice," she finally spoke while hovering over me.

"Indeed," was my singular reply, although I did hug her more firmly while providing sporadic kisses to her lips, face and neck.

"I know it'll be a few minutes, but I want you inside me."

"I'm at your service ma'am," I said back to her.

"First, I want you to do something you started earlier. I want you to eat my ass," she said softly, almost shyly.

"Sure, but first let me finish telling you what I started to say the other day, and that's all I want to do is to please you. If there's anything you desire, just tell me. If it's too far out in left field for me, I'll let you know. But as much as this is enjoyable for me, I want it even more so for you."

"That's very nice of you. Now please, I just want you to lick me and eat my ass, okay?

Laughingly I replied, "Sure. Get on all fours and back your ass up."

With that I placed a couple of pillows against the headboard and leaned back against them. Gillian's sister, having watched me get into position, turned away from me on all fours and placed her legs on either side of me before backing up over my chest. Her lovely ass and beautiful pussy were on full display, as I marveled at their natural semetry and allure. With my hands on her firm globes on either side of her split, my thumbs next to her tight little pucker, I spread her cheeks exposing all of her backside beauty. I just had to touch her. With my tongue, savoring the sweet elixir her pussy produced before slowly gliding my tongue over her perineum. I began licking slowly along the inner crevice, avoiding her tight little hole for the moment, causing her to moan. She started to slowly rotate her ass trying to capture my tongue onto her center, so I slapped her right cheek.

"Fuck," she cried out.

"Behave, and you'll be justly rewarded," I told her between licks and kisses to her backside.

"Perverted bastard, you never stop teasing me," she replied.

"The greater your ultimate pleasure," I spoke into her ass cheeks causing her to giggle.

I made one last sweet dive into her pussy with my tongue, kissing her lower lips as I exited, and began slowly washing over her rosebud with my flattened tongue. Soon, in addition to the rimming she was receiving, I began giving her muscle gentle intermittent pokes with the soft tip of my tongue, pressing incrementally deeper every third or fourth time.

"Oh god, that feels so wickedly good. Fuck, make love to my ass," she said softly as she lay her shoulders down on my thighs with her cheek lying just above my knee, her ass remaining high in the air.

I could feel my cock pressed against her breasts, her nipples occasionally teasing the head as she gently moved against me. Soon, I felt her right arm slide down over my chest as she began to slowly massage her clit. It was also about this time I began to feel her rock back almost imperceptively each time my tongue pressed into her. Sensing her beginning to relax her tense muscle, my tongue made it's way past her sphincter, her tissue pulsing against the tip.

"Oh my god, yes. Oh yes, fuck my ass with your tongue, it feels so good," she mewed.

With my nose pressed firmly against the top of her crack, I began slowly pushing and pulling my tongue past her tight opening, never fully exiting. I could also feel her manipulating her clit with increased urgency.

"Mmmm, yes. Fuck, you're driving me crazy," she panted.

Sensing she was approaching orgasmic bliss, I brought my left hand up to my chin and placed two fingers into her well-lubricated slit.

"Oh god," she moaned as I felt her sphincter squeezing my tongue more anxiously, her hand brushing against mine as she feverishly worked her clit.

Feeling her slick entrance, I pushed two fingers firmly, but gently, deep into her pussy causing her to immediately raise her head.

"Holy fuck," she shouted as my tongue corkscrewed in and out of her tight and pulsing ass. "I'm gonna cum so fucking hard. Oh god, oh god, oh my fucking...," she she seemed to trail off.

Her pussy was convulsing against my fingers as her sphincter tried to snap off my tongue, her body stiffening.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," she repeated each time her body spasmed.

Then she collapsed, my now-aching tongue removed from her ass but my fingers remaining in her drenched pussy as she lay on my arm.

"Just give me a moment," she languidly spoke as we both caught our collective breaths.

"Oh my god," she repeated. "You're literally going to kill me..."

"What better way to go," I replied with a thickened tongue, causing me to slur my words and her to giggle.

She rolled off me, legs slightly spread when she looked over at my stiff cock.

"Looks like someone could use some help," she said lazily, before grunting the words, "Let's change places," as she sat up.

As I moved away from the headboard she crawled into my place on all fours, then laid her shoulders and face on the pillows, leaving her ass up without another word spoken. I quickly moved between her legs and placed my cock at her entrance before slowly, but assuredly sliding all the way into her slickened channel.

"Ahhh, feels good," she purred.

I began to steadily rock in and out of her as my hands explored up her back and shoulders, down her sides to her hips, where I used them as a grip to fuck her with hard, quick strokes, before starting the slow journey up her back again. I repeated this several times as she told me how nice it all felt.

I had just begun massaging the globes of her ass when she lifted her head and said, "Fuck my ass. Go slow, but take me. Use me. Make me your three hole slut."

Keeping my cock inside her for lube, I took a wetted index finger from my mouth and ran it around and then inside her back hole, occasionally leaning over and dropping some saliva onto her opening as I slowly worked the finger in and out of her, eliciting moans of pleasure.

"Are you ready to be taken?" I asked.

"Fuck yes, just go slow at first. I've never had more than a finger, and now a tongue in there. Please, be gentle," she said.

"Okay, just relax like before, baby. And be sure to breathe," I told her.

"Mmm hmm," she replied.

I pulled out of her pussy just as I felt her move her hand there, and spreading her cheeks once again, placed my wet cock against her tight hole. Repositioning my knees and attempting to firmly grip the top of her ass, I slowly pushed forward as I pulled her to me encountering the resistance of her virgin hole. Just as quickly, she opened up enough where the head slid in just past the ring, gripping me tightly. She gave what seemed like a pleasurable moan as I felt her pulsing against me.

"You doing okay?" I asked.

"Fine," she replied. "Keep going. Slowly please."

I pressed further, slowly gliding in, stopping, and pressing into her a little more. Soon, I could feel her ass softly touching against my pubic bone, and could sense the slow circles she was making over her clit. With one last gentle nudge I felt as if I was wearing a cockring, my shaft entirely surrounded in warmth.

"Mmm, I feel so full. And your cock is so hot inside me. Give me a minute to get used to you before you fuck my ass, okay?" she said with eyes closed and her face laying on a pillow.

"Okay, just tell me when your ready," I replied.

I was getting lost in the feeling of her warmth, and could feel my heart pulsing through my shaft when she finally spoke.

"Ready," were her only words.

Readjusting my grip on her globes, I began to back away an inch or so before gently pushing back in. I repeated this motion several times before slowly increasing the depth. Her moans told me to proceed and it wasn't long before I was steadily, but purposely, stroking in and out of her tight ass.

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