tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGina Tricks an Unwilling Coworker

Gina Tricks an Unwilling Coworker


My name is Gina and I have a kind of sick story to tell of how we made work more fun. We had a coworker named Michelle; she was a very tall perfect Barbie type, long legs, big tits (not sure if they were real) perfect ass, and long blonde hair to die for, woman in her mid-thirties. She was in a bad marriage and we all kind of knew she flirted with all the men at work. After being shy at first she became confident, and started dressing more office sexy. It was at this point we all kind of started to dislike her. We knew she was fooling around on her husband, but we figured she was getting divorced so what's the big deal. Then one time all of us went to lunch except Michelle and we got to gossip about her situation. Each one had a story of how we thought Michelle was meeting men for lunch, fucking them at work, or somewhere private. For some reason, we all started to grow jealous of her. We were all about the same age but none of us looked as good as her.

One day I was talking to Michelle over break and I was telling her how my dogs are my babies, among other things. Michelle and I were not friends but I didn't hate her either, so I thought. Michelle went on to say that she was deathly afraid of dogs, even small ones. She was attacked when she was younger and never forgot it. I kind of kept that in the back of my mind thinking Hmmm.

Shortly after that conversation I was planning a dinner party. I wanted to impress a new group of friends and some of my coworkers with my new house. Being of modest means it wasn't a palace, but it was nice. I wanted to have a dinner party, hire a bartender, and a waitress. I would have the bartender dressed in a tuxedo, and the waitress dress sexy and revealing, and put on the Ritz. That was very expensive but worth it. It was two weeks before the party that my husband went out on strike and money was short. The party took a hit; I had to hire a friend as a bartender, and a few college girls and guys to serve. The girls would not go for the sexy attire I planned; in fact the new generation looked down on women who used their sexuality to get ahead.

The party went from a classy sexy affair, to a white trash party. In reality we were kind of a white trash couples, all our so called friends were in bad marriages, and most of the coworkers were separated or divorced. My marriage was strong, and I guess I wanted to show them up. Then I thought of the conversation I had with Michelle about her being afraid of dogs and I had an evil thought. I invited Michelle to the party but I asked her to come early to help. She was all bubbly and agreed, but only on the condition my four dogs were kept locked away for the party.

The night of the party came and Michelle, as promised came early. The other girls and the bartender were already there. . My hubby was busy getting prepared. Michelle asked "why there is a stage in your living room." I told her there would be some entertainment. I told her to go into the back where the girls are, and I'll be back in a minute.

For some reason, I sensed Michelle felt all the girls were looking at her strangely. Some giggling, some shaking their heads or maybe it was just my imagination. All the girls had black pants on, white shirts, and a vest. The bartender dressed the same, but with a bow tie.

As Michelle went to the back I started my plan, I let four of my six dogs into the living room, and kept two locked away right by where I sent Michelle. They were all big dogs, Doberman's and pit bulls, very intimidating.

When I met Michele in the back she thanked me for inviting her and was excited about the party, she complimented my on my house and "how easy it could be to get lost in a house so big". She was also happy I locked up the dogs (so she thought), and made sure to make mention of it. About that I said, "Why don't you at least try to pet the dogs, get over your fears, and maybe you learn something about yourself." You can see her tense up and turn pale; I knew I had her now.

Michelle said, "Gina if you want to let the dogs out I will be glad to go, I don't want to ruin your party but I am just beyond scared."

She replied, "Nonsense, I just want you to put on your uniform. I need you to help me by being the main servant, woops I mean waitress. It's over there on the box by the window" she goes on and opens it. I watched Michelle go to the box and jump out as the dog scratched the window. She jumped back at the sight and sounds of the dogs, but opened the box and pulled out her uniform.

"There must be some mistake" Michelle said, "not only is this too small, it's not a uniform, but an outfit for a sleazy nightclub." In the box was a Micro mini skirt, garter, stockings and a tiny corset, with a push up wire bra type attachment. When Gina came back I made her aware of that. She came back and dropped several more boxes and bags in front of me. In an evil tone she said "oh there is no mistake and here are your other outfits."

"I don't think so Gina," I started to say but then I saw two of her meanest dogs behind me. Gina "what's going on here, I came here as a friend to help you, why are you scary me into doing something I don't want to."

"Ok Michelle this is what's going on. You are going to serve my guests, in this sleazy outfit, and many others. You will bend over, show your ass and tits to everyone if they ask. You will not refuse a single request from any of my guests. If you do, then you have the dogs to deal with."

Michelle started to the door but the other dogs surrounded her, started barking fiercely right in her face. "Crying won't help slut, now get dressed Micro skirt outfit" first scored Gina.

"Also, by the way you are the servant, and all my other helpers are your boss, so do whatever they say. You will be completely blindfolded certain people who come later, who don't want you to recognize them. You will wear a mask for you to remain as anonymous as possible. Who knows, we may do this again soon."

As soon as Gina left, the heavy set waitress Beatrice came in I was told the rules. The main rule do I had to do everything they say, no questions asked. I was also told do everything with a smile; make it look like I am having fun at all times. If I don't do as instructed, I was threatened with the dogs. All I could do was nod, but I was confused about doing everything with a smile. I was ordered to strip so they could get the party started .I quickly looked around, realizing there was no escape started to unbutton my shirt. As I did several cell phones were pointed at me. I instantly started to complain and hide my face.

Beatrice quickly reminded me of the rules, "oh and especially don't forget what happens if you do forget she added."

I finally realized why they wanted me to smile and fake enjoyment, so the pictures and videos looked consensual.

Everyone stood in silence waiting to see what I would do. Then I slowly started to unbutton my shirt, then my skirt and let it drop to the floor. As I started to unhook my bra, I saw camera flashed, and what looked like videos being taken. Every-time I hesitated, Beatrice went for the door knob where the dogs were. I let my bra spring free, and my huge tits popped out, to some gasps and smiles. Resigned to my fate I unhooked the sides of my panties, and pleaded, "Please don't make me do this". Beatrice looked at the door, and I quickly pulled them off. There I was, a 35 year old woman naked in front of college students, all snapping pictures and videos, and me smiling like I loved it . I knew in the back of my head this was just the beginning.

As I started to get dressed Beatrice ordered me to wait. I was slightly relieved thinking it was a joke but that was short lived. She told me to give her all my clothes, cell phone, purse, and car keys. As I hesitated again she looked at the door where the dogs were. I gave them all my clothes, and everything else she asked. I was alone, naked and helpless now. Looking around the room, I saw pure lust and hatred, not a single sympathetic face in the room.

One of the other waitresses took all of my stuff out of the room. I had no idea where. Beatrice ordered me put my hands behind my head. A series of pictures were taken with me in various degrading and humiliating poses. I was bent over had to hold my asscheeks open, then on my knees, with my tits out , and, at that point Gina came in. "I told you she was a stupid slut", Gina said, and everyone laughed.

"Why are you doing this to me Gina I never hurt you," I replied.

Shut up she said. "All the men and even some women at work drool over your teasing ass. We figured we would let them have you be their submissive tonight. Cut you down a notch, and have a better workplace for everyone, well except you. Now put your hands behind you back and look at me."

As I did that Gina came over and started to fondle my body, I didn't think she as a dyke but probably kinky. She squeezed my tits, and pinched my nipples. She examined every inch of my body, especially my private areas, even probed my mouth. She stopped at my tits and gave them her full attention.

She said (holding my tits firm) "these are real well what do you know. Wow Michelle you have real tits, a real perfect ass, and a real blonde to boot. Everyone thought these were all implants. You are very lucky women except, when the girls find out your all natural they are really going to let you have it. They already hate you, and are extremely jealous. Now get dressed and let's see how you follow orders."

I got dressed and just before I left to go take drink orders, Beatrice came over, grabbed my tits, gave them a squeeze and said "this is just the beginning," and laughed. A few of the girls and guy helpers came over and helped me get dressed. It was humiliating, as they took liberties with my body knowing I could not stop them. Finally dressed, and looking like a slut, my face was painted with makeup, ending with bright red slutty lipstick. I was ordered again to pose for them and another series of pictures and videos were taken. I even smiled when they pulled my tits out if the bra, or exposed my pussy.

What I didn't know was most of the guests were just that, guests. However, some were coworkers and Gina's other friends who were going to push the limits. They were told I was here and I would do anything I was told to do, with few exceptions that would remain a mystery for now. Gina had a dominant personality, and clearly controlled her social group. At work she was much the same, the leader. She was street smart but did not possess the college degree that I had and she was jealous of that. She was a very attractive woman herself and was constantly getting attention at work. Just as much attention as the men gave to me, so I thought.

I was dressed like a slut micro mini skirt, stockings, bra a size too small and a zipper down shirt obscenely showing my tits. I walked out and you can sense excitement in the air. I went to the first group of guests and asked "how I can serve you" (as I was told) and the ladies ordered drinks unaware of what was really happening.

Next, Fred I believe his name was, told me to "stand in front of him and bend over". All eyes were waiting to see what I would do. With a tear in my eye, I complied. Fred called me "a good little girl", patted my ass and rubbed it obscenely and ordered a rum and coke. As I wrote down his order I felt hands slide-under my skirt and grope my ass, and brushed my pussy. They were clearly testing me to see if I would in-fact serve as they were told. I heard someone say, "She didn't move she's actually going to do this". Cameras flashed as he told me to "turn and face your audience and not to be rude." As I did he lifted my skirt, exposed my thong and the phones were flashing away.

I took a tray over to each and every person and asked them "what's your pleasure"? They all had a crude remark; a dirty stares, and always made me bend over. Gina was over seeing my humiliation when I was stopped dead in my tracks when I barely saw Mark and his wife though the tiny holes in my mask. Mark's wife knew he was hot for me and suspected an affair. As I slowly approached Beth, Mark's wife waved me over.

"Come here slut," Beth ordered... The room burst out laughing. "Wow what a slutty outfit I bet you will do anything for a tip, let's see, shall we. Turn around, bend over and lift your skirt tramp."

I tried to play it off by asking them if they wanted a drink or appetizer. Beth just looked at Gina and she shot me a dirty stare. So slowly turned around and bent over, I reluctantly complied and lifted my skirt.

Beth commented "Wow look at the sleazy g-string barely covers her well used ass", everyone laughed.

I started to let down my skirt and Beth stopped me, I reasoned, "I'm sure everyone here would like a drink."

Beth retorted "does anyone need a drink now or would you rather I continue?"

What do you think their response was? All the while I could see shock on some people, laughter on others, but worst off all cell phones either taking pictures or videos.

Beth taking the lead now, "Stand up and hold the tray above you head, if you move you will face punishment understand?"

As I complied Beth asked "would anyone like to get a closer look?" Soon I was surrounded by man and woman. Beth clearly taking the lead asked "whoever guesses her bra size gets to come and have it."

I started to move my arms down and my ass was met with a hard slap. I started to cry but I was trapped, and knew it. I heard everything for 40 DDD, to 36 DD and finally the correct answer 38DD. It was Rebecca known as a slut herself, a fat bi-sexual pig with an equally disgusting hubby.

"Now before you come and claim your prize" Beth says, how many people here think her tits are real, raise their hands"?" "Ok, and who here thinks her tits are as fake as her pink dipped hair." More hands were raised for fake then real, Beth claims. "Ok Rebecca I want you to remove her bra and give those tits a good working over and let us know."

Rebecca came right over started me in the face laughed and pulled my tits out of the bra, she squeezed pinched, and mauled my tits and nipples. She said "she wasn't sure" as she unhooked my bra and my huge tits spilled out. My tits were 38DD but the bra was barely a 34D. The room roared and egged her on as she was now licking biting, pinching and twisting my nipples.

Rebecca says "she not a fake slut, she's a lucky bitch. They're real, the slut has real tits." there were high fives and of course plenty of pictures.

As Rebecca stepped away, my tits stood out lewdly since my hands were still over my head l holding the tray. My nipples have always been sensitive, and they were always erect. "Look at the slut" Beth said "She loves it" Rebecca said.

"I don't, I don't like this at all I said, my nipples are always like that no matter what."

"Well Michelle, maybe we should life up that skirt of yours and check under those panties. What do you guys think of that?"

With chants of approval, I shouted, "No I had enough I'm leaving." I defiantly put the tray down and put my tits back in my bra. Gina must have been expecting me to try to leave. As soon as I tried to take one step toward to the door, four dogs came out, growling and surrounding me. Defiantly I said "you won't let these dogs hurt me in front of all these people."

"Don't bet on it," Gina whispered in my ear; "besides you are forgetting a few things. First of all, what about all those pictures and videos you willingly let us take?" You remember the ones showing your hard, erect slut nipples, your pussy, and ass. Remember posing for the staff like a pro in the pantry and the kitchen?"

"You forced me to do that" I said, "you threatened me to be your slave. You told me you would sick the dogs on me. Why are you doing this I have done nothing to you."

"Let's look at the pictures, shall we? "Looks like your smiling here". She was right I forgot about the waitresses. "In addition," she said "your clothes, keys, wallet everything hmmm where are they. Let's face it we own you tonight and you are going to leave here used, abused and never the same no matter what you do now. So why don't you just enjoy it, now get those hands up and put them behind your head. The sooner you do as you're ordered the sooner you can get you things back and go home."

"Just a little bump in the road," Gina told the guests, "but we are back on full track now. Shall we continue Michelle?"

I complied reluctantly, and put the tray back over my head. The phones started flashing in the crowd again, and the crowd of guests was clapping. Looking again through the tiny holes in my mask I could see a few people leaving. Then suddenly I was hit with a spray bottle right by my pussy from behind.

Rebecca took back her position of authority she won by guessing the size of my tits. She pulled up my skirt and told me to ask one of the male guests if they wouldn't mind holding it up. This was very humiliating, but it was also another example of my full cooperation. Rebecca then pulled down my thong and ordered me to spread my legs. As my legs parted, she started rubbing my pussy slowly from my clit to back into my hole, and then back to my clit. She was clearly trying to get me horny, but it was never going to work.

Rebecca held her fingers up to her nose, and turned to the crowd and said. "Look she's even wet, I told you she was a submissive slut and she loves this. The more we all make her do, the more she will get off. Let's get some close ups pictures and videos. Move up you can't get a good picture form there."

It seemed like the entire crowd were taking pictures, and laughing. Some off the women appeared to be shaking their heads in disgust calling me absolute, a tramp, a bimbo to name a few, and those words stung. Some of the bolder guests even touched my pussy, my ass was slapped anything they wanted. Mostly they all wanted to play with my tits and see if I was really getting off. They were testing me to see if I would stop them. I knew it was unwilling, even rape, but I didn't stop them. So I'm sure they took that as me being willing and submissive, like Rebecca said. I definitely wanted to cry. I knew it was someone (Beatrice I'm guessing) spraying my pussy with something wet. With my congenital condition where my nipples were always rock, how could they think I was horny. Adding to that, the fact I was smiling and giggling the entire time as ordered, I knew my torment at the hands of these sick people tonight was not going to end anytime soon. My heart sank at the thought that this may never end.

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by Anonymous

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by roseyfingers04/24/18

There are good ideas here but

You can't change the narrator mid story without making very clear what you are doing.
I'm sure you will do better next time.

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by Anonymous04/10/18

To anon: If you could write 'as good'

You would not be anonymous nor even bother to comment, let's face it you are just a silly troll.

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by Anonymous04/05/18


Good grief, what has public school done to you? They are not I. She is not me. Your story has the coherence of a methhead eating the moon is made of cheese is good on a Burger King sucks like a Hoovermore...

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by Jadestoy04/04/18

Nice start but

Need an editor. A little confusing in the arupt viewpoint

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by Kinkycouple201704/04/18


Your right i will get better my mind writes faster then my hands and i wander. The rest of you,when you get the balls to comment under a screen name then i will care what you say. Satin if you have anmore...

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