Grandpa Initiates Granddaughter Ch. 5


They drove the short distance to Dr. Daily's house in near silence. John was worried that Edith suspected his relationship with Carissa. He didn't know what he'd do if she tried to stop them. He only knew that he couldn't give up his relationship with the younger woman.

They walked up the walk to the old doctor's house, and rang the bell. Daily lived alone, having never married. John thought he remembered Edith telling him that the doctor had a housekeeper who came in several days a week. He wondered if the woman would be there today. His question was answered when the doctor himself answered the door with a friendly hello, then ushered them in to his sitting room. An exam table sat in the center of the room, which surprised John, but he said nothing.

"Take a seat," Daily offered. "I had my housekeeper wheel this table out of the storage room for today's check-up. I knew Carissa would be more comfortable on a real exam table, and I want this to be professional, after all." He laughed, trying to put the young woman at ease. Wow, Edith had been right. She was a real looker. He was very glad he'd agreed to do this exam! And toying with John would be half the fun.

"Let's get started, Carissa," Dr. Daily said, motioning her to stand in front of the tall stool he climbed up on. I like to begin the exam with the patient dressed, so they feel more comfortable before I have them take their clothes off. Is that okay?" he asked in a friendly voice.

"Sure, Doctor." Carissa said in a quiet submissive voice. "Grandpa can stay in here, can't he?" she asked softly, a definite pleading note in her voice.

"Of course," Dr. Daily said. "He can even help me with part of the exam later, if he wants to. How about that John?" He said looking toward the other man.

"I'll help in any way I can Doc." John agreed, but he couldn't imagine what he could do to help.

The doctor began by looking in Carissa's eyes, ears, and throat, feeling the glands in her neck, and then listening to her heart with his stethoscope.

"I have to exam your breasts now," he warned her, and began to unbutton her blouse. "Yours are really big, so they'll take longer to examine. Her tits sprang free when he unbuttoned the tight blouse, and he pulled her forward so they were near his face as he sat on the barstool. With both hands, he began to squeeze and massage her firm globes. "I love to see a girl with such big, healthy breasts. You're lucky Carissa. You'll make some man really happy with these sex toys." He hoped John didn't know what a real breast exam was like, or he would be sure to know that wasn't what the doctor was doing to his granddaughter!

When he glanced over, John seemed mesmerized by the seeing the doctor's hands on Carissa's tits. Dr. Daily noticed that John already had an erection, and the man didn't even seem aware of it. I guess I don't have to worry about any resistance from him, the doctor thought. After several minutes of thorough examination of her breasts and nipples, Dr. Daily had Carissa lean down on the exam table, resting her head on the smooth leather top, so he could examine her breasts as they hung down from her body. "I have to feel Carissa's breasts from different positions to get the best exam." He explained as he once again thoroughly felt her tits. He'd made sure the girl had her back to her grandfather, so the older man would get a good view of her ass in the short skirt.

Daily couldn't believe John and Edith had let the girl out of the house in such revealing clothes, but he guessed this was one of Edith's games. She was a master of this type of thing, and he knew it from experience. She'd led him a merry chase early in their relationship, until he realized what she was doing. Then he'd given as good as he got. Boy had they had some hot sex! He'd always envied John having Edith as a wife. He'd often wished he could have justified seeing her a lot more often, but even John knew a woman didn't need to have a check up too often! He continued playing with the girl's luscious tits, paying particular attention to her sensitive nipples, while he watched John's rapt gaze shift back and forth from her bare, exposed bottom to the doctor's hands on her breasts. He was aware that Carissa's breathing had quickened, and he thought she was ready for the next part of the exam.

"Why don't you slip your skirt and blouse off now, honey" Dr. Daily directed Carissa. "I need to examine your vagina and bottom. Give her a hand with that zipper, John." Daily asked, and John stepped forward to help Carissa unfasten the zipper of her skirt, which was in the back. She slid the tight navy skirt down her hips, slipped off the already unbuttoned blouse, and stood naked except for her high-heeled shoes, in front of the two much-older men. So far, she was enjoying her doctor's exam. Dr. Daily made her feel really good, just like Grandpa did when they were loving each other. She was glad her grandpa was there, though. She wasn't sure if it was okay for other men to love her that way or not, but Grandpa hadn't said anything so she guessed it was. Dr. Daily walked to a table and picked up a camera.

"I need to take some photos of Carissa for her medical file," he explained. "I like to keep records of the healthy person so if anything changes I can see the difference more readily." John had never heard of that, but it certainly sounded reasonable. And he knew Edith had every faith in Dr. Daily, so he just nodded. "She might feel more comfortable if you were in the pictures too, John" Daily suggested. "Just stand next to her, put your arm around her waist to comfort her if you want." This is perfect, Dr. Daily thought. John's erection was very apparent, and having this photo of him with his naked granddaughter would fit in with Edith's plans nicely. "Now John, I need a close-up of her breasts. Just stand behind her and lift them up and together so they fit in the viewfinder better." John did as he was asked, feeling himself getting even harder. Dr. Daily snapped the picture, making sure their faces were in the picture also.

"Only a couple more shot," Daily said. "Carissa, get up on the table now. John, help her get her feet up in the stirrups, and make sure she slides down so her bottom is near the end of the table. I need her pussy to be spread open as far as possible. This way I'll have a picture of her vagina while it's young and healthy, then if she ever has any problems, I'll be able to compare the photos and see the problem" He picked up a lamp and shined it between Carissa's legs, the bright light showcasing the glistening wetness. "Step down here, John," Daily directed. " I want you to see how a healthy young woman's pussy should look. You really need to check her weekly to make sure she stays healthy. Then you could call me if you see any problems.

"Okay, doc" John said, his breathing rapid and his face flushed. Daily noticed the old man still didn't seem aware that his erection was visible to the doctor, at least he had made no effort to hide it. The doctor took one photo of Carissa's naked cunt, then asked John to hold the lips open so he could get a better photo of her clitoris. He saw John's hands shaking with arousal as he spread his granddaughter's pussy open wider for the camera. "I'll have an extra set of pictures developed for you, John. That way you'll have something to compare with your own exams of the girl." John only nodded in response. He was so turned on by seeing his baby girl laying here exposed in front of himself and another man that he could barely think straight, let alone verbalize a response!

The doctor could tell from the swelling and wetness of Carissa's pussy that she was as hot as her Grandfather. And, Daily had to admit, this was the most aroused he himself had been for some months. He'd taken the precaution of wearing a tight jock strap to disguise his arousal. He didn't want John to see that this wasn't a real exam, and that he was as turned on as the other man by this voluptuous young woman.

He set the camera aside, and stepped forward to begin his manual exam of her vagina and anus. Using no gloves, he pulled his barstool up between her legs and sat down eye level with her pussy. "Stand behind me, John." He directed, "you need to know what to do when you examine her at home."

The doctor began with a thorough visual exam of the entire vaginal area. He then explained to John that it was necessary to smell, and even taste the pussy to determine healthiness. He described to him that an infection would alter the taste and smell of a pussy, and that a doctor must be aware of the difference. Having prepared the other man, Daily leaned forward and inhaled deeply of Carissa's musky vaginal scent, then he thoroughly licked between her swollen cunt lips, making sure to taste every crevice, and taking the time to probe her vagina deeply with thrusting tongue strokes. Carissa moaned softly and pressed her cunt harder toward the doctor's mouth. "It's okay if you enjoy this, Carissa," Daily reassured her. "Many women have orgasms during their exams. That's an ideal situation because I can observe their genitalia in all stages of arousal. It helps me determine any abnormalities.

Now John," he continued instructing the girl's grandfather," You set down here and do what I've just done. I want you to be familiar with her normal smell and taste."

John sat down and buried his mouth in Carissa's wet cunt, forgetting to even make a pretense of learning a medical technique. Daily nearly laughed out loud. This was wonderful! he thought. The old man didn't realize he was making love to his granddaughter in front of another person! He was as enamored with her as a lovesick young boy with his first girlfriend. Boy, Edith would have fun with this. He couldn't wait to tell her. Before John could make Carissa come, Daily pulled him away. "That's enough, old boy," he teased. "Remember, this is an exam, not a fuck session!" John reddened, realizing he'd made a mistake in not hiding his feelings. "Sorry doc," he said quickly. "You won't tell Edith, will you? Carissa is so beautiful that I get carried away. It was nothing, really." John said, trying to convince the doctor. "Of course, I understand." Dr. Daily said in a comforting voice. "It happens to the best of us sometimes. Especially when you're not used to it. You understand, don't you Carissa?" the doctor prompted her. "You're grandpa didn't mean to eat your pussy that way. He just forgot what he was doing."

"It's okay, doctor," Carissa explained. "Grandpa loves me so he does that all the time. We just didn't know it would be part of my exam. It makes Grandpa's cock really hard when he sucks me, so I'm sure he just forgot you were here."

Dr. Daily was delighted with Carissa's explanation, and had to hide his smile at John's discomfiture over her confession. "It's okay, Carissa. I'm glad your grandpa loves you so much."

"Now, John," Daily continued. "Let's get this exam finished up." He pulled out a tube of lubricant, spread it liberally on his index finger, and then rubbed it around Carissa's tight pink anus. The girl was nearly in a frenzy of arousal already, and Daily hoped this wouldn't push her over the edge. He wasn't ready for her to come yet. He gently inserted his finger into her virgin ass, working it in and out in even strokes. "Now you try it, John," he said, handing the other man the lubricant. While John practiced the anal exam, Dr. Daily worked over Carissa's breasts again, telling John that he hadn't spent enough time on her nipples. Having her breasts and asshole teased at the same time had the young woman humping against her grandpa's slick finger.

"Actually, John," Dr. Daily began. " If you want to really probe her anus you need to use something thicker. I don't have that tool anymore, but you could use your cock. I mean, if you wouldn't feel uncomfortable about it. Of course, it wouldn't be like you were really fucking her. This is a medical exam."

John's eagerness to shed his clothes caused the doctor to smile, and seeing how hard the old man was, and how eager he was to bugger his granddaughter, nearly made the doctor come in his pants. With little effort, John pushed the head of his thick erection into Carissa's well lubricated bottom, then worked her slowly, letting her get a feel for his cock. She whimpered at first, but it felt so good to John that he didn't stop. Daily continued her breast exam, and John's eyes moved back and forth between that sight and the wonderful picture his cock made sliding in and out the Carissa's tight ass. Her little hole appeared to suck at his cock as he drew it back, then pushed inward as he leaned into her again. Soon, she was moaning in excitement. "Oh grandpa," she said roughly, " that feels so good. I love having your cock in my bottom." Her words drove him over the edge, and a loud noise erupted from his throat as he pumped his thick semen into her tight butt.

"Good job, John." Daily praised him. "Remember what that felt like. Now I've got to do the same to her cunt. The vaginal probe is also very important." The doctor quickly dropped his pants and slipped out of the tight jock strap. It felt so good to let his raging hard-on out of its confinement. John moved around the table as the doctor took his place between Carissa's spread thighs, although he continued to watch closely. Daily noticed John begin to casually stroke the girls breasts as he watched the doctor's cock probe her tight cunt. Daily couldn't believe how tight she was. He'd have to tell Edith that what she'd seen the day before probably had been their first time. He reached down to rub her swollen clit while he quickly pumped in and out of her tightness. The girl's intense arousal quickly reached a peak, and she screamed loudly as she came on the doctor's cock, enveloping it in even more wetness. That did it for him, and he grunted softly as he released his semen into her belly. He hoped it wasn't her fertile time. He dressed quickly, and then directed John to help Carissa get dressed.

"You look really healthy, Carissa," the doctor reported. "You have all the normal responses I would expect. I think all you'll need is a vitamin shot. You really need to start taking a multi-vitamin each day."

"Okay doctor," she agreed. Her appointment had been wonderful. No wonder grandma had said she would enjoy it. Her bottom and pussy were still tingling from the exams. Grandpa carefully wiped the stickiness from her pussy, and then helped her slip into the tight skirt and blouse. The doctor picked up a syringe, and then asked Carissa to slip her blouse off her shoulder so he could give her the shot in her arm. She did as he asked, and was surprised when he began to squeeze her breasts again. She'd thought the exam was over. She looked at Grandpa, and he didn't seem to like what the man was doing, but he said nothing. She didn't know why he didn't tell the man to stop, but he just stood there. "John, help her get these big titties back into her blouse. And be sure to examine her the way I showed you at least once a week. I'll mail you the pictures as soon as I get them back."

"No," John said suddenly." I'll come get them. Just call me." He didn't want Edith seeing them. She'd kill him!

They walked to their car, and Carissa sat next to John as they pulled away from the doctor's rural home.

"You were great in there, Carissa." Grandpa told her. "You did everything just right." As John thought about the exam, I really began to wonder if the doctor had taken advantage of he and Carissa. He felt angry with himself for having been so turned on that he hadn't questioned the man more. He'd know for sure when the doctor fucked her and came in her pussy that it wasn't part of a routine exam. But as he thought of the pictures of he and Carissa, and of how he fucked her ass, he'd known he couldn't have said a thing. The old doctor really had him over a barrel. He'd just have to hope the guy kept his mouth shut. He didn't want Edith to find out. She'd probably send Carissa away.

He slipped his arm around Carissa's shoulder as her drove, caressing her breast through the thin blouse. Her hand quickly found his lap and began to rub his prick, which hardened instantly. He pulled into a grove of trees that hid his car and fucked her again, this time in her hot pussy, before heading home. It was nearly suppertime when they arrived. "What took you so long?" Edith questioned, and John was scrambling to come up with an answer as he felt his sticky cock, still half swollen from being up his granddaughter's pussy, pushing against the front of his trousers.

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