tagIncest/TabooGillian's Sister Ch. 03

Gillian's Sister Ch. 03


As with most relationships, Gillian's Sister's and mine fell into a routine where we'd get together once or twice in a two week period, typically meeting on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. It took some effort on both our parts to keep things fresh and at a heightened level of passion as we became more familiar with each other's desires and reactions, but most of all we wanted to keep the panty play going as much as possible.

During our summer holiday weekend family get together she came by casually and said to meet her in the bathroom. After watching her, from a distance, enter and close the door I waited a moment, then went in myself and locked the door.

"We'll have to make this quick," she said, "But I want to watch you jerk off for me, and cum in my panties."

As I dropped my trousers and boxers around my ankles, Gillian's Sister lowered her pink panties to mid-thigh while raising up her sundress. She then placed her left hand inside her bra and began playing with her right breast, effectively holding the dress up with her arm, while her right hand began massaging her pussy as she leaned back against the vanity.

"Mmmm, yes. Look how hard you're getting. I love watching you stroke your cock for me. Do you love it as much as I do?" she asked.

"Yes," I grunted as my eyes moved from her lips, her breast, and her pussy, and back up.

"I can't wait until you fill my panties, I'm going to walk around the rest of the afternoon with your cum all over my pussy lips," she said.

Her words, coupled with the sight of her fucking herself, and running her slickened finger over her clit had me on the precipice of blowing my load.

"Gonna cum soon," I said looking directly into her eyes.

"Oh yeah, baby. Come closer and shoot into my panties," she breathlessly said as she dropped her hand from her breast, gathered her panties up and placed the material under my cockhead.

My vision blurred as I looked down to see the first spurt cover the entire gusset, and into the back of her panty.

"Fuck yes, let it go," she nearly shouted as she then brought her own juice-soaked finger to my lips, pushing it into my mouth.

Her taste fueled my efforts and the second string of pearly essence felt stronger than the first as it exited toward her underwear, with some landing on her inner thigh.

"Mmmm, fuck, that feels so good, doesn't it?" she asked as the last of the six contractions dribbled out and pooled with the rest of my semen.

I just watched silently as she rubbed the remnants from my tip, and then pulled up her panties.

"Wow," she said as her eyes went wide when the cloth made contact with her pussy. "That's a lot! Mmmm, it's both warm and cool," she commented as she straightened the elastic around her hips.

Still holding her dress up to her stomach while looking at me, she then stuck her right hand down the front of her panties and began moving it over and through her now sloppy pussy. This erotic scene was keeping me hard.

"Mmmm, I was so close to cumming when you did. Now I'm going to cum all over yours," she softly said as she leaned back and closed her eyes.

I could hear the wetness squishing against skin as the flush of her cheeks seemed to run down and over her visible cleavage.

"Oh, fuck! So slippery, yet sticky. My clit is so hard, fuck. Mmmm, hhunnnn," she spoke as her body started spasming, her face pointed at the ceiling, mouth slightly open as she drew in short breaths.

"God. Best orgasm I had all day," she finally spoke.

"You've had others?" I inquired.

"No," she replied languidly. "Still, it's true," she smiled as she opened her eyes and looked at me.

Looking down, she sees my cock still out and hard. I was so caught up in the moment, I'd forgotten to put it away and zip my pants. She started to kneel down, which I interpreted as her knees giving away and reached over to catch her.

"You okay?," I asked with concern.

"Fine," she said as she continued down. "Just thought your little man here needed to be cleaned up before we put him away."

She sucked on the head for a few moments, before taking the entire shaft in her mouth, and slowly moving back to the crown, which she finally released with an audible pop.

"There," she said. "All better," as she tucked 'him' away and zipped up my slacks.

"So," she continued. "Seems you got a little on my leg. That's okay, I'll just wear it with the rest of your cum. Which, by the way, feels good against my pussy and ass."

She then reached under her dress one last time, before quickly removing her hand, the dress falling into place hiding her charms.

"I don't ever remember my panties this soaked," she said before bringing her fingers up and into her mouth. "Tastes good though," she continued as I returned her smile.

"We better get out of here before someone gets suspicious," I finally said.

"Yeah, me first," she quickly replied, reaching for the doorknob. "That way you can watch my ass move knowing it's covered in your cum. See you outside," as I saw her squeeze her legs together before departing.

Throughout the afternoon, as she mingled with the other guests, Gillian's Sister would, seemingly naturally, run her hands across her hips while talking with others, then look my way and slowly move her hand across the front of her dress with a quick wink, before returning her attention to the person she was conversing with.

Less than two weeks later Gillian's Sister sends me a text asking me to hurry over. I texted back I would be there shortly, and didn't ask why since we typically, but not always, avoided each other's residence when engaged in sexual activity.

"Hi," she said as she welcomed me into the house. "C'mon back, and let's get started. I really do need a good, long, hard fuck."

"Sure," I replied as we entered the bedroom.

Turning towards me and beginning to remove my clothes she said, "No, this is different. I really need to be fucked. And not some quick 'wham bam thank you ma'am' fuck. You need to last. So I'm going to blow you, then ride you as long as I need to. Can you handle that?"

"I'll wear that ass out," I said jokingly as I stepped out of my pants and boxers before climbing up on the bed and laying back.

"That's not where I need this," she said as she firmly squeezed my cock, having stripped and settled between my legs. "At least not today."

In a matter of minutes she had me as rigid as ever, and was continuously deepthroating my cock as her hand churned my shaft each time her head moved up. She was certainly all business this morning. It wasn't long before she had me teetering on the edge, and I told her so.

Her "mmm hmmm" reply, coupled with her massaging throat brought that familiar feeling from deep within my scrotum, quickly up the shaft, and expelling from my cock in a number of blissful spasms.

"Mmmm," I heard her say around the tip of my cock, her lips slowly moving up as she swallowed, her tongue lightly washing the underside of my cock keeping me hard. She slowly went all the way back down and came back up at the same speed, releasing my head with an audible pop. She then straddled my hips, using one hand to place my tip at her slick entrance, using the other to part her lips as her face pointed to the ceiling.

"Ah, yes," she hissed as she slowly sank down on my turgid member. "It's like being fed from both ends, don't you think?" she said as she looked down at me.

I just nodded as her muscled sheath bathed first the tip, then my shaft in her gripping warmth. She occasionally moved slightly up and down, before repositioning herself until her ass rested gently on my balls, her pelvis pressed against mine.

Leaning forward and caressing my hair she asked, "How's my handsome perv doing?"

"Wonderful," I replied with a sigh as she ground against me slowly, "But this is your ticket to ride. Use and abuse me, whatever it takes to give you the joy you desire this morning.

"Thank you," she said, "this is my warm up. I'll be riding this pony soon enough," she continued as she began to sit up.

"Some days a woman just needs a cock inside her, and today is that day for me," as she slowly rose up and down.

"The blowjob was foreplay, although I was wet long before you arrived," she said as her pace quickened slightly, but noticeably.

She leaned back down and kissed me deeply, her tongue searching my entire mouth, before raising up and placing her hands on my chest. At this point she was raising and lowering her ass in a determinedly consistent manner, a sheen of sweat appearing across her chest as she bit her lower lip. Naturally, I assisted by meeting her thrusts with mine, leaning up to suck on her nipples and caress her breasts, or hold her hips as she moved ever so closer to her own pleasure.

"So good, so full" she repeated as she sped up and slowed down, sometimes rotating her hips in circular fashion as she ground against me, searching for that pleasure point.

I could both feel and hear her pussy getting wetter as her clit smacked against my pubic bone, tensing as her orgasmic journey began.

"Mmmm, MMMMM, fuck," she cried out while appearing to look past the headboard.

I began bucking up against her more forcefully and quicker, making her moan even louder.

"Yes, just like that. Mmmm, more. So close, so close," she said loudly.

Suddenly she slowed and would drive down and hold her spasming pussy against me for a few seconds before repeating the action.

"Oh god," she moaned loudly as she stiffened against me, making subtle grinding movements as her pussy contracted pleasantly around the base of my cock.

Finally, she went limp and collapsed on top of me, damp with perspiration and breathing heavily. Soon, she began kissing my neck before moving up to my cheeks, and finally my lips. Her kiss was soft, her tongue lazily working into my mouth and pressing against my own.

"God, I needed that release," she said as she again pressed her face to my neck.

I hugged her firmly and felt her push her breasts against my chest as we remained connected, my cock as firm as ever. I then quickly rolled her over onto her back, me above her, causing her to give a surprised yelp.

Looking down at her surprised expression I said, "That was just round one, you know. The beginning of that long, hard fuck you said you needed,"

I watched her raise her eyebrows as I sat up and brought her legs to my shoulders, giving me deeper access. I then began to slowly pull out and push back into her slickened channel as I watched her close her eyes and push her shoulders back into the pillows.

"Mmmm, yesss, fucking do me. That's it, drive your cock in and out of me. God, I need to be fucked," she continued to moan as she squeezed her breasts, rolling and pinching her nipples.

She looked amazing laying below me, moaning in her enjoyment and periodically raising her hips off the bed as if she could possibly get more of me inside her. I would tease her by slowly giving her long, in and out strokes and then would quickly thrust in and out of her, our skin making loud 'pop pop' as our bodies slapped together.

"Fuck me!" she shouted over and over. Then, "That's it, fuck my sweet pussy with that thick cock. Don't ever stop! God, yes, fuck me!"

I continued changing up both the speed, force and depth of my cock moving in and out of her before quickly pulling out and rolling her onto her stomach, causing her to gasp. I forcefully raised her hips, placed my cock at her entrance, and drove deeply back into her.

"Ahhhh, god yes," she spoke to the headboard. "So fucking deep and full. God, I love your cock," she began to moan.

I began the same loving assault on her pussy as before, slowly moving in and out before increasing the power and speed of my cock.

"You love this cock?" I asked between breaths.

"Yes," came her singular reply, her cheek resting on the pillow and her eyes closed.

"You love this cock so much you want more of it!"

"Yes," she said again.

"How much more?"

"All of it," she said pantingly.

"How do you want it?"

"Harder. (pause) Deeper. (pause) Faster. Give it all to me. Fuck me, fuck me hard and deep with your fat cock," she replied dreamily.

Never one to turn down a woman's sexual requests, I started to pull her hips more firmly against and away from me, her ass loudly slapping against the tops of my thighs. Seeing her ass jiggle each time that happened, I felt compelled to strongly grasp the tops of each cheek and squeeze each as I pulled and pushed away.

This caused her to raise her head of the pillow and shout, "Oh, fuck yes! Squeeze my ass. Fuck me harder, god I fucking love it all!"

As slick as her pussy was I could still feel the muscles contracting inside her, massaging my head and shaft which was bringing me closer to the edge. Looking down as I clenched her ass, I swear I saw her little brown rosebud winking at me as her body moved back and forth against mine. I then placed my left hand on her hip once again, while I wet my right index finger in my mouth.

Gillian's Sister had moved up onto her elbows, her head tilted back as I heard her panting with each cock stroke.

"So close," she nearly mumbled. "So close," she repeated.

Using my hips to keep pounding against her pussy, I brought my now-dripping finger down over her ass crack. With my left hand I let go of her hip and started massaging her back, moving a little higher with each thrust until I felt her soft hair. I gently gathered her hair in my hand, and just as I placed my digit against her anus I pulled her head back forcefully as I pushed my finger in her ass.

"Mother fucker!" she shouted as I felt her body begin jerking uncontrollably.

That sent me over the edge as I slammed into her pussy and held it as the first two spasms sent my cum pourimg into her. I pulled back and rammed home again, holding my cock in her until I'd given her every ounce available.

"God damn," she said loudly as her body shook against mine. "Fuck yes. Oh. Fuck. Yes," she said as I continued to hold her head back, facing the ceiling.

Feeling her body weaken and start to go limp, I let go of her hair causing her to flop forward with, first me finger, then my cock exiting her holes.

"God...," was all she said as she lay panting, her back rising and falling with each breath.

"Yeah," I replied as I sat back on my calves, and watched my pearly cum slowly ooze from her pussy.

She slowly rolled over, placing her right forearm over her forehead, her hair matted against the side of her face.

"Not fair," she said softly.

"What?" I asked.

"You fingered my ass again."

"And?" I replied questioningly.

"And now you owe me," came her response.

"So what, you want to finger my ass now?"

"Maybe later," she replied lazily as her breathing slowed. "Some day soon. But not now."

"Okay," I said chuckling. "Whatever you want."

"What I want," she said as she sat up looking at me, "Is for you to lick my pussy."

I continued looking at her.

"I've always had this creampie fantasy," she said. "So now is a good a time as any, don't you think? Unless, of course you're afraid of tasting you own cum. Which would, in fact, make you a hypocrite since we've kissed after I've given you a blowjob. Plus, you licked me through my cum stained panties."

She continued to stare, awaiting my response, raising her eyebrows.

"No, I'm not afraid or a hypocrite. It's just not a request you hear every day, that's all," I told her.

She smiled, laid back, spread her legs, closed her eyes and simply said, "Eat me, perv."

I moved between her legs and, starting at her ass, cleaned the fluid weeping from her hole, before driving my tongue into her creamy furrow, causing her to moan pleasurably. Our combined taste wasn't unpleasant, and I set about eating her as I normally would at any other time.

"Mmmm, I think you like tasting yourself in me," she teased. "I'll be honest, I get off knowing you're eating your own creampie. That you'll do anything to please me. Makes me want to please you as well," she softly spoke as she began playing with her breasts.

"I like tasting you," I replied before quickly returning to her pussy.

"Yes, you do and you do it so good. I love how you're now tasting us. Both of us, smeared on your face," she said.

I licked and sucked in and around her pussy just as she always liked, but more as a way to ease her down from a very spirited session which she no doubt appreciated.

"Thank you for letting me relax after such an intense morning," she commented as I moved up over her. "I've never felt so wound up, and you definitely helped me unwind in more ways than one. I owe you."

We then kissed slowly, but passionately as she licked my face clean before we settled down and cuddled.

"Mmmm," she said with a slight grimace as she started to move off the bed.

"Problem?" I asked.

"Not really, just a little sore down there. But it's a pleasant sore, if you know what mean," she replied with a smile and then a kiss on the cheek before sending me on my way.

Because I still had grandpa duty from time to time with her son arriving home from school, Gillian's Sister gave me free reign when it came to enjoying her panties as I explored this particular fetish of mine even further. She would occasionally text me the morning of my "duty" to advise she'd left a pair for me. One particular day she mentioned a pair waiting for me in the bathroom, telling me she'd worn them that morning as she'd worked out at the gym. Arriving at her home about thirty minutes early, I immediately went into the master bath and saw her melon-colored pair sitting on the counter, and quickly brought them to my face.

I could detect faint traces of her sex on the center and I inhaled deeply. Next, I ran my tongue over the material and could taste her. Smearing the dampened center on my lips, I could now both taste and smell her. I was getting hard and knew I'd relieve myself then and there. I thought for a moment about stroking myself with those panties and leaving them cum-filled for her return later that afternoon. Then another idea hit me.

I walked into her bedroom and opened her panty drawer, seeing all the different colors and styles. Bikinis, boy shorts, and thongs lay before me in assorted colors. Some were soft to the touch, others, the more lacy ones, were a little coarser and made me wonder if they could be all that comfortable to wear? Then again, maybe they were just for show, and not made to be worn long, if you know what I mean. With so many styles and textures to choose from, I quickly thought 'to hell with it,' and just started stroking my cock as I stood in front of the open drawer. Then I did something comically erotic; I placed the panties she'd left me over my head with the gusset centered over my nose, and looked out through the two leg holes over my eyes. Looking up at my reflection in the mirror, I was reminded of Jeff Goldblum's "The Fly" character after his teleportation.

Looking down, I could see some panties I'd recognized from previous encounters. I ran my left hand over and through the drawer's contents as I stroked with my right, imagining how Gillian's Sister's ass felt in each one, or how each would caress her sweet pussy lips as well as capturing her scent and flavor. With a groan I started cumming, clenching a handful of her delicate lingerie while shooting milky-white ribbons into the drawer and painting any number of panties with my seed. As my orgasm receded, I dribbled a small pool just inside an uncovered portion of the drawer before closing it.

Later that evening, I received a text from her inquiring why I hadn't left her a "present" on her "gift"? I wrote back that I'd left it in another location, and she'd find it the next time she needed a clean pair. Shortly thereafter I received a one word text back:

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