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Girl's Night


Billy was sat kneeling in the middle of his livingroom. He was naked apart from the leather hood on his head and the collar around his neck. The hood not only blinded him but it also had padding over the ears, making all sounds muffled, and a big ballgag was pressing into his mouth. The lessening of his senses made it hard to know exactly how long he had been sitting there, just waiting for his Mistress to play with him. It could have been hours, or just a few minutes. The silence and darkness were very disorienting. The anticipation and not knowing what was going to happen made him anxious, but at the same time it made his eight inch cock harder that it had ever been before. It was literally throbbing at this point and he wanted more than anything to just reach down and touch himself. However; his Mistress had made it very clear that he was not to move unless told to do so. So he sat there obediently, kneeling with his knees wide apart, hands clasped together behind his back and his cock sticking straight out like a lance in front of him.

After what could have been hours, or just minutes, he heard muffled footsteps behind him. He tensed up a bit as a hand was placed on his shoulder, squeezing it lightly. His breathing intensified as the hand travelled down his chest, playing a little with his small nipples, before continuing down his stomach and coming to rest on his thigh, just next to his throbbing cock. It took every ounce of self control he had not to try and shift his position to get his cock closer to the hand, but he managed to keep still; and after a short while he was rewarded. The hand slowly started to caress his shaft as lightly as a feather. He let out a deep groan from behind the gag and though he could hear a muffled giggle as the hand drifted down to his balls and gave a gentle squeeze. He almost came right then and there, but he held it off. He knew better than to cum without permission.

Now the hand started to intensify its efforts, grabbing a firm hold of his shaft and slowly jerking it up and down at a slow and steady pace. It didn't take very long before he once again felt the need to cum and he tried asking permission through the gag, but it only came out as muffled nothings. He was getting more desperate by the second as he could feel his orgasm building quite quickly with the hand increasing the pace of its motion a little with every stroke. Soon he was at the point where he could feel the twitching in his balls, a clear indication that he was about to cum. He tried desperately to hold it off but it was completely useless. The hand was relentless and his begging for permission was completely inaudible. He was almost in tears from the sheer desperation as he felt his orgasm start. His cock started throbbing and he was just about to shoot his load when the hand suddenly let go of his shaft and went straight to his balls, squeezing them hard. The disappointed moan soon changed into a wail of pain as the grip on his balls tightened. His orgasm disappeared as the intense pain grew and spread from his balls up to his stomach. He felt nauseous and almost doubled over, but managed to maintain his position even through the immense pain. He was crying now, both from the pain in his balls and from the ruination of his orgasm. At this point he couldn't make up his minds as to which was worse.

As the hand let go of his balls the pain slowly started to subside and left him with only a feeling of extreme emptiness. He was still as horny as ever; in fact it was probably worse now than it had been just before he started to cum. He was still sobbing quietly beneath the hood as the hand disappeared completely and he was once again left alone with the darkness and silence. Contemplating his current state wasn't helping him any either. If anything it was making him hornier and hornier by the second.

His thoughts were drifting all around the place. Why was sitting in this position so arousing for him? Why did the pain in his balls both ruin his orgasm and make him even hornier? Whose hand was it that hand tortures and pleased him? He was pretty sure it must have been Rose's hand. He hadn't heard anyone else enter the apartment, but then again he couldn't hear very well in this hood so it was completely possible that someone else had came in and was playing with him. But would Mistress really have someone else come and use him without letting him know first? They had never discussed this before and he didn't think she would, but if she wanted to it was within her rights to do so. And she did love to fuck with his mind.

As his mind was going crazy with all these thoughts he was suddenly interrupted by someone loosening the straps on his hood. As the leather prison left his head he squinted to shield his eyes from the light, only to find that the only light in the room was provided by a small cluster of candles on the livingroom table. Once the hood was completely removed he looked around. There was no one there apart from him and Rose, his Mistress. That made him feel both relieved and a little disappointed at the same time. Before he had any chance to do or say anything else Rose leaned down and kissed him deeply before standing back up and taking a few steps back from him.

As she was standing there in front of him completely naked, he let his eyes wander over her body. She truly was a beauty. At almost 7 feet tall she was taller than him and her hundred and eighty pounds gave her a clear physical advantage over his scrawny hundred and fifty. Her larger frame made sure her F-cup tits didn't look abnormally large, but finding clothes and underwear that fit properly was a bitch. Where he was now sitting, Billy's eyes were at the same level as her completely hairless cunt. He couldn't take his eyes off it. It was the only part of her that always betrayed how aroused it made her to play with him. She has become a master of not letting on that abusing him made her extremely horny. Looking at her face she might aswell have been doing a boring crossword puzzle; but her cunt always betrayed her lust. It was glistening with juices that were currently making their way down her thighs.

"You enjoying the view there, whore?" Her silky smooth voice taking on a slightly mocking tone.

He snapped out of his half trance, raising his eyes up to her face. He was blushing heavily and couldn't find the words to answer her so he just nodded and cast his eyes down to the floor.

"Well, if you're lucky I might let you clean me off after we're done with you." Once again she had a slight mocking tone in her voice, but there was also a hint of amusement.

Billy's eyes shot up at her, wide open. He wasn't sure if he heard her correctly, or if she misspoke, but he hadn't been given permission to speak so he didn't dare ask her about it. Instead he just looked up at her with wide eyes and a questioning look on his face. All she did in return was to smile down at him as she slowly strode up to him, placing her high heeled boot on his cock, pressing down slightly. He gave a slight groan as the pain in his hard cock started to grow at about the same rate as his arousal.

"Yes, whore.. You heard me correctly." She was smirking down at him as she increased the pressure on his cock as she spoke. "I'm having a few friends coming over tonight for a proper girls night, and you are going to be the entertainment."

His eyes grew even wider as she mentioned other women coming to see him like this. His mind started racing with questions once again. Were these women he knew? Were they going to actively play with him, or just watch as Mistress played with him? Was he going to be forced to do things to them? All these things got jumbled up in his head until he couldn't separate them into individual thoughts anymore and they just grew into a giant cloud of doubt hanging over him.

Rose just smiled down towards him, pressing a little harder with her foot on his cock to regain his attention. "To answer the questions I can see are floating around in that pretty little head of yours. Yes, these will be women you know and they will be allowed to use you in any way they want to, should they want to do so. And you will obey them just as you would me, or I will punish you in front of them. Do you understand?"

His attention suddenly restored from the increased pressure and pain in his throbbing cock, Billy nodded and answered in the affirmative. He was really anxious about this whole thing, but at the same time it made him extremely excited. He had never been abused in front of anyone other than his Mistress before, and certainly not by anyone else. The whole prospect of being a communal fucktoy scared him half to death, but it also turned him on more than he would have thought possible. He was absolutely confident in that Mistress would keep him safe; that wasn't what worried him. It was more the prospect of being seen in this state by people he knew, people he would have to talk to again afterwards. Would they see him differently. Would they treat him differently? He didn't know and that was what scared him the most.

Before he had time to dwell too much on these matters however, Rose leaned in again and kissed him. As she bent forward she put all her weight on the foot that was currently on to of his cock, making him gasp and groan into her kiss. She smiled at him as she stood back up and moved her foot off of the rock hard cock beneath it.

"So, as I said..." She looked down at him, still smiling. "I will have some friends over, and we will all use you as we see fit. You will obey like the good little whore you are and there might be some rewards in it for you. Now, I'm going to put the hood back on to begin with. I don't want to spoil the surprise before it's time. Just try to relax and I know you'll enjoy it. I would never let anything bad happen to you."

And with that she stepped behind him and placed the leather hood back on his head, cutting off all visual and most audible impressions. He was again left blind and mostly deaf on the floor, just waiting for what was going to happen. Sitting back, resting his ass on his feet, he took a couple of deep breaths and tried to relax. The thoughts and feelings of doubt did their best to creep back into his mind but he pushed them away. He didn't know who Mistress had invited to this girl's night or what she had planned, but it wasn't his place to know. He just had to follow orders and do ass he was told and he was sure that Mistress would make sure he was safe.

After what felt like hours of just sitting there naked and waiting, alone with his thoughts in the darkness and silence, he heard the faint sound of the doorbell ringing. He immediately stiffened up and held his breath, straining his ears to try and hear who it was, but to no avail. The padding in the hood made it impossible to make out any words or to recognize any voices. It was very clear however that there were multiple people entering. He could hear voices chattering away excitedly, but even without the padding he wasn't sure he would be able to make out anything that was said.

It didn't take very long after hearing the doorbell ring before he heard multiple footsteps making their way into the room where he was sitting. He immediately straightened his back and raised himself up off his heels and just waited. The muffled voices were clearly excited by the sight of him. He could hear giggles and laughter, making him blush profusely and making his cock throb uncomfortably. The chatter slowly died down and he could no longer hear any footsteps, so he assumed that everyone had taken their seats on the sofa and was now silently watching him. He could almost feel their gazes burning on his skin, but he took some solace in that they were all, at least for the moment, keeping their distance and were just watching him.

Suddenly a hand was placed on his shoulder, causing him to jerk at the unanticipated touch. Then, just as he had settled down regained his composure, another hand was placed on his thigh. Not being as surprised this time he kept his position and didn't think too much more of it. Clearly his Mistress wanted to make a show for her friends. Then another hand landed on his flesh, this time caressing down his back, and he was hit with the realization that he had been wrong. At least one of the women were right there next to him, touching him. This thought caused him to once again stiffen up a bit and his breathing got faster and shallower. The hand on his back stopped and left his skin only to have two hands placed on his shoulders, slowly massaging them. As the massaging hands did their work Billy could feel himself relaxing into them before he realized he had no idea whose hands they were. He was assuming they belonged to Rose who was trying to relax and calm him down, but there was no way he could know that for sure.

Just as he had that thought three more hands were placed on his naked skin. One started caressing his neck, one landed on his ass cheek and started squeezing and caressing it and one went straight to his cock. As he felt this unknown hand grip his throbbing, solid cock he gasped and moaned behind his gag. This reaction caused some giggles and laughs amongst the visitors, but it also seemed to embolden them. More hands landed on his naked flesh and all of them now started caressing him with gusto. The hand on his ass now started exploring closer and closer to his asshole, probing in gently with a finger, while the hand on his neck took a loose grip around his throat; not restricting his breathing in any way but just its presence there made him gasp and made his breathing heavier.

As all the hands were now playing with and caressing every inch of his body, and one of them steadily stroking his cock, he could feel himself getting closer and closer to orgasm. The hands showed no signs of slowing down and as he got closer he started trying to beg for permission through the gag, but all that came out were mumbled noises. Just as he was sure he wasn't going to be able to hold off any longer, he heard a mumbled voice say something and all the hands disappeared. He let out a simultaneously disappointed and relieved moan and he tried to regain control of his body and breathing. It took him a few moments, but eventually he managed to slow his breathing down from a frantic "being chased through a dark alley by a horde of zombies" panting to a more "out of breath after jogging a mile" kind of panting.

Seemingly not wanting to waste any time, as soon as Billy had calmed down enough all the hands returned and started toying with his naked body once again. Fingers were now penetrating his asshole, making him moan deeply. At the same time he once again had one hand stroking his cock at a slow and steady pace, and now with another hand playing with his balls, squeezing them and tugging on them. Another couple of hands were now lightly spanking his inner thighs and his ass while he felt something pressing against the front of the hood, right into his face. Instinctively he tried to extend his tongue but his efforts were thwarted by the big rubber ball held firmly in his mouth by the hood.

It took no more than a few minutes for him to start feeling his orgasm start to build again, and again he started begging and pleading through the gag. This time, however, no one seemed very interested in slowing down or stopping what they were doing. Billy tried as hard as he could to hold back his orgasm but it was fruitless. He more or less exploded and he could feel the sperm pumping out of his cock. Strand after strand of white, gooey liquid leaving his cock and landing somewhere, probably on the floor, in front of him. As he was cumming, the hands that were exploring his body seemed to double their efforts. The fingers in his ass started pumping in and out much faster, the hand that was stroking his cock doubled its intensity and the spankings grew harder and harder with every hit.

Just coming down from an orgasm, all Billy really wanted at this time was to curl up next to his Mistress and be allowed a few minutes to relax and compose himself until he was ready for another round. He had never had multiple orgasms forced on him before. He had tried a couple of times by himself but had always had to stop because his cock was just too sensitive and it hurt too much to continue. The hands that were abusing him right now had no such intentions however and they just continued their assault, causing him to double over both from the pain in his cock and from the exhaustion from the orgasm. As he started leaning himself forward he felt someone grabbing hold of the back of the hood and pulling his head upwards and backwards, forcing him back into position.

Despite the pain caused by the continued assault to his now extremely sensitive cock he could feel himself growing hard again, and the harder his cock got the more the pain was replaced by pleasure. It didn't take long at all until his cock was back to its rock hard state and he could feel the orgasm starting to build once again, but much slower this time. More fingers were inserted into his ass, now getting to an uncomfortable level. He was used to having things in his ass, and he truly loved getting fucked, but the size of the bunch of fingers inside him right now was bigger than anything he has ever been fucked by before. He groaned and moaned and started to slowly push against the invading fingers, which led to more giggles and laughs around him. Now the hands that were abusing his balls also doubled their efforts, causing severe pain, causing him to cry out as he tried to pull away, which only resulted in an even harder tug and more pain.

The pain from his balls and the spankings he was receiving mixed with the pleasure from his stroked cock, was causing his orgasm to grow ever closer and closer. Then suddenly his hood was removed. The light was still dimmed in the room, but he could clearly see everyone that was standing around him. There were four women in the room, not counting his Mistress, and he knew all of them. They were all close friends of his. His very best friend, Ally was the one who was currently abusing his balls. Just next to her, busy stroking his cock with one hand and spanking his thigh with the other, wearing a huge grin on her face was Josephine; a co-worker he really liked. Just behind him to the left, pumping her fingers in and out of his ass, was Allison; his nextdoor neighbour. Next to her, behind him on the right, busy spanking his ass as hard as she could was his boss Lisa. Rose was just standing behind him with a big grin on her face, holding his leather hood in her hands.

As soon as he saw and recognized all these women he couldn't hold back any longer. He started begging anyone and everyone around him for permission to cum, but it was too late. Even before any of the women had any time to open their mouths to answer he shot another load. He pumped his seed for what seemed like forever; big strands of it shooting out of his cock and landing both of the floor in front of him, and on Ally's lap. She didn't move or flinch as his sperm coated parts of her thighs but she grinned down at him and gave him a quick wink.

When he finally stopped shooting cum out of his now very sensitive cock, all the women let go of him and stood up. Rose layed him down on the floor gently, his face ending up right next to a small pool of his own cum. As he laid there, he could see a stocking clad thigh entering his field of vision. He could see strands of cum on the shear, white nylon as it came ever closer to his face. A hand grabbed him by the hair, lifting his head up off the ground and placed in in the lap in front of him, his mouth ending up on top of one of the strands of his own cum.

"Go on little bitch. Clean up your mess!" Ally's voice was kind, but demanding.

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