tagIncest/TabooGirija My Innocent Mom Ch. 02

Girija My Innocent Mom Ch. 02


The next day at college seems restless. My mind was filled with last night’s incidents. It seems almost impossible to concentrate on anything else. Minutes were like hours. It was too hard for me to control myself as my arms longed to hold her again, my mouth longed to eat her again and my lips longed to taste her. After two long hours I cut the class and reached home in a hurry.

I knocked the door. Mom came and opened the door. I rushed in grabbed her face and kissed her violently. She was terrified by this quick attack. She tried to pull me aside. But my strong arms pulled her closed and my right hand went inside her sari and caressed her cunt hairs. She was not resisting anymore. I released her lips and lowered my other hand to take hold of her ass cheeks. She slowly buried her face into my chest. Reaching down I slowly let her sari loose and it fell on the floor. Her green panties were wet and the cunt-scent filled the room. Her blouse was removed quickly and I saw her breasts for the first time in day-light

I unbuttoned my shirt, lowered my pants and pulled my cock out in a hurry. Mine was already hard and the pre-cum ticking the tips. Her sexy arms took hold my cock bending down on her knees and said.

“This is mine.”

She began to suck it softly giving it lubrication with her saliva. I then understood that she like my cock inside her mouth. She played with it like a baby to a toy. My hands reached below her neck and squeeze her breasts caressing her nipples. I did saw her taking deep breathes while mouthing my prick. I closed my eyes in pleasure.

“What’s going on here? Girija…….! ”

I was really shocked hearing such a voice. I turned back and saw Sindhu aunty at the door really confused. We have forgotten to lock the door and Sindhu is back from the school so early. It’s a mistake. A big mistake. I thought to myself.

“Oh God….” She paused.

Mom got up releasing my instrument and grabbed the sari from the floor and pressed it at her chest to hide her nakedness. My cock still hard like a high tempered piston soaked in mom’s saliva really pleased Sindhu. And as I searched for my clothes she said,

“Wait dear, Why this hurry?”

She quickly closed the door to prevent further interruption and asked softly.

“Shall I join the party?” she asked.

Mom was sweating heavily as her best friend caught her secret. Sindhu came near mom and kissed her forehead. Mom stood shocked, still with her clothes close to her body. Sindhu then turned towards me and kissed my lips and hold my cock with her one hand and moved its skin back and forth.

“Comon Girija, have fun,” Sindhu said pulling my mom close to her without interrupting her stroking my cock. Mom who was already hot showed little resistance and the two ladies kissed each other. My hands searched inside Sindhu’s clothes for her breasts. They were huge and bulky. I loved to see those naked and I pulled her pallu down. Her chest seems throbbing and I released those hooks and found that they are suffocating inside her bra. Mom reached behind releasing the bra hooks and there they fall down her chest. Two beautiful tits almost the size of football. My lips suddenly swallowed one and I sucked the nipple.

“Oooh,” she cried releasing mom from the kiss. Her hold on my penis strengthened. I squeezed the other one with my right hand and my left hand reached for my mom’s pussy. I entered two fingers into her hole and stroke her already wet cunt. “Aaah oooh” mom cried in pleasure. My heart glittered. I now had 2 real fuck machines. And I am going to fuck both like anything.

I lift my head up and kissed Sindhu and asked her to remove her bottom dress. She obeyed and I saw her fat cunt. I took my fingers out from mom’s cunt and inserted it into Sindhu’s cunt. It was kept clean, hairs trimmed and I felt the warmth inside her triangle. Mom was getting a bit disappointed as I stopped fingering her that she pulled me to the floor. I lay on my back. She was like a mad lioness. She positioned herself over my body and inserted my cock into her cunt. Locking our arms together she started to ride slowly. I saw her eyes filled with lust and endless desire. She started to moan loudly as she picked up the pace. She banged powerfully against my waist.

"Oh God Yes...Oh...GOD...YES...OOOHHH...GGGAAWWDD...YYYEESSSS” mom yelped helplessly, unable to maintain any semblance of decency as her son tore her vagina wide open. Her breasts were bouncing up and down. Sindhu sat beside her friend fingering her fat cunt as the scenery near her aroused her very much. Her expressions made the sense that she need some attention.

Meanwhile mom banged hard and fast that the sound of her butt hitting my thighs was well audible. “Aaaaaaaarrgghhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhh.”

Mom came all of a sudden with a roaring voice and fell onto my body.

I pulled my cock out of her cunt moving her in a hurry. My eyes drifted to left, where pathetic Sindhu was lying, waiting to take her turn at the dick of her friend’s son. I moved towards Sindhu and point my cock towards her mouth. Feeling her stomach churn with lustful and desperate hunger, Sindhu's mouth briskly swung open when she felt the hint of his manhood graze across her quivering lips. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she felt an internal wave of shock sweep through her, surprised by just how big the cock seemed as it slipped across her tongue. Feeling the force of my pelvic thrusts crash against her chin, she found herself so aroused.

"OH...GOD...FUCK ME PLEASE...JUST STICK SOMETHING IN ME BEFORE I DIE...MY WHOLE FUCKING BODY IS ON FIRE...FUCKIN' PUT IT OUT!!" Sindhu cried. I was not in a hurry. I saw overflowing lust in her eyes and her body trembling. “FUCK ME O PLEASE FUCK” she pleaded. Mom meanwhile made the move and asked her to kneel down. I reached behind her and insert five fingers to her vagina and pulled it out. Mom slowly pulled my cock towards her friend’s hole and helped me to push it inside her.

"OOOHHHGAAWWDDD...YOU’RE SPLITTING ME OPEN," Sindhu cried out loudly..."HURRY UP AND GET IT IN ME...”. Wasting no time I thrust slowly up her back. Her face lowered down to the floor and her lips shivering as she produced loud sounds of pleasure. I did her cunt with great energy that her sounds were raised to full volume at times. Mom was near me rubbing my chest as her son worked hard on best friend’s cunt. Slowing the pace I gently insert my right thumb into Sindhu’s asshole. “Ooooh Fuuckiing Gooooood,” she cried. And soon mom joined the action that she too inserted her index finger into Sindhu’s hole. Our fingers worked together on her asshole along with my prick hammering her cunt. “Don’t stop that don’t stop o god I am comin……………haaa” she let the cry out as she came all over my cock. I was still hard on and I need another hole to try.

I turned to my mom and made her bent down on her knees and I reached her back examining her bulky ass. Not as superb as Sindhu’s but she had great meaty asscheecks. I remember what I did to Sindhu a few minutes ago and I without any second thought insert three fingers into my mom’s ass crack. My other hand powerfully squeezed her asscheeks alternately. She turned her neck to look at me and I saw her begging eyes.

“Do good son do it in my ass, mom want u in the ass,” she said. I circled my fingers to widen the crack and took it out and slowly insert it in. The cum of Sindhu acted as a lubricant that made it a bit easy for my cock to got inside my mom’s asscrack. At the same time Sindhu lied under mom in a 69 position and took control of mom’s cunt. Mom in return buried her lips inside Sindhu’s hole. I slowly moved my waist up and down her rear end and I felt the heat inside her asshole very much exciting. And it was tight too. Now I know that she never had a cock inside her asshole before. I moved in and out slowly. Her cries were not heard louder anymore as her face was buried inside Sindhu’s hole. It was really hard to stroke faster as my cock ached inside her asshole. I tried hard to stroke faster. But I was not catching any rhythm.

I spread her asscheeks wider using both hands and pushed my cock in and out. Her crack was widening. After a few more strokes I picked the pace and rammed hard against her body’s rear end. "AAHHH. AAAHHH... OOOHHH... UUUMMMOOOHHAARRGGHHOOOHHH," she moaned continuously as her and my body repeatedly rammed each other with brutal bone jarring force. The sensation of dual fuck really made her mad that she came on Sindhu’s face. I didn’t stop ramming her ass and I stroke faster making her cry out loud until I explode with a roar.

The days after that were sunny. We three fucked everywhere, in the kitchen, in bathrooms, in the bedrooms and everywhere.

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