tagFetishGirlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 01

Girlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 01


I was dating out of my league. I knew it, and Val knew it. Yet somehow, I was pulling it off. For 6 months I had been dating this knockout, petite Asian. Tall for a Korean girl, Val was only 25 years old, 12 years younger than I am. The was slender with smoky eyes, and a resting bitch face that was sexy and a little slutty.

It had been the best 6 months of my life. Val was fun to be around. She loved to explore and we were always out together enjoying the best the city had to offer. And the sex. Well, I had never been with anyone like Val. She loved sex. I could barely keep up with her. She loved to try new things, and was game for almost anything.

Val also loved to flirt. It was just her nature. With guys, with girls, old, young, it didn't matter. Val got energy from other people, and she loved making connections. Of course Val was not naive to the effect she had on men. In fact she would often tell me about it herself. At first it bothered me, the fact that so many guys wanted her, the fact that she was very aware of it. It irritated me that she even encouraged them to think they had a chance. Over time, however...I thought it was pretty hot. These guys were all fantasizing about her, but I would be the one fucking her later that night. As more time passed I started to fantasize about what it would be like if Val actually surrendered to the charms of one of these men.

Val realized that I enjoyed hearing about her little exploits, and started to share them with me more. She would tease me about it as foreplay or even while we had sex. She might be on top of me getting herself off, and suddenly she'd start to tell me about how hot the bartender had been when she was out with her friends earlier. How he had kept her eyes on her all night...how she had made sure he could look down her top when he was leaning over the bar to chat her up.

When we went out with my friends she would never do anything inappropriate, but she would make sure they all wanted her. She would kiss them on the lips when we met them, and always wear something that was sexier than their girlfriends, just a little too sexy for whatever occasion there was. Afterwards she would tease me about how one of my buddies was checking out her ass all night, or even how one of them let his hand rest on her ass when she kissed them goodnight.

I ate all of this up and she knew it. In fact I would encourage her, but she always seemed to stop short of taking things too far. She would tease me about other men until more and more I was begging her to go further, to make out with them...to fuck them. Val would just giggle at my desperation but she laughed off my pleas.

Until one weekend, when she took it a little further.

Val's ex boyfriend Barry had messaged her, telling her he was moving back to town. He told her he had a girlfriend, but still thought Val was the sexiest girl he knew and how much he missed being with her. He suggested they meet just to catch up.

Val showed me the message and teased me about it, turning me on as she knew she would when she talked about how much Barry wanted her again. She asked how much I'd love to see him fuck her hard like he used to...how Barry liked it rough. I loved it, but I quickly realized though that this particular flirt was also turning on Val, much more than usual. She became wetter every time she would talk about Barry, and if we were fucking she would cum every time.

Given all of this, Val didn't have to try hard to convince me to meet up with her ex. for drinks. I asked if she was going to let the flirt go further, if perhaps she intended to hook up with him, but she was coy. The night we were to meet him I watched Val spend more time getting ready than usual. She took a long shower, chose a red dress that displayed a lot of leg, and put on a perfume she seldom wore. I snuck to the bathroom and jacked off to the thought of her taking off her dress for her ex lover.

She seemed just a little nervous on our way to his new place. I kissed her hard before we buzzed his apartment and told her I was ok with whatever happened. When we got over there he was pretty cool. Val hugged him and kissed him on the lips, but he seemed mellow and took our coats. We smoked a little weed, chatted and had a few drinks. Val was sitting close beside me, and even though she was clearly flirting with him, I started to think she may not intend to do anything further.

Finally Barry moved the conversation to a more sexual nature. He talked about how amazing Val is and how lucky I was to be with her. Eventually he said he really missed how tight her ass was, saying his girlfriend had a fat ass. Val didn't say much, mostly just giggling, but she clearly ate up his compliments. Barry was now eyeing my girlfriend with lust and she was staring right back at him. When Val got back from a trip to the bathroom Barry took it a step further and asked her to show him her ass. Val giggled and asked me if it would be ok. I said of course, and wondered how far she might take this.

I watched as Val stood beside him, turned around and lifted her dress. I got hard immediately watching another guy admire my girlfriend's ass. Barry then reached forward and said he wanted to see all of it. Not hearing any objections from either of us, he slowly peeled down her little panties. He glanced over to me to see if I would object but I was just enjoying the show. Val compliantly stepped out of her panties and bent forward again. Barry admired the bare ass presented to him for a while and I saw Val's face was flushed with excitement. Barry reached over and leisurely felt up her ass cheek, then spread it apart. Even from my seat I could see she was wet. Neither of them were looking for my permission now and it was clear Val was getting into it.

Barry started to spank her, much harder than I do, and Val clearly loved it. She squealed in protest but raised her ass for him. I wondered how many times he had spanked her before. When it got very red he rubbed it soothingly, then put a finger into her and remarked how Val had always been so turned on by a spanking. He told me I was lucky to have such a wildcat.

Barry told her he wanted her to remind him how good she was at sucking cock. Val was silent for a moment, remaining bent over with her ass in Barry's face. She looked over to me, then turned around.

"I do miss you, but is it ok if I just use my hand?" she asked her ex.

Barry nodded and Val seemed excited to feel his cock again. She knelt before him, unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard cock. She stroked it slowly and appreciatively. I wondered for a moment if they even remembered I was in the room. I took out my cock and started to stroke it. I watched as my girlfriend stared up into another man's eyes. Occasionally she would bend forward and give the tip of his cock just a little lick, causing him to groan loudly. I couldn't help myself and started to shoot on the floor, quietly so as not to disturb the two of them. At one point Val took half his cock in her mouth but instead of finishing him off like this she started to stroke him faster. Finally he shot a stream of cum on to her face, then more on to her pretty dress. Val never stopped stroking, even with her eyes closed.

My fantasy had finally come to life. I didn't know it then, but this was only the beginning of my cuckold adventures with Val.


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She's a slut. He seems happy. Dialogue is good

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