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Girls Night Out


They barely made it in the front door before she pulled her top over her head. They kissed for a moment before he unhooked her bra and bent down to suck on her tits. Now he pushed her down to her knees. She had never cheated on her husband before. As she was about to take this stranger's cock into her mouth, she thought about what had brought her to this moment. Dena had always been a very sexual person. This was not her first one night stand with someone she had just met. She loves getting fucked. The dirtier, the better. But she had found her soul mate. She the one man that could fulfill all her needs and desires and she loved him deeply. So how did she wind up shirtless in this man's house, on her knees, with his hands on the back of her head, and his cock deep in her throat?

It was "girls night out" and she really needed to get out with her friends and let off some steam. Work was driving her nuts and she hadn't just cut loose and relaxed in months. She dressed pretty casual, but still sexy. She had on her red low cut top that really showed off her great 36c tits. Her long blond hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and her lipstick matched her shirt. Although she as just wearing jeans, they were tight and her ass really filled them out. She put on her wedding ring, diamond earrings that matched, along with a matching diamond solitaire necklace. She wasn't dressed to thrill, but she couldn't help but look hot. When her friends got to her house, she kissed her husband goodnight and said she'd be back when the bar closed. He walked out to the car and they waved to each other as the car drove off.

"Ram that cock down my throat!" she gasped between strokes. God how she loved acting like a total drunk whore. Although this was never her intention when she went out tonight, she was really getting into it. She could feel her necklace bouncing between her tits as he grabbed her ponytail and fucked her face. Only two hours earlier Dena and her friends were doing shots and laughing as men asked them to dance. Eventually they decided to stop saying "no" and decided to let loose and dance. As her single friends started hooking up, Dena found herself more in the company of men and less with her friends. "I'm married" she told him. And he said, "It's only a dance." When her friends said, "We're going across the street to check out the band" she found herself alone with this man, who she found mildly attractive, dancing and drinking.

Now it was time for a slow dance. He led her to the floor now they stood there in the middle of the crowded dance floor. He felt good as he held her tight. She pressed harder against him. He smelled good. The alcohol seemed to melt her inhibitions away. His hands moved down to her ass. Somehow, no matter how wrong it seemed, her lips found his and they began to kiss passionately. Before she knew it she grabbed his hand and said, "Let's go before they get back. I've got three hours before I have to be home and I need to get fucked"

"You like to fuck my mouth? She said, still stroking his cock with her hands.

"Fuck yeah!" was all he could say before she took him balls deep into her mouth again. She worked herself into a frenzy and now she was totally free. She slowly stood up and slowly peeled her jeans down. He just stared at this gorgeous blond who was now stripping in front of him.

"You like what you see? Hmmm?" she said playfully. "Now your gonna see the whole package."

As she peeled her thong down and kicked it away, she thought to herself "there's no turning back now, I'm about to let this guy fuck me like a cheap slut... and I like it"

Dena spread herself out on the floor in front of him and opened her legs wide to show her perfectly shaved pussy. Stroking her soaking wet pussy with her left hand, she could feel wedding ring rubbing he clit as she shoved her fingers in and out of her cunt.

"Are you gonna stand there and watch, or are you gonna fuck me?" she said, licking the pussy juice off her fingers.

He got down on the floor and started kissing his way up her legs until his tongue found her pussy. He licked and sucked it feverishly.

"Oh fuck... OH FUCK... YEAH, LICK THAT CUNT!! MMMNNMNMNGG!!!" she screamed as she came hard.

She shook violently as the orgasm ripped through her body. She grabbed him by the hair, pulled him to her mouth and kissed him hard. She stopped only long enough to say. "FUCK ME!"

She closed her eyes tight and gasped as she felt his cock enter her. Why does something so wrong fell so god damn good. She spread her legs wide.

" THAT'S IT! FUCK ME HARD..FUCK ME LIKE A GOOD WHORE...OH..OH..OH..OOHH!! THAT'S WHAT I NEED!!.. YEAH!! MMMNMNMNGG" She couldn't control herself. She loved being a dirty slut. He held her legs up high and fucked her good. Her tits bounced hard as he slammed deep into her willing hole. He pounded her cunt deep and hard. God she loved cock. She spread as wide as she could. She wanted to be slammed hard and deep. He drilled her cunt relentlessly. Her pussy squeezed his cock tightly.

"GIVE IT TO ME!! HARDER!! ..YEAH..FUCK MY HOLE... FUCK ME... YEAH!" the words just poured out of her mouth. She began to finger her clit as he drove his cock into her soaking cunt. She came hard. Her body shook and she arched her back, which allowed him to drive deep into her convulsing pussy. Her cunt was so hot and wet it pushed him over the edge. He pulled out and came all over her tits. After she caught her breath, she told him to get dressed while she went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

She came out of the bathroom looking perfect like nothing ever happened and said plainly, "take me back to the bar." As the car pulled back up to the bar he asked "Don't you even want to know my name?"

"No, not really." She said as she closed the door and went back into the bar.

She ordered another drink just as her friends came back in.

"The band rocked. You missed a great time across the street." They said

"I was just fine." Dena replied.

As they walked out to the car to go home, her mind drifted to the cock she just had deep in her throat and pounding she was getting just minutes earlier and what a slut she had been. Just thinking about it made her almost come again. It never felt so good to be so bad. Now she couldn't wait to get home and fuck her man. I might be a slut, but, I'm HIS slut and I'm gonna fuck him like there's no tomorrow. She needed to get out, and now she couldn't wait to get home. "Girls night out" was good.

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