tagGay MaleHangout with Harry Pt. 02

Hangout with Harry Pt. 02


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I sat up and slipped my cock back into my boxers, luckily, he hadn't seen me behind the arm of the sofa.

"Sorry man, I didn't realise-"

"Shit I'm sorry-" we both began at the same time. Harry walked over quietly and sat down on the sofa next to me. Despite my supreme high at the moment, the awkwardness and weirdness of the situation cut through me, almost sobering me up.

The video kept playing in the background and I refocused, escaping my thoughts and looked at the screen. The girl had slipped the bikini top off and was cupping her breasts and moaning. Her legs were spread wide and her little brown cock stood out from her body, looking as hard as it could get.

"You must think I'm a weirdo or something." Harry looked down as he spoke. I was quiet. I didn't know what to say. Looking down I saw my cock, covered by my boxers poking up through the opening.

"Actually...I think she's pretty hot." I croaked; my throat had gotten so dry. I leaned forward and took a sip from my glass. I picked up the joint, lighting it and taking a couple of drags before passing it to my left for Harry. My outstretched arm was trembling as he took it from me. My right hand was resting over the opening of boxers and I was slowly rubbing my cock through the material. I had this rising feeling of horniness coming over me. I also felt more nervous than I ever had before and could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Watching ladyboy porn with my best mate. What the fuck was I doing.

The video finished and we both fell silent. "Is this weird?" Harry asked. I nervously looked over at him and saw he his face was flushed with embarrassment too. That was reassuring.

"It's pretty fucking weird. Good thing we can blame it on being hammered" I joked.

"I'm not hammered enough yet, let's have a couple of shots?" he suggested, pulling over the table and draining his glass. I drained mine back and watched as he poured two shots of whiskey out.

"To getting hammered" Harry said looking me in the eye with a brave kind of smile. I smiled back nervously and knocked the shot. He poured two more which we made short work of and then two more whiskey and cokes.

I sat back and realised how buzzed that had gotten me. I looked over at Harry and saw he had sat back on the sofa with his legs up and spread comfortably. I could see the outline of his cock clearly. He was big. And hard. I looked up and saw him looking at me and smiling. He grabbed at his cock and told me sit back. I leaned back into the corner of the sofa and put my legs up, my left one stretching out and touching Harry's.

Harry suddenly turned and reached towards me. I froze and watched as his hand stretched out towards what I thought was my cock. Everything was almost moving in slow motion as I contemplated what was about to happen. The moment shattered suddenly as I realised he was reaching for the Xbox controller.

Looking down I saw my cock poking out of my boxer shorts. I reached down and stroked it. My tip was leaking loads of pre-cum and I wiped it around the head and stroked it for a few moments. Fuck that felt good.

"Shall I put another one like this on?" Harry asked nervously. "I'm not gay or anything-"

"Yeah put one on." I said quietly.

I watched as Harry had just clicked a new video. It was a girl and guy on a bed in a 69 position with the girl on top. She was stroking his cock while she rubbed the tip on her face and over her lips.

"Damn that's hot. It's been so long since I felt that." I said, my voice hoarse as I rubbed my cock through my shorts.

"What, nothing since Amy?" Harry looked over at me incredulously.

"No man, nothing. I wank like 3 times a day now, haha". Harry started laughing.

"Well being in a relationship doesn't exactly mean lots of pussy, trust me. Like I said, me and Michelle never fuck anymore."

The video had panned to the side of the busy couple and I could see the guy's head moving up and down as he licked her.

"I wish I was that guy right now" I said quietly. My hand was back over my boxers now and I couldn't stop rubbing it.

"Yeah me too" Harry said.

My heart was beating in my chest, I felt sure Harry could hear it. "Man, this shit has got me hard as fuck." I was horny beyond control and began rubbing my cock right there in front of Harry. It was still underneath my boxer shorts but if he glanced to his right he would have seen me.

The camera panned round and I saw the guy's head moving up and down. As the camera panned it revealed a pair of balls hanging down from the girl's sexy arse. Beneath that a thick and hard cock protruded and was being greedily devoured and deep throated by the guy.

I looked over at Harry. He was looking intensely at the screen. I noticed his right hand was moving around in his lap.

"Fuck." I exclaimed. I couldn't take this. I pulled my boxer shorts down around my cock so that it was fully uncovered. The tip was wet and shiny with my precum and I openly stroked it now, too horny to care what he would think. I watched the guy onscreen deepthroating the cock and I sped up my jerking and lifted my groin up a little from pent up frustration.

I looked up and saw Harry looking right at me. "Shit, sorry man. Too horny."

He looked at me with a weird, awkward look on his face. I looked him in the eye, my hand still jerking my cock openly in front of him. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Nah." Harry said quietly, looking down at my cock. He sat up a little as he pulled his shorts down, revealing that he had no underwear on. He pulled them down his legs and leaned forward as he took them off.

He sat back and I half groaned with horny frustration when I saw his cock. It was way thicker and longer than mine. I was about 6 inches, cut and a decent thickness. Harry's had to be more than 8 and a half inches long and it was thick. He was uncircumcised and I could see the foreskin covering almost all of the tip apart from the slit on the end of his cock, which was glistening and wet.

"Mate, fucking hell." I said, eyeing his cock and then looking up at him. Harry turned in his seat and faced me, feet up and touching mine as he spread his legs and began jerking his cock. I stretched my legs out, my feet brushing his waist as I pulled my boxers down and off. I lay back, my left leg stretched up and resting against his body as I spread my legs and continued wanking off.

This was insane. I looked back up at the screen and watched as the guy removed the girls cock from his mouth and went to work on her balls. They looked so smooth and small. She sat back and the camera moved round to the front as it got a good look at his tongue sliding into her tiny hole.

I could feel my cock throbbing as I wanked off. I looked up at Harry and he turned and grinned at me.

"Pass me the joint please mate," he asked softly. I leaned to my right and picked up the joint, lighting it and taking a few puffs before I leaned forward and passed it over to him in the ashtray. He leaned forward to take it and slid forward, his cock touched my leg a little as he sat up. I gasped and looked down, my heart thumping in my ears again. It felt hot against my leg.

He took the ashtray from me and sat back, wrapping his hand around his cock again and jerking it while his eyes were closed and he inhaled. His balls looked heavy as they stretched down between his cheeks.

"This is so crazy" I said as I sat back. "I never realised you looked at this stuff too. I thought it was just me that was a total perv." I chuckled trying to lighten the atmosphere.

"Every now and then when I get super horny stuff like this turns me on," Harry explained, looking at me.

I took a breath. "I'd never tell anyone else this, but since I started watching this kind of stuff I can't stop thinking about sucking a cock." My heart stopped as I waited for a response. My eyes were fixed on Harry's cock. It looked so good my mouth was watering. I could see the tip shiny with wetness as his foreskin bunched together as he stroked. I wonder what it tasted like. I couldn't believe I had just told him that. Right now, I was too drunk to care but I was terrified inside.

"That's cool bro. I've thought about it too. Not as much as you from the sounds of it. But if you want to suck a cock...that's fine."

I looked up as he stroked his cock, opening his legs and moving down on the sofa. His foot rested against the inside of my knee. He looked at me meaningfully and raised his eyebrows. "I'm totally drunk right now but...you're my best friend. If you wanna try...just between us though. Never tell anyone, it'll be just between me and you?"

I looked up at him, my heart pounding. "Just between me and you." I licked my lips and looked down at his cock again. I sat up onto my knees and moved forwards onto all fours.

"Take your top off" Harry said. I felt embarrassed and went up onto my knees and pulled it over my head. When I leaned forward again my little man boobs hung down. I was too embarrassed to look up and began shuffling towards Harry's outspread legs.

"I like your little titties man...hot." My face blushed and I kept quiet. I sat back between his legs.

"Are you sure?" I nervously looked up at him.

"Yeah" he looked back with a serious look on his face.

I reached forward and gripped his cock in my hand. It was warm, thick and hard. I squeezed it gently and heard Harry moan. I slowly stroked it down and then up, mesmerised by his foreskin pulling back and forth. A drop of precum had begun leaking down his cock towards his belly and I recklessly leaned down and swiped it with my tongue.

"Oh, fuck that's hot" Harry whispered above me. I could feel the heat coming off it as I kept my face close to his cock. I could smell soap and underneath that a warm musky smell. It smelled good. I pursed my lips together and rubbed them on his cock and inhaled deeply. I was vaguely aware of Harry making noises above me but I was lost in the feeling and then the taste of his cock as I opened my mouth and slid my tongue out to taste him properly.

I licked up to the tip and finally opened my mouth and slowly slurped him inside. I began bobbing my head up and down, feeling his stickiness leaking in mouth as I sucked and swallowed it down. Fuck this was good. I began taking it deeper into my mouth as I leaned forward and spread my legs out, lifting one knee as Harry slid his leg between mine. I could feel my cock coming into contact with the skin. I sucked him deeper as he began rubbing his foot up and down between my legs, along my thigh.

I felt his hand on the side of my head and looked up as he smiled down at me, moaning, and stroked the side of my face. "Yeah...suck me deeper...this feels amazing." I felt so horny and began humping his leg back and forward as I sucked him into my mouth. His foot was stroking side to side under my balls and then he slid down towards me, his hand on the back of my head as he pushed his cock down my throat. I moaned louder than I had so far and then choked, my eyes watering as his cock slid almost all the way into my mouth. I immediately pulled back, my eyes tearing up and sat back as Harry stroked his cock and groaned, his foot working between my legs. I looked at him, my cheeks wet and leaned forward with my tongue out. He stretched his cock forward and began to slap it on my tongue and rubbing it over my lips.

"Fuck I can't believe how good this feels. Do you like it?" Harry asked hoarsely.

"Mm mm, I fucking love it" I half whispered as he slapped his cock softly against my cheek. I was completely in the moment and couldn't think beyond my best friend's cock. I sucked the tip back into my mouth and made my lips as tight as I could. I closed my eyes, slurping and sucking on the tip, sometimes sliding more of it into my mouth and throat. Harry was grunting and moaning the whole time, his body jerking around as I worked on him. His moans got louder as I slid up and down his cock, sometimes going so deep I choked and had to pull off and stroke his slippery cock.

"Don't stop..I'm going to cum" Harry breathed, his body tensing and his arse lifting up from the sofa as I stroked him faster and faster. I began to kiss and lick the tip of his cock. I found myself moaning and whispering in between licks and sucks, almost on pure instinct. I wanted to see him come. "Come on...give it to me...come for me..."

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! It's coming!" I felt his cock stand out straight and hard from his body in my hand as it twitched and the first spurt hit me just under my eye. I pushed my lips onto his slit and the next hit squirted down over my mouth. He took over wanking his cock with one hand and with the other he held my face against him, jerking his load out all over me. I closed my eyes and felt my face turn warm as his come covered me.

Our breathing slowed together as we sat there and I realised what had just happened. "Are you okay?" Harry asked.

"Um, yeah." I looked up at him, my eyes half open as his load leaked down my face. I felt it cooling and suddenly felt awkward and ashamed. I had just sucked a cock. What the fuck. What did that mean? Watching ladyboy porn was one thing, thinking about it another - but actually doing it? And with Harry, my best mate. Shit. What if he tells someone, what if-

"Mate don't freak out. Honestly, we never have to talk about this again. I'll never tell anyone I swear. We can pretend it didn't happen." I tried to look up at Harry but everything felt too weird.

I jumped up from the sofa. I needed a few minutes to get out of there. And to clean off my face. I felt disgusting all of a sudden. "I'm going to hit the shower - back in a minute." I tried to keep my voice normal but it croaked nervously. My throat ached and I wondered why for half a second as I turned into the bathroom before realising it was because I had just choked on my best friend's cock.

I stepped in the tub for the second time that evening and stood under the steaming water. I closed my eyes and turned my face up, feeling it get washed clean under the torrent. I trusted Harry. We had been best friends, brothers, for years and years. I just couldn't believe it had happened. I had definitely enjoyed it though.

I took a couple of minutes to pee in the shower, all the alcohol I had drank draining out of me, then soaped up and rinsed off quickly. I felt nervous about going back out there but I couldn't stay in the shower all night. Drying myself off, I realised that I had left my boxer shorts in the living room. I'd have to go out there naked. My stomach lurched. I bit my lip and walked out of the bathroom, my back straight.

Harry was sat on the sofa, rolling another joint. The porn had stopped but was still up on the TV and he hadn't put his shorts back on.

"You alright mate?" He didn't look up. I realised I was alright with it. I trusted him.

"I guess. As long as this stays between us."

"Definitely, I'd never tell anyone man."

I sat down. Putting boxer shorts on after I'd just sucked Harry off seemed kind of silly now. We were quiet for a few minutes, until Harry had sat back, puffing away and handed the joint over to me.

"I have to say man, that was one hell of a blowjob. Felt fucking amazing."

I could feel that awkward feeling inside of my chest flare up. I took a deep drag and blew it away with the smoke. "Well seeing as it's been a while for you I don't think it took too much."

"Did you like it?" Harry looked over at me, eyes fixed on mine. I nodded and kept quiet. I was getting hard again.

"Well anytime you wanna give it another go...don't even ask, just go for it."

I passed the joint back to him. "You serious? You want me to do it again?"

Harry stretched a leg back out on the sofa as he lay back, exposing himself to me. His cock was hard and in his hand. "I'm hard just thinking about it."

"I dunno man, I'm not gay or anything like that."

"I didn't say you were. Come on. Suck it. It's just some fun." Harry stood up and walked around to my side of the sofa, his cock practically sticking in my face. "Do it. I want to feel your mouth again. Suck it."

I couldn't help myself. His balls were hanging low, more relaxed having been milked already. His cock stood out, half hard and pointing at the floor. It was thick. It had felt so good in my mouth. I leaned forward and kissed the tip, my tongue flicking out over his slit. I kept it in my mouth as I sat up properly and took it in my hand. I looked up at Harry and looked him in the eye, wanking his cock to its full size, the tip drooling into my open mouth. I moaned. It tasted good.

"You like the taste?" I nodded. I was feeling so dirty. Harry put his hands on the back of my head, holding my head in place as slowly thrust his hips forward, his cock sliding into my mouth. I managed to get about halfway before I felt my throat contract and he slid it back out. "It's okay. Just keep taking it." I kept my eyes on his face as he began fucking my mouth. Never going too far so I'd choke, but steadily working it into me. The taste and smell of him overwhelmed me. He pulled out of me and wanked himself off with his right hand, his left still softly holding the back of my head. He rested the length of his cock on my face, my lips on the underside of his shaft. It actually felt heavy and hot on my face. I closed my eyes and began kissing and licking it as softly as I could. I could hear myself moaning, like a slutty girl in a bad porno, but I didn't care. Looking up at Harry, who's mouth hung open as mine pleased him, he didn't care either.

"Fuck my mouth," I asked as I took him back inside. Harry looked down at me, making noises without making any sense as he picked up where he left off, slowly fucking more of his cock into me, speeding up all the while. His hands firmly grasped the back of my head from both sides.

"Take it like a slut now bro, come on." He gave me a dirty smile and forced my head towards him as he held me down and began fucking my mouth and throat with abandon. I choked and tried to pull back, mainly from shock, but he held on, pulling back a little so that he could hit my throat with shallow thrusts. I swallowed and blinked away the tears, then gagged again as he thrust all the way into me, his balls resting against my chin as he held me there.

"I'm coming." He pulled out fast and almost immediately I felt my chin and chest being splashed with his hot, sticky seed. It was more watery this time round for some reason. I took a deep breath and relaxed my body as I sat there, Harry grunting as he milked out the last spurts.

"Fuuuuuck!" He half yelled and then laughed. He pulled me up from the sofa and hugged me. "Mate that was the best. Please don't worry or freak out. We should have been doing this years ago. I'm jumping in the shower now, back in a sec." He released me and turned, walking out of the room as I sat back down, dazed.

My thighs felt wet and looking down I saw I had leaked out what must have been more precum than I ever had before. I spread my legs and my cock stood straight up as my balls hung down. I took it in my hand and wanked it softly. It wouldn't take me long.

I lay back and closed my eyes, licking my lips as I settled into the sofa and began stroking my cock. I could feel Harry's cum all over my chest, dripping down my body slowly. With my left hand, I touched my chin and then just as quickly, I slipped my fingers into my mouth. The smell wasn't great, and the taste odd. Nowhere near as good as when he was leaking into mouth. It was definitely a turn on, my cock swelling as my pumps increased. I can't believe I had just sucked a cock. My mind flashed back on the last hour, looking up at Harry's face, his cock large and dominating my vision. I moaned as I shot my load, there seemed to be more of it than ever. I breathed out and closed my eyes.

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